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I'm a female that's still in school, for the past few months, I've had a small, seemingly immovable and painless bump on my lowerback, near my spine.

32 Yr F. w visible abdom. swelling under R side of ribcage w occasional sharp pain. Feels small little lumps possibly Lipomas.Any ideas?

I found a small lump on the back of my necknin the right side and ut us painless but im convernee about what it could really be.

I got a shot of amoxicillin last week and there is still a large lump under my skin, but now there is another lump growing. What is going on?

i have a small pea sized lump above my eyebrow near the temple. It is painless and has been there 2 yrs. the skin moves over it and it's painless.

My daughter 4 years old and she has a lump where her carotids are, should i be worried?

urinating dark brown for about 3 weeks now and now I have a very hard tender pea Size lump knot behind my right ear lobe 2 cm in towaRds my spine?

(FEM) Large Lump like Peas left breast, right side has small too 12 months now moves around slightly and tender no swollen lymphnode under armpit?

(My 5 y/o) a few days ago I noticed this hard lump in the middle of his chest. He has a hard time eating as is and has lost 3-4lbs in less than 2mos ?

1 large swollen lump on right side of neck with multiple small pea size lumps surrounding larger one. No other symptoms. ?

1 month ago I found a lump on my anus and It started to get smaller until it became very small now Is there anything to worry about especially cancer?

1 Small, non visible hard bump on left side of my windpipe about halfway by my adams apple that's not movable. What is it?

1.3-1.5 cm mass(doesnt move.embedded deep)in backofneck to the right of the midline.been there8months didnt change in likely is cancer.21y/o?

11yrold daughter has long lump in right breast, shes been worried since she searched about it.. Can it b cancer?

12 months ago i noticed a very small lump or raise in the tibia bone. I was concerned and got an x-ray. This showed nothing. Now it has doubled size?

14 year old son has a large painless lump in his wrist?

15 year old male. Hard lump on back of head. On the right a little. Size of large pea. It pokes out so it is very easy to feel.Should skull have bumps?

15yo son has a black band from the base of his r thumb to the tip he has had for 3mos.Dr. Today said nevi and not to worry.Shouldn't it be biopsied?

16 male. I have somewhat hard, painless movable lump in the left side of my neck. Its about .5 cm. My parents say they dont feel it but i scared?

16, have a pea sized lump inside tongue for many years. no pain Im scared that its cancer. dont smoke/drink. Already seen dr an he has no idea. Ideas?

18,went to the doc regarding 2 painless lumps in neck(1cm or less).Doc had a look and said its normal.He checked,said Its a throat scared?

19 month old son has marble sized lump behind ear and two smaller ones on back of head all feel fixed and quite hard no other symptoms but im worried?

1in incision on the right side of my knee from hardware removal oct 18, feels like a hard lump underneath. No other signs of infxn. Is this normal?

2 days ago I found 4 pea sized lumps under my skin on the left side of my labia. One one them is now the size of a nickel, that one is on labia majora?

2 hard lumps near right side of clitoris. I initially thought a varicose vein due to the way it looked & felt. But has grown into 2 definitive lumps. ?

2 Pea size bump inside leg , had schlerotherapy 4wks there-light vein, tender when pressed. Post ablation ultrasound clear. What is it? Oct. next Appt

2 small lumps breast. 1 just under skin/1 deep inside. Lots of pain. Can't lay on side. Sharp pains out of nowhere. No history of bc in family. Scared?

2 small pea size lumps on right side of neck not painful and been there a lot of months without growing in size! just curious as to what these could be?

2 soft pea size lump on left side of neck behind the sternocleidomastoid They are not painful I'm very scared of cancer ?

2 swollen lymph nodes on left side of neck pea size and a little hard and 1 on the right side a little bigger than a pea. Have had them for 3 months.

2 weeks ago I noticed a pea sized lump on anus Now it started to get smaller Should I see doctor or wait And when can it be cancer? Thank you

2 y old f just got over virus is busting 4 molars at once I found a pea size gland bk of neck 2 w ago 2 dr cked and said normal when do I recheck?

2-3 month old lump behind ear, started small but got bigger. Its hard, round, 4 on a pain scale. History ear infections since infancy adenoidremoved?

20 year old female I have had a lump on my labia that went away appeared to be a cyst now I have another. Month apart. Thoughts?

20 year old male, painless hard lump, size wise i could cover it with my thumb. scared might be tumor -- noticed it today?

20 years old been tested recently for STDs and thrush I have 1 3cm lump in my groin 2 small ones and 1 lump on my lft side for 3 months what could it?

21 old, deep lump in labia majora 6 months ago, feels round with a side part the size of rice. Compressible and moves In a circle but not

21 years, found bilateral bilobed balls that feel attached deep insid labia majora pea sized and a few mm. rubbery and v movable Smooth What is this?

21f getting over a sinusitis i've also got a large mass in my neck(r) sided painless, smooth, hard, i can only feel it when i look up. Had it 2 months?

22 son did chest weights and a orange size lump formed over sternum. What is this and what to do? He feels fine otherwise.

22, male. Hard lump, 1cm wide. Under the skin of the neck on the right side, close to where the skull meets. No size change in a year. Sometimes aches

22yr old male, I have a lump on top of my mid left ribcage, potentially grown over the last year. If it is not a lipoma what else might it be?

23 yar old lady noticed dime sized cyst between her pelvis and her vagina sestive to touch, squishy to touch. Has cystic breast already?

23 yr old female, I feel I shouldn't worry but I found a small indentation on the under side of my right breast. Should I See a doctor?

23female. Could a lump on breast near chest wall(upper inner breastArea) be cancerous if it's painful when it's touched- round&pea sized,red ?

24 year old female. Discomfort in left breast. Movable and slightly painful lump on left side. Had small lump in armpit that hurt and moved around. After two weaks, lump in armpit spread vertically, and has a thin painful hard line that goes to elbow?

25 male dont smoke/drink.For 2 years I have 3 millimeter hard white bump inside lower lip. Hasnt grown.Worried its cancer. Would it have grown by now?

25 male. Pea sized 'mole' redish above right ear. Been there since i can remember. doesnt hurt. Now worried it may be serious. Put my mind to ease plz?

25, pain (like pressing on a bruise) in lower outer part of both breasts. 1st cousin diagnosed in early 20s with Breast cancer. Should I be worried?

26 wk pregnant and severe constipation .Have noticed painful oval swelling above the umblicus more on the left side.What it could be ?

26 yr old male. Osteochondroma became painful a decade later. Should i be worried? The size seems to stay the same. It's just pain.

27 yrs female, having small lump in armpit for two days. It pains & can't stretch my hand.Wat it couldbe & anything serious? Is there any home remedy?

2y old f I noticed a pea size lump bk of rt ear 2 dr felt and said normal but why would I feel on one side and not the other s?

2yrs! just had tonsils and adenoids removed 3/5 has lump left side of stomach just where belly begins! is hard and doesn't move?

3 days ago, I noticed a small, painless and movable lump on my left tibial crest which is medially located. Is it something I should be worried about?

3 painless movable soft nodes in neck for 1month (1.2cm,0.5cm,0.4cm) ENT gave me zinnat but no change in size Interest said nothing serious I'm worry ?

3 pea sized hard lumps in abdomen, can feel them but can't see them....likely cancer?

3 pea sized lumps in neck that come and go, right above my adams apple. What are they? Do I have cancer? Also they do not move

3 soft lumps (about 0.5 cm)in neck 2 in the right and one in the left Not painful No symptoms Should I worry Thanks?

3 year old daughter has a hard pea sized lump on her arm about 2" above her elbow it's been there for approx 5 days and looks a little bruised?

3 year old with hard lump on top of hand feels like a bone. First noticed it a month ago it was very small now its the size of a pea. Any ideas?

3 years ago i got a lump on my armpit when i was pregnant but when i gave birth i noticed it it became smaller but now pregnant again lump appears.

30 + female large hard stone like lump around the outer side top breast 2inch 18mths Doctor says fibroadonema but to get biopsy soon agree?

31 yr old female large knot behinde ear not sick its slightly red in color dr said nothing to be worried about not a bug bite what could it be worried?

32yrs female A little over a year ago I found a pea sized lump on the left side of my neck. The dr gave me antibiotics. I still have the same lump. A ?

33 f healthy pea size lump left side on back near spine . Dr checked it 2 mos ago and again and said ok.. Should I get 2nd opinion ?

33/female. Large, hard mass 2nd rib and mid-clavicular line. Began as a stabbing pain in may. 14x9 cm. Seems to be flaring up, should I worry?

33yr old lady, when I was pregnant with my last child I find at 8 months a pea size bump on my belly my dr said not to worry what do u think inside ?

34 year old male found a small lump perhaps 1 to 2 cm in diameter just below my rib cage on the right hand side of my back feels like a gland to touch?

34 yr old female found lump in left armpit in middle at bend. Hurt. Gotten smaller but still there 2 weeks later. Hurts a little, scared Cancer?

35 month old lump lower back bottom of ribs. Lump visible when he means forward.. Concerned mom. What could this be?

35y white female. Softball size knot on left side of head just showed up. Extremely swore but no headache. Should I be concerned?

37 female Three small nodes on lower left side of neck non tender,mobile worrisome? What test shud be done?wen to see doc

37 yo F. I found a hard, round, bean-size lump in my breast. It's deep & doesn't move or hurt. What kind of MD should I see to have this checked?

38 year old woman with small kids. Have a 2 cm hard fixed groin lymph node 6 months. Antibiotics didn't work. Dr sent me to a new dr. Very worried. ?

3mth ago i noticed i had a pea size lump on the arches of both feet, they have become painful and i can now feel more lumps in same area?

4 month old had peas size lymph nodes when he was 1 month old now their seem to be more and they are large and the pea size ones have growin?

4 year old son has a large lump size of gumball on the back, center of head. It does not hurt him and is hard as a rock. It doesnt move. ?

4.8cm movable lump near elbow. Sonographer today said didn't know what it was......Any suggestions till i see my dr?

41 yo female with Sjogren's Syndrome. Found a small hard lump on the right side of my lumbar spine. My scalp feels like it's sunburned about 1 month?

5 month old son has a lump on the side od his knee?

5 yo boy w/ painful pea size lump right base of skull, s/s for two days, not red or inflamed, no injury or infection .... Concern?

5-6cm Bruise appeared without any trauma on lower left abdomen. top of bruise is pea size lump under skin, tender to touch.. Should I be concerned?

52yo.x2 wks been having pain under lt.armpit onto breast, painful insensitive to touch cannot lie on left side.if puppy jumps onto breast very painful?

575lb. Male, fall frequitly. Now I have lg hard spots in stomach area & in thigh area. Should I be worried they have taken. Along time to go away?

5daysagoihadtestical operation for teaticulartorsionbut it came out ihadaninfection but my left ball is now swollen and really painful ?

6 months ago I found a sore spot On one of my ribs about 2 inches below my breast. Tonight I found a move able lump the size of a quarter the same sp?

6 wks ago, I found 2 quarter sized bruises on each breast. BC runs in fam so I went to OB.She said looks superficial. No itch or pitting. Still here. ?

6 yr old son has hard lump on his right collarbone...small about the size of nickel...doesn't hurt him atall any info on this?

6yr old w/ petatchaie rash 3 times in last 2 months. very small area each time and go away in 3-4days. Should I be concerned? What does it mean?

7 mos. ago, during Microdiscectomy, was opened up on wrong side. Now I've developed a hard, painful lump at that location. Very concerned...

8 days ago i developed a swelling just above my navel that is visible only if i stand and lean back.It sticked out more at the beggining,now less.

8days post diagnostic laparoscopy my pubic bone right side is swollen an yellow bruised but all right side under vagina is black bruised?? Is this nor

8months ago when i was pregnant 2 radiologist saw my left breast lump & both told me is nothing bad is just a lump i still have it don't hurt same size?

9 wk old has sm. Lump behind ears & neck. 1 has gotten much bigger recently. No fever. Dr. Said lymph nodes & large one is cyst. I'm concerned the "cyst" grew so fast? Worried its cancer or infection.

9 yr old son has 15 freckles on his neck & chest the size of apple seeds. He hates them and wants them gone. Is there anything that can be done 4 him?

9mo old has a dime sized bony lump on her back lower right rib cage. Only visible when she leans forward. Pedi apt in 3 days, concerned mom!

9mo old has lump on his bottom.Felt but could not see it in am but pm can feel and see.Size of lrg marble.It's below testcles just to side of crack. ?

A big firm tender bump ( 1.5'' diam) sprung up overnight on side of face (in front of my left ear above my jaw and below the cheekbone). What is it?

A breast lump on right side came suddenly e r said a cyst been 2 weeks since period and still here no pain one side hard weird shaped when will it go?