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My legs & feet; numb, weak & tingly. Painful to walk @rest, both feet throb then go"numb". Is this bc of the L2/L5/S1 fracture and DJD in my back.

25% of my big r toe has been numb for 3 wks.Its numb to touch, no pain & if i squeeze it, i get pins and needles.I'm 30 & have raynauds, shld i worry?

2numb toes. Random severe shootinpain for a yr.Thatslead to all my left toes going numblatest thingnow my toes sting after an episode of sheer pain.

2yrs off & on my toes will go numb & upper thigh. Big toe will b numb for wks, now forehead is partially numb eyelid droopy, is it B12 defiency?

3 Middle toes are numb all the time on one foot. Lot of pain in ball of foot when walking. Toes also go red and burn when very painful. Mri normal?

3 middle toes numb and tingly. Standing, pain in ball of foot and toes. Toes hurt when light pressure applied. Also they sting underneath on toes

41 year old male having toe swelling and pain after toes being cold?

59 year old woman. Tingling and slightly numb toes with discoloration. Feet are swollen. No discernible cause. Should we go to emergency room?

6mo post-op bunionectomy. Big toe is still a little swollen and the incision area is numb/tingly-I get same feeling up my leg as well (sometimes). ?

7/9 hrs on my feet at fast paced job...Tingling in left shoulder in back and tip of big toe is numb, can it just be that my shoes are just too small?

A couple days ago my big toe started tingling when I bend my foot up and exercises causing the tingling, what to do?

After a day of skiing in new boots, the left foot his numb. It is still numb after 2 weeks. What can we do?

After getting my tongue pierced I am numb on my toes and my left hip. Is there any correlation?

After wearing high heels out on the town for an evening, my girlfriends left middle toe has been numb for the last two days, should she be concerned?

Any ideas why my left leg feel ice cold and numb from halfway down my calf to my toes?

Back of my right toe is numb for no reason. What do you suggest?

Between my big toe and second toe goes numb + back problem?

Both big toes are numb but only half of them and the left foot,lower part of the leg is staring to be numb as well, this is the 3rd day, what to do?

Both big toes, on each foot, are slightly numb. Is this forecasting a more serious issue?

Both feet keep going numb. Starts in the toes then through out the entire foot. What could be the cause?

Both my feet went numb 2 nights ago. Lastnight only my right foot was numb tingly, & hurting. What could be the cause?

Both sides of my outer big toes are numb and have buring sensations. What might be the cause?

Bottom of R foot just below toes feels numb. Three middle toes are numb on right foot. Slightly swollen in that area. this is for my husband age 46

Broke my pinky toe 3 weeks ago, entire foot gets ice cold at random times ever since, sometimes with pain/tingling up to my knee. Is this serious?

Burning sensation in top of right foot by all toes lasts for 10 sec comes &goes. Told docror.not concerned.. Not diabetic .. What would cause this?

Can a cortisone shot cause numbness as since having 1 3 months ago my foot & toes go numb when i walk for more than 30min I have plantar fibromatomis?

Can dropped arches make your feet feel tingly?

Can you please discuss the condition called when you feel your toes are "magnetized"?

Could low back problems cause both feet to be numb and tingly?

Cut base of toe and top of foot. got stiches they healed fine but now down is kinda numb and tingling sometimes get pain in toe?

Daughter has a blister like under big toe top of toe feel numb for the past 3 days what could it be?

Discoloration and pain in big left toe I am diabetic?

Discomfort & burning down side of foot when touch/pressure on little toe for 1 yr. "interdigital nerve comp. of 2 smallest toes".What treatment?

Do i need to worry if feeling with some numbness at one side of my both big toes for 40 days?I wear open shoes&i stan.Up a lot?No back issues no swell

Do talus fractures cause your foot to tingle and go numb?

Does a callous on your fingertip go numb?

Does a local anesthesia injection to the bottom of toe/foot really hurt?

Dr Bansal I have fractured my grt toe. and the pain is becoming unbearable. my foot is going numb now.

Drunk+Xanax used rubber bands around ankles and put 85+ push pins in bottom of feet 4 3hrs. Days later Feet tingle tearing feeling when bent numb toe?

Feet have been swollen for three days, stand on them all day, and now they are going numb and tingly?

Flu shot 2 weeks ago;no weakness;off&on tingling fingers/toes but that's not new; ankles and tops of feel less feeling than shins but not numb. Sound ok?

Foot hurts still. It starts to go a little bit numb after a while. My toes feel numb the most. I didn't do anything to foot that I know of. Help?

For about 2weeks i can't feel my big toes, they are completely numbed if i touch them however i can move them but is spreading throughout my feet, why?

For the past 2 months my toe s on both feet tingling usually at night, what?

For the past few days, my left big toe has been tingling on and off. What could cause this?

For the past few weeks I've noticed that three of my toes on my left foot tingle and feel numb whenever I stand up. It lasts for only a few seconds. ?

For the past three to four months I've been experiencing numbness in the last three toes on my right foot daily for no reason? Should I be concerned?

Ganglionic cyst top of right foot saw dr. Tried to drain; couldn't. Now numbness in big toe and toe next to it. Some numbness on top also. Healthy, 43?

Had failed t12/l1 fixation 8 ┬Żyrs ago. I'm experiencing numb fingertips, toes and bum. Other times excruciating pain in thumbs and big toe. Any link?

Had IV in foot. Now last two toes have numb feeling on and off. How do i correct that?

Half of big toe is numb but the inside half is ok. Weird?

Have a numbness/tingling on my left foot on only the last 2 toes. Happened while I was lying down 10 minutes ago, hasnt gone away yet?

Have on and off again numbness in big toe since stubbing it this summer?

He bottoms of y pinkie and toe next to it come to a hardened point and seem numb. Is tis normalm?

Hello when i lay down on the sofa or bed .or when doing this with my partner my left foot and toes go numb or tingle.

Hello, the top of my foot feels tingly not really numb my toes and bottom of my foot feel normal only the top feels pins and needle tingly?

Hello. Numbness and occasional pin prick sensation on my second toe on my right foot. Highly localized, near tip of toe in area touching big toe,. ?

Hi there..The left tip of my right big toes feels weird...Like numbness wearing it off.....Its not all over just on the tip?

How many nerve endings are in the bottom of your feet?

I am 23 years old, my left "bigger toe" is tingly and numb. What could be the cause?

I am experiencing foot numbness and burning sensation. My plantar nerve was removed. Should half of my big toe be numb?

I am feeling less sensation in my right foot's toe(thumb), what could be the reason. What should I do?

I am slightly overweight, I have lots of floaters in my eyes, and my left big toe is slightly numb, do I have it?

I bought new shoes and sometimes my feet hurt and my toes go numb. I can't return them. What should I do?

I broke my foot a year ago and now im starting to get pains in the bottom of my foot and numbness what could it be?

I broke my toe 2 months ago and its healed up. Is it wierd for it to go numb every now and then?

I can't bend my big toe up,but there's no pain,and it also feels numb?

I feel a numbness in my fourth toe on the side next to the little finger what should i do and should i worry about it?

I feel needles poking me on top of both feet, (not numb!) I can't even wear shoes, it just started last night and this is the first time it's happened?

I feel numbness in my big toe. Is it normal?

I got a deep cut on the bottom of my foot and now one toe is numb. Is this due to a nerve injury?

I had a cyst removed from my 2nd toe 35years ago. Sometimes my toe feels numb and curls. Nerve damage?

I had a foot surgery and they put a pin in on my second toe.Now it feels really tighter and a bump is coming? Whatshould i do?

I had a pin put in my foot cuz of a liz frank feacture a yr ago I have numbing and pain what should I do?

I had a question what would cause indents on the bottom of my big toe? It happens when my foot sweats but goes away when it airs out

I had an epidural over a week ago and my left foot is completely numb still is that normal?

I had big toe fusion 20 days ago.He use 2titanium screws. My foot has a burning & numb feeling. Is the burning normal? I don't go back in for 2weeks.

I had to stand for eight hours straight at work. Afterwards my feet hurt really bad. feet got better, but my pinky toe is still knumb, how 2 cure it?

I hav numbness in my big toe and vs. In same ankle is it connected? Can I do anything about numbness?

I have a burning and numbness in the end of my big toe and down the outside?

I have a numbness of the little toe of the left foot for some days now.Please, can you tell me what may be the reason and what can I do?

I have a pulling sensation from top of foot down to big toe nail can feel it when I rub against the vein could it be a blood clot?

I have a stinging/prickly feeling in my left big toe each time i walk/put pressure on it. I have not been diagnosed with diabetes is there other cause?

I have a tight numb feeling right toe and pins and needles in my big toe and a little bit in my left foot right when i get up and walk a few steps.

I have a tingling numb feeling at the top of my big right toe, and there is a small blood clot on the far right corner?

I have always had recurring b/p but recently my two outside toes on both feet and the same fingers on both hands go numb and tingling. What 2 do?

I have been experiencing foot numbness for the past couple of weeks; not pins and needles but a numbness and my foot near my toes feels "fat". What could be the cause?

I have been feeling numbness on both of my big toes on the sides. This has been numb for a couple of weeks now. What do you think it could possibly be?

I have been wearing slightly tight shoes for five days since the third day My big toe feels partly numb and it has not stopped for 3 days what to do?

I have burning sensation in my big toe just below the nail. Why is it so and what should I do. Thank you?

I have buzzing feeling in my toe it goes away when I take my hand and put it around my toes and hold them ?

I have had a numb big toe for about 4 months now (i'm 18 year old female). There are no other symptoms at all. Numb from the last joint. Ideas?

I have had a numb left foot, right side from toe to half way down. Has lasted 2-3 months so far- anything to worry about?

I have had a numb second toe for around 2 months its not fully numb just feels a little different to the touch?

I have had a numb second toe on my left foot for over a month.I haven't damaged the toe but I have no feeling.I also have some aching in my leg?

I have had blue toes for going on 4 months I do not have diabetes. I have been to 4 doctors and they do not seemed concerned I have had pheripheral neuropathy in rght and left toes for 3 months.Now, it is only in my right toes and they are just sensitive

I have had bunnions for about 10 years now but my big toes seem to go numb now especially when I am on my feet. What do you think is causing it to g?

I have had on and off tingling pain and numbness in the legs and feet.when I sit my feet turn purple My cut hasnt healed in 3weeks do I have diabetes?

I have had partial numb. and tingle from big toe toward inside and halfway up right foot for 2 weeks. No trauma to foot, still feel some sensation, Y?

I have hydrocephalus once in a while my feet will go numb what's causes that?