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17, trans, ftm. Don't want kids. Menses and fertility=major distress. Conservative mom=no birth control & can't dress as male. Tips 2 manage menses?

19 yr old never been on birth control or had any serious medical issues. Why can't I get pregnant? Been trying 3 months with no luck.

25 yrs of age, looking to get essure treatment to manage hemorrhagia. Will lose health insurance in 5 months. Need a permanent birth control solution?

30yo, never wanted kids. Friends/fam preg on birth control, so I want lap. Gyn says I'll change mind, doesn't believe I'm serious. How to be believed?

A nurse friend of mine recommended I take folic acid if there's any chance at all that I'd get pregnant even if I'm on birth control (24, Mirena (levonorgestrel) IUD, sexually active). Is that true?

After being on birth control a total of maybe 6 years. How long after quitting will you be able to have kids?

After my child's birth, my vagina has loosened. How do I get a tight vagina like before the child birth?

After taking mifegest kit can the next pregnancy be in danger? is there any possibility of giving birth of a handicapped child?

Am scared to not being able to have kids i don't use any birth control since i star being sexually active what can I do to be more fertile or help me?

Any truth to women being 'very fertile' after giving birth? I hope to exclusively b/feed, & I don't plan on using b/control. We want #2 soon not later

Are birthing centers truly safe and better for women wanting natural birth?

Are midwife's more likely to do at-home births?

Are there programs for free or subsidized birth control?

Are videos of a woman giving birth online accurate?

Aside from pt ant\y method i can know if ever i'm pregnant?

Before child birth she was using thyroid capsule 150 mg. Should she continue same medicine after child birth?

Best birth control for a 42 year old of good health , thin frame 1 daughter 12 yrs 1 son 24 yrs?

Best contraception for 3 years gap between kids?

Boyfriend was on Salvadi and ribavirin. He FiNished treatment and a month later I conceived. Birth defects? What can I do? What should I do?

Breastfeeding.bad reaction to minipill birth control, was recommended implant. Can it be removed if I have the same reaction or want kids sooner?

Can a doctor tell my parents im not a virgin? I am going to my doctor thursday to be put on birth control, of course im going to tell my doctor im sexually active but is she allowed to, by law, tell my parents? I don't want my boyfriend getting into troub

Can a teen get on the birth control pill without parents finding out?

Can a woman cures from pcos after getting pregnant and giving a child birth?it seems some changes regarding pcos take place after this that stop pcos?

Can a woman with syphilis give birth to a healthy new baby, as long as she got antibiotic treatment?

Can allergy shots cause birth defects ?my wife and I plan to have try for a kid she concerned about it.its me that may need them .about to get testing

Can any one please let me know the effects of hypothyroidism on pregnancy and on babies after birth? can ladies go ahead for pregnancy? Please update.

Can anyone answer a question about birth control - does it matter at all when you start your new pack?

Can anyone recomend me best birthcontrol pills name or method i m living in sweden ?

Can being on contraceptives for an extended period of time makes it difficult for you to have a child?

Can Depo-Provera cause permanent infertility?Using it now,but I definitely want kids in about 10 yrs .Scared that Depo won't allow me to in the future

Can getting pregnant while on birthcontrol (nuvaring specifically) hurt my developing child?

Can i get a IUD without parenal consent at 16?

Can I prevent medical students from being present at my birth?

Can it be possible for you to get birth marks later in life?

Can morning after pills and abortions ruin a females capabilities of getting pregnant in the future?

Can my family doctor prescribe birth control pills? Or do I have to go to a gynaecologist. I live in MB, Canada.

Can planned parenthood handle just birth control or other female problems too?

Can the on and off or prolonged use of Megace (megestrol) ES cause birth defects if in the future you decide to have children? What are the concequences?

Can the prolonged use of Pueraria Mirifica 500mg cause birth defects if in the future I decide to have children, even if I have stopped it?

Can we believe that chinese birth chart ?

Can women have birth defects or anything bad if they get a virus?

Can you get birth control without parent consent. If so how?

Can you tell me how I could assist/comfort my girlfriend on her period?

Can you tell me how I could bring up getting birth contro with my mom?

Causes of teenage pregnancy despite the use of birth control? Want a baby to love?

Concerns about mirena and paraguard not sure which one to pick i already attended a birth control class, and the dr. Explain the pros and cons of each option but the more research I do by my own the most difficult it comes to make a decision if to chose m

Contraception options for someone with a VSD?

Could a gyno prescribe me birth control without my parents knowing?

Could i be pregnant? I just got the ok from my obgyn to have 1 more child, since i had a DVT in my right leg after my first child caused by multiple things, c-section and being placed on birth control 2 weeks after giving birth. So needless to say, me and

Could people who have a sex change get a new birth certificate?

Could use expert help with why forced abortion lead to birth trauma?

Could you get pregnant while bleeding with no birth control or condom use.? Parents are twins so is grandmother on father side. Could I have twins?

Dear doc. How to best way preventing birth by surgery? Doctors in indonesia mostly offer to birth by surgery? Thanks so much

Do I have to wait before i can go on birth control pills after having spinal fusion for scoliosis?

Do I seriously have to create a birth plan to give my doctor?

Do natural family planning places sell birth control pills?

Do obgyns always ask patients if they are in a stable relationship? Does this matter when choosing the right birth control?

Do people who have a sex change get a new birth certificate and dl issued?

Do teens get free access to abortion pills?

Do the birth control shots stop ur menstrual cycle ? And do they prevent u to have children in the future ? It's true tht it's drys the uterus wall ?

Do they have lysteda pills in planned parent hood and if not how or where can I go to get some to treat my irregular bleeding ?

Do women's butts seriously go out of shape during pregnancy and child birth?

Do you need parental consent to get birth control in the u.S.?

Do you think I should be taking care of a child with impulse control disorder while pregnant?

Doctor said it might be hard for me to have kids in the future. But have been on BC for a few years now. Does birth control affect infertility?

Does a women still go to her obgyn at all (for her child) after she gives birth?

Does birth control affect fertility? I'm 19 and have been on birth control for about 2 1/2 years. I was just curious if it is going to hurt my chances of having kids in the future. Thank you!

Does birth control effect future fertility and ability to have children? Since it prevents you from ovulating, is there any future negative effects?

Does everyone always get drug tested after giving birth? When did this start? My mother said they never did it with her!

Does planned parenthood require a pelvic exam woman take before giving her birth control?

Does the birth control cryselle-28 up breast cancer risk? My dr said no but the more I read on Internet says yes

Expert opinion please: could telling my doctor if im sexually active make a difference in birth control?

Female with low sexual desire. What causes it? Treatment? I take birth control pill but had low desire b4. Love my boyfriend but i need advice to help

For the past 2 months my periods Last only 1 1/2 days they usually last 4 every 27-30 days my birth control is the essure sense 2011is it normal?

Getting an IUD in soon for overgrown lining & PCOS. I never had children so is it safe to use the IUD? Whats the risks due to having no kids?

Given birth at 44 weeks is that likely?

Have been using condoms as contraceptive for 9 yrs now. Have 2 kids, don't want anymore. Not interested in alternative bc's. What are my options?

Have mature follicles, yet never been on birth control, no std, and in the last year have tried for a baby, no infertility issues, what the problem?

Have MTHFR. What is least risky hormonal birth control? Tried sponge/diaphragm/cap/female condom/shield/IUD but get irritated/UTI/yeast infections.

Hello I'm Daphney I'm on birth control its been two months and now I want to stop it to have a child I'm wondering if it's gonna work.

Hello, . I'm a 40 year old female with 2 children, ages 2 and 4. I have had the copper IUD in place since shortly after the birth of my secon?

Hello, I am trying to decide btw birth control pills and the Nexplanon implant. Lutera caused weigh gain. Trying to understand difference btw 2 option?

Hey..i am 23 years old and my husband is 31 years old. we have been on birth control for two years. now we are planning for a family but its been two ?

Hi, I have an appointment at the health department to get on birth control but, IV stated my period. Will they still give me bc?

Hi.If a woman has had a tubal ligation,can she use a morning after pill for extra security and peace of mind?

How can I begin a birth control plan without letting my (overbearing) parents know?

How can I convince my mom to get me birth control?

How can I convince my parents to let me go on birth control?

How can I ensure I am making the best decisions during pregnancy and birth?

How can I get birth control without my mom knowing?

How can I get on birth control without my parents knowing?

How can I go about asking my mom to start taking birth control? I'm not sexually active but I am a teenager and i'd rather be safe than sorry.

How can I manage the negative emotions associated with giving birth to a preemie?

How can I take care of my liver now as it was a reason if too early birth of my child?

How can I take control of my fathers affairs?

How can we stop teen pregnancy? Preach abstinence?

How can you improve Black women's health and birth outcomes?

How confident should you be about not wanting kids before you get permanent birth control?

How could i get birth control without parental involvement?

How dangerous is it and what are the risk of getting your tubes tied during csection? How effective is it? Any birth control just as effective? Thanks