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I masturbate by rubbing my penis right under the head with two fingers (the thumb and index finger)(like the money sign with fingers) is this normal?

How can you get a finger infection on the fingertip?

I had a ganglion cyst removed from my finger now weeks later the tip of my finger is still numb and my finger is peeling really bad is this normal?

32 male i got a nail in bottom of my peeky finger over my knuckle about less inch deep i can move my fingers and hand it swollen alittle what can i do

4 day ago I got stunk by a bee in thumb just below the nail its been very ichy and now my thumb, hand and arm are getting numb is this normal?

All of the sudden for the just the past 2 or 3 days, I have noticed the skin on my hands & fingers just peeling off. Around my cuticles and index. Why?

Any tips on treating a hangnail on finger?

Bent my middle finger nail back 2 days ago and my now fingers are numb. Should i be worried?

Both feet thumbs under the nail there is a blue coloration from the inside side near the next finger?

Both my ring fingers on both hands are peeling from the nails and going down my fingers. It seems to go lower every day. It doesn't hurt when it peels?

Both of my index finger nails curve slightly down. None of my other fingers seem to be doing this. I've noticed i've had this for about 2 years?

Bruised pinky clapping hands against my ring in church last night. Immediately swollen but this morning it's is colder than other fingers? Is this normal?

Burning finger tips?

Can a tungsten ring be cut off finger if needed?

Can planter erythema present as constant redness only from the knuckles down to finger tips/thumbs on both palms and tops of hands?

Can you give me some advice about eczema on the finger tips and palms?

Can you tell me why when i put my finger in my boyfriend bellybutton he says it hurts the tip of his penis?

Could use expert help with why my ring and little finger always tingle ?

Could you tell me ways to numb skin before getting the finger prick?

Cut webbing between thumb and finger? Any important nerves there?

Doc why is the skin on my finger tips peeling off this the first time this happens .

Does a finger wart hurt?

Does it matter if you finger yourself every night?

Dry split finger tips?

Eczema on the finger tips and palms, what to do?

Finger and whole hand is swollen and red from a wooden splinter?

Finger nail on left hand coming away from skin. What do I do it's beginning to hurt?

Finger nails on my left hand are splitting down the middle and have red spots and hurt to touch them? What could this be? My finger nails on my left hand I have red spots on each finger nail, and are very easily to tear or pull back. My finger nails on my

Finger tips do not want to heal, what can I do?

Fingers are bloody. Should i wear band-aids on all fingers? What are the cons of doing this?

Got red line under pinkie finger on left hand, what is it?

Have a lot of pain in hands finger tips bruse and skin peels on finger tops?

Hey the space between my thumb and index finger hurts at the paler part of the hand?

Hey. I have fair bumps on my index, ring and pinky finger on the inside and outside knuckle on right hand that are itching like mad.

Hi i cut my palm say 50mm deep say 2cm below my first finger and ring finger in the middle and now I have numbness in first finger but still can move?

Hi, I have recently sit the webbing between my ring finger and little finger. I am on strong antibiotics but my fingers are stiff and swollen. Common?

How can I tape my thumb to forefinger to keep it close to my hand?

How can you remove a ring from a swollen finger without cutting the ring?

How can you remove a ring on a swollen finger?

How do I know if my pinky finger (little finger) is fractured? And if it is what should I do?

How do you break your ring finger?

How do you treat a splinter in the finger ?

How to fix my twisted ring finger?

How to stick your finger in your vagina?

How to tape my thumb to forefinger to keep it close to my hand?

How to treat calluses on finger tips?

I am not sure if I injured my middle finger or not but I have swelling from where it the finger starts to come away from my hand til the middle knuckl?

I broke my hand (ring finger bone) and now my fingers going numb and my hand burns, just wounding why? I have apt next week with my doc.

I broke my left ring finger a couple days ago.. Any tips for a fast recovery? I'm wearing a finger splint that only covers half the finger.

I broke my pinky and got a cast on my ring fingure. Now ring finger hurts. Well what to do?

I can not fully extend the tip of my ring finger. How do I get more movement for it?

I cut my finger now my hand is swollen, help?

I cut my finger now my hand is swollen?

I cut my finger with a can lid 3 days ago and my finger is now swollen. Why is this happening?

I cut the area between my index finger and my thumb yesterday, and now the hand is cold. Why is it like that?

I cut the webbing on my hand ?

I don't have feeling in the tip of my finger. Why is that?

I don't know why or how, but I have these not deep cuts in my hands? I don't cut myself they are frequent in the palm of my hand and on fingertips?

I fractured the tip of my index finger. Is it normal for the whole finger to be lighter than the ret?

I got a small but somewhat deep cut on the webbing between my thumb and pointer finger and my hand is kinda numb and I can't move my fingers very well?

I have 5 small blisters between my ring and my knuckle. My finger is swollen in that area and I am unable to remove my ring. Can you tell me why?

I have a bump on my finger nd I don't know what it is it doesn't hurt but its hard and its on my index finger just about an inch from my knuckles?

I have a lump in my hand between my thumb and finger, is it something to be concerned about?

I have a painful pincer fingernail -ring finger left hand. Anything at home I can do?

I have a small callos on the tip of my index finger How to remove it?

I have a small mysterious rash on my hand in between my thumb and pointer finger on my right hand. What should I do?

I have a small splinter in my finger but I can't get it out. My finger is swollen. what should I do?

I have a splinter in the webbing of my hand, please help me get it out?

I have a wart on my finger and it hurts?

I have a weird condition where at times, some of my fingers are cold and the other fingers are warm. What does that mean?

I have bumps in the palms of my right hand below my ring finger. What could they be?

I have cracked skin on hand between thumb and first finger. What can i put to heal this. It feels sore?

I have developed a finger twitch in my index finger noticed it after I have been writing and put pencil down Cause?

I have iodine looking spots on the heal of my palm in 2 places and on the bottom of my thumb. Also, on my pinky finger of the other hand.

I have nf1 could it cause feet to tingle ans sensitive finger tips?

I have on my pinkie fingertip an orange discoloration, it doesn't hurt or itch. haven't smashed my hand or frostbite ever. been there now for 2 years?

I have open sores on finger spreading to other finger and other hand?

I have swelling in my right hand between index to ring finger very painful and can't hang on to objects or use hand?

I have tiny pinholes errupting that turn into blisters with peeling on my ring fingertips only no other finger? Ialsogettinglinginfingersonlybthhands?

I have two fingernails that have half moons and the rest don't I its both my index finger and thumbs that have half moons ?

I hit my hand against something, my finger and thumb turned purple, why?

I sprained my middle finger. It is at the base of the finger, where the finger meets the palm. Is there anything I can do? Doctor says to wait it out.

I think I have a corn on my finger on the joint. It's on my right hand pointer finger. What do I do? How do I get rid of it?

I was cutting rubber matting and pulling hard with my hand and arm now my right index finger and thumb have been numb for 2 days I did not cut them?

I wear a finger ring but when i remove it, i cannot seem to straighten the ringfinger like a cramped finger, what to do?

I work in a take away shop and I am having problem with my ring finger and pinky finger. Earlier it was just a ring finger but now pinky is affected ?

I write so much that my third finger is dented. What should I do?

I've been having a lot of burning in my finger tip my fingers stay very cold almost all the time.What could be the cause for this thanks?

I've got pins and needles in my little finger and ring finger, what is it?

I've never had warts on my hands. I do have a 19 year old plantar wart on the ball of my foot. Well in between my ring finger and pinky finger started?

If i grip anything for a length of time my hand between my thumb and forefinger begins to burn and swell. ?

If you got a ring stuck on your finger, and finger is swollen, what is the best way to get the ring off?

In the last three months my fingers and toes have started peeling. It's never happened to me before. Help?

In what way can you remove a ring from a swollen finger?

Is it normal for my middle, ring and little finger to be numb and claw like 4 weeks after carpal tunnel operation?

Loss of strength in pinky and ring fingers?

Middle finger on right hand is numb finger has purple color on the pad of finger.

My 5 year old has a rash on both hands in the same exact spot between thumb and index finger? Says it's not itchy

My 9 year old boy fingers are peeling off what is the cause of his fingers peeling off should I take him to emergency?

My elbow and middle finger and ring finger keeps going numb every night and periodically through the day.