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on the pill but fail to take it regularly ... I did not get a period and have had brown discharge for 2 and a half weeks, all hpt are negative?

10 days ago, i missed a contraceptive pill and have been on a heavy period since, even though i keep taking the pill. How much longer can it last?

1st time using BC and I want to skip period:what will better prevent spotting: taking 1st pill on 1st day of period or waiting a few days after period

21 yrs old started taking heart medications and change in diet, had protected sex. Period delayed for 3 days, could I be pregnant or the meds?

3mos delayed period. Virgin. Stressed. Student. Chubby. Took pills and after may peruod also stopped. Should i take pills again?

A month ago i started the pill and haven't taken quite a lot of them due to not remembering and been having regular sex. Could i be pregnant?

About 52, using alesse, perimenopause. treated for UTI prior to last alesse pill. No cycle, and I ovulated. Can I start next alesse cycle or wait?

After an abortion i get regular periods but lighter it over in 2days..So am taking familon tablet....It is save for me or not..Plz help me...

After I stopped taking birth control can it make your period very very late? It's been 8 months and finally my period came . Can I get preg fast?

After missing a period first time ever i was prescribed norethisterone but my period started next day before i could use the drug. Is this a correct?

After one month, which pills can spoil the pregnancy?

After taking abortive pills like mifepristone , many days it take to get next periods ?

After taking MTP pills in december 12, pregnancy test- negative, but periods are not regular, starts after 6-7 days, what is the soloution?

After taking the morning after pill do the cramping mean it worked and I don't have to worry about pregnancy?

After taking the morning after pill and gotten period. Does your cycle go back to normal?

After your period finishes , how many days does it take for implantation to happen . For example 14-18 days i had intercourse on my last day on my af?

Afterstop taking bccan become pregnant even if i had my period afterwards?Wasnt a withdrawal period because my doc says it was a reg. According to u.S

Am I pregnant I am 3 days til my minstrel is suppost to start but I am having early pregnancy sythems but could it be the meds I am taking cephalexin?

Am seeing periods 1 week on birth control I missed 2 tablets but I took both I soon as I remember now am seeing my periods again after a week?

Am using nuvaring for a week now, its my first time, but i ve been told that i don't have to wait my periods to use it, I am supposed to have my period?

Are any pills I can buy to ovulate more often?

Are you supposed to still experience ovulation symptoms if you are on the pill?

As you know ive missed about 4 pills so if im carrying on taking the rest of the strip will i come on my period later than usual or earlier?

Been on pill since 3/13, taken regularly. Missed 2 doses aug 16/17 taken as usual on 18 had my period for 9 days now while taking pill not sure wht up?

Bumps before my period after 2 to 3 days it produces blood after period it goes away,when i take bcontrol pills i dont experience this. ?

By taking penicillin can it make your period late the next month?

By using susten tablet can we get late period ?Why

Can a prenatal vitamin mess up your cycle? I've been cramping and having all menstrual symptoms but I have not started which o was supposed to, two da

Can a seaside vacation be the cause of late ovulation?

Can abusing vicodin cause you to miss your period?

Can after taking norlevo make your second period light and less painful?

Can alcohol mess up female periods?

Can amoxicilin antibiotics have an effect on the menstrual cycle when taken alongside contraceptive pills? (Late period but not pregnant)

Can biotin pills make me skip my period? I have being taking biotin 10, 000 and i feel my period is late could this be the pills and not pregnancy?

Can certain medicines cause late periods? My period is two weeks late but I have been sick a lot in the past month and been on many medications

Can Dexilant (dexlansoprazole) or Carafate delay a period? My period comes every 27 days and definitely not pregnant. Been 32 days.

Can evening primrose cause you to miss your period?

Can evening primrose start your period? What are its benefits regarding to periods?

Can flagyl make your period late..i was taking them about a week ago and now I am 3 days late??

Can going on vacation mess up your period on bc pill? Mine was 1 day late last month and spotting a week early this month. There was elevation change.

Can hydroxycut mess with your period? Can any docs explain?

Can I be pregnant or is it my meds I am 3 days til my minstrel is suppost to start and I have been having early pregnancy sythems?

Can I delay my period when I'm not on the pill? I need some sort of over the counter medication. I'm due to start in 5 days.

Can i get pregnant if i take the nonorethisterone to delay my period when I have the implant in? Is this a safe combination?

Can I start feeme tab 100/20 bcp 1 week before my period is due and start on active pills for 21 days till sugar pills then have my period?

Can i take "the morning after" emergency contraceptive pill to cause periods to come early or in other words to "prepone" my periods?

Can i take iron pill after seeing my period?

Can i take medicine to stop vaginal bleeding which occur after taking morning pill?I also do hpt it come negative.

Can I take metronidazole 500 mg pills while on my period ? Or should I wait until period ends ? Can I have sex while taking this ? It's for BV

Can i take Plan B to delay period . My last period was 1/9 and due on 2/9 and will be on vacation on a cruise?

Can i take slimming pills when in early pregnancy?

Can methergine (methylergonovine) be used to start a period that is Im guessing a week late?

Can metronidazole gel make you miss a period or be late on your period?

Can next choice one dose cause my period to be late? I heard women that had periods 2 weeks later than usual date, is this normal?

Can next choice pill shorten a period?

Can NoraBe (mini pill) make you bleed? Or it's a regular period? I had always had my period every 28 days before getting pregnant. Now haven't had it for almost 4 months and I'm 100% breastfeeding.

Can Plan B mess with hormones a week after? The last couple days i've been very emotional witch doesn't happen unless i'm on my period

Can PMS happen even on horomonal birthcontrol?

Can progestin injection delay my period if i ovulated already? Can it prevent my period from coming in a few days?

Can stress make my period longer? Had period on placebo, still have a light period on 2nd day of the new pack. Been taking the pill for 9 months now.

Can tablets for anemia make your period late?

Can taking 3 different antibiotics in a month mess up your period or make you late?

Can taking 3 meds for h pylori cause my period to be late in april i started my period on the 10th am i even late ?

Can taking amoxicillin make you miss your menstrual period?

Can taking emergency pills for three consecutive weekends make your period miss or late.Help please ?

Can taking iodine or DIM supplement cause a missed period? How long after stopping supplement would period resume?

Can taking Plan B two months in a row cause long term effects like a late period? Second month of taking the pill I had a heavy period 4 days.

Can taking prenatal vitamins affect a regular period, making it late or irregular?

Can taking the medication. Venlafaxine cause your period to be late?

Can taking vitex chasteberry start my period early? I'm not trying to get pregnant i just want my period to start earlier for a event. I'm taking ab cuts (diet pills) just incase that information is needed.

Can tamiflu (oseltamivir) make your period late?

Can the morning after pill make you miss your period all together?

Can the stopping of using a supplement make my period late or skip? I took the breast enhancement supplement bustmaxx for 2 months & stopped. Help?

Can vicodin mess up my period?

Can you get your period within 3 weeks of taking the pill & not be pregnant? Is 3 weeks the latest or is it 1 week?

Can you ovulate when you miss one pill early and then "miss" another pill when you're expected to be ovulating. Except 2nd it's taken 24+hrs later.

Can you start contraceptive pills to delay your period only a couple od days before it's due?

Can you still get your period after taking a morning after pill the day before your period was supposed to come?

Can zinc supplements delay your period if you just started taking them three days before your period was suppose to start?

Could being 3 hours late taking the pill within the first packet increase pregnancy chances? Could a breakthrough bleed occur when period does?

Could I get pregnant from missing 4 pills then bleeding like a period 2 weeks early and having sex while still bleeding some, then taking the pill?

Could next choice be delaying my period or am i pregnant?

Could prescription medicine for a cold cause a late period?

Despite on pills, can I have my period several days earlier?

Do i get period normally if i'm on micronized progrsterone? My period is 2 days late and still on the med, is it due to medication or can I be pregnant

Do multivitamins effect menstrual cycle? I recently started taking then and my periods are late. I'm not pregnant.

Do you need to take pills forever or you can stop taking it if you already have your period? Is period indicates that you are not already pregnant?

Do you think that i could get my period after taking norethisterone even if i'm not due it?

Does exercise affect ur cycle?I missed 3 days mayb more of my pill but i started exercising. Could i b pregnant? Or is it late bc of exercising?

Does getting my period 10 days early mean im pregnant? Missed 2 birth contriol pills, and period is lasting longer and lighter than usual.

Does insanity mess up your period?

Does loestrin 24 mimic ovulation? I know it makes one not ovulate, but does it mimic the whole menses period all together?

Does mefenamic acid make period shorter? Always have pain in just day1, so i take 1 pill everyperiod and my period is just about 4-5days. Normal/not?

Does next choice one dose delay periods ? Can it make more nervous ?

Does next choice pill shortens your period?

Does taking amoxicillin and Mucinex (guaifenesin) make your monthly period come late?

Does taking too much tylenol (acetaminophen) stop periods? Because my period's 38days late. I took 6 with wine. I do this when i get depressed, i don't know why.

Dr put me on aygestin (norethindrone) 5mg 2x day for 5 days to bring on period. Last pill was 2 days ago. When should I expect my period?

Dr.Gyn, I took next choice pills -2 the 4th time in a yr. Didn't have symptoms and I have a large fibroid . My periods have delayed .Am I pregnant?

Dr.Itzkoff, I'm taking my pills daily, noriday28, few occasions not same time though, is that mean I'm pregnant? haven't tested yet.