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thumb keeps turning purple right above the first joint and is sore and tight feeling when I bend it. It comes and goes, is it a broken blood vessel?

2 days ago i started punching things & my middle finger knuckle is bigger than usual & the side is swollen. And it hurts to use my hand. Is it broken?

2 weeks ago i had surgery onmy hand. I have fallen 2 times. I woke up today i hurt from head to toe. I have fibermyalgia. What can i do?

2days ago hit second joint of index finger very it started to be a little tender and is turning purple.didnt hurt yesterday,should i c doc?

3 days ago I hit my head on the ground playing soccer and got a concussion and have noticed the tip of my finger is tingling in one hand, is this bad?

4 days now i fell out of bed on my hand and i can move it but its sore brusied a lot and swollen when i open and close my fingers it hurts?

4 weeks ago i hit my pinkie toe. Got an x-ray, no fracture. It's still swollen & hurts to walk on in the mornings mostly. Do i get it checked again?

4 weeks ago struck ring finger middle phalange; still very tender slight hard bulge where struck, very low pain otherwise. Concerned about fracture?

43f, always been a knuckle cracker. Yesterday got shooting pain thru ring finger when i did it, still sore tho can move easily. Should i be worried?

5 days ago I fell backwards onto my bottom. I was ok afterwards, just shaken up. Today, I awoke with a painful and slightly swollen tail bone. Why?

65y Male. Swelling in 1 hand since a month, went away for few days but came back, painful, cant bend fingers. No injury. What could it be?

8 yr.Old girl fell hyperextending fingers backwards.2 days later still very swollen, and painful.She can move them a little..Any help appreciated?

A basketball bent my finger backwards yesterday. It hurts to bend down(ring finger) it's a little purple and blue how can I treat it fast and I iced itfor 20 minutes at a time?

A few weeks ago my nephew was extremely hyper and jumped on my finger since then the pain has got much worse and I cannot move my finger?

A heavy object fell on my small toe it still hurts, is bruised and swollen but im able to move it, what can i do to make the swelling go away faster?

A week ago I was catching a ball and my finger bent back. It's still very sore and a bit bruised a week later. What's wrong with it?

About a week and half ago I was putting my granddaughter's scooter away and was pricked on the top of my hand. Now, it is swollen and very painful. ?

Accidentally got hit in the nose Friday and heard a loud crack. Not crooked, not bruised, just slight swelling and sensitivity/pain. Is it broken?

Accidently punched the wall last night. Swelled immediately. Index finger swollen. Pain in entire hand. Hurts to move. Blue swollen line down palm.

After hitting a golf ball out of the rough, I felt a sharp pain in my hand between my pinky and ring finger?

After my palm caught my fall, I have a swollen thumb, scrape at the bottom of the thumb and a tender thumb. The fall happened five hours ago. Should I see a doctor?

After playing the drums, i got this white round bubbly thing in between my fingers it hurts whenever i touch it or move my fingers, any ideas?

Ball hit my wrist and now it is swollen, what to do?

Banged big toe on a chair Saturday and it really hurts and it is swollen and black and blue.... Hot or cold compress?

Banged my finger. It's swollen bad but not broken. Will it heal on its own if i leave it?

Banged my knuckle 4 months ago. Cut healed, but knuckle is stiff, weak, hurts constantly but not swollen. Broken? Thanks

Banged my thumb. Started to swell. Put ice on it. Now it is a little swolled and discolored. How do i know if it is just a bruise or not!

Barely hit my hand/fingers & the vein/vessel burst, stings, hurts & then turns purple. I'm in my 30's & had this since a child. Why? What causes it?

Broke a finger in mid-dec '12. Returned to gym 3 weeks ago and noticed some swelling last week and bruise reform on top of finger. Poss still broken?

Broken forearm or not. Looks swollen, hurts a lot, but X-ray was ok today?

Broken pinky toe? Stubbed it hard, its red and swollen. Cant bear any weight at all. Excruiting pain. No bruising yet. Been about 10 hrs.

Bruising in finger joints when i havent hurt them and bad cramping of fingers when sleeping?

Cactus needles poisinous? I got stuck in the knuckle, instant intense pain, got the needle out; but finger is swollen, verypainful, cannot bend or straighten it.Help?!

Can you get Temporal arteritis from accidentally poking myself in temple with my knuckle? Leant on my hand it slipped and knuckle got me in temple?

Can you use your hand if the 5th metacarpal is fractured by back of hand?Somethings make it hurt. Little swollen & a small bruise hurts to shake hands

Closed trunk door on my middle finger it is very swollen and very very sore, but i can move it. Ice has been on it since its happened & it still hurts?

Could getting stitches in your hand hurt?

Could my nose be broken if it's not swollen? I hit a couple weeks ago and it's still hurting me.

Could you tell me if my thumb is blue, swollen and i can't move it dose that mean its cracked?

Cracked knuckle 2 days ago & finger hurts bad and looks deformed. Can bend it but very tender/sore./cold. Did I break it? Not swollen

Cut with a steak knife, went all the way through the palm side of thumb. Is swollen, tip is numb, and jolting pain when bumped. Did i damage a nerve?

Dad grabbed my L wrist and twisted it to the left on th. It is painful, stiff, cracking. I'm guessing sprain? can I have suggestions on what to do?

Daughter fell on pinky finger and bent it back swollen & painful and a little red. Hurts to bend. Possible jammed or broken?

Daughter was pitching and afyer her hand started swelling big where she couldn't even make a fist without hurting also had arash on top of fingers?

Did i break my pinky? Swollen , no bruise , crooked and very painful and can't put hand to fist . Had in splint for past 24 hrs . Happened 5 days ago

Did I tear my UCL? I threw a baseball,without warming up and my fingers went numb and tingled for a day, then I couldn't throw a baseball for 2 years

Dog leash jerked thumb backward when my dog took off. It hurts and Certain movements hurt worse, at base of thumb. What happened? What should I do?

During my softball game i dove for a ball and my glove hand bent inward. There was immediately pain and little swelling. What did I do to it?

Every morning I wake up both my Hans and fingers are swollen and hurt. I detail cars for a living. What could this be?

Exactly 1 month ago I fell on my hand and hurt my thumb.i think it's sprained but idk how serious. It still bothers me, and it's my rcl and ucl.ideas?

Fast thrown football hit finger wrongly. Was painful. 1 day later, it's swollen & a bit blue. Can move but it hurts. More likely sprain or fracture?

Fell a week today hand is bruising.. Got a bumb ontop of my bone thumb area what could this be..

Fell onto my hand yesterday, thumb slightly swollen, aches and is tender. Restricted movement. Cant hold anything heavy.Could it be scaphoid fracture?

Fell out of bed last night landed on the extensiom lead my hand is bruised and swollen should I get an xray quite sore?

Fell today on my hand on a corner of a cement brick. Now it hurts when I move my thumb and wrist?

Fell yesterday on icy pavement; banged my elbow. Hurts and the tip feels flat, not like the other side. Can use the injured elbow just fine.

Few months ago i hurt my pinky toe and had an xray done. Was purplish red.Doc said it looks fine but till today i can't even bend it. It hurts a lot.Why?

Finger got hit last week, swelling has gone down but weird grinding feeling at site of impact when bend it?

Finger has gotten twisted in a chair, instantly swollen and throbbing. Several hours later twice as swollen bruised lack of motion. Broken or jammed?

Finger seems accidentally sprained, how to solve this problem immediately?

Fingernails turned blue on the 12th 12 hours after ligament surgery. still blue today. Hand is slightly swollen, hurts to move fingers a lil bit?

Fingers are now blue, swollen and i can't bend it. Does that mean i possibly cracked or broke it?

Fingers are swollen and they hurt bad to were i can't pick things up or open a door what could it be?

Got hit I. Hand by softball hurts to bend and straighten. More likely to be broke or jammed? What is the treatment for what it could be?

Got hurt by a volleyball. Feeling like sprain in left hand fingers. I don't have a fracture though. What should I do?

Got into fight. Middle knuckle up to the top of hand very bruised and very swollen. Very stiff cant spread fingers apart. Wondering if it might be fra?

Got jumped by two men so I defended my self . Punched the guy now my 4th finger next to my pinky s knuckle is pushed back what to do ?

Got knocked and my hand hit off a wall 4 days ago pain when bending last 3 fingers hurts to move and at knuckle area swollen and yellow bruising?

Got small scratch,puncture on wrist from microwave door. Still tender and bruised. Flexing my wrist hurts. What happened to my wrist? How do i fix it?

Had pinky slammed in door, went to dr., nail removed, been having random really sharp stabbing pains in the pinky, without moving it--is this normal?

Hand caught between door jam and dog leash.Pulled hard. Now swollen thumb, cold and tingly, but i can move it. Very bruised. Broke?

Hand randomly swells i was in a abusive relationship for over 10 years. My body took a lot of abuse, particularly my hands which would get slammed into stuff every few weeks. My knuckles were almost always swollen and bruised. Now they hurt almost constan

Hand swollen after hitting wall?

Have purple swollen spot on under side of middle finger. Finger keeps going numb and or hurting.

He fell on his hand and hurt his pinky. He feels pain. Going on 3days. He can bend it and some purple brusing. Ice helps? Lil swollen.

Heavy book got dropped on my middle toe and hurts and is throbbing?

Hello I had a dirtbike accident 3 weeks and now my hands hurt fingernails constantly hurt, my knuckles hurt also and I cannot put my hands ?

Hello I punched a wall Monday night I'm still having pain on my pinky knuckle and it was swollen but it has decreased over the past few days do you think I broke a bone?

Hello today in football At school I got kicked in the big toe it is pointing inwards is swollen is red is hot is bruised could it be broken and should?

Hello, today i was playing basketball and my thumb was pushed back. It is now black on the finger tip and it is hard for me to move it,unable toseead?

Hello, today i was playing basketball and my thumb was pushed back. It is now blue on the finger tip and it is hard for me to move it,unable toseeadoc?

Hello. I dislocated my toe two weeks ago and it is still swollen; I can move it properly but the swelling worries me a bit.Is this normal? Thanks

Hello. I dropped a box on my hand yesterday. There is quite a bit of bruising (most of the hand and knuckles) and swelling. pain on bruise?

Hello. So today I played basket ball and the ball bent my fingers down and the ring finger hurts the most and it's turning purple in the middle ?

Help! my friend punched a metal door 5 days ago & his hand is still swollen & in pain. Should he go to the er?

Hi , I fell and hit my right hand- middle finger - it was a little swollen but at the time the pain was not bad . The day after I could bend the middle finger / make a fist with slight pain - say 10 being the highest this was 2 .Anyway 5 days after I wen

Hi i bashed my elbow quite hard on the bus a couple of hours ago and now it's hurting i've got pins and needles in my hand, should I go to the doctors?

Hi I broke my hand 8 years ago ( wrist) and usualy it still hurts in winter but now it hurts a lot more and its swollen.I haven't been to the doc.Suges?

Hi i had accidentally stabbed with pencil on my finger around 3 or 4 weeks back and now i see that it is swollen and red. I am really worried .

Hi I have a sharp pain in my fingertip I don't recall injuring it and no visible cut redness or swelling only hurts when touched feels like glass ins?

Hi i hurt my left hand wrist while snowboarding a month ago and went on xray to picture it and there were no fractures but its its still swollen a bit?

Hi i sprained my pinky i didn't go to the doctor i put a split on myself the pain is gone and so is the black and blue i just can't bend it?

Hi I twisted my wrist at baseball practice a week and a half ago and it has been hurting at the base when I move it since then. any suggestions?

Hi i was boxing yesterday and now my thumb and palm is really swollen?

Hi my friend hit her hand of a wall a week ago Her last 3 fingers are swollen and bruised Also her knuckles look sunk she cant bend her fingers.Help?

Hi there - I caught a football wrong and am hoping mg finger is only sprained. It was sore and stiff- today is more swollen. No sharp pains. Bruising?

Hi, i punched my brothers knee cap...And since then my hand/ wrist has been painful to touch i still have a good range of motion, i did feel a crack?

Hi, ive woken up to my finger being swollen and its very painful and hard to bend. Its the first time this has happened. What do I do?

Hi, this past tuesday evening i punched a wooden beam. Now the top of my hand is swollen when i push down on the swollen part, which is the entire top of my right hand and you can't see my pinkie and ring finger knuckles because of the puffiness, it doesn

Hi! I got a splinter at the base of my middle finger on my left hand on Saturday. My middle finger is now swollen and hurts to move. The splinter went straight into my hand and was about 3/4 of an inch long. I pulled it out immediately. I iced my finger b