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16 m/o female has had fuo since 6weeks of age. History of elevated plt, neutropenia, elevated ldh, elevated lft. Any ideas as to what may cause this?

60 year old father slightly elevated psa level of 4.6?

Alkaline phosphatase elevated should I be concerned?

Amylase elevated -250. Lipase is normal. What causes this?? Should I be concerned?

Anticardiolipin IgM elevated, what does it mean?

Are a mildly elevated PTT and mildly elevated Coagulation Factor VIII Activity, as all as a high ALDO/PRA RATIO something to be concerned about and is there a correlation?

Are bilerubin blood levels always elevated in cade of Jaundice?

Are CRP levels sometimes elevated in lymphoma? If so, are they usually mildly elevated or very elevated? Also, are lymphocytes typically elevated?

Are elevated troponin levels related to pneumonia?

Biopsy shows signs of rejection but now his serum bilirubin is elevated what might this mean?

Can an elevated hs-crp mean microvascular ischemia?

Can anxiety elevated my WBC to 12?

Can dehydration cause slightly elevated alpha fetoprotein?

Can elevated CRP ever have anything to do with adrenal fatigue?

Can elevated hs-crp mean dementia?

Can endmetriosis cause an elevated crp?

Can having an elevated d dimer be dangerous?

Can it be possible to have elevated ldh levels but normal range ldh isoenzymes?

Can low t-3 and elevated ESR be an infection?

Can pericarditis cause elevated myoglobin but normal troponin?

Can polycythemia vera cause elevated bilirubin blood levels?

Can you have elevated CRP levels if you are stressed? Are they related? I was told my CRP levels were slightly elevated and dr said may be inflmmation

Can you have Lyme disease without elevated wbc?

Can you have pancreatitis with normal blood test levels? Or will lipase and amylase be elevated? How would it be diagnosed?

Can you still have lymphoma and perfect ldh levels?

Can you tell me about elevated catecholamines?

Can you tell me the most common cause for elevated igg? I had a celiac panel and this was the only abnormal result.

Cause of elevated wbcs without symptoms?

Cause of elevated wbcs without syptoms?

Chronically Elevated D-dimer. What causes it, and is it a pre-op concern.....?

Could surgery cause a tumor marker to be elevated? I had diep surgery on december 12. Blood work taken a week ago showed slightly elevated marker.

Do slightly elevated ammonia levels always indicate a problem in the body?

Does an elevated hgb cause tachycardia?

Does elevated alkaline phosphatase cause bone pain?

Does ESR rise in MS?

Does having an elevated protein c lab indicative of cancer?

Does high alkaline phosphatase indicate than I am growing?

Does high bilirubin level indicate liver disease?

Does low levels of tumor marker indicate no more cancer?

Does lymphoma cause elevated ESR?

Does monocytes level 0 indicate tuberculosis?

Elevated 3t4 what does that mean?

Elevated Beta-2-microalbumin. What could cause this?

Elevated co2 in cbc?

Elevated hgb what does it mean?

Elevated immunoglobulin a means what?

Elevated levels of antinuclear antibodies and bilirubin go with what disease?

Elevated levels of GGT enzimes, what that could means? Can be related to some ets?

Elevated liver enzyme level ALT 54:is this that high to be concerned?What are normal levels? Can this be caused if u have a cold or are pregnant?

Elevated neutrophils and elevated hemoglobin?

Elevated total creatine kinase with normal isoenzymes. What does this mean?

Elevated tropanin enzymes can be indicative of anxiety?

Hi, my friend had an episodic central abdominal pain, his ESR levels fluctuated between 100 and 30 with slightly elevated serum amylase, causes please.

How high would ferritin levels be if they were elevated due to pancreatic cancer? Would they typically be above the norm?

How important is it to know about your CRP level being elavated?

How is elevated bun related to pneumonia?

How often is Beta-2-micro albumin elevated in lymphoma??

How to treat elevated troponin levels and pneumonia?

I had a slightly elevated mean cell hemoglobin concentration in my recent bloodwork. Other CBC normal. What can cause this? I was fasting on that day

I had some. Blood work done and Dr said non specific changes to wbc count was slightly elevated and liver enzyme slightly elevated is this something t?

I have autoimmune hepatitis, AST is 28 and ALT is elevated 66. My CRP is 0.1 and my ESR is 2. Does this mean inflammation is not the cause?

I have chronically elevated CK levels. What does that mean?

I have elevated AST & ALT (one >100 the other >200 unsure which is which), CRP is elevated and neutropenia. Tested negative for mono. Possible causes?

I have elevated CRP and C4 levels. C3 is normal. Last two blood work-ups also revealed slightly elevated bilirubin levels. What could this indicate?

I have elevated FSH and hct what does this mean?

I have elevated pth but everything else is normal. What could cause that?

I have had elevated WBC since last year what could be the cause?

I have normal cbc, esr, CRP levels, could i still have cancer?

I've had elevated igm's for a few years and fluctuating WBC and i'm anemic. Doctors still can't tell me what's wrong. What does this mean?

If I have elevated bilirubin level what does this mean?

If my bloodwork came back with GGT levels elevated to 201, what can this mean?

If my CK Levels are elevated, what does this mean?

If my sed rate and CPK are mildly elevated should I be concerned? And what could be some reasons for the elevation? I also have a low iron count

If someone had lyme disease would it cause a fluctuating ck level?

If u had beh├žet's disease, would you always have an elevated esr, CRP and ace?

If your troponin is over .5 it is considered elevated. But if i were to have it at 16 what would that mean?

Iga elevated, what does this mean?

In blood work, does elevated gamma globulin (m-spike) often cause the total serum globulin to be elevated as well?

In LFT blood test LDH was elevated and ISOENZYMES LDH 3 was elevated. I got the LFT again LDH was again elevated but lower than earlier. ?

Is a normal but lowering globulin indicative of autoimmune disease all other bloodwork normal?

Is an alkaline phos. Level of 169 norm? Could it indicate lymphoma?

Is elevated bilirubin something to be concerned about?

Is INR elevated in hellp?

Is it possible to have elevated ldh but normal range ldh isoenzymes?

Is pancreatic cancer a common cause of mildly elevated lipase levels?

Is slight elevation in abs. leukocyte on CBC of concern in child? also elevated in urine... cmp had co2 and Alt slightly raised, reticulocyte low.

Is there any clinical significance to an elevated Immunoglobulin M Loc?

Lipase levels were mildly elevated; what would cause this?

Liver enzymes elevated in may, retest in july were normal, got checked again a few days ago and are elevated again. Should i be concerned?

Lupus patient- last round of tests show abnormally high bilirubin levels and abnormally low AST and ALT. What would cause this and what would it mean?

Meaning of troponin I elevation?

Mildly elevated ALT, mild hepatomegaly, and elevated iron saturation. Cause?

Mildly elevated alt? Nothing else abnormal scan normal, should I be concerned?

Mildly elevated CPK and sed low iron abnml TSH but free T4 normal what does all this mean?

Missed period, elevated ESR and crp. What could be cause?

My 5-hiaa level was elevated. It's at 11.0 what could this mean? What is a normal range for this test? Thanks for your help.

My bilirubin is sometimes high , what does this indicate?

My CRP levels are mildly elevated. Is that a sign of cancer?

My ddimer is 1.49 is that elevated?

My ESR level is elevated. What complications can arise from this problem?