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"is this normal?" i'm 21 years old and my breast have doubled in the past three weeks. I'm not pregnant nor am i on birth control. They are also more perky and super sensitive.

A pcos woman after giving birth what are the factors that affect breast feeding?when should she start ocp and spironolactone again?

After being on birth control for months, can bc pills make your breasts sore for one cycle after being side effect free for months?

Are breast supposed to grow while using birth control?

Besides birth control pills, what TX is there for fibrocystic breasts? Is prophylactic mastectomy ever used when BC is not effective for breast pain?

Both breast have nipple discharge during manipulation, urine pregnant test negativity, not taking meds or birth control what could this be besides thyroi?

Breast size significantly increasing in my 3rd week after my periods. Not under birth control. Should I worry?

Burning pain in breasts, around nipple spanning out to near armpits. Irritating to wear bras. On birth control pills. Help?

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Can a switch from Depo-Provera to pills make my nipples sore ?

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Can birth control cause breasts to enlarge? Grown one cup size since starting birth control a month ago.

Can birth control cause itchy breasts?

Can birth control increase breast size?

Can birth control make breast hurt and itch?

Can birth control make your breast produce milk?

Can birth control make your breasts bigger?

Can birth control make your breasts develop fully?

Can birth control pills cause breast enlargement?

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Can birth control pills cause sore breast ?

Can birth control pills change the way your breasts look?

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Can birth control pills increase boob size?

Can birth control pills or Depo-Provera cause sore breasts?

Can birth control prepare milk in the breast just like pregnancy?

Can birth marks appear three months after birth, especially under the feet?

Can breast enhancement pills affect my iud?

Can breasts randomly grow after a year of being on birth control at the age of 22?

Can changing my birth control pill make my nipples sore a month later? Could it be stress?

Can contraceptive pills have any effects on hormones of a breast feeding baby boy?

Can contraceptive pills increase breast size?

Can diet pills cause your breasts to be sore?

Can diet pills make you have sore breasts?

Can hormonal changes due to birth control (COCs) cause occasional slight breast/nipple pain/soreness? (Pills always on time, taking no other meds)

Can hydroxycut diet pills cause sore breasts?

Can I take breast enlargment pills while on seasonique?

Can I take chinese herb supplement while on birth control pill ? The pill causes breast tenderness. is it ok ? I have fibroadenomas and endometriomas.

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Can pills make breast bigger, not birth control pills... Example like breast actives, triactol, or purafem, help please?

Can progestrone pill make breasts smaller?

Can someone please explain how some doctors say breast feeding is a birth control and some don't? The sex leaflet says its 98% effective is this true

Can starting a new birth control medication cause a armpit lump?

Can starting a new birth control medication cause a breast lump?

Can starting birth control cause a breast lump?

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Can the birth control generess fe cause extremely tender nipples? I've had tender breast before while in other birth controls but never tender nipples

Can the ortho evra patch cause tender breasts?

Can women go on birth control even though their mother has had breast cancer?

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Could you tell me what would i feel or what would happen to my body if i take birth control pills and then morning after pill when I have breast cancer?

Cramping, sore breasts and nipples from birth control?

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