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8 yr old has high basophils, eaosinophils, monocytes since May. Chronically slightly low platelets. Now Giant Platelets and anemia. ?

my WBC was high absolute neutrophils and absolute basophils high absolute lymphocytes were low. As well CD3, helper cells cd4 cd 19 low cd15 16 hig?

12 yr old lymphocytes low 20 & neutrophils high 74 & absolute neutrophils high 8.4 I'm worried ?

17 cm spleen, Low platelet count, Low MCV, Low RDW-SD, Low lymphocytes % , Elevated Neutrophil % .Normal WBC , RBC high LDH, High Uric Acid & CRP ??

18m/o with high platelet (652), high mono, low neutrophil, high retic and high tsh? What do these mean?

7.8, and 4.98 WBC&RBC is this too high or low?

Anemic with low neutrophils, high RDW and lymphs?

Are WBC high or low in leukimia?

Can a hematoma cause low wbc?

Can antiacids cause wbc to be high?

Can B/V and genital warts cause very low WBC and very low neutrophil(absolute ) and high lymphocytes and high mono?

Can cancer cause high monocytes in blood?

Can doctors tell me what does low #gran, low WBC & high eosinophils mean with blood work?

Can hemmeroids cause a low wbc?

Can hemochromatosis cause low WBC and low neutrophil?

Can high esinophils and low lymphocytes symtom of hiv?

Can pregnancy cause low neutrophils and high lymphocytes?

Can you explain results of CBC test shows high wbc, low hematocrit, low mcv, low mch, high platelet count, low lymphocytes and monocytes - what does it mean?

Can you tell me what can a high lym, high baso and high RBC mean?

Causes for high WBC in adults?

Causes of high granulocyte count?

Causes of high lymphs count and low rbc?

CBC shows high RDW, and high platelets. Should I be concerned?

Cbc test shows high wbc, low hematocrit, low mcv, low mch, high platelet count, low lymphocytes and monocytes - can you define these for me?

Cbc- low lymphocytes and high segmentor what does it indicates?

Cbc. Blood test results neutrophils out of range 1 count low and lymphocytes 3 count higher than normal?

Childs lab showed a high % lymphocytes, low % neutrophils but absolute values for both were normal. No blasts/atypicals, all else in perfect range.

Diagnosed with high neutrophils and low lymphocytes doctors help?

Do leukaemia patients have high wbc count or low wbc count?

Do you know if lymphoma can cause high monocytes?

Does a 0.46 lymphocyte count abnormally high? My neutrophil count is 0.56. Help.

Does excema cause low lymphocytes?

Does hashimotos cause low lymphocytes? Been consistantly low for 8 months.

Does high neutrophil and low lymphocyte point to leukemia or lymphoma?

Does high trigycerides cause low platelets?

Does lupus cause high WBC count?

Eosinophiles count of my wife is 10% which.Is high. Pls advice?

Had one high monocyte count on blood work but monocyte absolute is normal. Is this a concern?

Have low monocytes and normal lymphocytes?

Hematocrit low, eosinophils high, ast/sgot low and alt/sgpt low. What does this mean?


High couny of monocytes, low count of MCV for 7 years old female girl.

High esr and normal wbc count. What does this mean. Also my lymphocyte count is a bit low?

High Hs-CRP, high AGAP, high total protein, globulin and auto basophil?

High igg, low lymp, high rbc. What could it be?

High lymph count low eos count?

High lymphocyte and high neutrophil blood result. My doctor has no answer, do you?

High neutrophil (90) and low lymphocytes during my 7 month of pregnancy what does it mean? Do i need to worry?

High neutrophil count(61) and low lymphocyte count (30) for 6 years old boy?

High neutrophils and low lymphocytes and other problems indicate what?

High neutrophils, low lymphs, & low rbc; what could it be?

High neutrophils, low lymphs, & low rbc. What causes that pattern?

High neutrophils, low monocytes, low lymphocytes, normal basophils, normal eosinophils what could be the reason? Can this indicate teniasis?

High platelet count (478) and low mpv (6.4). What does this mean?

High platelet count, low hematocrit/hemoglobin means?

High RBC and high WBC count with high neutrophil. What does it mean.

High RDW and low MCH means?

High WBC for 8 months now, what could it be?

High wbc, high anc, low hb, low hct, normal mcv & mchc, high plt. no sign of infection, why high wbc? my dr says ncnc anemia. is it true?

High wbc, high rbc, low mch, low mchc which means?

High wbc, low hematocrit, low mcv, low mch, high platelet count, low lymphocytes and monocytes - what does this all mean?

High white count low bilirubin low CPK high alt?

How can I tell if I have low WBC and low lymphocytes?

How can one raise their lymphocytes?

How can WBC be low (1.4) and monocytes be high (21%) at the same time?

How can you have a high WBC but low lymphocyte count?

How could I have a normal Eos count but the Eos (Absolute) is high?

How does high mpv and low neutrophil relate?

How high is basophils of 2.0?

How low is to low for platelets?

Husband has lympocytes high. Monocytes high. High imm gran. High mpv. Smudge cells 52 what does this mean? He just found out he has diabtes

I always have and elevated high wbc count?

I am having high RBC count 5.5 million cells/ul Haemoglobin is normal MCV is low What does it mean ? What should I do to reduce RBC count?

I am wondering what having a high % neutrophil count with a low % lymphocyte count means as every time I have a CBC done it shows this.

I got my CBC done.I have low hb, low total count, lowpvc, low mcv, low mch, low mchc, high rdw.What does it mean? Other parameters wbcand platelets normal.

I have a high absolute immature granulocyte and low vitamin D what could it be?

I have a high sedrate count of 68 is this dangerously high?

I have a high WBC count. HIGH neutrophils count 0.77 and low lymphocyte count 0.3, what does it mean?

I have a high white blood count low mch and low mchc and high neutrophils{absolute} and high lymphs{absolute} what causes this?

I have a low heamoglobin and high monocyte count. What does this mean?

I have a low monocyte count and a high eosinophil count.What could be the reason?

I have a normal WBC & RBC but i hav a high lymphocytes low neutrophils high platelate am i lead to have a leukemia?

I have a WBC count of 10 and lymphocytes at 428. Is that high or low? What may cause this? Should i be worried?

I have an elevated sedimentation rate, elevated white blood cell count, elevated absolute neutrophils, elevated absolute lymphocytes, & low iron level?

I have ether low platelets and high rbc count or high platelets and low rbc count?

I have had one high monocyte reading but my monocyte absolutes were normal. Is this anything to be concerned about ?

I have high absolute neutrophils of 10839 what could this indicate?

I have high eosinophils and high monocytes I also have high rbc high hgb and high hemocrit. What could this be?

I have high iron, high saturated iron, high ferritin, high neutrophils and low lymphocytes oh and low creatinine. Should i be concerned?

I have high levels of wbc,rbc,rdw neutrophil and total protein and low levels mch, mchc any ideas?

I have high monocytes, lymphocytes, high platlets and wbc. what could this all mean?

I have high MPV and eosinophils, and also low neutrophils and sedimentation of blood. Should I need to worry? Thank you so much

I have high neutrophils and low lymphocytes counts what happened and what should I do?

I have high platelets, low MPV, low lymphocyte percentage, low MCH, high segmented neutrophils, high atypical lympcytes, high reticulocyte count?

I have high wbc, low hematocrit, low mcv, low mch, high platelet count, low lymphocytes and monocytes - what does this mean?

I have low creatinine, high liver enzymes, low transferrin, high ferritin, low neutrophils and high lymphocytes. what could cause this combination?

I have low lymphocytes, normal platelets and high neutrophils. What does this mean?

I have low monocytes, lymphocytes, and high neutrophils. What should I do?

I have low white blood cell count, low lymphs, low lymphocytes absolute, what can it mean?

I have nausea, lightedness and body weakness. CBC came back with Normal WBC High platelets High RBC Low MCV Low MCH High RDW?