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rotor cuff surg 5 days ago.Today I was holding up my cryo cooler with my arm it fell caught it with r hand that was still in sling did I wreck surger?

“I think I have fractured my thumb. Very painful and swollen, and limited movement. I fell 4 days ago. Should I have an X-ray”?

1 week ago I fractured my finger and snapped the tendon. There is also an open wound. I have a plastic splint - am I able to go swimming?

1 week ago my thumb was kicked and went all the way back. It has not improved. No fracture though, what could be the issue with my thumb?

15 days back plaster of my middle finger was taken off but still my fingers palm and wrist is swollen. How long would it remain stiff and swollen?

1st metacarpal fracture on 8-15-15. Pins removed 9-14-15. Thumb swollen, won't bend &sensitive. Wrist is stiff. No progress with therapy. I'm worried.

2 small soft bumps on my wrist (end of forearm) - when i move wrist 90degrees backwards - ehat could this be?

2 weeks ago I thought Id only jammed my thumb playing basketball but it still hurts and I can't make the number 4 w/my thumb & still hurts to write/w?

2 years ago I apparently broke my finger in gymnastics and now there is a lump on my joint and it pops every time I bend it how do I get it removed?

2 yrs ago I injured my left ring finger playing flag football and it never straightened out, can an osteotomy still be done?

2yrs ago, fell broke rt bone in baby finger&hurt wrist. Merge casted said cast will help wrist too, then .5cast. Still now i get pain in my wrist, Why?

3 days post Ganglion Cyst removal dorsal wrist hand & fingers feel tingly & are swollen ? ACE band & dressing come off tomorrow What to do?

3 months ago, my pip joint of pinky got dislocated. Reduced movement, normal strength. Anything to get it back to normal? Having ultrasound therapy

3wks ago, i injured my thumb (sat on by someone while bent). Still painful at the joint. Could it be broken? If so, would treatment just be a splint?

4 weeks ago I badly sprained my thumb - now the knuckle is itchy. Soes that mean it is healing?

4 years ago- bad bone bruise and sprain of hand(Between thumb and first finger).Since then, if i use it a lot(writing)pain returns. What could it be?

5 weeks in a cast for non displaced distal radius fracture.can rotate my thumb but not bend it. Also experiencing a numb, pins and needles sensation ?

53yr old father injured thumb at work 3m ago took antibiotics for one week. Is now experiencing numbness from the thumb to the forearm. Checkup?

5th metacarpal boxer fracture, splinted with swelling, numbness in my ring finger has began occurrin. nerve damage from injury or because of swelling?

5th metacarpal broken, right hand. Can i work with a mouse, would it affect healing?

6 weeks ago extra tendon surgary for cut on first two fingers. Out of splint week ago. Much stiffness can't make fist. How long to return to normal ?

70 yr old man had an accident wrist fractured but now its fine but I cant completely close right wrist. Whats the reason for this?

90% sure i tore my volar plate.Dr said it was not broken and did nothing.I cant bend finger all the way and im worried about healing. What should I do?

A cast was put on my broken wrist today and my fingers are incredibly swollen. I have been icing/elevating them but they feel like pins and needles.

A lump and swelling at the base of my thumb and wrist with an elevated vein which occurred while typing today?

A month ago i tore a tendon on my forearm. I can't feel 2 of my fingers. What therapy can do so it can heal? And if i'm going to be able to feel again

A student bit my hand at work today. It did not break the skin. With how sore it is, could the student have injured a muscle/tendon?

After 5 months of a tfcc injury i can't do a full hand pronation. I have almost no pain. What has happened? Is it going to be like this all the time?

After breaking 5th metacarpal will i be able to punch again? (its not quite straight and my knuckle is missing)

After carpel tunnel surgery i fell on it open handed. X-rays show no broken bones, but it is so painful, even 3 weeks after the fall. What could it be?

After i was done, my wrist huts under my thumb and feels good when i pull it. I can still move it. Is this a sign of a broken bone or not?

After injuring my wrist my thumb started to get thumb.It has been numb for now 3 1/2 weeks.Could there be nerve damage and how severe if there is?

After PRC and LRTI lower bone on thumb does not rise up. So next joint rises causing hyperextension of thumb. Dr. Doesn't know what to do.

After surgery of fifth metacarpal with the k wires the doctor told me that I can go back for gym & boxing I go today but I feel pain in my hand?

After xray dr said ulna had pulled away from distal radius he put arm in sling and got to go back in 7 days. What does this mean and what is treatment?

Am a professional pianist.Fell on my hands&knees 11wks1/2ago.Hurt my wrists esp.left wrist.X-ray of left wrist shows a suspicion of fracture but pain has improved.Can I play piano again now?Shld I wear a hand brace when play?Do I need an orthopedist?

Anyone know how to get my elbow straightened after being fractured and dislocated?

Are there any ways to start losing feeling in your hand if you have an untreated wrist fracture?

Arm stopping at my shoulder, not only is the thumb swollen my whole hand is, do you think its broken or sprained, what to do?

At MMA last night, injured thumb. Now base of thumb swollen & bruised and feels stiff. Is it fractured? Is it worth wasting hospital time?

Banged tip of elbow on a wall 3 days ago. It blew up with fluid. How long to fully heal with only ice and ibuprofen treatment?

Before and after surgery on my wrist i was unable to staighten my fingers they are bend what can I do to relive this problem?

Bent three fingers back at mma practice. What kind of injury is that?

Both thumbs won't bend, sometimes hands are slightly swollen, had cortisone which worked for a while but thumbs wont bend again. 42 and female?

Broke my ring and pinky finger and time to time it hurts really bad as if i reinjured it i had to do surgery for them to repair it with a metal plate

Broke 4th metacarpai.. 4 weeks in cast. Started hand therapy but joints in finger/ hand are swollen 2 1/2 weeks later. Is something wrong?

Broke a fall with my hand. Pain in this triangle between 2 tendons and difficulty moving my thumb. Just a sprain, or something more serious?

Broke hand 6-7 weeks ago. Took off splint 3 days ago. Why do I have a fever in it w/ lots of swelling and pain?

Broke middle finger end of October, still painful, out of alignment, and I struggle to do anything. Have been doing physio exercises. What can I do?

Broke my 3 middle toes by kicking metal pole so now what do I do!?

Broke my 5th metacarpal, its on a medium angle (doctor wasn't to bothered that it healed like that) im 18.... Will the bone straighten out a bit?

Broke my ankle about a year ago. It still bothers me from time to time especially after tennis. Cause for concern?

Broke my hand and the 5th metacarpal rotated 40 degrees 3 manipulations, still hurts and a problem what do I do?

Broke my index finger. It points to my thumb when i make a fist. Specialist said i might need surgery. How long will it take to recover ?

Broke my middle metacarpal bone in my left hand 3 weeks ago, feels fine now. Should i remove my splint?

Broke my pinky 6mo. ago; xray show bone fragments at 2nd joint. Never got treatment. Swelling and pain are gone but finger feels fragile.What do I do?

Broke my wrist 6 months ago and it still hurts when I use it a lot is this normal?

Broke my wrist two years ago and it still hasn't healed? It is painful after writing for more than 10 minutes straight, and playing tennis is painful.

Broke ring finger @ 3rd distal interphalangeal joint 2yrs ago hit a brick wall holding garden scissors its hurting xrays?Didnt go 2 doc @ first

Broke thumb 8/15.Pins removed 9/14.Cast removed 10/2. Thumb STILL won't bend. Swollen,sensitive & numb. Bad tendon?Asked doc for MRI but he refused!?!

Broke wrist last year, didn't get proper treatment(no cast, etc) hurt it same way i broke it... Can barely move it, shaking, swollen, rebroken?

Broken elbow 11 months ago and since being out of the cast she says it is still painful. It hurst to do hair, teeth and after playing. Why is this?

Broken thumb above joint below nail bed 2/24 splint not working. Had symptoms 3/28 2pins.1removed 4/28 not healing. Will it?Surgeon impossible to talk to.

Bruised, swollen knuckle, it's not broken but the finger is sore to move. can i do sport? do i tubi-grip or bandage the area? how long is healing time

Bruse on side of the wrist hit between post & hammer?

Burned my pinky/next to figure now and some my wrist and elbow on fryer . Should I see a doctor....

C5 broken. After 50 days I have less consciousness in left side down from the broken place. Fingers of right hand does not respond properly yet. ?

Can a fractured right metacarpel hand cause problems in the future at the moment when i bend it is shorter and when you lift heavy objects it pains?

Can a sprained hand turn i to a fracture if left untreated after 3 weeks or so ?

Can i miss school because of a bruised elbow?

Can nursemaid elbow happen again and again if it started once? Any help appreciated!

Can regular ortho doctors fix broken fingers just as well, or do I need a hand surgeon?

Can someone tell me how to knowif my hand broken or should I not worry?

Can you go to school with a broken elbow?

Can you tell me how to tell if you have a small or large bone frame without doing that wrap ur fingers around your wrist?

Can you tell me if on my wrist and I'm so scared. I got one on my knee once and I didnt need an iv. will I need one for my wrist?

Cat bite on wrist 9days ago on antibiotics, no infection but servepain when moving wrist and fingers. What should I do?

Communited wrist fracture no surgery, in cast 7wk & remove cast 6wks passed still cant make full fist & turn palm up pain.Why? will the pain permanent

Could a broken elbow effect me getting a job?

Could an untreated wrist fracture cause you to lose feeling in your hand?

Could nursemaid elbow happen again and again if it started once?

Daughters wrist swollen for 2 wks 3 days Drs said its sprain then hand & fingers swelled 2 days ago. Is this still a sprain? There's popping too.

Day 4 post-op ganglion removal on dorsal wrist hand tingly and swollen .. . dressing and ACE band comes off today What to do?

Deep laceration of my index finger (and surgery to repair my nerve) 1.5 month ago.10 stitches. I cannot bed or straighten my finger properly since. How long will take to fully recover motion?

Did i break my pinky finger? It is crooked and swollen but no bruise and very painful had in splint for last 24 hours had pain med but not working

Did I re-fracture my hand? Lifted and threw 100lb maybe.

Did something to my finger years ago and now that it has healed, I have a big solid lump. How to know whether i broke it or dislocated it?

Dislocated finger 4 days ago pain down hand to wrist pt is 60y could fracture been missed on X-ray if so how long before follow up?

Dislocated my growth plate in right arm so i dislocated my growth plate at my elbow about 7 years ago just started playing baseball this year and my arm feels weird after a good competitive catch my arm at the elbow feels like its done an can't throw anym

Distal radius wrist fracture, i now in cast 3 weeks.Why my fingers feel less painful when i run them under hot water. Is it ok to run under hot water?

Do I have to be cleared by my doctor to play basketball? I had a hand laceration on the top of my hand that severed my pinke and wrist tendon and had to have them surgerically repaired. I had a check up yesterday and the doctor says they are healing fine

Do I need stitches for a hand injury I recently sustained?

Do metacarpal pins begin to show signs of coming out before the doctor actually removes them? I have pins in my fourth and fifth metacarpals because i seperated them from the joints and one has began to come out a little

Does trigger thumb surgery hurt? Do they cut the whole joint open?

Dx w/complex fracture of wrist from fall at crossfit today. Multiple fractures. Surgery next wk. My fingers r very cold on that hand. Is that normal?

ER Dr said a tendon was cut from wrist laceration. I can wiggle all fingers but two are numb with limited ability to move. Well I need surgery?

Fall onto hand, swollen thumb and palm area, is it a broken scaphoid, have broke same scaphoid twice before the 2nd time never got it checked out?

Fell 6 weeks ago. No fracture on xray. Pain, swelling in forearm and hand. Numbness- pinky, ring finger. Worse w/ rain. Could it be soft tissue damage?

Fell 6 weeks ago. No fracture on xray. Pain, swelling in forearm and hand. Numbness- pinky, ring finger. Worse w/ rain. Could iy be soft tissue damage?

Fell and broke the fall with my hand now pain with lateral movement and redness?