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3 yr old smashed penis in toilet seat. Bruise on tip. What should I do?

4 days ago my hand was in the way of a car door being shut and it's still swollen and discolored. Is it possible it's broken?

A couple days ago I smashed my finger in my car door, nail is really bruised, tip of finger is a little numb and white. Can't bend it.

After you smash your pinky finger, if the nail falls off, will it grow back out? A pot fell on my pinky finger.

Babys hand crushed in door. Her pinky knuckle looked squished in and there was instantly a deep purple bruise on ring finger. Swollen now but playful.

Before I jammed my finger from a car door and I'm not sure my nail will come back to normal, because I still see a little blood under the nail.

Can you get broken arm by hitting on door?

Can you help? Could slamming hand in car door easily break the bone connecting finger to wrist?

Can you say if it could jamming your hand in a car door break it?

Caught my thumb in car door 3 months ago, it turned black+blue straight away the nail was not damaged but now its grown away from my nail bed ?

Closed my thumb in car door a7bout 2 weeks ago. Now it is black and red underneath nail bed. Does the fingernail need to be removed and what doctor?

Closed the car door on my thumb. What should I do to prevent bruising?

Could I be having finger spasms because I slammed my finger in car door?

Do i need to see and orthopaedic surgeon for a finger that i slammed in the car door and now it is bent kinda funny?

Door closed on nail.still hurts a little and its turning purple blue.should i go to the hospital?

Finger get hit by car door.What to do?

Got car door slammed on a finger by vintage 50s car when young. Never remembered which but one is thicker than the rest. Is that it? Why?

Had a door severely injure my pinky nail a month ago, can I swim or go into hot tubs?

Hand hurting after punching wall. Is my hand broken? It was half-inch drywall.

Hit finger with hammer, will i need fingernail removed?

How can you tell if a hand is broken after being closed in a door?

How long will it take my fingers to heal after smashing it in the seams of the garage door?

I smashed my finger in the door way and I was wornding how could I sleep without hurting it ?

I accidentally hit slammed my finger on a door and now there's a red/dark red little thing near my finger nail. Is it just a bruise?

I am a keeper i dove for the ball and my pinky hit the ground first and i jammed it bad and when i pulled off my gloves i heard a pop its been a week?

I am experiencing finger pain. I trapped my finger in a metal automatic car door, what do I do ?

I dropped a 10 pound dumbell on my fingers, what would you recommend?

I got hit in the hand with a paintball and my thumb is still numb. Should i ice it?

I got my hand crushed by a car door, my pinky and ring finger got wedged between the car frame and door , what should i do ? it didnt hurt bad this mo

I have a cut from a metal door from work and now my ankle is swollen what should I do?

I have dragged the door backwards onto my foot and it has semi-ripped my toenail off halfway but is still firmly attatched. The nail has bent backward?

I have injured my finger. It was stuck between the doorpost and the door? What's should I do

I have slammed a door on my thumb and it is more than black & blue. Could it be serious?

I have trapped my finger in a car door, it the nail.And the skin around it has turned black and blue. It is very painful and the mobility is not 100%?

I hit my finger with a hammer and now its going black?

I hit my leg in the door and my toe has a bump what do I do?

I jammed my finger on the car door, and now it looks infected. Do I need to see a doc?

I jammed my toe under the door, what to do?

I just pinch my 6 mos old toe with the car door by accident. How do I know if its broken? Should i take her to the er?

I just slammed my finger in my garage like shed door, and it is starting to bruise and swell. Is it a hairline fracture?

I pinched my finger in between a car door, its not broken but it is swollen, the nail is black, there is blood, and its very painful, what should I do?

I sandwiched my nail between a door and the door frame and now there is a shred of purple on the nail, should i worry?

I shut my pinky finger in the car door. It is three days later and it is still numb and swollen. Could it be broken?

I shut my thumb in a car door and my nail is bruised will my nail still grow ?

I slammed my finger in a door on accidently. Now it is black and blue. And a little pressure how will I know if I need a hole in my nail? Looks wise.

I slammed my finger in a door, so i called 911 because it was bleeding so much but i wasn't sure if there was something else i should've done?

I slammed my finger in a door. What can I do to save my fingernail from falling off?

I slammed my finger in a door. What can I do to save my nail? Will it regrow fast?

I slammed my finger in a draw now its blue and completely numb. Its not broken i can move it?

I slammed my finger in between the bathroom door and now theres a small black dot on the top under my nail.. should i be concerned?

I slammed my finger into my car door last Sunday and its still swollen and blue. Not only that but the blue is spreading to the outside of my nail. ?

I slammed my hand in my car door and now my nail is black. Is this a nail disease?

I slammed my hand in the freezer door now my hand is stinging what did I do to it?

I slammed my pinkie finger in the door of my truck. It's bruised, black and blue all around, stiff, swollen, sensitive to the touch?

I slammed my thumb in a car door on accident and the swelling hasn't gone down and its reddish purple. Can you tell me what's wrong?

I slammed my thumb in a car door three weeks ago. The nail has turned black shortly after, but now there is a foul odor. Should I be concerned?

I slammed my thumb-nail in a car door and the bottom part of my nail has fallen off. What can I do to treat it?

I slammed my toe in a car door and it's throbbing and I'm crying. And my mom is sleeping. ?

I slammed the car door on my thumb?

I smashed my finger in a door. Do i really need to go to a doctor?

I smashed my finger in between 2 grocery carts and my nail turned dark purple. Should burn a hole in it?

I smashed my finger in my car door. It's swollen, nail black & has a strange odor. What's causing the odor?

I smashed my finger in the car door a week ago,it then turned very blue(almost black)on the tip and front of my finger.Why has the swelling not down?

I smashed my finger with a truck door, my nail is purple. Any suggestions to heal it quickly?

I smashed my middle finger in the car door. Should i go to the hospital to see if there's an injury?

I smashed my ring finger in between two rocks. I'm black and blue on the finger pad . Is it possible i broke it? Rock hit nail and smashed finger down

I smashed my thumb pretty badly, how can I save my fingernail?

I stubbed my toe on my door henge and busted it open am I going to get HIV ?

I've bruised my thumb nail it's darkblue and violette color, I accidentally smashed the door on it, it hurts like hell, help..

I've just hit my finger with a hammer. What should I do?

If i slammed my car door on my finger when will i lose that nail?

If i smushed my pinky in the car door how long will it take to heal?

If something like a drill fell on your hand from about 1 foot would it be broken?

Is it possible to fracture your finger, under your fingernail, by smashing it in a car door. It happened over 12 hours ago and still is throbbing bad.

Is medical attention needed for my finger? the tip got smashed by car door 2 nights ago. nail has turned black and is swollen.think it needs draining.

My 3 yr old slammed bathroom door on her finger and has some swellen finger and with blue red on the back of her finger.Advise? Best advise

My brother fell at a friends house, and he thinks he chipped his toe knuckle, how do we confirm this?

My brother was hammering nails in a wall for a construction crew.....And he smashed his thumb by mistake and it looks mutilated. What should he do?

My dad damaged his hand after hitting it with a hammer. His fingers are turning blue when he has them Down. When he lifts them they return to normal?

My daughter stabbed her hand by accident with a pencil and im not sure if the tip is still in her hand or if its dirty. Should i take her to hospital?

My finger got slammed in our metal screen door almost 2 months ago. I tried to secure the finger as much as I can but there is still a little swelling?

My finger got squashed by my car door its swollen and it's hot. Has a vein been broken?

My foot got slammed in a door and now there's a bump and my toes are very cold. What should I do?

My friends finger got slammed in the car door and it's been over 24 hours. She got a finger splint on her finger and she's wondering if that's good?Ty

My girlfriend jammed her finger in the car door and now the area under the nail is black. What should she do?

My locker door slammed on my finger, and now its red, hurts and might be swollen. What should i do?

My nail has turned black after i got it caught in a car door. Should i be worried?

My pinky is swollen and I didn't spring it or smash it. Could it be a hangnail? If so what do I need to do?

My sons pinky toe got slammed in our front door. It's bleeding and throbbing. What can I do for him?

My toddler has funny toes curling under! what can help!?

On warfarin and have shut my thumb in my car door no external bleeding but painful. Should i be worried?

Punching bag injury! any advice, what to do?

Slammed my thumb in a truck door about 3 or 4 weeks ago turned blue and gota needle and got the pressure and blood out and later started smelling bad?

Slammed pinkie in car door yesterday. I can bend my finger, but it's pink and bruised on the bottom and my fingernail has a dark purple splotch.isok??

Smashed thumb 5 days ago with car door. No pain now. Half of nail is black. Nail will fall off. How many days for the swelling to go down completely?

Smashed thumb with car door 5 days ago. Still swollen with some pressure. Not as painful now. Nail will fall off. How long for swelling to go down?

Some days ago,my Mom got her thumb smashed between the door of the car.She still feels a lot of pain in the thumb.What should she do to cure it?

The car door slammed into my thumb. So now I have bleeding under my skin. Do I just ice it?

Trapped finger in a door earlier, what do I do?

Two days ago i smashed my finger with the car door.It became swollen with dark pigment on my finger.Now my finger badly hurts.?Cover it as not to peel