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"Sprained" my big toe 2 months ago in soccer, and it instantly turned black and blue. Toe is still swollen and painful in spots. Is this normal?

1st a small toe joint, now side of index finger joint swollen and extremely itchy. Turns red first then purple then fades months later. Worst at night?

2 months ago I wore flats for 3hrs. I thought was a blister on the side of my foot under my pinky toe. It swelled & is now purplish. Is it a bunion?

23 yr old female, both feet feel swollen/tight but doesnt look swollen. Mother has/had hypothyroidism. Ingrown toenail on left foot (big toe)?

3 months ago I got a blister on my pinky toe, hiking. Now it is purple & hurts terribly if bumped. Is it really a blister and how should I treat it?

4 year old sons feel have an odor and he's big toe are raw and peeling?

A chair fell on my right foot 2 days ago and now my big toenail is very itchy around the cuticles and it looks cracked. Why is it so itchy?

A few days ago my right big toe started feeling tight and tingled and a big circle of skin formed under my toe. Its now black and blue but doesnt hurt?

A week ago my right big toe started to hurt so bad. I could barely walk on it. Since thanksgiving it has been, red, swollen and painful. Ingrown toe?

About 2wks ago saw derm 4 paronychia, squeezed pus from toe&antibiotics&soaks. There is still a lump on toe, red, &painful. What to do&what could it be?

All of a sudden my toe swelled up at the joint and the skin is tender?

Any tips for yellowish hard skin on heal of both feet and side of both big toes (what could I put on those areas?)

At the bottom of my big toe i had little bumps and it turn into a blister. And then the bumps came back and on another toe as well. What could this be?

At the very end of my big toe there's a red patch of skin and it has been hurting for a week or so when i walk or move it any ideas?

Big hard lump on top of foot numbness of big and second toe, hurts to touch above but not on lump do I wait it out or go to dr?

Big toe is a little red, peeling a bit/dry skin and a little swollen also nail looks to be cracking a bit? What to do and what is wrong?

Big toe is peeling badly. The middle of toe is pink and towards the edges there is more skin than in the middle. I put on lotion but its not fixing it?

Big toe is red. Very tender &painful. Only painful below nail bed. Can feel a lump a little before the nail bed. What to do and what could it be?

Big toe is slightly red and it extends to about an inch to the foot. Only on left foot. Does not burn or itch and it seems to be more red in shoes.

Big toe swollen, slightly painful & red after dropping book on it. Will it heal?

Big toe swollen, slightly painful & red at both sides of the toenail?

Big toe very sensitive, painful, swollen and red..Broken?

Big toe was bleeding and had puss coming now. Now it is swollen, and swore whenever you touch it or walk. What is the problem? How can it be fixed?

Both big toes and nails turn purple at times and numb on the outer sides ofthem.

Both my big toes are swollen and painful when I touch them. They are also red and hurt even when I put a sock on. What could this be?

Both my pinky toes have been sore and red for days and it's very uncomfortable could this be an infection ?

Both of my little toes are red and swollen is there anything at home I can do?

Bottom of toes red and swollen?

Bottoms of my big toes turn white when I take my boots off & turn purple like they're bruised. My toes are tender around the discoloring with numbness?

Broken big toe and red, is it infected?

Bump in between your toe, is this normal?

Can a medicine for pain cause blisters on tip of toes, not top but tip of toes?

Can anyone tell me what causes red inflamed toes?

Can anyone tell me what causes red swollen painful big toe that has no trauma?

Can shoes cause lumps on feet? Have a painful and slightly bruised lump under my big toe but haven't hurt it.

Can you tell me about this bump on the side of my middle toe?

Can you tell me if on my right big toe on the bottom left of my toenail it is a creamy white and it hurts if something touches/puts pressure on it. what is it?

DIP joint of big toe red and swollen, third time in 3 months, last for 2 weeks but doesnt heal 100% and keeps coming back, urid acid OK. Xray Ok?

Distinct cracking on the bottom of big toes. Very irritated and itchy. Swellings on top and side of toes. Yellowing of the nails. What is it?

Every winter I encounter a nail-like sharp pain at the bottom of my left foot, located somewhere below my small toe. My toes become hot, itchy & red.

For a month, the front of my big toe has been extremely sensitive. For two days, the front and side of my toe nail is visibly red. What should I do?

For about a year the 2nd, 3rd, & 4th toes on both feet are red, swollen, & tender. No injury or other skin issues.What could this be?

For about two weeks now, I've noticed a slowly increasing pain at the base of my big toe nail and the area is red and slightly swollen. What is it?

For what reasons might the inside of my big toe joint itch?

Got these red spots on my toes with lots of itching and burning sensations. Big toe nails look yellowish, slightly brownish at the front edges.

Had a bad ingrown nail on my big toe, got a pedi.. Now my big toe is swelling, painful, and i think I have pus coming out from were the skin. Pls help?

Had a red spot under thumb nail , now it's growing out from under my nail like a blister and is very painful and bleeds if bumped. What could this be?

Had big toenail removed 2 months ago. Yesterday I wore closed toe shoes for the first time. Today big toe is red and swollen at top of toe. Any ideas?

Had ingrown toenails cauterized a month ago. Half of toenail is yellow now and whole toe is purple/swollen. Painful and tender to the touch. Plz help!

Had surgery on ankle. 1 screw inside growth plate. Big bump that hurts on scar. Bump is red and swollen causing the whole ankle to be swollen.

Hard painful bump under big toe what is it?

Hard skin on little toe, hurts, shoe hurts too?

Hard, itchy, bump on pinky toe, is this a callus?

Have a non-itchy rash on my big toe?

Have a rather large reddish blotch on big toenail, hurts when any pressure is applied?

Have a small, light brown spot on the bottom right of my big toenail. Recently worn tight boots. Toe doesn't hurt at all if pressed. fungus or bruise?

Have a soft purple lump on my 2nd toe. A little painful. Been there a long time.

Have an in-grown toe nail that cut through my skin. Puss is now coming out and my toe is red and swollen. What kind if self-care can I do?

Have little brown spots on the tips of both big toes and a couple on actual bottom of feet that have never been there before. What could this be?

Hello The tip of my 2nd toe is painful and there are very tiny black dots on the tip. The nail is fine?

Hello , I have a clear hard bump under my toe nail and I don't know what it is?

Hello my big toe is very swollen and red on the left side? What do I do

Help I have blistered my toes and they are really hurting. What do you advise?

Help. My nail (on the side) is swollen. I suspect paronychia. What should i do? It hurts a lot.

Her foot on the side is red itchy and hurts also her finger tip sometimes does the same thing what is that?

Hey, I have a purple bump under skin at the base of my pinky toe where it connects to the main part of my foot.It feels fleshy and tender to the touch?

Hi doctor i have Painful, red and swollen nail fold (paronychia) on right thumb can you please help me to get rid of this nail abnormality?

Hi dr i have a toe that is a little swollin and causes pain when its touched. I believe it might be a ingrown toe nail or blister.

Hi I have a lump in my 2nd toe on left foot for 2 days my toe is swollen red and its painful what could it be ?

Hi my toe is turning purple inside the nail in the corner what can that be? It hurts to touch it

Hi, last week i jammed/crushed the very end/tip of my big toe. Severe pain and swelling right away.Tip has hard bump red/white increased swelling/pain?

Hi. i have reynaud's in my fingers and toes. at night my toes get very itchy and painful- this keeps me up at night. is there anything i can do to ?

His little toe is very swollen, red and painful. He works outdoors in the cold but can't remember banging it at any time to cause injury. ?

How can I make my toe look swollen?

How may I cure what appears to be a red and swollen big toe , it isn't numb, but hurts ?

How to treat a swollen, itchy big toe?

I always have a severe itch on the tips of my big toes and thumbs. What can I do?

I am diabetic and for the last month started have my toes go red and warm to touch and very painful 1 toe more than the other? Only the tips hurt? Why

I am experiencing big toe swelling and it is full of puss around the nail ?

I am experiencing redness on my outter big toes and it's numb and a little painful ?

I am having bubble in my left leg big toe, its in red color, its not paining, its there for more than a month, could you please let me know is this harm?

I bite my nails today i bite my pinky nail a lil deep and the side of my pinky is red and hurts why?

I broke my toe that's next to my big toe just after Christmas, the X-ray showed it was in pieces at the end of my toe, it's still swollen, red, sore a?

I bumped my foot and the toe is swollen and blue will it heal on it sonw ?

I droped a hair dryer on my foot right under the big toe.. Looks a little bruise but hurts. Is it fractured?

I dropped a 60 pound log on my left big toe and now the nail is purple and the area just below the nail is red and swollen. is it broken?

I dropped a CO2 tank on my "ring" toe this morning and now it is swollen, purple and painful. Is it most likely broken? I have Psoriatic Arthritis.

I get a strange calluses on the tops of my big toes.?

I had a bug bit on my toe. Then a day after on the side of my other foot. Both were red and swollen. Now they're gone but 2 more shoes up?

I had a pedicure 3 days ago and now my toe is red and a little swollen. What can I do to treat this at home?

I have a hard bit on my big toe. It is sometimes sore. What is this? Think it is from rubbing with my socks

I have a big lump on my thumb around my nail which is causing a lot of pain, what should I do for this?

I have a big red bump on my big toe. What should I do to get rid of it.

I have a big red dot on my left toe, it itches, and hurts all the time. What is this? It has been on my left big toe for 2 years, now it is showing up on my right big toe! my mom and dad look at it but don't know what and they keep telling me we will go

I have a big white spot on my fingernail. It's only one my pinky finger. Is this bad?

I have a black painful sore between my toe. Its painful to walk.

I have a black spot on my big toe, right foot, under the nail, the size of a B-B. It does not hurt, not swollen, not reddish, not growing, after 1 wk.

I have a blister on my pinky toe that hurts real bad on the inner side. Its kind of swollen and red. ?

I have a blister on my toe that won't go away. Should i just ignore it?

I have a blister on the top of my pinkie toe that hasn't healed in a week. What should I do?