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I have myself in panic I've had a fever blister it's scab over I put med on early with my pinky then hrs later I rubbed eye with pinky can it go to i

Pain is centered at the base of the middle and index finger on left hand. The pain worsens when the palm is completely stretched by spreading fingers?

So I punched a wall last night and when I did is was all on the side of the hand and now it hurts to spread my pinky away from my fingers ?

"i am 18 years old . I am suddenly having burning sensation in my right hand fingers . Especially between the ring finger and index finger . ?

0 answers: i dislocated my elbow last sat & now my hand is getting really swollen, with a bluish tinge. Is this normal? I can feel my fingers, but it's difficult to bend my wrist up because my hand is so fat. It's 1:30am in the morning. How serious is th

10 days since a pin got put in my finger. Now I'm getting heat pulses and feels like a palm sized blister popped and wet my splint. What could it be?

19y 2years ago got ulnar/median nerve torn(triceps)gotsurgicallyfixed, yesterday went to gym,I just wokeup to numb-stinginglike feeling in fingers (Istillcan't feel myfingers)then had apanic attack?

1st my left pinky and ring fingers were numb for weeks, now the same on the right fingers and tip of tongue?

2 days ago I got my finger trapped in a machine at work. There was a lot of pressure. My finger is still numb. How long is normal to regain feeling?

20 yrs old wrist throbbing starting from mid forearm to middle and ring finger. Hurts to bend or extend wrist and two fingers.No bruising or swelling.

25 female here. I am having discomfort in my fingers mainly my middle fingers. The only relief I get is when I crack them?

26 y/o f. Did shamroths test to all fingers. Index fingers are only ones where i can't see "window". All other fingers have space when doing test. Scared! true clubbing? Gastro cancer?

29/f. Stabbing pain in palm of hand. Right below my thumb area?

3 y/o g/d woke up last noc c/o fingers hurting , bilateral swelling of fingertips with fluid noted on pads of fingers. Temp earlier in week due to uri, but temp now gone. Sounds like a felon, however no known injuries any suggestions?

4 years ago I started losing feeling in my fingers. It started at my fingertips and over these 4 years it's spread to the middle of my forearm.

41m Recently noticed white peeling skin on my index fingers and tips of my thumbs. No pain or itch, I am under constant stress. What could this be?

48 hours ago my left thumb and index finger tips went numb after a firm front neck massage. The feeling has still not returned. Should I see a doctor?

54 yr old female, onset of R. thumb going numb, index, middle and ring tingles. No injury to hand or wrist. Please help, very frustrated?

5days ago ic pin got in finger tip not bleeding and now its swollen a bit with pus in the place where the pin went in, pain is reducing now what to do?

63 old man, sudden oedema of middle phalanx of middle finger of left hand from palmar aspect , redness but not painfull , what is it please?

8 weeks ago my finger started burning. Then 4 weeks later I woke up to a stiff painful finger. Stiffness spread to three other fingers in the morning and they sometimes have a snapping movement. The index finger remains sore all day. Saw an orthopedic an

A cactus poked my finger yesterday but the spine is not still in my finger. I woke up with very painful left indrex finger and cannot bend it.

A few times a day my right fingers are colder than the left. My wrist aches too. Carpal tunnel? They both look the same. Worried it's cold.

A lot of pain in shoulder, hand, finger, and finger joints when I play the piano. Only right side. This never happened in the past. What is the cause?

A nurse tried to get a vien on my wrist & hit a nerve. 2 mos. Later if I hit the spot a tingling sensation down my pointer finger. Should I see a doc ?

A section of my middle finger is swollen, i noticed in the middle of the day and it's not the first time it has done this. What is the cause of this?.

About 2 weeks ago i started waking up with numb fingers. Over the past week or so my fingers have become painfully stiff as well.

About 2 years ago I felt numbness and tingling in both hands on the middle and ring finger, now it has gone to an actual pain in both above nuckle?

About 8 weeks ago my index finger started burning. 4 weeks later I woke up and it was painful and stiff. Now three more fingers are stiff in the mornings. Only the index finger is painful all day. I saw an orthopedic who thought it was ra. My blood howeve

About a week ago i noticed i can now see/feel an artery pulsating between my left index finger and my thumb. Is this normal? Should i be worried?

About half of the nail on my thumb has been pulled up - its still attached but i'm in pain thum swollen and tender and leaks clear/blood what can i do?

About three weeks ago i was bitten on the wrist by large dog. Skin didn't break, but since then my thumb has been numb. Will it go back to normal soon?

Abrupt tingling on tips of thumb, middle and pointing finger. Slightly lightheaded. ?

Accidentally sliced finger two days ago. Now tip of finger feels numb. Is this normal......It also feels stiff?

Aching and throbning feeling in index finger?

After 1 hr of archery,no gloves for first 10 mins, tip of middle finger numb/tingly for 4 weeks so far, Currently prickly pinchy. Should this resolve?

After 2 MS exacerbations the back of my hands ache from below knuckles to wrist. Any tips outside of medications?

After eating i'll get cramping mainly in my left hand, my head plugs up with allergies, I do have some numbness in the tip of my little finger?

After painting base boards and leaning on my wrist, my left index finger is numb and tingly, even hours after stopping. Should I be concerned?

After using my thumb a bit it started to ache at the base joint. Is this normal from just overuse?

All my fingers on my left hand have been swollen for 10 months i get a sharp pain on my shoulder that radiates down to my pinky and ring finger?

All of the sudden, the ring finger on my left hand is "double jointed," which negatively affects my oboe playing. How do I fix this? It comes and goes

Along with weak legs and numb fingers with pain on index ones, now when i rub my upper arms it makes my index fingers hurt badly until i stop.Why?

Any advice? I have started learning to type(correctly) recently, but my ring finger and pinky hurt. Any ideas?

Any ideas why my hand keeps going numb and causes pain from end of fingers to elbow?

Any reason to worry -my right middle finger tip is incredibley numb, i've wiggled it and moved around for twenty minutes no relief!

Any time i hit the first joint in my left thumb, i get a shock through my hand?

Are several blood tests needed to diagnose overnight swelling of only one finger, it is the third finger of the left hand. Not left handed btw. My int?

Are veins in my wrists supposed to be seeable? Also, what could be the cause for the tip of my ring finger being numb?

At 20 , hw do II get a dr to run test on my fingers?Sometimes they lock up a&now pain on my index finger.Wat can this be?

Been 6 weeks since i had the tip of my index finger amputated following an accident. I'm having a hard time straightening the middle joint. Any tips?

Bending elbow is causing pinky to tingle and palm. what is going on??

Bent fingers since birth. What causes this?

Bent pinky fingers since birth. Is it too late to fix now?

Bent ring finger backward. I now have occasional numbness in all fingertips and hand feels achey and tired. Could this be a pulled tendon or nerve dam?

Besides an EMG is there another, less painful test for cubital tunnel? I am terrified of the test but I'm feeling little pain in pinky finger only.

Biting/picking skin around thumbs and middle fingers(not noticing) until painful or bleeding . Could this be due to depression and not anxiety or ocd?

Blood is coming out from my two nostrils when ever i pull out catarr using my index finger, please what's happening to me?

Broke left wrist 7 years ago and now lots of pain with movement and hand and fingers are swollen?

Broke my ring finger on my left hand in a fall about a month. It was just the tip that broke. How will i know when i can start lifting weights again?

Bruising palm side of first knuckle of finger Went away after few hours, came back from second knuckle to tip both after picking up light item,no pain?

Bump below my middle finger in palm of hand, I think it might be causing pain in hand and wrist . what could this be?

Burning sensations on the palm of right hand.more accurately on area over the proximal phalanges.had experienced the samething a week back?

Can a doctor tell whether you have swelling in your fingers and toes just by feeling, if visually there are no signs.

Can a painful ganglion cyst in my wrist be causing the dull ache in my fingers and tenderness at the tip of my pointer finger? No numbness/tingling.

Can impingement of left shoulder cause numbness/tingling in all finger tips, startess 2 weeks ago not gone away- all day and night.Ring and pinky less?

Can not close fist after contusion to right palm, with numbness in middle finger tip. ?

Can the media nerve be repaired after my doc obviously cut it . Steroids were tried but have not worked 3 fingers still numb. Very scared.

Can we get an finger ache or finger pain?

Can you tell me any tips on how to dispose of my sharps?

Can you tell me what to do if for 1-2 weeks my middle finger on my right hand has been feeling syndrome?

Can your right index finger get sore from the mouse?

Carved pumpkins last night and my hand automatically started swelling by my thumb went to bed and its still swollen and. Now my fingers are tingeling?

Closed the closet door with my hand and pinched an inch long section on my palm. Instant blood welt. Is that bad? Or will it just go away soon.

Could use your help docs! my fingers (mostly index and middle) on my right hand are sore and stiff?

Could you tell me why my index, middle and social finger keep on swelling up randomly and itch like I have althletes foot?

Cracking my neck makes electric jolt in pinky, ring finger + middle finger?

Cut my finger on a metal nail last night, woke up with a really bad cold & nausea.. Could this be related?

Cut tip of thumb tip is numb but nailbed down is throbbing. Nerve? Didn't see doc cuz i was able to stop bleeding after 2hrs n nothing to stitch

Cutt my finger today an now i can't feel the tip should i go to the doctor?

Dear doctor , I had my left middle finger pinned two months ago. Pin removed 2 weeks ago. The middle bend of the finger needed to be reduced surgical?

Dear doctors, recently my father, 55 years of age, have been experiencing numbness of the ring and pinky fingers of both hands randomly! please help?

Dear Sir, I have acute pain in upper part of my ring finger just under nail in one particular point right side of nail while touch in cold object or ?

Do I have nerve damage? I was cutting open a package earlier and the knife slipped and went into my index finger. My finger bled quite a bit, and ever since the incident my whole hand has been experiencing a cold and somewhat numb sensation. It has been c

Doctors, can my finger become double-jointed randomly?

Does the index finger hav joints on sides?

Domn.Hand 6days ago.pinky goes numb, feels fat. Not swolen whole hand cold Often.thumb,ring finger at times. No pain. Have movement . pinky is stuborn?

Dr . My ring finger of left hand is swollen from last 2 days . What does it mean ?

Draw alot and have lost feeling in finger tips completley?

Dropped a can on upper knuckle of left thumb. Pain & numbness on side of knuckle, limited mobility& swelling between index & thumb. Is it fractured?

Dropped hcl on finger and it left a small dark bump on the knuckle. It's not irritating me.  What should I put on it for it to go away?

Due to a cut on my ring finger 6weeks post surgery finger swollen difficult to stretch out and stiff is this normal?

During internal vaginal exam the doc inserted both fingers but instead of palpating she moved her fingers in an in and out motion fast Is this normal?

During last few days my right pinky is tingling. No other symptoms. No pain. I can move finger. But always fill tingling ?

During/after physical therapy for my wrist my pinky/ring finger started shaking. what could be the reason?

Emg done on arm wed. He said he got no response from the inside of palm and very little response from muscle right below thumb. Does that mean damage?

Ever since i was little i noticed my fingers and toes get absolutely frozen in the wintertime within a few minutes of being outside. Circulation prob?

Every couple of months the base of my thumbs (sometimes 1, the other or both) hurt so bad i can hardly use that hand. It's gone within a few days.?

Every morning my left middle finger hurts?

Every once-in-awhile i get pains & swelling in the flexor tendons in the middle fingers of both hands. Staying for about an hour every couple of weeks?