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I have a large mass or lump that goes from my gum line up about 4 cm on the side of my nose. Its about 1 cm wide. Kinda hard not movable. Any idea.

Banged my cheekbone 8 weeks ago and still have a very small lump and quite tender. Saw doctor after 4 weeks said to let it just healI?

Have a small lump thats o my collor bone and its green?

I have a hard lump, about 1inch long by a 1/2 wide on my stomach. It is tender to the touch & red color larger than the lump. What could it be?

Should a moderate bruise to the testicle (not serious, but not really light either) cause any sort of size reduction(even a little) or atrophy?

10 month old baby has small bumps with small red surrounding dime sized that disappear within about 30 min to 1h and reappear in varying areas?

13 month old is uncircumcised. He has a hard, bright red bump on his left testicle. Doesn't seem to cause him any pain or discomfort, should I worry?

13 y/o daughter in spot between collar bones a little higher is painful when she coughs or looks up not when pushed on or heavy breathing. Cancer???!!

16m yr old, swollen glands un ear, both, lil hard painless was just one now both slow grow normal behavior sec time this happened?

19 yr female.Painful, small, lump under the surface of the skin in armpit. Has been recurring. Lasts for a little over a week, comes every couple mont?

2 hard and small cysts found on the back of my ear lobe. Same size since found.Does not hurt until i rub them very hard. No other symptoms. Need help?

2 hard lumps on groin told was cyst 1 has grown 1 a purple colour, extreme fatigue & weakness and pellet like stool over 3 months& frequent infection?

2 large lumps on my head. The one on top has become very soft. Should I be concerned?

2 painless moveable hard lumps under skin under right side of my chin. Doc said not to worry but what could they be? Not sick either.

2 to 3mm small painless soft bump on uvula. Mucosa is intact and color is same as surrounding. Since two weeks..Causes ?

2 weeks ago i developed a small hard lump (about .3 inch) on my face under my eye, where my glasses sit. What could it be, and should I be worried?

2 weeks with swollen, extremely painful, non-visible, quarter-sized lump inside/to the left of anus. Hurts to sit etc, bloody discharge all day.Cause?

2 year old with chicken pox has hard, moveable lumps under the skin at the back of the scalp. Hard, pea-marble sized and moveable.

2 yr. ganglion cyst 1 in. from left superior medial wrist. 5 month bright red 1/4 in. painless spot on cyst often fades/returns. Blemish?

21y/o female have a nodule like thing under one armpit,hardly noticed, little tender . pencil rubber size and hardly elevated, no family history??/?

25 Male with soft lump on the roof of mouth- diameter 4mm, has dark spot on it(like blood clot). earlier had repeated salivary cysts on same place.

25 yr male.For 2 years have small 3 millimetre flesh colored round,firm lump inside lower lip.It hasn't really seemed to grow.Cancer or simple fibroma?

29f few bumps in nose. Have grown into large white masses over a week. Swollen lymph, small patchy rashes, lower back pain. Should I be seen?

3 small, painless, moveable lumps on my bottom gum on the inside, had them quiet a while my mum said it could just be normal, i'm only 17 will i die:(?

3 weeks ago my 1 year old daughter had shots, which caused a solid small bump inside in area where she had injection, what should i do? Its been 3 wk

3yr old has hard lump underneath jaw has been there for 5wks now what is this?

4 weeks now I've been getting bruises very easily & they seem to heal slower than usual. Also found three sensitive lumps in my neck.

5 other gynecologist confirm I have chronic ingrown hairs.I have hard, large & tender lumps under the skin even bleeding.Any medicines that can help?

5yr old daughter has a hard painless lump on the back of her hand?

60 min ago I found a single bump on my groin, above my shaft. It's sore, but it doesn't have any fluid. I feel great otherwise. What could it be?

A feeling of liquid beneath a large bruise is an indication of what?

A few days ago i discovered a pea-size round hard lump behind my left ear at the bottom, it does not hurt, non movable and solid. What could it be?

A hard small moveable lump is located on top of a natural bump from the skull. Smaller than a 5p coin, but is quite hard. What is this?

A large black painful sore with a small deep hole another hole starting above it located in butt crack thought when first felt irritation last night was from sweating looked at it tonight saw large black area skin over it white and large deep hole the siz

A small bump on left bone hip, around 2 × 1cm, its hurt when get touch (only hurt on the bump not else), it appeared about 5 dys ago, cancer / tumor ?

A Small dime sized swelling on my urethral opening. No pain or irritation. when I look with a mirror I can clearly see it. Is this normal?

A small hard round thing about 3mm inside left earlobe right next to my 10 year old piercing. Sometimes painful. :-(?

About a month ago i discovered hard skin that goes in a thin line under my vaginal lips its not painful at all but now on the other side too. Help?

About a week ago I found that I had a lump about an inch below the tip of my pelvis. I also have found blood in my poo and have had a painful leg. ?

After pulling a ingrown hair out, why is the hard lump still there? It's not painful at all to touch just feels like a soft/hard lump that's long?

Age 53 post menopause Lump maybe 2 under right areola Hard fixed no pain Areola skin above them is very painful like inflammation not red or swollen.

Are lipomas hard and painful?

Are lipomas usually hard or soft?

Awhile ago, found a lump on my pelvic region, similar to a large pimple but under the skin. It's getting more painful, and is really hard to the touch?

Bad pain in wrist had a soft lump for months, now the lump is hard? You think i need surgery?

Black dots have been forming on testicles over a period of months, what are they? Should i be concerned? They aren't painful or tender, just there.

Bowel movement earlier was fairly painful. Wiped & noticed a painful lump on my rectum about half a pinky tip in size. Pretty sure it wasn't there b4?

Boyfriend has hard quarter sized hard lump on butt cheek.Launched, antibiotics, now has two lumps?

Bp has reduced the size and redness of my spot that lookslike a cyst with a small head like a nodule. Its still there, how long will BP do its job?

Bump in armpit, rounded, no pain just discomfort, no visible pus. Slightly red appearance. Almost 1.5 weeks unresolved. No success- clobeng cream. Dx?

Bump on hard palate near back..Could it be cancer?

Bump on my rectum? I am a 16 year old male, and today when i was in the shower, i felt a bump right by the opening of my rectum. It's bluish and about the size of a pea. It is not sore, and i haven't noticed anything unusual with my stool, or anything unu

Bump/quarter coin size inflammation/swelling on butt cheeks. Approximately 1 inch close to the anus. Feels liquid inside. Uncomfortable when sitting down. Been there for 72hours now.

Can a dental abscess bump be hard? Can it become smaller and larger throughout the day and cause some slight pain when waking up in the morning?

Can a large hiatal hernia develop a smal hard knot eel in the distended adbominal area that burns and is painful to gentle touch? Is this ok?

Can a mucocele be hard&firm?I have small 3mm lump inside lower lip,been there for 2 years,hasn't grown.Most mucoceles I have seen are soft. 25 yrs old

Can a small lump felt on the flank area be associated with kidney stones the lump is the size of a pee aprox?

Can ecchymosis occur after pressing skin on hard surface? I noticed two small bruises in less than a day consistent with how I lean against my counter

Can lipoma be hard or always soft?

Can you accurately describe what an moveable lump and unmoveable lump is? And how do i tell if the lump is hard or soft if it is under the skin?

Can you tell me if I have a lump that is painless on top of my eyelid for almost 3 months now, what to do?

Caruncle large sore hard lump at the base of neck?

Chance of Merkel Cell Carcinoma in 29yr old w/flesh like cyst on the lower eyelid (on the inside)that appeared 5 wks ago after a stye was in its place?

Cherry sized lump, left inside vaginal wall, no pain, after g spot, a little movable. Should i worry & stop having sex until solved?

Clogged sweat gland or lymphoma? Small painful lump in armpit, close to skin, slightly red. Remarkably smaller after a few days. No other symptoms.

Coughed up a piece of bloody tissue with vessels in it. (The size of a large grape) Pain in ribs with exhalation and sore throat . Any thoughts?

Could by forcing thing into your rectum cause it to have some large swelling appear . Similar to hemoriod?

Could I have a pilonidal cyst? I have a small, very painful and hard lump in my butt. You can't see it on the surface though.

Could I have strained the tonsil area from yelling because I have painful swallowing and My soft pallet has a bunch of blood spots? They aren't bleeding unless I irritate them somehow.

Cousin having bowel which at times hard & at times soft.At times its a lump which hurts and a drop of blood comes which is seen on tissue.He is 54yrs!

Diabetic painful fingertip warts and developing soft spot in front of head?

Dime-sized hard mass on mastoid process...Has been present for 3+ weeks. Not sure what it could be? A little sore at times when pressure applied. ?

Do genital warts hurt and do they grow quickly I have a UTI and am on antibiotics and noticed yesterday a few lumps and a growth near my anus, looks like a hemroid, i also have a large lump in my lymph area of my groin in my bikini line

Do I have an abscess? large lump on my wrist which is hard, the skin around is tight but not red and only occasionally it feels warm, also no head.

Do I have to be concern about a lump that I have under my scalp? Because, it's hurts. But is very hard, like a bone.

Do I need to worry about a small painless ulcer in the back of my cheek?

Do lipomas ever get to be very large and hard?

Do lymphoma affected nodes become soft if you poke or squeeze them enough?

Do syringomas have to be hard?

Does a breast cancer lump usually feel like a single ball or a small clump of balls?

Does fever cause bulge in soft spot?

Exactly one point on soft palate pops up, pains and itchy. It usually increase when I eat spicy/fried food. But exactly same point, small round shap.

Experience discomfort along panty like develop lump with small bister no bleeding and painless..had it before at the same area but is was a scab ?

Fast appearing lump (within one day), size of an egg, on the arm, not painful, no pain, nor warm. Any reason to worry?

Follow up to previous ques, have lentil size bump directly behind/under ear, deep inside skin. If a cyst how long until it goes away? Not neck cancer?

For a few days I've had a small, pinkish-red spot on my soft palate, near my uvula. Not painful, but I can feel it when I swallow. It's very irritating. I don't smoke, or drink, so I'm not sure if it could be cancer related. Minor fluctuation of size and

For about 2 months now, i have had a lump inside my throat. it is on the right side, fairly small, hard, and often times it is painful. is it a tumour?

For many months, I have had a small hard white cyst on the lateral punctum area of my upper eyelid. It is not irritated or infected. Who should I see?

For several months, have small lump below skin above collarbone (in the groove). It is kind of hard, nonmobile, and tender to mild pressure. No fever. Should I be concerned?

For the last 15 years i've been with hard boils on my buttocks they are large often blue and purple been on antibiotics and have not had any results?

Found a deer tick found on scrotum 2 days ago. The bite itself is a little bump. About an inch away is a painless, but large lump. Doctor or er?

Found a lump the size of a marble and it's causing pain when touched although you can't see it, it's on the nickel nicker line region. Any ideas?

Found a movable lump under the skin of upper portion of labia, 1-2 cm. It can not be seen from the outside but it can be felt if pressure is applied.

Found a small dot on my penis. Waited a few days and it has shrunk significantly but is still present. Located in pubic hair area, also painless

Found a tiny lump inside the back wall of my vagina, under the skin. After feeling it, it seemed to "dislodge" and move higher up. Cause for concern?

Found pencil eraser sized open sore on lbreast w/pus and blood but no pain. Half dollar sized swollen/raised/red around the open sore. What is this?

Found tiny BB sized lump on left clavicle, it moves, not painful. Have a dry cough, runny nose and canker so back of mouth. Should i worry?

Found two small bumps under my armpit, they do not feel sore unless i press on the smallest. I just gave birth a week ago. What are they?

Good evening. I've had a chronic head/neck skin infection since 6/2013, with painful swelling, abscess w/odd smelling fluid, tiny hard yellow grain?

Grandson has pimple-like outbreak behind one knee. Hard encapsulated. They are painful at times. What could this be?