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Good day, which birth control pills can my wife use, she has a thyroid problem shes using Eltroxin 1.05gm, and can you prescribe it for her?

I recently started a new bc pill and have noticed the last couple of weeks a increase in urination and now swelling in my feet...Is it the pill?

I've had a loose bowel for about 3 weeks now (2 loose stools per day on average) - could this affect my birth control pill?

0.5 estradiol n 2.5 provera (medroxyprogesterone) once a day , making me bleed. Dr told me to cut both in half. Still havin hot flashes. Is there a better regimen?

10yrs Cyclen birth control. Causes NAUSEA after ingested @ night with meal.

13th day of gildess fe. Extreme acne, heavy/clumpy/constant bleeding, worsened depression, cramps, no sex drive. When can I stop taking this pill?

14 weeks pregnant and been taking progestrone pills. Pills I took were exposed to water and became rancid; however, I took for a couple weeks; any harm to fetus? Pills got soft and started to smell

14, on low estrogen pill birth control, have my period when i shouldn't. Bad history of period problems in family. Is this normal?

19 years old PCOS w/ acne prone, skin/some symptoms improved greatly from taking Yaz birth control. However, my breasts went from a 34B to a 34D in 3 months. They sag/ covered in stretch marks. I want my old breasts back...? Better BC/PCOS options?

23, TTC, estradiol came back at 24.8 on day 6, and 22.8 on day 3. Only relation is dry during intercourse. What could make my estradiol so low?

24, been on b/c pills 8 years, very low sex drive, tips for improving? Could it be like a hormone imbalance or something? Occurring for a year or so

24yo 4mos on orthocyclen (ethinyl estradiol and norgestimate). Having PMS symps 3 weeks before period due (2/10) & metallic vaginal smell. Also on ceftin- possible side effect? Hpt was neg.

25 and never been on birth control will that affect me negatively? hormone wise? will i start to grow face hair? never had sex before either.

26 year old female and I still get acne! I've tried everything except BC pill (which I do not want to take!). Any advice?

28 yrs old and can't get rid of acne, after trying everything including accutane, goes well with contraceptive pills but as soon as i stop taking them it comes back, is it ok to take them for so long?

29 yrs. First day of last cycle 8/27. Stopped taking ocella (drospirenone and ethinyl estradiol). Breasts are sore especially w/o a bra. Tubal since '05 & irregular since. Suggestions?!

2nd time in 2months to break out in hives , narrowed source to my birth control. Will a steroid shot and stopping the pills keep full blown hives away?

32 yr old female, diagnosed with low estradiol. What wld be better treatment option, estrace or birth control pill?

32 yr old female, low estrogen levels. Dr wants to stop estrave and start birth control to supplement. Which birth control brand would be best?

32 yr old with low estrogen, put on 3mg estrace used provera (medroxyprogesterone) for break through bleed. Tried BCP but after 2 days for feel well. Can go back on estrace?

37yr old starting bc for pain ov cysts what is a good 2nd gen birth control pill with no weight gain acne or facial hair effects worried about clots.

39yrs old, last baby 2 yrs ago, hormone imbalance and taking birth control pills short term. When i discontinue pills, will imbalance be fixed?

4-6 hours late on 1 birthcontrol pill. Instructions say to take when I remember and I DONT need to use back up bc the rest of the month. Trustworthy?

40yr female with regular 26 day cycle started using estrogen patch (vivelle (estradiol) 0.025) for severe pmdd. No period since (2 months). Is est. The cause ?

45 yr old female began ortho tri cyclen (ethinyl estradiol and norgestimate) for perimenopause, ex- periencing hypothyroid symptoms, will ortho cause symptoms to worsen or improve?

47 y/o with history of PCOS/obesity. Essure and ablation in Jan 2013, but no follow up to make sure successful. Do I still need to use birth control?

5.3 functional cyst can be cured by birth control pill?

52 perimenopause. trying to choose between Cyclen 21 and Minestrin for symptoms. Which will provide a good balance(mood, fatigue, dysmenorrhea)?

52yr, perimenopausal. Dr. prescribed Lolo Biphasic to deal with perimenopause. This is new to market, so please tell me about your patient feedback?

6 months ago I had my tubes removed to get off birth control thought that was causing my loss of sex drive. Still have no libido and gaining weight ?

6 weeks ago, I received the mirena, (levonorgestrel) I have been having terrible hormone skin break outs on my face, will this continue for much longer?

7 days into trinessa (norgestimate and ethinyl estradiol) & experiencing serious mood swings and drunken feeling - can she take a half of the pill for a few days to get body use to med?

9 weeks postpartum, started ortho tricyclen + aldactone (spironolactone) (acne). Stopped both bc of vertigo/extreme dizziness. Hormone related? When will it stabilize?

A year ago i gave birth to a child. Afterwards i started taking contraceptives. But now whenever I have sex i bleed and i now realise an odor. Help?

Accidentally took bc(trisprintec) 3hrs early does this lower the effectiveness. I'm moving the time up by a little everyday to get back to normal tim?

Acidity not comeing in control?

After 2 mos taking yasmin (drospirenone and ethinyl estradiol) no stop for my endometriosis, my back and breast are getting very itchy with small red pimple like spots. Should i stop now?

After effects of other birth controls can include things like hair loss and infertility. Should i just get off it completely?

After forgetting my pill two nights in a row I have been spotting for about a week. How can I make it stop faster?

After getting off my birth control pill, my acne is exploding. How can I mitigate this ?

After I stoped to use birth control pills I got many tiny acnes onmy chest. Will they pass away or I will have them constantly untill I use pills agai?

After I worked out, I went go take a shower and I found blood in my underwear. I don't take birth control pills, and my LMP was Sept.2,2014. I'm 19?

After IUD placement for dysmenorrhea bacterial vaginosis- 2nd episode- cannot take ocp due to elevated BP side effect. - please advise?

After starting bcpills breasts have gone hard and firm about 3 hours after active pills. Then back to normal in the morning. Is this okay?

After taking a hormonal replacement pill like estrogen or progesterone, wii there still be a chance to father a child?

After using these vitamins i started to get pimples lots so i stopped for a long period and i still get lots of pimples..(vitamin E 400I.U Kirkland)?

After you start taking birth control will i get an increased sex drive?

Age 29 w/ Pcos, bmi 27.1, doctor gave 500mg metformin 24hr pills to help w/ my goal to loose weight and Yaz (drospirenone and ethinyl estradiol) to prevent pregnancy, is this combo good?

Allergic to birth control? Realized my foot swelling started when I started BC. Tried several kinds, all makes my foot swell... allergy to estrogen?

Am diabetic and noticed that I get mood swings is that normal and if it is what can I do to prevent me or help me control it?

Am healthy 37yrold, regular periods.Had copper coil removed after6yr.I read taking the pill 4over 5yrs prevents cervical cancer.Am i too old 2take pill?

Am I at high risk for pregnancy if I don't take my birth control pills at a certain time each day?

Am I at high risk for pregnancy if I don't take my birthcontrol pills at a certain time?

Am i supposed to be 65 pounds? My age is 9.

Am taking birth control for endo. How do you know if it is working well? Feel side effects never get better. 7th pkg now. Should I try to change?

amenorrhe since sep after stopping the pill. Tests show very low progesterone. Should I take medication or keep waiting to see if hormones balance out

Anemic girlfriend forgot iron pills many days in a row. Should we go to the doctor?

Any experiences with the contraceptive sponge anymore?

Any help on being a bit more happy without using pills?

Any one best birth control for those with antiphospholipid syndrome?

Any upcoming and anticipated scientific breakthroughs to decrease tinnitus?

Anything other than birth control pill to control 2 periods a month, raging hormones, and depression @ 19? I have fatigue too; its probably unrelated.

Anything to worry about when you're on antibiotics and using the morning after pill?

Are birth control pills (particularly camrese) likely to have an ill effect on neurofibromatosis ?

Are birth control pills contribute to the growth of fibroids?

Are birth control pills for catamenial epilepsy contraindicated in case of family history of breast cancer and smoking? I am 41, have catamenial epilepsy, and it's been suggested that birth control pills could help. I tolerate aed's poorly, the side effec

Are certain types of birth control more effective than others?

Are girls who are on birth control pills more attractive due to increasing levels of estrogen?

Are hormone/birth control pills(ex:Sprintec) able to control petit mal seizures especially for someone that has increased seizures during menses?

Are irregular periods, without any gyne issues like pcos, bad for one's physical health? Is there a health benefit to taking birth control for them?

Are low dose birth control pills any less effective than higher doses at preventing pregnancy?

Are mood regulating pills(olanzapine and abilify) taken once a day,as well as one a day iron tablet going to affect me if i go for laser hair removal?

Are mouth ulcers a sign of pregnancy? Or could it be from my birth control?

Are the changes of getting thrush or vaginitis higher if on implanon and the pill?

Are the potential complications of birth control pills while smoking in women over 40 the same for those using nicotine replacement while on the pill?

Are the varicose veins reversible when i get off the birth control?

Are there any birth control options that help prevent uterine fibroids? What features make them effective?

Are there any birth control pills available to treat PCOS that are low in estrogen/estrogen-free? I have migraines and am currently on Yaz, and want to reduce my stroke risk. I'm in college and the OBGYN clinic here on campus is very unhelpful.

Are there any birth control that work for women prone to having blood clots?

Are there any exams needed to get birth control implant?

Are there any good all natural treatments for endometriosis? Told i may endo and using birth control pill made periods more frequent, painful, heavier

Are there any major differences between different types of birth control pills?

Are there any natural remedies or supplements to treat endometriosis? I'd like to get off of my birth control pills.

Are there any non hormonal ALT to birth control pills out there? My milk production was greatly affected by the pill & I do not want another baby yet

Are there any progesterone based pills i can take to prevent forming more endometrial polyps? Currently on 5mg norethindrone but reviews are horrible

Are there any teas or herbs that i can use to help reduce uterine fibroids as alternative to birth control?

Are there birth control options for women with blood clotting problems?

Are there birth control pills specialized for women prone to blood clots?

Are there medications that have been found on occasion to later lead to giant cell arteritis? Like birth control or accutane?

Are there more births on certain days of the week than others?

As a woman, how can I determine which birth control option is right for me?

Aside from water, how can I flush out birth control hormones from my body?

Asking again in better details. I do not drink, nor am I on birth control. Spider anigoma! (18-20) all over body. I'm only 26, what could cause this?

At age can a women get her tubes tied? I'm 25 and bipolar. I don't want to pass that on. Plus, i would have to stop taking all my pills.

At what age can you get on birth control at planned parenthood ?

Bad side effects from birth c. pill. I had to stop my new pack mid after 10days. I've had 2 periods in 3 weeks. My adhd is worse could hormones cause?

BC pill has really cleared up my acne... *except* during placebo week. I still get painful hard cysts. Maybe I should try a different pill?

Be honest, besides the iud, what is the best bc with the least hormones/side effects? I'm not fond of the risks I have to take with high hormones.

Been constantly taking my birth control with no breaks, now i'm off of it and my bodies all out of wack. Why is this?

Been drinking a lot of water, causing frequent urination. Also on birth control pill. Will frequent urination effect effectiveness of birth cont. pill?