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Children with cp.Pda.Hie, seizures n arching of the body, feeding problems, what to do?

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I need a pediatrician to tell me what to do about neonatal jaundice. Mainly how can it be prevented.?

Ideas? What other symptoms could a baby with anophthalmia have?

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Long term effects for adults that had phototherapy as a newborn? Im always cold. I had phototherapy as a newborn in the 1970s.

Methemoglobinemia in infants?

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My son was born with severe hydronephrosis.Nicu 4 days.Failure to thrive first 2 years.Age 4 now.Chronic constipaton.No bm for 4days.What could be?

Neonatologist told us this morning our premie has nec. What did they do wrong?

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