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I'm currently wanting to start taking this natural curves supplement sold by GNC I worry since its herbal .can it interfere with my birth control ?

I've been having unprotected sex for 2 weeks.I'm on birth control,but I don't have a period because I skip the sugar will I know if I'm pre?

Taking augmentin (amoxicillin and clavulanate) for strep throat. Will that affect my Nexplanon birth control?

taking birth control continuously packet after packet of active pills w no break, is it okay to have sex on a seven day break? are you protected?

what is most safest birthcontrol way?

.I just recently started taking tea for weight loss and it contains flax seed as an ingredient. Can it interfere with my birth control?

1 25mg hydrochlorothiazide pill killed my erection last night, this morning it is still not there. Not taking it again, when will i get it back?

18 years old ,taking birth control for 6 months to treat pcos.I am suffering from laziness all the time. Can birth control cause laziness? Thanks

19 year old on paragard for almost 2 years. Started taking herbalife shake, tea, and vitamins and now I'm pregnant did the herbalife affect my IUD?

1st Depo shot 7 weeks ago.Had bleeding, took low dose birth control pills for two days. On the second day I had sex did the pills make shot not work?

1st month taking Alysena28 bcp, period done w 3 more sugar pills left in pack, will i be protected from preg while taking leftover sugar pills?

2 months on combined birth control used a condom last night and it broke, we replaced it and it broke 2 more times. Am i pregnant?

2.5 mg of Vitamin C one day (11 hours b4 my pill) first week on pill, then 1.5-0mg over the rest of the week (I had a cold.) will this effect my BCP?

3.5 months post partum, breastfeeding and using withdrawal method. Is this an effective method of birth control?

3rd day on 2nd month break of birth control & no period? I had sex but I never missed a pill the entire month...

4 days into taking my regular birth control had bad flu with nausea. Didn't take pill for 6 days, have period. Start new pack after period over?

4. If I take placebo pills, does it stop my period or will still have my period? 5. What happen if I don't take the placebo pill & start a new pack?

4th cycle of tricyclen lo just last pill of the first row... Periods won't stop been over a week... What could cause this should I change pill?

5 hours late on birth control, should I use another form of protection?

650 millgrams of acetaminophen bad if you just took your birth control pill. Less then 10 minutes apart?

7 days late after taking birth control pills can I be pregnant?

9.7 mm endometrium thickness on the 9th day of taking novelon contraceptive pills. Is it normal? I'm Takin pills for d first time.

A 9 year old can take a pill of natural cranberry?

A cfnp told me if I am a sunday starter on bcp there is a chance i might ovulate during the placebo week. Is this true?

A condom broke. I don't take birth control. How do I prevent pregnancy?

A friend took the emergency pill in order to prevent pregnancy however she took it 20 days after the intercourse what side effrects are with that?

A month postpartum i want to try the birth control seasonique? Is this good to try ? More information

A question for doctors who prescribe progestin only birth control. Ok if breastfeeding?

A week late to start a second pack of birth control pills will it be effective as soon as possible?

Acai pills is there a side effect to taking too many acai pills per day? Are they actually good in weight loss? Thanks

Accidentally skipped placebo week. On 875 mg of amox. Kept taking active pills and still had my period what do I do? Two weeks I have another placebo

Accidentally swallowed gum 20 minutes after taking birth control pill. Will pill still be absorbed?

Accidentally took first birth control pill before period. Will i be okay?

Active pills of three weeks each for four months continuous method..Now stopping for break? Am I protected? Or is it like missing seven pills?

After 2 months of missing a bc pill or 2 a month, i've had a solid month of taking them on time. Safe to assume my hormones are a little out of whack?

After a break of one month i want to start contraceptive pill ovral-l again, I have not received my periods this month. Can i start again?

After delivery when i start to use contraceptive pills ? And who ?

After how many days will the discharge disappear after taking birth control pills?

After I worked out, i had blood in my underwear. I don't take birth control pills, and my LMP was Sept.2, 2014. I'm scared out of my mind. ?

After nearly 3 weeks of taking Seasonique birth control pill, will it effectively act as a conterceptive pill (ie. plan b) to stop the pregnancy?

After starting birth control treatment, when does unprotected sex starts to be safe? (regarding pregnancy)

After switching directly to a new birth control pill how long is it before it effective again ?

After taking all 21 active oral contraceptive tabs, starting the first tab on the day of a medicinal abortion, should my period come now during the placebo pills of the pack like normal?

After taking diflucan (fluconazole) and amoxacillian how long until birth control pill are more active if I started taking the week before my placebo.pills?

After taking ipl pills what should be done?

After taking Plan B do I continue my regular birth control errin the next day?

After taking the abortion pill can I eat right away?

After taking the pill for two years is it safe to change to another form of contraception?

After you stop taking birth control when do you ovulate the first time and times after that ?

Alesse birth control pill safe?

Almost done with birthcontrol pills first pack..when can i be sure to be well protected?

Also does hydrocodone effect my birth control? I had only been on the medication for a day when k had sex but now I'm scared I'm on tri-previfem

Always use birth control, always use condoms with spermicide, always pull out with condom, but my period is late. Stress from college or pregnancy?

Am bout to have sex for the first time, i am considering taking pills but i dont know if its a good descition or how they work ?

Am i as protected as I should be after missing one birth control pill 2 months ago? I think i missed one birth control pill 2 months ago about, i don't remember if it was an active or inactive pill or if i even missed it. But I have been taking my birth c

Am i fully protected on the first week pf using the pill? I'm on the 3rd month pf using a pill. Thank you.

Am i pregnant? I haven taken all 3 weeks of my birth control pills. Now I am on the period week of the pills and i still haven't started

Am i pregnant? I use sprintec birth control and take it every day i always use a condom, however i used cipro (ciprofloxacin) antibiotic this month and has sex the first day of ovulation.

Am i protected after the first week of alesse? I had sex during the first month and on placebo pills.. Never missed a pill. Am i pregnant?!

Am i protected if i missed 2 birth control pills 5 days ago?

Am I protected if I take phase 3 of my triphasic birth control pill twice, have a placebo week, and then start back with phase one to delay my period?

Am I protected right away from pregnancy when switching from high to low dose birth control pills?

Am I protected right away when I switch birth control pills?

Am i right that it's no issue to start next pack of birth control pills 2 days early?

Am i right that it's no issue to stop taking the contraceptive pill for a month?

Am i right that it's no issue to take 4 birth control pills in 2 days?

Am i still covered on birth control if i take my pill after being fingered i've been on birth control for three months?

Am I still protected if I miss one birth control pill?

Am i still protected on my birth control if i started my placebo pills 2 days early?

Am i well protected during the first couple days or week into my second pack of bc pills?

Am on birth control pills, taking marvelon this is the 2nd month.I had period may 23, started pill may 31.Had yesterday unprotected sex, do I need EC?

Am on birth control pills,for 2nd month,I still have 7 pills in pack and I had unprotected sex yesterday I can't risk being pregnant, do I take an EC?

Am on my second day of my pill break after finishing my second pack of birth control pills (ovranette) and there is still no sign of my period. Is this abnormal?

Amoxicillin and birth control, is it okay to take both?

And can u have a skipped period if u stop taking the chaste tree berry supplement after taking taking it for a while . Then start taking it again?

Antibiotics and birth control, is it okay to mix the 2?

Antibiotics and birth control. Does it affect each other? What about depo? If it did, would there be symptoms? There are so many contradicting facts.

Any advice for switching birth control?

Any herbal supplements or teas I should avoid on certain medications i take? I'm on spironalactone, birth control, and thyroid medicine.

Any negative effects if a normal man started taking estrogen tablets?

Any other pills like birth control for a 16 year old girl? Pills that regulate my period for a 16 year old girl a parent would approve of me taking?

Any problems taking megace (megestrol)?

Anyone else had a loss of interest in sex while taking the bc pill?

Anyone know what is a safe alternative to condoms, in additional use with birth control?

Are acai berry pills really as effective as they say?

Are ACE pill safe?

Are all "mini pills" available in the US norethindrone-based?

Are all birth control pills the same?

Are all ocp bills just as safe or are some safer than others?

Are antidepressants just a placebo effect? E.g just 'sugar pills'

Are birth control and condoms together a safe enough option to avoid pregnancy or do I need to do more?

Are birth control pills an abortifacient?

Are birth control pills effective if you take them evryday without skipping or missing/missing a time? (3 months bcp user)

Are birth control pills not completely absorbed if they're chewed? I chewed a pill two days ago and now I'm spotting. Is my protection compromised?

Are birth control pills safe for a 12 year old?

Are birth control pills still effective even with the antibiotic levaquin (levofloxacin)?

Are birth control pills still effective if a woman is also taking diet pills?

Are birth control pills taken for acne like Estelle 35-ED/Diane 35-ED just as effective for birth control as other combination pills ?

Are birth control pills that have lower hormone content such as Loestrin (I'm taking the genetic brand, Microgestin Fe 1/20) less effective?

Are brain supplement pills any good for you? Does it even help ?