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1 month after hand tendon repair a non mobile lump very painful appeared on the incision at the side of the wrist/base of the thumb?

17 years old still suck thumb. Have a big lump on the palm of my sucking thumb, hurts but doesn't itch. Recently, new small bumps grew and it itches.

2 1/2 weeks ago i had large lipoma removed from wrist. My palm, thumb and 3 fingers have been constantly numb and burning since. Is this normal ?

2 CM firm, smooth lump showed up overnight on inside of forearm about 6 inches from wrist. No pain. What could this be?

29 year old male and I just noticed a small painful lump on the inside of my arm below and to the side of my bicep before you reach the elbow joint, what should I do?

29/f Woke up one morning with tender pointer finger tip. there is a hard knot on side of top knuckle, like bone. What could this be? Been over 3 weeks

3 itchy soft white lumps appeared on the middle of left wrist, sfrom the base of my hand down my arm. What are they? Not hive, i've had those b4

4 years i've had 3 quarter sized itchy spots: bottom of right foot - upper part of arch, chest - just left of sternum base, and right hand - palm base?

4-5 months ago I hit my hand. A lump appeared in between the knuckles of 2 fingers at the top side of the palm. Doesn't hurt at all. What should I do?

50 yr old f with lump on palm of hand, been there for about a week. Starting to hurt only slightly if i push on it. A little smaller than a quarter.?

7yr old has hard bump under skin on pinky finger near joint, very small and you cannot see thr bump but you can feel it if you rub his finger. No pain?

A friend of mine shot up meth in his wrist. His wrist on the inner left side by the bone is now just a knot. It looks to be swelling up again. What is?

A hard @1/8 inch nodule has formed under the skin near the middle joint of my thumb. It does not hurt. Do i need to see a doctor?

A knot above the elbow on the inside of arm about the size of a lemon or lime pain to touch and sends tingles down to fingers. What is it?

A large bluish lump suddenly appeared on the top of my left hand right about the knuckle, help? Is it a broken blood vessel and a ganglion cysts?

A large bump just appeared on my left inside wrist. It is bony and can be pushed down. No mobility issues. A little sore to touch. Any ideas?

A little spot around the outside part if the knuckle on my big toe is numb, i can move it fine & don't even notice unless i touch it. Why is it numb?

A little swollen under left wrist and a little numb, why?

A lump about 3 fingers wide n 1 finger thick below left clavicle.Doc says that it's just rib sticking out.If so,why does only the left side stick out?

A painless ganglion of one CM suddenly appeared overnight. It moves when i move my wrist up and down. I am concerned. Please advice.

A tender bump suddenly appeared om thumb. Could this be rheumatoid arthritis?

A very hard small bead-size lump on right wrist under thumb. Appeared over night. Slight pain. Have been moving the hand a lot. What could it be?

After having surgery for my tendon in my pinkie, there is a small lumpy spot on where the doctors cut into my finger. What is causing the lump?

At the bottom of my middle finger, there is a rock hard pea sized bump. It hurts when I grip on things or when I cross my middle finger behind my ring?

Been working hard in yard.Both hands BAD pain,swollen fingers.Sore when touch palm and wrist area,swelling cause indent from pressing over hr ago.

Both my pinkies have been swollen for about two years. My right toe has bursitis, and now both my index fingers are starting to ache and look bumpy.

Broken finger? My index finger is sore on the bottom joint, and there feels like there is a really small bone sticking up under the skin. Is it broken

Can i still box after my fractured hand(boxers fracture) has healed by itself? i have a small lump on the right side of my right hand

Can muscle pain underneath armpit/breast and left side of ribs cause swelling in fingers? Swelling is located on my palm under the fingers?

Can you have a ganglion cyst on bottom of wrist under thumb? Co-worker has hard bump that hurts and that comes and goes.

Can you tell me what is this lump on my hand?

Cant open fingers last three of right hand. Knot on top. And hard mass where tendons and veins are on inside wrist. Very painful.

Causes of persistent reddish purplish color below the cuticle on left pinky and fingertip next to it, gout like joint pain on right side of body?

Could a 50cent-sized, soft-flatish, swollen looking lump, behind my watch on the right top of the forearm, with thumb and elbow pain be nerve related?

Could this be cancer or arthritis? 1" lump inside above left elbow swollen and tender, entire elbow slightly swollen. Also wrist and left thumb joint. Avid golfer......

Cyst in palm of hand that is tender and palpable?

Did I Fracture or jam my middle finger under knuckle? It is swollen and has pain! It is not bruised but on the side there is a bump that is red.

Doctor told me I have a ganglion cyst should I be worried if it gets bigger? It's on the palm side at the base of my pointer finger pea size for now

Does all edema in the legs have an indentation/put when pressed with fingers?

Egg-sized lump on forearm 1.5" from wrist, I think on the tendon extending from the thumb. Very painful, what should I do?

Feel a small bump under skin at the base of index finger. It's not visible but can be felt when palpated. It can be a little painful. What is this?

Fell on palm from ladder fall.. 10ft up.. the fatty area around palm side of palm is swollen but not bruised. Still hurts been two days.. what do i do?

For about 2 months I have a had a hard lump in left palm below middle finger. No pain or restriction of motion. Any idea of what it could be?

For the llast few mouths my left hand thumbjoint as been painful swollen a lump on it and looks bruised when pressed I have had no accidents?

For the past 2yrs the side of my rt index finger @ the top joint hurts a lot when it is touched. Seems to be tiny bump or swollen nerve under the skin?

Found a small hard lump on joint of middle right finger, palm side (where hand meets finger). Slightly painful if pushed. ?

Fracture of right humerus nov 2013. Last month developed small hard knots/bumps 1" below 3 middle fingers causing pain swelling difficulty bending?

Friend has small, visible hard bump on pinky-side of wrist for 2 days. Appeared suddenly w/o injury. Says it's tender w/ touch. Possibilities?

Ganglin cyst on top of wrist seems to have gotten smaller but very sore with another bump next to it ? Moves aroun when i touch it .Inside wrist.

Ganglion cyst in my wrist on top had a steroid shot in it .It got bigger but sometimes flattens out and moves and is very sore to touch.Is this norm?

Grisly lump at the bottom of my daughters index finger on the palm side, should I be concerned?

Had a spinal fusion about 7 years ago I now have a very painful lump on the top of the scar and when u rub your finger down the spine it feels ridget?

Had carpal release surgery last yr. But now I have a small lump like a bone sticking out of my wrist, it hurts quite abit but Dr says its nothing?

Hard bump (bone like hardness) on my left pinky finger joint where finger att to hand. Hurts most when I have to grab a ball (ie. Spread my fingers). ?

Hard forearm and blue swollen on elbows?

Hard lump on my little finger in front of last joint but before the fingernail slightly to the side, not painful to touch but hurts if i squeeze it.

Hard lump on top right forearm fingers start to tingle and go numb. Starting to happen more frequently. The area of the lump is very painful.

Hard round bump inside finger middle joint no pain but can not wear my ring,bump is moveable side to side .?

Hard tender lump below surface on ring finger, palm side at proximal section. About 1 inch size. Normal color No trauma. slight swelling. Sudden onset?

Have 2 lumps appear on my right index finger middle knuckle .. I am right handed, have rheumatoid arthritis but in remission.

Have a bb size bump on my index finger u can move it around have had over a year now sometimes my hole finger will swell up it can be painful at times?

Have a lump on top of my pinky finger knuckle like bone ?

Have a small hard lump at the base knuckle of my left hand middle finger, painful when touched. It does not move, it just developed in the past 2 days

Have bump or bone sticking out of wrist near incision from carpel surgery last yr. It really hurts, should I be concerned? Dr says its nothing.

Have shsrp pain in vein in my finger and can see a bump?

Head of 2 fingers swollen, pain, small blue dot inside.Now growing spots on side of hand. Pain in joints. What can it be?

Hello i have just a small portion of my wrist swollen, its round in shape, its at the end of 3 finger, it only pains when i press it hard, please advise?

Hello doctor,I have a vein that popped up in the center of my palm the size of a un popped kenal of corn.I have not had any injury to the palm?

Hello i have a very small very hard bump on my left hand right at the bottom of my finger (one before the pinky) and just before the knuckle its not v?

Hello, I have these painless boney bumps on my some of my finger joints. Have arthritis i know. Maybe I am being vein but i would like them removed. ?

Help, I have black bump randomly appeared on finger; I also have pain In the upper joint of finger, what could this be I have being for a finger scan ?

Hi after work I noticed a very small white lump in the palm of my hand underneath the ring finger feels like its on a vein its also slightly painful?

Hi I have a lump about the size of the Palm of your hand that lodges between my shoulder blade area it can move if manipulated till ,painful tender?

Hi I have a sore left arm between my elbow and my wrist, I have recently descovered a lump now closest to my wrist.. Should i be scared?

Hi.....for month's now I cannot remember a time where I didn't have small finger tip bruises below my armpits and on the underside of both arms. Is it?

Hit hand between index & middle knuckle. Burst blood vessel? 50% of hand is bruised w/a knot between knuckles & very tender; should I b worried?

Hit my wrist and now there is a lump on the side of my wrist what could this be?

Hit side of my wrist and lower hand very hard on solid door have hard lump sticking out not sore can move wrist fully what could this be?

Hit the center of proximal phalanx on my right pointer finger. Swollen knot, bruising & painful bending. Bruised or would raised knot mean fracture?

I am experiencing a lump on the top of my foot and now there is a second. They are soft and movable. Also have one on forehead and left hand. Thanks?

I am so annoyed! my index finger above the top joint only, is swollen and firm! a bit red. I don't remember injuring it at all. Could it be serious?

I believe that popped a vessel in my wrist tonight. I have a raised bruise, tender to touch, my hand has a slight numbness as well. Little insight pl?

I crushed hand two weeks ago. I got it x-rayed, no fracture. Now I have a small painful lump at the base of pinky finger palm side. What could it be?

I got a ganglion cyst on my right hand palm, just below the base of the middle finger, its not visible but hurts when i press on it, what should I do?

I got bit on my hand. A painful lump formed about 1/2 below my index finger knuckle. Should i be concerned?

I had a bruise on back of my left arm for a few weeks that has a small lump, what is causing my ring and pinky fingers to tingle ?

I had a small ganglion cyst in my foot finger. It got injured and them little yellow fluid was visible and then foot started to swell .

I had something fall on the back of my hand maybe a inch from my index knuckle. There has been a big painful lump there. Any reason for concern?

I hav a swelling on the back part of my palm close to the joint where your wrist is at times it swels and i can barely close my wrist.Its like a lump ?

I have 2 lumps on my back one which is sore and itches alot, then I have lumps on both my thumbs and index finger?

I have a 1cm knot to pop up that is very hard it actually feels like bone in my left hand on the thumb region area to the wrist.should I be concer?

I have a bb size knot on my thumb knuckle. It hurts to touch it. It will move with my finger so isnt a knot that doesn't move..What could it be?

I have a big knot on my wrist?

I have a big lump on my rt fore arm I also have a couple of small lumps and even smaller ones in both elbows very painful from shoulders to fingers?

I have a blue hard lump underneath the first joint on my ring finger on the palm side of my hand. it is hard and quite uncomfortable to touch?

I have a blue lump 5mm in diameter at the base of my index finger on my left hand I have had it for around a year but just lately seems more prominent?

I have a blueish swollen lump on my thumb near the joint, i work and play at a computer, could it be related? How to i fix it?

I have a bone protruding from middle of wrist where hand meets and its very painful?

I have a bony knot that has appeared over the past year on the 2nd joint of my 2nd toe, left foot. Not painful at all but seems to be growing slowly?

I have a bump above my wrist and beside my thumb. What should I do?