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Is there any difference in bisoprolol fumerate and bisoprolol hemifumerate?

.1mg fludrocortisone for dysautonomia lowers potassium too much would half of that dose in morning and then at night stop it dropping as much?

1 wk w/severe headache dr. Says stress and hbp gave me ibuprofen 600 mg and taking inderal (propranolol) 10mg 2x/day for hbp. Should i go to er? Hist: tachy hbp

17 yrs old on inderal (propranolol) for bp. Feet swell every now and then. Is this ok?

27 yr female normal BP put on methazmiazole for Graves. Now BP 139/93 pulse 87. Should she be put on beta blockers, change meds or decrease dosage?

29/f resting heart rate is always around 100-102. What could cause this? I am on Xanax (alprazolam) t/d .5 mg and Zoloft 50mg. Not overweight. Little exercise.

38 yr old female with history of inappropriate tachycardia. Take 200 Mg Toprol (metoprolol) Xl and Digoxin 0.125 Mg daily. Are bp's of 118/92 hr 102, 118/94 hr 104 bad?

48 year female on inderal (propranolol) fore skipped beats.My dr says i can take my fish oil.Is it safe to do so.My pharmacy says its ok.My BP is 111/70 pulse 70?

48 year old female on inderal (propranolol) 2 times a day 10 mg.Im tired and dizzy some times.I take my BP and its normal.Dr put me on it fore skipped beats.Why?

51 year old female.dr wants me off 10 mg inderal (propranolol) cold turkey because of a reaction.will this low dose cause a problem. Been on it a year.

6/24/13 began taking generic prinzide/zestoretic started having leg cramps every morning and what i think are palps should I worry? Hist: hbp tachy

80 mg propranolol ER vs propranolol. Which is best for long term BP control, anxiaty, and angina.

After takink nebivolol my BP is 110/80?

After two days since I take Cozaar (losartan) for hypertension I felt depressed, can this be related?

Age-56 M. On hctz and toprol xl app 6 yrs. BP WAS controlled on this, but Dr visit today 156/102. Added Cozaar. How soon can I expect a reduction?

Alcohol is a vasodilator and midodrine vasoconstrictor, if you took both which would win and how do you know?

Allergic to toprol (metoprolol). Can i take lopressor?

Am taking sotalol , amiodarone &. Sertraline .. Symptoms : low BP .. Low pulse .. Sometimes shortness of breath .. Weak?

Amitriptyline&trazodon cause high BP I am on atenolol 62.5mg but still high BP amitriptiline for nerve pain& trazodon for sleep.causes? I'm fit &young

Any uses for sotalol?

Are propranolol and Sectral (acebutolol) both anti-arrhythmic?

Are there any drug interaction with inderal (propranolol) and diphenhydramine?

Are there any thyroid conditions where inderal (propranolol) should NOT be used?

Asthma bad since using bystolic (nebivolol). Only beta blocker not allergic to. Should i continue the bystolic (nebivolol)? Bp was 200/120 now its only 131/66. Renal pt.

Atenolol 25mg a day doesn't stop my flushing episodes why?

Been on Metoprolol 25mg for a half year. My BP went back to 120/70 from 150/110, is it OK to switch to Clonidine which may help with my ADD too?

Been on Metoprolol 25mg for hypertension for 6 months. My blood pressure is now back to normal. Can I stop taking it? Do I have to taper it off?

Been on toprol (metoprolol) for 8 months. Broke out in rash all over body 2 months ago. Still comes & goes & never fully cleared up. Could it be from toprol (metoprolol)?

Been taking benicar hct for years and went to doctor 2 weeks ago & prescribed metoprolol 12.5 mg because bp was elevated, how can i come off this?

Been taking chlorthalidone for BP nw taking Xanax (alprazolam) .5 2x day. See a great improvement n BP but nw my pulse is 92. Is this a side effect of Xanax (alprazolam) ?

Been taking metoprolol tart 25mg once a day for 3 weeks because of 90+ bpm. Now down to my normal, which is 80 bpm. Do i need a tapering schedule?

Bisoprolol 5mg or Propranolol 40mg which has the least side effects I am med sensitive for anxiety and mild bp drop?

Blood pressure 137/81 pulse 65 what does this mean I still have to take my remeron (mirtazapine) 45 mg to sleep is it ok?

Blood pressure is 190/105. I'm on Lossartan @100mg. I start Metoprolol tonight @100mg. Is this to high a dose? What should I do??

Blood test show creatinine @ 1.13/GFR 58L; was on norvasc/spironolactone/metoprolol 1yr w/no BP improve;cut spiro and meto;now take Norvasc (amlodipine) 5mg 2x day; BP117/74. Change of meds cause creat to rise?

Bp 114/86 pulse 64 Taking Atenolol 50mg/day. Dr lowered Atenolol to 25mg/day and added Norvasc (amlodipine) 5mg to increase pulse rate. How do these two melds work?

Bp 150/80 pr 84/min. Time checked 11:00am had taken losartan 25mg. At 8:00am, last night taking aspirin 75mg. And atorvastatin 25mg. ?

BP 179/94 Pulse ok.... I'm 77 years old and have had stents put in. I take lisinopril and metoprolol tartrate.

BP is 97/77. Cut Ativan and Norco in half to help, not helping. Been taking Toprol (metoprolol) 50mg for years. Then at night it goes back to normal. Why???!?!

Brief random pains in the back if head? I have allergies, am taking ativan and toprol (metoprolol) xl.

Bystolic tapering from 5 mg. Only on it for 4 months for sinus tacky/adrenaline. How to do it right?

Can beta blockers cause swelling in nose & head pressure after u stopped taking it?

Can bystolic (nebivolol) help with anxiety?

Can extreme anxiety prevent high BP meds from working properly? I take losartan & propranolol & my BP is still elevated.

Can i change from Propranolol 40mg to a derivative Betalol 40mg as i have run out of propranolol and am away in Thailand only sell 10mg Propranolol?

Can i come off propranolol 20mg at night per day. i am taking it to control anxiety and blood pressure. been on it for 10weeks now.bp 122/80?

Can i Drink alcohol in moderation while on losartan and betapace (sotalol)? Someone said it can bottom out BP. True? Also take Zoloft

Can I live a full life as long as I control my high bp? 19, female. Anxiety and Stage 1 hbp. Prozac (fluoxetine) and metoprolol tartrate. Will I die young?

Can I take Sudafed PE Pressure and pain if I take Atenolol 25mg for fast heart rate? I have a sinus headache and pressure..

Can inderal (propranolol) and atenolol be taken at the same time?

Can lebetalol be taken with atenolol?

Can lopressor (metoprolol tartrate) cause headaches?

Can metoprol 50mg be taken with clonidine 0.1mg & lisinopril 20-12.5? My pulse tends to go up at times.

Can metoprolol cause pvc?

Can metoprolol tartrate 50 mg be used with Norvasc (amlodipine) 5mg tablet?

Can midodrine cause a stroke if you take midodrine before bed at nite?

Can nadolol cause cold feet? Never had this till recently been on nadolol for 5 months 10mg twice a day for heart rate

Can one of my meds can be causing my nose to bleed norpace (disopyramide) or acebutolol or midodrine or Fludrocortisone or can just be dry air?

Can ramipril 5 mg cause palpitation as my mom is also on ramipril.This was added just recently. Help?

Can toprol (metoprolol) and levothyroxin cause nausea and dizziness?

Can trentol & dilizem lower the pulse.Dad on metformin,glimperide & sitagliptin aswell.Were added by his dr to better his circulation.pulse now 64.thx?

Can you breast feed while you are on 10mg of nadolol. I know some betas you can. Is this one of them.

Can you combine metoprolol tartrate and lisinopril?

Can you smoke marijuana moderately for recreation while taking 10mg bystolic (nebivolol) and 2.5mg amlodipine ?

Can you suddenly come off Atacand if bp has been normal? or must you wean? Was used for migraines, now cured. Safe to stop candesartan abruptly?

Can you take anxiey meds buspar (buspirone) with the high blood pressure meds lispornal.

Can you take lisinipril and lopressor (metoprolol tartrate) at the same time?

Can you take plavix with lopressor (metoprolol tartrate)?

Can you take triple action virility while on BP meds hyzarr and atenolol?

Can you tell me about any drug interaction with inderal (propranolol) and diphenhydramine?

Can you tell me how inderal (propranolol) benefit thyrotoxicosis?

Can you tell me if atenolol causes photosensitivity?

Can you tell me if the medication metoprolol and metoprolol tartrate are the same?

Can't take toprol XL because the acid base bothers my bladder but regular metoprolol isn't controlling my high tachycardia well. Any other options?

Cant find blood preesure meds to agree took toprol (metoprolol) xl, cardizem , lisinpril getting frustrated taking 5mg Norvasc but it cause heart rate to raise , ?

Cardizem or tiazac (diltiazem) --are both good?

Cause of BP spikes, dizziness, strange turpentine smells, take 3 BP meds, a. Besolate, lisinopril 30 mgs. Welchol 625mgs, Synthroid (thyroxine) 88mcg's, aspirin, ?

Checked BP twice today was 104/71 then 110/76 is this too low or considered normal. Am taking 25mg chlorthalidone daily & .5 mg Xanax (alprazolam) daily?

Ckd patient on prednisone; HBP goes up to 180 only at night after bystolic (nebivolol). Cant switch to coreg due to pulm. concern and labetelol for sugar. Ideas?

CONFUSED...started bystolic (nebivolol) now dr wants to switch to propanolol due to hi BP drivin by anxiety? Good choice/bad choice? Or will i even know?

Could hyzaar (losartan and hydrocholorthiazide) and betaloc be causing me to feel sick, dizzy and have a flushed face?

Could I take amlodipine besylate and metoprolol tartrate at the same time?

Could you take kalms with inderal (propranolol) la?

Coversyl 8mgs for 6 years. Adalat (nifedipine) ER added recently. was wondering if high BP u could have visual disturbances vision. thanks.

Creatinine is 1.13 & GFR 58L. Is this high? BP is controlled with 5mg Norvasc (amlodipine) 2xday.Stopped spironolactone&metoprolol because it did not improve BP.

Currently on Bupropion 200mg + Prozac 40mg. Is adding Clonidine (to treat anxiety + slightly high blood pressure) a good idea?

Currently take 360mg verapamil and 50 mg atenolol for palpitations? 37 year old female, weight 127. I feel dizzy alot. Could it be the medication

Dentist prescribed penicillin vk 500mg for multiple tooth abscess. Will the potassium lower my BP too low? I take zoloft, (sertraline) clonapin, and carvedilol.

Do you need a prescription for Tenormin (atenolol)?

Doc changed my bystolic (nebivolol) to vasotec, now have roaring in ears. Appt w/ doc in 3 wks, what to do in meantime? Beta blockers have always worked better.

Doc said stop 12.5mg of metoperlol because making heart beat to slow. Should it be replaced with another BP med? Also take 10mg ramipril, 10mg Lexapro (escitalopram)

Docs are switching me from toprol (metoprolol) XL 12.5 to propranolol ER 60mgs and i'm worried my BP and pulse will drop to low? Mission is to help w anxiety.

Does atenolol cause svt?

Does benazpril cause the jitters?

Does bisoprolol 1.25mg stop vasodilation?

Does bisoprolol 5mg cause drowsiness?

Does having high blood pressure and sinus tachycardia interfere with my ability to get a tattoo or piercing? I'm on toprol (metoprolol) xl

Does metoprolol tartrate interact with grapefruit?

Does metoprolol tartrate interreact with grapefruit?

Does propranolol or toprol (metoprolol) XR shorten life in patients with tachycardia? I'm 18 and on toprol (metoprolol). Doc wants me on propranolol now