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Any reasons why my fingernails turn blue easily?

Big toe turning blue?

Big toe turns red and blue what can it be?

Can my finger be broken if its black and blue?

Can tennis elbow cause your fingers to turn purple?

Can the palms of your hands turn blue with raynauds? Not just fingers? I was working in a walk in refrigerator and my palms turned blue.

Cause of toes turning blacked?

Cold feet and toes that turn purple.Do I have bad circulation?

Could use expert help with why are my fingernails turning purple?

Do people with raynaud's always have blue fingernails?

Does blood clots in pregnancy cause your feet turn blue/purple?

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How can I know if I toss and turn all night?

How serious is it when my hands and feet turn completely blue sometimes?

I have a pimple turning blue on my back... What should I do?

I have pain in my finger. it is turning red and blue.

I have pale skin, and my legs sometimes turn light purple and my veins are visible, while my knees turn a dark purple/blue color. No pain and not cold?

I have wrist tendonitis and my hand will randomly start to turn blue/purple, is this normal?

I noticed the palm of my hand under my thumb turning blue after a hot bath ?

I noticed the palm of my hand under my thumb turning blue after a hot bath?

I smashed my finger an its turning yellow?

If my hands turn bluish at times, what color nail polish will make them look less blue?

If my skin is turning blue, is this emphysema?

Is it normal for fingertips to look wrinkled when cold? They don't turn white or blue.

Is it normal for half of finger nails to turn purple near the cuticle, when cold, or is this reynaud's?

Is it normal for listerine to turn my mouth blue?

Is it normal for my feet to turn purple when I sit?

Is it normal for toes to turn blue after foot surgery?

Is it normal to get blue fingernails when having a raynaud's attack?

Is my finger broken if has gotten black and blue?

Ischemic finger from injury and turning gray what should I do?

My 6 weeks' old baby turns blue/black when he is crying.Is this normal?

My arms get numb and toes sometimes turn purple, what could be wrong?

My face and fingers turn blue?

My feet are turning blue while I am sitting down. I am 125 lbs overwt.

My feet have been turning purplish in color, and my toes turn bluish purple when in hot water. Why?

My fingers turn blue sometimes and i don't know why like they turn like a blueish green what is it?

My grandma's lips are turning blue, What's wrong with her?

My hand is turning a greenish color. It's only on my right hand and it's on my palm.

My hands are turning blue. I am african american. What is going on?

My hands have been purple for almost two weeks, why ?

My hands turn purple when I go outside why?

My knuckles turn greyish when cold why?

My palm of my hand are turning yellow?

My palms and knuckles turned orange colored and I don't know why?

My pinky has been hurting for about 5 years and now its turning blue from the nail i want to know why please help ?

My sunburn is turning purple. I don't think this is normal, what should I do?

My thumb won't bend and is kinda blue green what is wrong with it ?

My toe is black and blue what should I do ?

My toes are always a blue/purple color. My legs fall asleep often. Is this normal?

My toes turn blue in the shower. Other symptoms are hands and feet are almost always cold. Bottoms of my feet are dark red and my palms blue & swollen?

Nails& palm of right hand turning into blue?

One of my hands was blue.. Dark blue and light blue. Is that frostbite?

Please advise if it's normal for a broken ankle to turn purple while showering?

Soles of both feet are red, and turn blue after sitting, and turn red again standing?

The skin under my toenails keep turning blue, why?

Toes turning blue in cast and leg tingling?

Two year olds lips turn blue sometimes when playing but goes away after a while. What could be the cause?

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What does it mean when your fingers are blue?

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