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Is it normal for a 2.5 YO to have results of Anisocytosis: Rare Burr Cells: Slight, Microcytes: Rare, Polychromasia: Rare on a morphology Report?

my BMB report done for thrombocytosis and it stated "Marrow with patchy hypocellularity " also megas with abnormal spidery and/or bizarre nucleus?

My peripheral blood smear stated "no abnormal blasts seen." Does that mean there were no blasts seen or only normal blasts were seen?

+ ANA test, severe neutropenia with large granular lymphocytes, high monocytes and lymphocytes. Osteoarthritis. Bone marrow biopsy negative. Idea?

35 F. rare bite cells & hypocellular marrow 15-20%. mild polychromasia & high retic. Trigeminal neuralgia & atypical hemangioma in c4 vert. Related?

4 weeks post-whipple op for ampullary tumour. Ferritin level 6400, iron saturation 90%. Slightly deranged APTT (37s). Need hematology review or not?

A friend of mine has a myeloproliferative blood disorder, which is the overproduction of blood cells. Could this be the start of leukemia?

A person has pnh, normocellular bone marrow, but has falling neutrophils and platelets. No mds or other clonal disorder. R/o what else?

A T cell beta monoclonal gene rearrangement was found in my blood. I've also had some rashing / hives on the skin, with bad Itching. CBC & CMP normal ?

Abnormal hemostasis lab results but negative for von willenbrand disease. Pfa-100 ordered. What other platelet disorders are being considered? 31f

According to my cbc reports in morphological abnormalities my white blood cells are absent?is it something to worry about..I am 23

Adult Male, RBC elevated minimal for past two years , thromnbocytopenia(Fluctuate),Splenomegaly, erythroid hyperplasia,Negative for infections,no drug?

Adult male,bone marrow biopsy show Erythroid hyperplasia RBC borderline on high side,thrombocytopenia fluctuate, Splenomegaly,negative for infections.

After a breast biopsy the results were a few lymphocytes and fat cells. What does it mean when they find lymphocytes. Is this a bad thing?

Alk phosphate 124 ascetic fluid – moderate no of lymphocytes, mesothelial cell with small no of RBC & neutrophlis. Negative for malignancy. Bactec of?

All childhood blood disorders that cause bone marrow to produce cells but slowly, low red cells white and platelets, B12 and iron are all in range?

Alp 170 liver biopsy positive pas kupffer cells portal macrothphyes?

Am very curious to know in colon cancer will there be a change in blood count, platelet, rbs & WBC or others may be more or less.Can it be a symptom!

Are C-reactive protein (CRP) and ESR levels typically elevated with advanced stage cancer such as stage 4 lymphoma?

Are complete blood cell counts useful in the evaluation of asymptomatic neonates exposed to suspected chorioamnionitis?

Are neutrophils abnormal if anti-cytoplasmic neutrophilic antibodies were present?

Been having serious fatigue. My CBC shows WBC of 3.9, reduced platelet on film with some giants and vacuoleted forms.Pcv 44 normochromi. Do i av cancer?

Been seen by multiple doctors,I have an enlarged spleen(8cm below lcm)pancytopenia high ldh and sed rate. What could cause this, my drs are stumped

Blood flow cytmtry shows dual positive cd4cd30 cells absolute count of 2354. IGG slightly elevated with elevated light chains, T cell Beta clone noted?

Bone marrow biopsy: focal areas show tiny aggregates of lymphoid cells (10-12) - reactive. Is this alarming for an nhl patient?

Bone marrow biopsy/aspiration (chronic cytopenias/fatigue) f/u appt delayed 4 karyotyping. Is that usually to check CML or what else is possible? Thx

Bone marrow results blast cells 6.0 /6% and Tdt 15:su67642, has swollen Liver and spleen should I wait two months to follow up what might this mean ?

Bone marrow test shows reactive erythroid hyperplasia .Does it indicate cancer?

Bun 5, basophil auto1.2% , vit d is 24 and multiple small lung nodules could these all be connected and help with a diagnosis.

Ca-125 was elevated at 40? Once told by gyno that I have precancerous cells. Should this combination worry me?

Can iron deficiency anemia consider normal response to post- nephrectomy for clear cell renal cancer without metastasis?

Can 14 percent of plasma cells mean mgus?

Can a blood test for 'lymphocyte surface markers' rule out lymphoma? Or is biopsy truly the only way?

Can a Hematologist rule out Lymphoma by examining your blood under a microscope?

Can a m spike be polyclonal can plasma cells be increased more than ten percent in an infection also?

Can abnormal bone marrow on an mri be associated with low vitamin d levels?

Can agent orange cause diffuse large b cell lymphoma?

Can blast cells be seen on normal cbc? If not, how are they found?

Can having anemia all of a sudden mean cancer?

Can I finsd information on large b cell lymphoma?

Can i treat a possible monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance at home?

Can neutrophilic leukocytosis be caused by advair? Any help appreciated!

Can patient with Polycythemia vera have normal hemoglobin and hematocrit count but abnormal JAK2 result ? what is definitive test for PV ?

Can someone very skinny (borderline to anorexic) and with a low white blood cell count undergo (possibly agressive) chemotherapy procedure?

Can there be different opinion on beta 2 microglobulin and bone marrow biopsy regarding detection on multiple myeloma?

Can they do a bone marrow biopsy even if the platelets seem fine but their is signs and symptoms of chronic leukemia?

Can you have a monoclonal gammopathy(and not mgus) while having a normal CBC w/differential?

Can you have cancer (not of the blood or bone marrow) that would not show up in bloodwork? dies leukemia always show up in abnormal bloodwork?

Can you have MCAS (Mast Cell Activation Syndrome) without an elevated tryptase level, even while symptomatic?

Can you help? Could something show abnormal in a full blood count if hodgkins lymphoma was present?

Can you tell me exactly when is lymphoma suspected from a fbc?

Can you tell me how a low grade b cell lymphoma(maltoma )affects a normal life of a young man?

Can you tell me the main symptoms of waldenstrom macroglobulinemia?

Can you tell me what number of cells are present in liver?

Can you tell: if blood cells are low through a cat scan?

Cause of chronic elevated T cell counts with a monoclonal T cell beta gene rearrangement. Bouts of itching reddened skin. Some LGL's noted Normal CBC?

Causes of modest superfical perivascular lymphocytic infiltrate? Vessels show reactive changes, no necrosis, no eosinophils and no neutrophils seen.

CBC results showed a note saying one blast like cell seen. But wbc differential- no blast. He has MDS with 1% blast in marow. What is blast like cell?

Chronic osteomylitis, bone marrow biopsy normal, jak-2 mutation negative, erythropoitin level normal, s.Ferritin level 5 but hb.17.8.What is its reason ?

Could a patient with a high white count a low hemaglobin and enlarged lympnodes possibly have leukemia? And would a pet scan be able to confirm it?

Could chronic fungal infection on foot and in nails cause polyclonal gammapathy pr low grade HPV on uvula? Doc can't find out why I have it.

Could donating white blood cells be helpful for treating ankylosing spondylitis?

Could high ESR an indication of cancerous growth?

Could Igm mgus be related to a condition other than blood cancers?

Could splenic lymphoma exist even with Negative Bone marrow biopsy & negative PET/CT , but splenomegaly occur? other causes has ruled out.

Could you have abnormal wbc or anything else abnormal in Cbc if you have liver metastasis ?

Could you tell me if high ESR is an indication of cancerous growth?

Cutaneous B cell lymphoma Polymerase Chain Reaction test came inconclusive. One red lesion on scalp 28 yr old. Are chances for skin lymphoma small?

CVID treated with Ig-infusions. Last bloods shows very low b cell count. Any interpretation?

Dad 70 yrs old has macrocytic anemia. All else normal. Bone marrow biopsy showed no cancer or MDS, but failure of production of enough rbc. Why?

Diagnosed with giant liver hemagioma size of grapefruit read online that could cause anemia because it sequesters red blood cells is that true ?

Diagnosis. B.Cell non hodgkin, s lymphoma favor burkitt, s lymphoma. This us the result of biopsy taken during appendicectomy. D20 positive and tdt neg?

Diffuse uptake icreased bone marrow uptake, likely to reflect reactive marrow hyperplasia is this normal?

Do diffused large b cell lymphoma patients show symptoms of mental abnormalities?

Does 15 percent plasma cells in b m b lead to myloma?

Does a low C4 level (10) always indicate a problem (such as myeloma, MGUS, auto immune)? Can it be just an insignificant test finding?

Does an elevated ca 125 level always indicate that ovarian cancer is present?

Does anyone know how to count cells from a bronchoalveolar lavage (bal)?

Does having a splenic infarct always mean something else is going on? Such as autoimmune or cancer?

Does monoclonal b-cell lymphocytosis make the patient more vulnerable to infections, e.G., hypostatic pneumonia? Is monoclonal b-cell lymphocytosis capable of transforming into acute leukemia?

Does multiple endocrine neoplasia type 1 present with high blood calcium? Mine is 10.1 thank you!

Does pres. of vacuoles & smudge cells during coinfections mean sepsis? Do rare bite cells mean anything in relation to those?Can cause systemic symps?

Does the presence of bright cd8 t-cells on bone marrow biopsy indicate cancer?

Don't all types of leukaemia cause an abnormal CBC?

Elevated lymphocytes and decreased monocytes in spinal fluid, MS ruled out, what else can cause this? Can it be a type of Cancer?

Everything in normal range except fr plasma cells in the bone marrow 15 percent means what?

Explain the cause of the WBC abnormalities seen in the morphology?

Explanation for myelocytes (2%) in periph blood besides cml etc.? Different sites say inflammation can cause. W/ anemia, is cancer the best bet?

Few activated lymphocytes are present in my blood test report. Is this dangerous or a cancer? Lymphocytes reads 35% (3.185x10^9/l).Thx

Few atypical mononuclear and binucleated cells with prominent nucleoli.Tey show moderate pos. reaction for CD15 and neg. CD3,CD20,CD30,ALK1.Diagnosis?

Few atypical mononuclear and binucleated cells with prominent nucleoli.Tey show moderate pos. reaction for CD15 and neg. CD3,CD20,CD30,ALK1.HL or NHL?

For the pathologists, when testing for antibodies, if there is a perinuclear staining of some cells of a human pituitary, what could this indicate?

Friend had up lobe lung removed, cancer. Her wbc, mchc, and mpv low. Could cancer be back?

Generally speaking, if monoclonal B cell lymphocytosis deteriorated or transformed into something worse, what sort of pathological or other medical information would warrant taking a biopsy?

H wbc, l rbc, h platelets, tear drop cells, helmet cells so physician referred me to hematological oncologist without explaining, what can I expect?

Had a bone marrow asp and biopsy. Said abnormal female karyotype and these numbers in order. Add(14)(q22)(20). It was never explained. Could you help?

Had dual mastectomies. Oncologyst said that "blood markers" were high and cancerous cells were still present in the bloodstream. What this means?

Have APS , does it Cause High B2M ? Normal CT/PET and Bone marrow Biopsy.High LDH,Spleenomegaly, Normal SPEP,Night sweat, tired, Low platelete& RBC

Have itchy skin. 2 biopsies with lymphocyte infiltrate no T cell lymphoma. Ana was 640. Could it be autoamune. Have Hypothyroid. ?

Have lab results high neut low lymph. .High creatinine. .Bilobe adrenal lymphoma, also multiple splenic lesions. What are chances this is cancer?