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Anyone know any new treatments of spina bifida?

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Can sitting in jacuzzi at 4 weeks pregnant for about 15 mins cause spina bifiba or brain defects?

Can somebody with spina bifida who has never needed a shunt need one as an adult?

Can spina bifida cause chest pain ?Thankyou

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Can there be some other parent out there who has a child with pituitary dwarfism & spina bifida combined?

Can women with spina bifida have intercourse and babies?

Can you tell me about the relationship between cranioschisis and neural tube defects (ntds)?

Can you tell me any of the history of spina bifida?

Can you tell me any thing about occult spina bifida?

Can you tell me the history and disease of spina bifida?

Can you tell me what is annencephaly?

Can you tell me what spina bifida means?

Chances of a woman with spina bifida having a baby with spina bifida?

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Common problems arising from a child of ten having spina bifida?

Could a person have a tethered cord and not have spina bifida?

Could I have as much info as i can get about spina bifida? Could you die from it?

Could I have spina bifida occulta and not know it for years?

Could my nephew have spina bifida if I did?

Could spina bifida be causing my back pain? My doctor took x-rays of my spine and says I have a kind of spina bifida. Could that be what’s causing my pain? I’m 26. I thought spina bifida was a birth defect?

Could you provide some information on dealing with spina bifida?

Did medical science find a way yet to repair the neural damage caused by spina bifida?

Difference between fetal spina bifida and anencephaly?

Do you deal with spina bifida?

Do you think I should be working out 3 or 4 times a week if I have spina bifida and knee problems?

Does spina bifida affect the size of a man's penis?

For how long have people been affected by spina bifida?

Having a lot of amniotic fluid, and a Spina bifida baby at 20 weeks. What are the risks? I want to know your opinion, please.

Helo dr. I had abortion spina bifida.I had folate (folic acid) tablt during pregnancy. Wht could be reason for spina bifida. How i could have saved my baby.

Help please? How does spina bifida affects someones childhood?

Help! I've been having chronic pain and spina bifida?

How can I treat my prolapse uterus naturally? Is it common in woman with spina bifida?

How can occult spina bifida impact a persons life?

How can spina bifida impact someone's life?

How common is gastroschisis?

How common is this coccyx pain if spina bifida occulta down there?

How do you deliver baby with spina bifida?

How many forms of spina bifida are there?

How much time have people been affected by spina bifida?

How old does someone with spina bifida usually live?

I am 22 weeks pregnant and my baby was found to have lower spinal widening. Amniocentesis showed no afp. If closed spina bifida what are complications?

I don't have a tailbone connected to spine (spina bifida, covered). Will this affect my pregnancy?

I had abortion spina bifida. I had sub chorionic hemorrhage and single umblical artery during pregnancy.Could that be the reason for spina bifida?

I had sub chorionic hemorrhage, single umnlical artery and spina bifida in baby. What could be the cause for 3. Pls hlp me with individual causes?

I have a lump on my chest i had a surgery for spina bifida do I need to check it?

I have a sacral dimple could I have spina bifida?

I have an occult spina bifida of s1. Will that affect me as a woman?

I have occult spina bifida of s1? What problems over lifetime?

I have spina bifida and can I conceive?

I have spina bifida occulta diagnosed as teen; could it get worse?

I want to be foodball player i can with spina bifida oculta???i am 18 years old male thanks

I want to know what is the difference between spina bifida and hyrdocephalus?

I want to know what's the neural tube defect test?

I was born with meningocele spina bifida. I want to have children now that I am married. Who do I see about that?

I'm disabled with spina bifida occulta, I sit down all now my stomach is giving me trouble, is it connected?

If my brother has spina bifida, will I have a higher chance of having a child with spina bifida?

If you have spina bifida occulta at age 16, could it get worse with age, or is it very stable?

In spina bifida is there a link to family ntds or do they just come with maternal age?

Information that can be helpful? Spina bifida occulta risk in babies if mom has it

Is a gastroschisis or omphalocele the same?

Is it possible for a 53 years old to have spina bifina?

Is it possible to prevent spina bifida while pregnant?

Is meningocele and spina bifida the same thing?

Is posterior cleft deformity of the sacrum also called spina bifida occulta?

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Is spina bifida hereditary?

Is spinal herniation a birth defect?

Is there a cure for spina bifida that restores nerves to the congenital defect?

Is there a relationship between cranioschisis and neural tube defects (ntds)?

Is there any hope for babies with lissencephaly, porencephaly, holoprosencephaly?

Is there any known link between scoliosis and spina bifida occulta?

Later side afects of low spina bifida occulta? Incontinence?

Later side afects of occult spina bifida?

Meningocele, pseudomonas and hydrocephalus?

My baby has a dimple on the base of her spine that was there at birth. Can that be occult spina bifida?

My friend with spina bifida wants to know if the sphincter is connected at all with the prostate?

Need expert help here. What are all types of spina bifida?

Nursing care plan for spina bifida occulta?

Nursing daignosis of spina bifida in neonate as pryority?

Old mom. Is closed spina bifida deformity a risk to offspring?

Prior to my birth, the doctors said i had spina bifida down syndrome, they said i would be retarded, what does this mean?

Sacral dimple could I have spina bifida, how to know?

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Spina bifida --what surgery and other treatment?

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