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Can I have two glasses of orange juice while I am taking 8 mg Perindopril ACE inhibitor and 10 mg of bisoprolol beta blocker daily for hypertension.

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Can u explain what alpha1 is ?

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Can you please explain how hbp medication such as CCB causes GERD and acid reflux. Would beta blocker such as bystolic (nebivolol) causes less GERD than ccb?

Can you tell me about drugs known as beta blockers?

Can you tell me about loop diuretics, analgesices, atb, arbs, ccbs, ACE inhibitors etc?

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Difference of Verapamil & Diltiazem? Does Diltiazem cause more Vasodilation? "an intermediate class between phenylalkylamine and dihydropyridines"???

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Do you know if amlodipine besylate is a diuretic or a calcium channel blocker?

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Explain the problem of a calcium channel blocker overdose.?

Help can bezafibrate belong to beta-blockers?

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Hi is it ok to have nabistart(beta blocker) for BP & tinnex(calcium blocker) for tinnitus at the same time. help?

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How do beta blockers work?

How do beta-blockers work ?

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How much beta carotene do you need?

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I have been prescribed beta blockers, what are these?

I'm on warfarin and flecainide. Why should flecainide should always be used in conjunction with a beta blocker or a calcium channel blocker?

If I am on a beta blocker for adrenaline, will cocaine affect the beta blocker?

If I am taking a calcium channel blocker for raynaud's and a beta blocker for migraines, does that defeat the purpose of taking the calcium channel blocker?

If you have tachycardia and hypertension together, do you need a beta blocker or a calcium channel blocker?

Is Aleve (naproxen) a calcium channel blocker?

Is altace a beta blocker?

Is amlodipine a beta blocker?

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Is atacand (candesartan) a calcium blocker?

Is atacand (candesartan) a calcium channel blocker?

Is atenelol an ACE inhibitor ?

Is Atenolol a good beta blocker?

Is atenolol an ACE inhibitor?

Is avapro (irbesartan) a beta blocker?

Is Benicar (olmesartan) a calcium channel blocker?

Is Cardura (doxazosin) a reasonable second BP drug with Lisinopril when CCBs, diuretics, beta blockers are not well tolerated? Also on B-agonists for asthma.

Is cilindipine 5 mg a calcium channel blocker or beta blocker. Does it have any effect on lowering heart rate?

Is clopidogrel a beta blocker in any way?

Is coreg (carvedilol) an alpha beta blocker?

Is coveram 10/10 mg. Is a beta blocker?(contain pernindropil & amlodipin)

Is enalapril a beta blocker?

Is enalapril maleate a beta blocker?

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Is isosorbide mononitrate a beta blocker?

Is it normal to have heart burn after taking calcium channel blocker 2nd day with ACE inhibitor?

Is lidocaine a sodium channel blocker?

Is lisinopril a calcium blocker?

Is lisinopril a calcium channel blocker?

Is lisinopril a calcium-channel blocker?

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Is metaprolol an ACE inhibitor?

Is prescription losartan potassium a beta blocker?

Is stanozolol a beta receptor antagonist?

Is there any calcium channel blockers that doesn't cause impotence (ed) & have an antiarythmatic instead of diltiazem, verapamil. These 2 cause (ed)?

Is there calcium channel blockers in the medication benicar (olmesartan) thanks ?

Is unstable angina controlled by just a beta blocker? Or does it need a combination of beta, ace-inhibitors, calcium blockers, or other?

Is vasotec (enalapril) a beta blocker?

Metropolol and now coreg (carvedilol)...Sinus issues...Why do beta blockers cause this ....Any suggestions as to one that may not?

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Need expert help here. What are beta blockers medication?

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