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89 yr old has dementia. On inderal (propranolol) for irregular heartbeat (10 mg daily). Would switch to another beta blocker ease her dementia symptoms?

A flutter treatment? Is a blood thinner needed? Or will low dose beta blocker suffice?

After all the bad publicity are beta blockers still prescribed for heart disease?

After having a aorta repair of the heart I was put on beta blockers. It is now safe to stop the beta blockers?

Antidote for beta blocker overdose?

Any alternatives to beta blockers to help with palpitations . Can not take beta blockers because of bradycardia.

Are beta blockers a good treatment choice for mild cardiomyopathy?

Are beta blockers alone effective in vasodilation around the heart or is combination therapy neccessary, i.e. ace-inhibitors, calcium blockers, etc?

Are beta blockers effective for treating heperemesis?

Are beta blockers safe to use for sinus tachycardia?

Are beta blockers used in critical care to treat hearts?

Are beta blockers used to treat both stable and unstable angina?

Are there any beta blockers that are safe during pregnancy?

Are there any other medications apart from ß-blockers that can treat supraventricular tachycardia?

Are there sny over-the-counter potassium-channel blockers?

Are there tests to confirm the doctor's diagnosis of calcium channel blocker overdose?

Been on 10mg propranolol beta blocker for 6 weeks 1 a day for anxiety. Can i just stop taking them? Or do I go down to 5mg?

Been on bisoprolol beta blocker one month this is only lifestyle change getting leg cramp often could it be b blocker or what do I take supplementary?

Been on Propranolol 20 mg 2 x daily for Wolff Parkinson white syndrome. Everyone tells me it's unsafe to take beta blocker for WPW? Is this true?

Before holter monitoring, should you stop your beta blocker for the 24 hours prior to and during the test?

Benefits of the selective beta blocker toprol (metoprolol) for heart failure/ cardiomyopathy?

Besides beta blockers what other types of medicine is prescribed for heart palpitations ?

Beta blocker overdose fatal?

Beta blocker with diuretic (timolide 10/25)--was it ever used in pregnancy?

Beta blocker with diuretic (timolide 10/25)--whats the use?

Beta blockers 10mg....Will i be taking them for the rest of my life?

Beta blockers for anxiety/migraines, does this work?

Beta blockers& sweating, bb &depression, please explain.Alternative option for bb for adep adverse effects such anxiety& sweating, regards kind dr. S

Beta-blockers(beta-adrenergic blocking agents) are frequently used for what?

Breast feeding while taking beta blocker?

Calcium channel blockers or other med for frequent pvc's, what do you recommend?

Can a beta blocker damage the heart?

Can a beta blocker mess with your sinuses.

Can alpha blockers help with sleep?

Can atenolol cause anxiety?I feel like it does and I've been on it for anxiety and tachy 50mg for the last 10 months. Other beta blockers?

Can beta blocker be taken for prinzmetals angina if an alpha blocker is added, so there isnt any vasospasm potential? Want off my CCB (side effects)

Can beta blocker CCB medicine such as amlodipine causes or aggravate acid re flux. Which class of BP is best for acid sufferers.

Can beta blockers atenolol make me have high triglycerides?

Can beta blockers be taken long term for anxiety and palps when cardio has ruled heat is ok?

Can beta blockers cause atrial fibrillation instead of preventing it? Help please?

Can beta blockers cause intraventricular conduction delay?

Can beta blockers cause non allergic rhinitis ?

Can beta blockers help or hurt your heart?

Can beta blockers such as propranolol or toprol (metoprolol) help prevent ventricular fibrillation in susceptible individuals?

Can bisoprolol be used for hyperthyroidism?

Can bisoprolol be used for performance anxiety in a similar fashion to propranolol?

Can diltiazem cause the same anxiety that beta blockers potentially can?

Can hawthorn berry be taken with beta blockers?

Can I excercise taking beta blockers?

Can i manage af by avoiding triggers without beta blockers?

Can I take 40mg of propanolo with wellbutrin 150mg? The beta blocker is for interview nerves

Can i take a beta blocker as needed for palpitations? If so, which one is better? Metoprolol or bisoprolol?

Can I take a fat blocker with benefits?

Can I take a lemsip while on beta blockers . I last had a beta blocker yest morning 20mg . Have been prescribed them for anxiety?

Can I take beta blocker if I have asthma ?

Can lisinopril have the benefit of lowering a heart rate even though it may not be as effective as a beta blocker?

Can losartan(atii rec. Blocker) reduce cortisol and norepinephrine?

Can people with hr in 30s 40s in sleep take beta blockers? And if they have low during day what is the difference?

Can sodium channel blockers treat tinnitus or hyperacusis?

Can someone take beta blocker medications if they also have asthma?

Can stopping cholesterol pill be as dangerous as stopping a beta blocker?

Can sudden stoppage of beta blockers (primidone) cause urinary symptoms?

Can taking beta blockers for a year be cause an irregular heartbeat?

Can the rebound effects of alpha1 blockers also include anxiety?

Can the side effects of a beta blocker continue after 8 hours?

Can you die from beta blocker over dose and how much would it take and how long?

Can you die from beta blocker overdose?

Can you do stretching in gym normally with beta blockers and trimetazidini dihydrocloridum, against tension in heart?

Can you give me suggestions if I have problems after taking a beta blocker?

Can you reach 85% od your max heart rate while on the beta blocker inderal (propranolol) ?

Can you take a beta blocker for anxiety?

Can you take beta blockers when you have hemophilia ?

Can you tell me commonly prescribed calcium channel blocker recommended by aha?

Can you tell me how beta blockers reduce the heart rate?

Can you tell me how do beta blockers reduce the heart rate?

Can you tell me if my doctor will prescribe me beta blockers for anxiety?

Can you tell me propranolol (versus nadolol, which cannot). what would be the possible applications for this?

Choices For Sinus Tachycardia Bisoprolol or Propranolol ?Tolerate both but bisoprolol is Cardioselective and metabolized in liver B12 Depletion?

Constant awareness of pulse & beta blockers, what do you suggest?

Could anyone help me with low BP and beta blockers?

Could beta blockers treat anxiety?

Could fluxotime and or beta blockers kill you?

Could i take painkillers with propanolol (beta blockers)?

Could people taking beta blockers drink moderately?

Could reducing dose of non-selective beta blocker cause insulin surge while still blocking compensatory sugar control and induce hypoglycemic shock?

Could sodium channel blockers help w/ angina and vasoconstriction? I Read about Ranolazine, sounds promising for angina, any experience? Vasodilation?

Dear doc, is cod liver oil safe to take with: 1. bp meds (beta blockers, calcium channel blockers) 2. proton pump inhibitors & 3. VitD3 supplements?

Decrease in fetal movement after starting a beta blocker?

Diabetic on insuline and beta blocker and amlor suffering of weak erection any help?

Do anti arrhythmic drugs work on sinus tachycardia?

Do any beta blockers act on Central Nervous System? Labetalol, Propranalol? What about Alpha-1 blockers?

Do beta blockers affect erectile dysfuntion?

Do beta blockers cause elevated body temp?

Do beta blockers help to cure pulsatile tinnitus ?

Do beta blockers help with occasional pvcs and pacs?

Do beta blockers like nadolol (corgard) really decrease the effect of the albuterol treatment for asthma?

Do beta blockers like nadolol really lessen the effects of the albuterol for asthma patients?

Do beta blockers like toprol (metoprolol) have an affect on make sex drive or potency?

Do beta blockers low dose effective ?

Do beta blockers prevent ectopic heart beats?