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condom broke so I took the morning after pill the next day it broke again so I took another one the next day. First sour thick discharge now brown d?

me and mahh girl had sex on the 8 of june the Monday. she then took one aminigynon pill the teusday morning then took another 8pm that night. help ?

on birth control pill. Accidentally took Wed pill on Tue so I took Tue pill Wednesday. Can I get pregnant since I had unprotected sex today?

Period from Sep 15-20th. Started taking birth contol pills. Took them wrong. Took last pill the 21st. For 2 days have had pink discharge what is it?

? I hav been on my bc for a long time now, and i haven't taken it for 2 days now, i didn't take it yesterday or the day before. Yesterday me and my bf had unprotected sex.. How long do I have to sop taking my bc before i can get preg.?

"i took 7 days worth of microgestin fe 1.5/30 in 1 day last month. Was told yesyerday i may now have mittleshmerz.Could it be anything else?

1 pack of yaz(started on 1st day of period)had sex without condom on 13th day, 2morow i take last white pill.No period.Can i be preg?When i take test?

1st day mens feb 1, i took pills feb 3rd, did not stop taking until march 6. until now i have not gotten my period. ?

1st time on bc, wasn't supposed to get period for 7 more days, but got it today. 2nd day of placebo pill. Is this okay?

2 years on 28 day cycle birth control. Period ended saturday forgot to take pill sunday, and had sex today, wednesday. Am i at high risk of pregnancy?

4 week taking minastrin 24 fe and i just found out i should of takn it when my period started but i took one after 2, 3 days after my perd good o bad?

4days ago, accidentally took 2bcp in 1day so took none next day. Now I'm bleeding again, why? In second week of the pack. Been on bcp for over a year

4th pack of yaz (drospirenone and ethinyl estradiol).Friday(12th pill)i vomitted 2hrs after, sunday(14th) i had sex with no condom, tuesday (16th)i vomitted 2 hrs after.Should i be worried?

6 years ago i took Plan B and my period stopped completely this year i got it after 6 years but it wont go away its been over 2 weeks?

9pm scheduled time to take BC, 1 or 2 instances took next day right when I woke up around 9 am. On day 2 of placebo, no period yet , pregnancy?

Abortion november. Sex a week last sunday. Took Plan B within 12 hrs of that. Take trycyclen. Took it late yesterday. Spotting/clear discharge. Scared?

Ad my coil taken out 13 days ago.I started taking the pill that same day.I was on my period. Iv bin off my period 5 days. I had unprotected sex twice?

After 12 years on the pill I stopped taking my bc in nov, 2011. I finally got my period 10 months later, but it is has lasted for 2 wks. Is that ok?

After i took postinor1 and had a period, I've been smoking and i got drunk once. Will it affect my next period thatll come 10 days from now?

Am i pregnant? I'm on birth control and my boyfriend finished inside me. This was friday i experienced bleeding sunday and havnt since !

Am i pregnate? Should i buy a test? Is there something wrong with me? I took birth contol for about 2 to 2 and half years, but then i stoped taking it. It has been about 2 and a half years now since i stoped. My periods were pretty normal for the most par

BC for ~1 year. Took BC at same time qd/month. Cycle suppose to start this weekend. Forgot yesterday morning & 4 hrs later, cycle started. Concerning?

Been bloated for almost 4 days after sex on Sat, with a condom on both sides and took My Way in 24hr and started Junel Fe on Wed. Pregnant or no?

Been on bc for 3 wks and started spotting yesterday also nauseous could I be pregnant. Have not been takin bc properly?

Been on microgynom 30 for 8 months, been having spotting and took the 7 day break and still haven't bleed, due to take pill toda? Not happened before

Been on Yaz (drospirenone and ethinyl estradiol) 4months, always got blood.Today i took my 13th pill (never skipped a pill always at 9pm)have been vomiting for 5days.When I do pregnant test?

Birthcontrol pills are marked mon-sun. U start on a thurs. Finished that week and the next accidently take fri instead of thurs on a thurs. Is that ok?

Can azithromycin 500mg affect period? I took it last nigh & im suppose to get my period today.

Can i be pregnant? I came off my menstrual thursday march 22 an our birth control broke friday around 5 pm he say only a drop might have got in which i tole him that pre could get u pregnant? Do i need the ecp? I was thinkin but wanted to be sure that if

Can I take a pill to stop my period I got it yesterday?

Can you have sex during your period on the pill during the placebo week? Not saying i'm going to- just curious.

Can you tell me what to do if i got my birth control today. Can i take my wednesday pill or wait till sunday?

Changed start day of bc from mon to tues and then was late taking it wed so i took it thurs morning. Fri had sex and didn't pull out on time pregnant?

Could i be pregnant? I quit taking the pill 6 months ago. I started taking safyral on dec. 19th, about 14 days after my period started (i know i went off schedule). I visited my fiance from dec. 25 to jan. 4 and we had intercourse everyday. I have had a w

Could i be pregnant? I'm on bc pills. Last month i got sick and stopped taking them for a lil over a week. I had unprotected sex in b/w this time.

Couldn't get new bc pack until 3 days later. Should've started fri, can't get til Monday. Can I wait to start it the next Friday?

Couldn't get next b/c pack right away. Took sunday and mondays pills on tuesday and Tuesday and Wednesdays on wednesday. Is that bad?

Diarrhea & taking minastrin. I had diarrhea from sunday night to Wed &had unprotected sex on Saturday after should i worry about ineffectivenes?

Doc gave me provera (medroxyprogesterone) for 7 days period came 3days after last pill has since started (amethia lo) .How long will it take before my period stops n adjust?

Finished 1st pack of pills yesterday and had unprotected sex. Can't start new pack today since I don't have it. Can I get pregnant?

Finished my medrxyprogesterone on Thursday. When should I expect my period?

Finished my month of pills, didn't start the new pack bc period never came. Took 2tests both neg. I still don't feel confident. Is there still a chance

Finished my period last Wednesday, had sex that Saturday and took a plan B pill 1.5-2hrs after, now on day 6 mild cramps, should I be worried?

Finished my pill on Thursday now Tuesday, getting browny blood is this my period or I'm I pregnant? Always used a condom also with the pill

Finished period last sat now bleeding started today. I took one pill and stopped and seen gyno on the friday for mirena (levonorgestrel) but hurt couldnt do it?

Finished period March 4th had sex that Saturday, condom broke, took plan B pill 1.5-2 hrs later and day 6 started with mild cramps. Shod I be worried ?

Finished period on Tues, had unprotected sex on Wedn (exactly 8 wks after having baby). Took Plan B on Frid then started period on Wednesday againWHY?

Forgot to take my BC wednesday night, had unprotected sex Thursday and doubled up my pill on Thursday night. Am I ok or is plab B needed?

Got back on bc on jan 7th and i'm on my third pack. How long will I have irregular periods?

Got my birth control takin out Thursday, & I didn't wait for my first period to have sex, for the first time Sat. when can I take a pregnacy test?

Got my period yesterday it was heavy but today its light and i got a negative hpt ..But yesterday before i sleep i took a yasmin (drospirenone and ethinyl estradiol) pill..Anything wrong?

Got paragard out. Started combination bc 1wk ago. Just finished 1 wk flagyl. Will i be protected against pregnancy in 2 wks?

Got period today so was planing on starting contraceptive pill today but i seem to hve loose bowel today should I still start taking the pills or wait?

Got provera (medroxyprogesterone) withdrawl bleed on Sunday, then started bc pill again...following Sunday got period! Continue pill pack? Why period now?

Had a missing period for 6 months. Got prescribed BC to help come back. Got period last month stopped taking BC and now no period this month?

Had an abortion 3weeks ago tuesday started birth control on that sunday also had unprotected sex haven't stop bleeding since but feel a lil nauseous?

Had my baby 6mths ago started to take the pill since 3 mths ago.. Still get my period while on the pill and spotting too .. Is this okay?

Had sex day before I came off pill. I'm due on today but I'm also on medication . Why haven't I started my period yet?

Had sex on the last day of my period, friday. How long should I wait to take a pregnancy test? I am on Yaz (drospirenone and ethinyl estradiol) but i also started bactrim tuesday.

Had son 9wks ago my period a wk ago on birth control forgot to take it fri sat sun had unprotected sex fri night started bleedsunday preg? Misscarag?

Had the stomach flu from tuesday to thursday took my lindynette bc pills at 1pm started vomitting at about 4:45pm both days didnmy bc get absorbed?

Hadbirth control for 6 months, stopped for 5 months & got a new pack,started on a random day, not according to Sunday after 1st period. IGet pregnant?

Having 30d cycle of period, 2morrow i take my last white pill of my 1st pack of yaz(started on 1st day period), is it possible that period do not come?

Hello i took my first week pill and after i stop,then came a little of blood for 2 period was suppost to come on 15 of may and still nothing.

Hello- i took morning after pill twice last month. 3rd week of May and 4th week of May. i should have my period yesterday june 8but no .am i pregnant?

Hello, after took i-pill i got two times periods within 15 i m really worried about that how can it possible ?

Hello, i have recently started to get my periods every week and a half to 2 weeks. I first thought it was from being an hour late with my birth contr?

Hello, I shud start my yasmine pill on thursday I made a mistake and took thursday pill on Wednesday..wat shud I do?

Hey, I am on Krimsom 35 since the last 2ish weeks for PCOD treatment. I forgot pill yesterday so should I take 2 today?

Hi I currently just started taking microgestin today and it was the third day of my period and I started on the tuesday pill bc that is the third pill in the pack and skipped the first two is that ok?

Hi I have had my period for about 3 months now I started the pill about a month ago and just befor that I got my implanon removed and am on sertaline?

Hi I have started back the pill a few weeks ago i took it on the first day if my period I have finished the pill on tuesday and still no period?

Hi I just had a question this month my period was 2 weeks late it's been regular till then I'm on noriday I missed my pill 2 days ago and had sex only took yesterday's pill and during that day had cervix bleeding I have been feeling very nauseous and sick

Hi I took postinor 1 last week and i still havent seen my period. I took it withing 25hrs, what do I do? I am scared

Hi i took provera (medroxyprogesterone) 10mg for 5days to start my period again. But its been 6days since i took the last tablet but i don't have my period yet. Is it normal?

Hi im having breakthrough bleeding since saturday afternoon just gone. Could i be pregnant i missed 4 pills.

Hi there. I forgot to take my microgynon30 pills on Thur and Friday. I took two on Sat and had bleeding at night. Is this normal?

Hi took ipill n had bleeding for 3 days after 9 days of taking it. Help?

Hi, a couple of weeks ago I was silly and forgot and missed two of my microgyon pills. This happened on the thursday and friday, on my saturday I star?

Hi, I'm am on the pill and I am on my placebo week, I always get my period the same day in the pack every month, it was due today but I haven't got it?

Hi, I've recently started taking Microggynon 30. I'm on my third pack and last pack until I get more. Today I noticed I only have one pill left. I should have two more. I have an appointment with my doctor/nurse on Monday (three days from now) will this s

Hi, my period stopped around 15th /16th of this month ihad unprotected sex on 18th so i took emergency contraception i.e. i took 4 yasmin pills as soon as i got home and took another 4 pills exactly 12 hours later. Today is the 27th and im experiencing cr

Hi! today is the fisrt day of my periods and i want to stop it because i m gonna have sex.. so what should i do to stop them... i took two pills of?

Hi! me and my boyfriend are trying to have a kid he came in me last night while on bc but today we stopped taking the pill i just need help on how it will work ? and my recently now ex were trying to get pregnant....I took my IUD out in late August and from them on I've had 1 period a month.... This last month April I started the 7-13 we had been together the 16-21st....then I started yet again the 24th ju

How long after u start taking birth control pills do they work...Started taking them 4days ago and bf came inside me today?

How long til covered 4 pregnancy on loestrine 24 fe? I just started it almost 1 month ago. I started when i started spotting by accident not on period

How long would Plan B stall my period for if I took it on Saturday, and was due for my period yesterday but got nothing?

How to go about the mifegest kit for abortion I took and havnt bleed and its been 12 hours. I'm worried.

I accidentally started my BC a day early (Fri instead of Sat start). To get back to normal, I skipped Sat. and took next pill Sun. Is this right?

I am 49 had my minstrel cycle finished on wed march 26 . I started minstrating again wed april 2 . Why would this happen? And do I have to worry?

I am angry all the time now-a-days. I have no idea y M not on any pills ?

I am due for AF tmmrw. I am on BC, for a year now. Junel FE. I started a pack on Jan.11 & had sex on Jan. 18.Have nausea. Can this be implantation?

I am in tnsn as i didn't had sex with my boyfriend and i took pill.Will it effect on me? My d8was17march i took pill on 4april n got my d8on5aprln1may

I am on ALESSE 28, from my doctor. I ended my period yesterday but after the sugar pills it says Wednesday, today is Tuesday.What pill should I take?

I am on Depo-Provera shot took a Plan B on sunday, today is wed I have been feeling nauseous can I be pregnant ?

I am on minastrin 24 fe. I have been for about a year. I had my normal period from Wednesday to Sunday. Today which is Tuesday night I have spotting l?

I am on my second week of the pack, i missed yesterday's pill and took today's pill late at 4pm (usually take it a 9-11am) am i at risk of pregnancy?

I am on ortho tri cyclen lo, I missed my pill Wednesday and Thursday without realizing January 7 and 8th, and on the 9th Friday, I had unprotected sex, he finished inside me and I took the Wednesday and Thursday pill, woke up this morning and took Fridays

I am on the birth control patch and got my period on the 3rd of march and got it again on the 31st of march is that normal?