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I went for an ultrasound 3 weeks ago and my doctor said retained placenta. However my last child was born 5 years ago. what are the risks of this ?

2 out of 3 early MCs showed turner's & trisomy 14. No live birth, age 32. Chances of having AND not having normal children. Pls answer for both ?

23w pregnant. Petrified baby will be born with a severe disability such as cerebral palsy. Are the odds high?

24 years old male ,my gf is 16 weeks pregnant, my older sister just got dx with zellweger syndrome , what are the odds i that carry it or my child?

3 early MCs in 1 yr. No live birth. 2nd showed turner synd & 3rd 45 Trisomy 14. Parents kyrotyping normal. Pls suggest. Pls don't say talk to genetic ?

38 weeks pregnant if the baby's father is bipolar is their a chance that the baby will inherit the disorder?

A 4 month old's hemoglobinopathy test is indeterminate. Mother is fa and father is aa ( both normal). Is the baby atrisk?

Am 28y and my first baby is down , its bciz random mutation what the chance to have another one with down ?!

Am i or the baby at risk if I have gallstones?

Any research/numbers on correlation between age of mother @ birth, and birth defects in children? Trying to find some hard data. Thank you!

Are anencephalic pregnancies hereditary? Can you share some sources?

Are avm common in adults that were born prematurly? I am 25 now was born at 51/2 months and want to get pregnant soon but afraid I have a unknown avm

Are birth marks genetic? My mother, grand mother, and i all have the same one and in the same location.

Are there cases of anyone given birth to triplets? I'm scared to undergoe a c-section.

Ascending cholangitis - my daughter is 28 weeks pregnant & may have this -what is risk to her and baby? Prognosis and cure?

Baby born with patau syndrome,died after 27 days .now want to concieve again what are the chances of recurrence?

Baby had prolapsed sac and died in birth. Any way to prevent in future?

Babygirl born with addison disease, can it be the result of mother been bulimia?

Born 3mths. Premature. I had kidney issues up until age 6. I was on kidney meds but grew out of it. im 26&want babies.Whats my chance of Preeclampsia?

Boyfriend has diabetes, Will that put me at risk for miscarriage or having deformed babies? if so what can he do?

Brain aneurysm during pregnancy? How rare is it even though i was born premature at 51/2months and had blood transfusions? Im terrified I have avm

Can a 20 week Anatomy ultrasound pick up down syndrome in the baby ? I have an increased risk of a 1 in 89 chance of having my baby born with DS

Can a father's eds cause complications during pregnancy if passed on to the fetus?

Can babies suffer if their mothers have thyroid disease?

Can docs please explain are c-section births recomended for mothers with hpv?

Can I have preterm birth and my baby can die from periodontal disease?

Can my child have a normal life with spina bifida? I just found out with prenatal tests that my baby has a severe form of spina bifida. He will most likely be paralyzed. I want to have him anyway, but i’m scared his life will be too hard.

Can premature women born at 51/2 months have healthy pregnancy and birth?! im terrified of having stroke or something serious happen

Can premature women that were born at 51/2 months themselves. Have a normal healthy pregnancy? Or will I have increased risks because i was a preemie?

Can some of the premature babies be affected by drugs given their moms?

Can somebody be predisposed to giving birth to twins?

Can WPW be passed down to children? My mother-in-law suffers from the condition and I am currently pregnant and concerned for my baby.

Can you tell me how the women with multiple partners decide who is exactly father of their baby ?

Can you tell me if a baby has a good chance of getting cystic fibrosis will the baby show symptoms right away?

Chances of autism for fathers 55 and older and genetic changes for mothers 42 . I am 42 and pregnant! (2 pregnancy have 18 yrs old)?

Chances of having baby at 42?

Chances of t b transfer from mom to new born?

Chromosomal mutation in my right foot. I am now pregnant and i worry that this abnormality can be carried over to my child. What is the risk?

Congenital heart decease can contagious? My 1st baby died he was sufferd that kind of decease. Now can possible to transmissible to my 2nd baby?

Could a baby born to an active alcoholic mother be an alcoholic at birth?

Could taking benzodiazepines by a man regularly before conception cause a single sporadic gene mutation in the fetus?

Could there be pregnancy complications if the baby is sickle cell beta thal 0?Will problems arise only after the babys born? Should i see a specialist

Could you tell me what are my babys chances of living with hypo-plastic left heart?

Do twins born early have a higher risk of asthma or other problems?

Do you know anybody who sat in jacuzzi around 4 weeks pregnant and still had a healthy baby? I read there's a risk if spina bifida, I'm really scared

Docs said I have crysitc fibrosis in my genes and that there is a chance my baby could have it if the father has it to what are the chances he will?

Docs, are there any mothers who suffered from preeclampsia, now pregnant with second or more?

Does abortion affect your chances of having another baby?

Does gestational diabetes cause undescended testicle in babies at birth or later on?

Does gestational diabetes increase the risk of cerebral palsy for the unborn child?

Does having a baby in your teen years give the baby a higher risk of any diseases?

Does having anxiety disorder while pregnant increase the risk of having baby with infantile spasms?

Does having heart surgery affect your future baby?

Does my baby have a higher risk of a birth defect if his father is over 40?

Dr.Im 38and im planning ro have a child again i was diagnosed diabetic2 when i delivered my first baby.Do I have a chance to have a baby ?Is it risk

Dr.Toldme tocome 11 weeks for retardation of 3rd fetus bcoz is weak aswell as notsafe to carry triplet pregnancy. Does retardation affect otherfetus?

Fetus stopped developing at 6 weeks. I'm now at 12 weeks. What are the chances it will still pass naturally?

For a European Woman there is a Chance of 1:100 for getting Twins. What are her chances if she is 37 years old? Double ? Triple? Is there Data? Thx

For a preemie if it was 2 months old but 4 weeks early is the risk for sids go by their age from when they are born or their original due date?

Granddaughter will be born with spina bifida next week per csection.Has approximately one pound fluid on brain, unclear regarding fetal movement. Fe?

Had CT for poss brain tumor. Just gave birth to a perfectly healthy baby three months ago. Can this be possible? Wouldn't my child have had defects?

Has anyone been diagnosed with ovarian failure and had a baby?

Have i increased the chances my baby having diabetes if i've developed it?

Helo dr. I had abortion twice due to birth defects. Spina bifida and rubella. How i could have saved my baby.Is something wrong with me n hubby.

Hi , I am 29 and 5 feet. My sister and mother and miscarriages in their history . When should I plan for a baby ?

Hi. I just wanted to know what are the chances of giving birth at 37/38 weeks, when u had a miscarriage before at 17weeks and also my mum had me at 37?

Hiya I was just wondering if a child with spina bifida has different dna by any chance as iv done a paternity test on my sons alleged father and I was so sure he was his and it's come back as he isn't was just curious if the test can be affected by my chi

Hiya my boy is 8 months old and has spina bifida iv recently done a paternity test for the alleged father and I was 100% sure he was my sons father but its come back as hes not.. can the dna be affected with a child with spina bifida.. can this be a false

How can a fetal maternal medicine specialist. Help me exactly with triploidy? Can they advise me on how to keep my child alive n what precotions i need

How can blighted ovum happen after PGS testing? I have MTHGR gene one but doctor only gave baby aspirin. Could this be cause?

How can I avoid having another stillborn?

How it, for.infants to get tic/twitching? What s the percentage from growing out of it. Bc shes a baby is her chance higher to get over it

How do I know if my baby might be at risk of sid?

How do I know if my preemie is developing correctly?

How do we babrproof highrise?

How has sids affected families? Do they have more babies?


How to ensure safe new pregnancy when earlier child suffered from congenital cardiac anomalies?

How to increase probability of having a male baby?

How typical is it to have a stillborn?

How will the development of a baby be affected if the mother smoked while she was pregnant?

I am 23 years old, 7 months pregnant with my second baby. I just knew I had rheumatic heart disease since childhood. How will this affect my delivery?

I am 28 years old and just received news from my obgyn that I have a 1:50 chance to have a baby with down syndrome. I am extremely worried.?

I am 29 weeks pregnant and diagnosed with anemia. What is at risk for my baby and I?

I am 34 years old female. And now I am pregnant, 16 weeks. And I worry about my baby's health, for example, Down syndrome, congenital CP. ?

I am a 42 year old female and had my very first baby the other day. What can I expect in 20 years?

I am a female who was born with arnold chiari malfomation type i. Other than this I have been healthy my whole life but I have never been able to conceive. Is there a link between AC and infertility?

I am a klinefelter patient is there any chance for me to father my own baby?

I am an expecting mother At 28 weeks I had primary herpes so it was the fist time and now I am terrified of my baby having congenital will she?

I am at risk for a baby with downs syndrome but ultrasound at 20 weeks was normal with limb lengths. Does this mean chances are my baby is normal?

I am concerned about my cousin. She has had 4 miscarriage in a year and just had a 18 week still born and she want to trying again three weeks. Ok?

I am diabetic (type 1) and on a pump. I want to breastfeed my triplets when they are born. Suggestions?

I am pregnant and my mum had bi-polar. What is the chance my unborn baby will inherit bi-polar?

I am pregnant and we just found out the father was born with a reversed y chromosome. What is it and will it affect the baby?

I am pregnant i was wondering what are the chances of my baby having webbed fingers if the father has it ?

I am pregnant. My husband has had Type 1 diabetes since he was 6. He says usually it skips a generation. What are the chances our child will develop?

I and my fiancé both have genotype as.Its really sad but is there any medication that can change the genotype or is there a way to avoid ss babies?

I and my husband are normal, we have a girl 6 yrs normal,other aborted fetus with thantotrphic dysplasia, what is risk of recurrence ?

I conceived triplets but lost two. My son was born small but healthy. I am very small. What are my chances of conceiving/carrying to term multiples?

I developed pots & lupus directly after my first birth of a baby that ended in a 23 week birth/placental abruption. Can i risk trying again? I want 2!