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7 year old child with Normal blood count but blood film showed atypical lymphocytes . Is this normal ?

I Had blood work come back stating that my Platelets, WBC and Neutro Abs are elevated. What could this mean?

It appears my Basophiles and monocytes are out of norm. Ten year graph shows flux.should i be concerned?rbc H also.

My splenic index was 903 on UltraSound. All my doctor ordered was a mono test, I have symptoms. Recent CBC was ok. Don't I need more tests?

noticed I never have a fixed WBC and differential count they always go up and down but my RBC and rest of CBC are usually very close to each other?

1 mo ago had 13cm spleenCT-"mildly"enlarged. LDH,CMP,CBC nml- mild iron deficiency GI said no concern is there anything I should look 4 or just let go

13 weeks pregn. Blodwork: everything normal range (rbc, WBC total) but low typical lymphocytes (900 mm3). Should i be worried? My appt only next week..

1cm Groin lymph node 3 mos CBC blood test normal ranges except RDW RBC 14.3 basophils 0.1/1.8%. Problem?

23yo female. WBC 13.4; neutrophils 90%; lymphocytes 6%. Should I worry? The values looked pretty off from the reference.

25f, w/ aml(leukemia), not getting chemo. My CBC the other day showed my WBC jumped from 8.6 to a 26.5, whts the cause, did smear test, no results yet?

26,f,non smoker+drinker,have hypothyroidism,had a CBC&CMP done. Everything was normal on both except my WBC was 4.4(L) and my Bilirubin,total was 1.4?

2yr old CBC showed cytoplasmic vac toxic gran, micro2+ in october. Cbc in june showed low lymph and elevated mono but no smear. Should i still worry?

32 weeks pregnant, elevated WBC & lymphocytes/granulcytes. Can this be a simple reaction to pregnancy? Terrified of a leukemia diagnosis..

4 and a half year old blood test indicates elevated monocyte count. What does that indicate? Has sinusitis, inflamed adenoids. Suspected iron deficien

4 yr/old has slightly elevated MCV and mch. All other blood values are in perfect range. Dr. Doesnt seem concerned. Benign or needs further testing?

5 months High absolute neutrophil(8400-1100)&wbc(1100-1400)hida scan 22% Dr suggest gallbladder removed then check CBC if not normal see hemotologist?

5 yo cbc had slight low hgb/rbc. mcv and rdw is high w/slight anisocytosis. Referred to hematologist who said not urgent. Appt is in 6 wks. Worry???

70 neutrophils have in a baby fbc report.What is the reason?

76% neutrophils and 18% lymphocytes. Feeling fatigued. Everything else normal on cbc. Cause for concern?

7year old son blood test. WCC 11.8 platelets 421 and Abs Neutrophils 7.5. No symptoms just a routine blood tests while checking iron levels. ?

8yr old, diarrhea 1 week.Blood test with diff. all in the normal range except for few react. lyphocytes & few smudge cells. What does it mean?CLL/ALL?

A year ago my WBC count was 15, 000, it's now 19, 000 and I am having further bloodwork done. I'm 30, should I be concerned it's cancer?

Abnormal blood work. Low wbc, rbc, and platelet. Normal being 4.5 mine 2.0 CT scan enlarged spleen and liver. What are my next steps?

Absolute neutrophils are 6.40 for the value 1.40-5.30 (thous/ul) is the range what does this mean and what are the possibilities of anything being wro?

After multiple cbcs showing low neutrophil count, and all other values normal, what is typically the next step towards diagnosis?

All of my lab cbc came back normal, but my Lumphocytes Absolute was 0.7 and normal range is 1.0-5.1 Should I be concerned? I'm not hiv+. 50 yrs. Hrts

Are borderline low platelets (174x10E3/ul) and 2 petechiae on abdomen suggestive of leukemia? WBC, RBC, differential all normal and feel fine. Thanks!

Are mpv level lab results of 7.1 cause for concern? Wbc=6.9ul and rbc= 4.44ul. I've read both, that its cause 4 concern but also that mpv insignificant

Are readings from CBC lab results- lymph auto 4.2-lymph auto % 53-neutro auto 3.1-neutro auto % 38.6-wbc 8.0 and RBC 4.39 in a normal range?Concerned!

Are there any markers in labwork or numbers that if out of range could indicate the need to chk 4 thyroid cancer?

Blood results came back borderline high: lymph man, abs mono, eos man.. what does it mean? Can someone explain the results? Read it could be leukemia

Blood results came back, borderline high: lymph man, and mono, eos man.. what does it mean? Can someone explain the results? Read it could be luekemia

Blood test done. normal except wbc 11.8, neutrophils 85, lymphocytes 7, mono cutest 1, glucose 111.Rbcs are nomochromic/normocystic is this PNH/leuke?

Blood test showed lymphs 16.7, and neutrophils absolute as 7.25. What are lymphs and neutrophils absolute?

Blood test shows 0 monocytes. All other components of bloods are in range except monocyte. Slightly raised in eosinophil. What happen if monocyte o ?

Blood test shows high lymphocites: 48%. Just had Tdap vaccine 1 week prior to bloodwork... Could this be the cause? 28 year old female. WBC=4.8K/ul

Blood test shows lg platelets: few and abnormal morphology of RBC.ABS Lymphocytes have been high for 4 months. Also low grade fever for 4+ weeks. What?

Bloodwork came back and just saw that cd4:cs8 ratio is 4.0 and it says an absolute increase in t helper cells was detected. What does this mean?

C section 3 weeks and 4 days ago.routine bloodwork showed elevated platelet count of 447 everything else norm. What would cause this?

Can an infection show in a CBC?

Can you be diagnosed with leukemia at age 26? And can CBC WBC come back normal, with low-normal hemoglobin and still have leukemia?

Can you check these results pls?Hb:13.5, rbc:4.67*10^6 μl, platelets:154*10^3/μl , neutrophils:45%, lymphocytes: 44%. Feeling pressure on the neck

Can you have normal CBC wit diff and chem 14 and bun if you is living with HIV for 10 years untreated will your blood work be normal and x rays normal?

Can you help me read my results? Thanks. I can't attached my results but based on my CBC I have both hight RBC and WBC

Can you still have gastroenteritis with a normal cbc?

Cbc and ESR good reports no need for blood cultures?

Cbc came back with high platelets (610, 000) how concerning is this? Dr wants to retest in month. Is that ok? Other results from CBC were normal.

CBC came back with some abnormal info. Lymphocytes was 17.1% and Neutrophils was 75.2%. What could this be?

CBC done 3 times. 2014-2015 and a recent one. First one MPV 11.5 and last one 12.6 what can it be and what other tests needs to be done?

Cbc done WBC was 12.3, neutrophil was 80, this was done in the er, i had a UTI at the time and was mensturating. Wbc was also in urine, should I worry?

CBC in Jan showed WBC 5, monocytes .40, June now, WBC is 3.8, monocytes slightly elevated said immunologist, debilitating fatigue. what could be prob?

CBC neutrophils were slightly elevated at 70.3% (lab reference range 45.0-70.0%). No symptoms of infection, but was stressed out and had smoked a cigarette prior to the test. Should I be concerned?

Cbc over 3 yrs chronic above range lymphs and below range neutrophils. Rest CBC normal usually. H/o pos. Ebv antibodies. Should I have this worked up?

Cbc results all normal except glucose 110 and absolute monocytes of 125. What could cause this?

Cbc resuts inconsistent. Should i be worried?

Cbc show haemoglobin of 17. My gp range for hb 14-18. Is this normal? had a doc mention polycthemia to me and I'm worried. My gp says doc wrong.

Cbc showed i'm anemic. Had a red blood cell morphology done which showed platelets- adequate, microcytes 1+, polychromasia 1+. What does that mean?

Cbc showed WBC of 12.7. What does that mean?

Cbc shows high polys count but rest is normal. I had allergy to contrast IV and CBC was taken 4 days later. Could this be the cause?

Cbc shows i'm anemic. Red blood cell morphology showed platelets- adequate, microcytes 1+, polychromasia 1+. What do those results mean?

Cbc test results - low wbc, neutrophils, protein in urine. Could you explain?

CBC test results: Elevated MCHC, elevated MCH, bottom of range for Haematocrit, everything else within normal ranges. What do these results mean?

Cbc, WBC 6.4, diff eos 8%, everything else normal. Have had chronic symptoms going on for a while without a diagnosis. Should i request other tests?

CBC: WBC 3.46 ,Neutropenia 22% & Lymphocytosis 66%. ESR of 16 1st hr & 33 2nd hr. Normal everything else. Had a cold recently. What does it indicate?

Child, 6,had well check and her CBC 3.5 WBC, other values normal, retest 6 wks. She had the flu (Jan) and had a low WBC. What can cause this? Worried.

Cll lukemia (mother) just, went to have unrelated blood tests ..High wwb lymphocyte absolute and monocyte absolute poss indication of the same?

Could a 3.7 WBC count in a 7yo indicate leukemia if no other symptoms are present? Rbc and platelets normal, smear shows "few abnormal lymphocytes"

Could pervasive chlamydia affect a CBC and WBC in the peripheral blood?

Dear Doctor, 43 y/o, male. RBC count was 4.45 million / mm3 in July and Dec. Other CBC tests are normal. Any clinical significance or concern ?

Diagnosed with pid. Cbc, WBC count and ESR blood tests are normal. Does thismean I do nit have pid? Can PID be misdiagnosed and with what?

Did cbc blood , my auto lymph was 1.75 and ratio is 1.00-4.80 . Is this in the standard norm or is it a mild low count , my dr say normal, concerned?

Do lymphocytes that usually were in 1.6 range and now in the last year tests went from1.4,1.2,1.0 is this normal lymphocyte behavior ?

Doc said labs were fine.Lymphocytes keep going down.are they anything to worry about? Picture of labs in profile.

Doc says spleen isn't really enlarged at 13cm on CT- not concerned.. WBC plateletsnml. Is it true this is high end of nml and could be normal for me?

Does CBC show blasts?

Does hep c raise lymphs on a CBC with diff and cause low platelet counts on the same test.?

Does my elevated WBC necessarily mean cancer? It has been elevated for approx. 2 months and I've undergone 2 rounds of antibiotics.

During yearly blood check up, my 7 year old son CBC came back normal with few atypical lymphocytes found in blood film , is this normal ?

Eos in the 2300-3500 range for at least 6 months + most recent blood smear shows "few smudge cells". Have ruled out parasites. IgE normal. Cancer?

Fentanyl .5mg/ 10ml. X 10ml. X 5 units, what does this mean?

For the past 2 years my absolute lymphs have shown an elevation of 4.1 but everything else has been in normal range. What could this be?

For the past 5 yrs my wbc has been high with ab lymphs and ab neuts. Recently my labs changed to ab immature grans. I have no clue what is happening.

For the past year I have had an increase in my Lymphocytes Absolute lab report and it is now 3.79. What could this mean?

Given 1 yr of chronic high temp (99.5 to 100), is a relative lymphocyte percentage near 50% consistent over 3 tests in 9 months a cause for concern?

Going through interferon and ribavirin trtmt for hepc, labs show very low platelet count what does that mean?

Good Morning. I have a 6 yo daughter who's been having fever with 39-40temp for 4 days now. She tested negative for NS1 dengue test. And cbc platelet results are normal aside from these 3: Neutrophils 63.90 Lymphocytes 20.10 Monocyte 15.60 There were 4 of

Got a blood test today. All of my RBC and WBC counts are normal. My platelets are at 404 and standard range is 140-400. Is this bad? I'm scared.

Got a CBC in Nov the results- neutrophils were 29%, lymphocytes 60%, atypical lymphocytes 15%- just a routine checkup, haven't felt sick at all though?

Got routine bloodwork. Platelet count was flagged at a count of 429. Is this normal? High? Should I be concerned?

Grandpa has abnormal CBC results?

Had a physical did a routine cbc. My wbc was slightly elevated at 10.83 the lab cutoff was 10.0 is this a concern result. Rest of cbc normal. ?

Had abnormal hgb, hct, mcv, mch, mpv and baso. Can this be related to the gall bladder? These results were taken right before i had mine removed.

Had all 30 yrs ago. Recent fevers and leg pains. Cbc showed 12.7 WBC and > neutrophils. Dr. Wants to redo CBC in a couple of weeks. Would you agree?

Had blood work done & the 2 components that were outside of the "standard range" were WBC's Auto (11.1) & Lymphocytes, Automated Count (5.2). Meaning?

Had recent urinalysis and results showed 3 wbc /uL and 6 rbc /uL with no further action needed do i need to worry?

Hello Doc In My CBC Test I See That My WBC Count Always Fluctuates Bt It Is Always In Range Is This Is Normal??

Hello Doc Im Male Age 18 year Old I Have CBC In My Cbc Report all Things Are Normal Bt In Wbc Flag I Have Imature Cell Left Shift Wat Does It Mean?

Hello I am 28 weeks pregnant and my blood work came back with WBC of 18.2 and Absolute Neutrophils 13.50. What does this mean?

Hello I just got my lab results back and I have a white blood cell count of 3.2, mpv of 7.1, and absolute neutrophils of 1478. What could be wrong?

Hello i tested for cbc test and my hemoglobin18.5 and hematocrit 52 and i amhaving to much fatigue and mild headaches should i donate blood?