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'i''m having weird tingling and twinges in fingers and thumb what is it?'

Are tingling fingers a symptom of something? Especially index fingers.

Both of my are from fingers to elbow have been going numb all day ?

Can anaemia causes finger numbness?

Can perocet cause finger tingling?

Can someone help please? My toes and fingertips are mildly numb/tingly?

Can there be any way to stop your fingers from being numb and tingling when you have diabetes?

Can you explain why my thumb hurts and hand tingles?

Can you please recommend something for numbness in the fingers from arthritis?

Can you tell me what is wrong with my finger?

Continued numbness right hand, thumb and finger beside thumb stays numb and finger has been for months.

Could tingling in pointer finger be benign?

Cut my hand at work and now my thumb is numb. Do I have a nerve damage?

Does having anemia causes finger numbness?

Elbow and pinky finger pain?

Elbow pain constantly but no finger tingling or numbness?

Finger pain! what can I do? Its my mouse finger

Fingers aching what's the cause of this?

Hafe of my thumb is numb.?

How can I address finger numbness?

How can I alleviate finger numbness?

How should numbness in fingers and toes be treated?

How to get rid of pinky finger numbness/tingling?

I broke my elbow three days ago. Why is my pinky finger still numb?

I broke my finger 6 months ago, now it still feels numb. Why is that?

I cut my hand at work and now my thumb is numb. Do I have a nerve damage?

I cut on top of my wrist and now my thumb is numb is that normal?

I feel my pinky and the ring finger numb for two days now .Dont know why this happened and how to fix it .

I feel numb on my hand and fingers?

I fell 20 days ago. My index fingers are still numb. What can I do?

I got this really strong tingling sensation in my index finger and middle finger on my right hand. Is this carpul tunnel?

I had a carpal tunnel surgery a few years ago. For monthsnow, I have been waking up to both my hands being completely numb. The numbness is in my ring finger, pinkyfinger and palm. What should I do?

I had pain on my right thumb for a few weeks and now my pinky and ring finger are numb. What can this be?

I have a spasm in the webbing of my left hand between the thumb and index finger. Sometimes my thumb/index/middle finger will twitch. What could it be?

I have a spasm in the webbing of my left hand between the thumb and index finger. Sometimes my thumb/index/middle finger will twitch. What could it be?

I have had numbness and tingling in left thumb and index finger for 5 weeks now. it sometimes aches in the hand and up to the underarm what is it?

I have numb hands in cold weather- Raynaud's? And my ring and pinky finger and sometimes hands are numb in the morning. Who should I go see?

I have numbess in my little finger and ring finger and my middle finger. One doctor says its carpal tunnel and pt says it's not.

I have numbness in my left hand finger tips.Could this be a stroke?

I have numbness in my middle right hand finger?

I have numbness in my pinky. What could be the cause of this?

I have numbness in my thumb first finger and middle finger on my right hand for the last two days what could be the cause of this?

I have pain between my pointer finger and thumb as well as tingling in those fingers at night. Could it be the start of carpal tunnel?

I just hand an orif on my forearm(broke my radius n ulna) 3 weeks later my thumb n forefinger are numb with a tingling feeling. Is it normal?

I need help with my finger numbness/pain?

I pulled my trap I think but I have a tingling feeling in my elbow, forearm, palm of hand, thumb and index finger, what's wrong?

I wake up and my finger tips and toes are numb. What causes this?

I wake up every morning cause of my both hand fingers are tingling mainly thumb, index, middle and ring finger. Normal?

I woke up this morning and there is numbness & tingling in my thumb & pointer & won't go away. Why?

I woke up with the pinky and ring finger on my left hand numb?

I've been having finger numbness on my pinky and ring finger for the past four days. What could it be?

I've numbness in pinky finger and 2 thirds of ring finger. Has a shoulder injury caused this?

If there is a numbness in my hand. It eases with bengay can this be serious.. My pinkie and my thumb goes numb. .. Every now and then tingling finger tips

Im having numbness and tingling in my hand and pinky and ring finger. I was told its tendonitis but nothibg is helping could i be diabetic?

Im type 2 an my fingers are numb my fingers on my left side are numb its my thumb my pointer an my middle ones

Is it normal for my fingers to be numb when I am 8 months pregnant?

Left fingers and foot is numb what is the cause?

Loss of strength in grip and kind of numb pinky and ring finger?

Middle and ring fingers tingling numbness and pain in arm too?

Mild numbness & tingling in left hand ring & pinky finger, why?

My fingers are stiff?

My 3rd and 4th toes are numb and tingling. What can it be?

My bf has palm, thumb, & index finger pain. How can I help him?

My finger is numb all the time. Whhat should I do?

My finger is numb almost all the time. Could I have injured the nerve without knowing?

My finger is numb for days should I go to the doctor?

My finger is numb, what is that a sign of?

My fingers are numb. What should I do?

My fingers tingle sometimes and my toes?

My forearm is numb, why?

My Grandmother is experiencing finger pain, finger swelling, hand tingling and finger numbness.

My hand gets numb and between my thumb and index finger hurts a lot what causes the pain?

My index fingertip is white and numb. What could be wrong?

My left index fingertip is numb and has been for a day, what could cause that?

My left pointer and middle finger tips are numb / tingling what could it be?

My left ring and pinky finger have been numb. What is the cause and how do I treat it?

My left ring finger and pinky finger have been wierd and numb for about 2.5 weeks! advice?

My middle finger tip feels numb?

My pinky finger of the left hand has had a numb, tingling sensation to it for almost a month and a half now. Should I be concerned?

My right hand (fingertips) have been numb for 2 days now? What would be the cause?

My right index and thumb finger been numb for about two weeks now what is wrong?

My ring and middle fingers have been numb for a few days?

My ring and pinky left hand fingertips have been tingling for about a hour and didn't do anything ...why would this be?

My ring finger and pinky finger are numb all the way to my wrist, what up?

My ring finger and pinky finger has been tingling and numb for the past 2 days. I don't sleep on that arm, and I don't wear braces or anything?

My thumb and index finger have been numb for 3 days now.. I know I sleep on my hands also but never this long.

My thumb and index finger is numb at tip, what's wrong?

My thumb has been numb for the last 3 days. What could this be?

My thumb has been numb for it anything to be concerned about???

My wrist hurts and my fingers just started tingling? Carpal?

Numb and painful fingers?

Numb and tingly fingertips. 3 middle fingers on both hands. Usually in the mornings untill noon. What could be the cause of this?

Numb my both fingers?

Numb thumb and pointer finger after elbow surgery, should I be concerned?

Numb thumb forearm and oainful shoulder?

Numb/tingling in fingers, toes and back, what can I do for this?

Numbness and tingling in bruised fingers after being hit by baseball?

Numbness in fingers I have had numbness and a pins-and-needles sensation in my right hand and fingers for several weeks now. What kind of doctor should I see?

Numbness in index finger and other fingers cold?

Numbness in index finger left hand, are these things temporary ?