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I suddenly discovered a painless lump over the right epididymis 1 year ago. it is now 0.5 cm. suddenly it become painful and swollen. what to do?

the past 8 months I been having problems lumps under my would be one on the left armpit then it will bust and one will form on the right.

16 y/o girl, one bump under the skin in both armpits, painful. Doctor right away or can i do something to help it go away at home?

2 weeks ago, I had a redness/pain under my breast nipple that went away with bactroban (mupirocin) within a week. Since then, I've had a hard,small painless lump?

2 wks ago allergic 2 bite on leg Last week neck sore & 3 lumps/tender spots at hairline Today small painless lump near collarbone ?

23f. The pea size lump at top of my breast was painful2touch/red now it's not painful after my period ended 3 days ago. Lump showed week before period?

3 small red lumps under right armpit, no pain, no itching, do not go away. Not connected to shaving or deodorant. Should I be concerned?

30 yeaes old. Have pea size lump on big vein in my neck. Tender to the touch. What could it be. I get them in my groin area to but those are painless.

37 f recurring painful lumps under both armpits. Red swollen pea size.otherwise healthy no fever or swollen lumps anywhere.2 mos come and

55yo female, persistent pain in left armpit, no rash but itches on occasion no visible lump ?

6wks ago I developed a lump under my armpit and a few days later they became 2. after a week they disappeared and then appeared again on my right side. they are now 3 and very painful. Is it because I had started using anti-antiperspirant or its some deep

A lump On my armpit from 1 week ago to now, it is soft and movable and painfull with touching, When I raise my arm it disappear, I Am breastfeeding?

A few weeks ago i noticed a pea sized hard lump under my arm. No pain, no redness, no visual sign of anything. Should i get my physician to check it ?

A few weeks ago my armpit started getting hard, red lumps that sometimes are filled with puss. I switched my deodorant/razor and it didn't change?

A grape sized lump has developed under my chin in between my jawbones. Is this just a swollen gland or something more serious? The lump developed in about 3 or 4 days, it is tender to touch and is beginning to cause discomfort when swallowing or stretchin

A painful swollen cyst in my underarm?

A sweat bee stung my breast and now it's a hard lump, what should I do for it?

A tender lump reoccurred in my left armpit along with symptoms of a cold. Should I be concerned? Or is it harmless?

Am worried abt the lump I noticed in underarm 15 days ago.It started with itching in both underarms & change in color.Now lump that pains & burns.thx?

Any reason why i might have a sore lump in my armpit?

Are bumps in earlobe that hurt due to cancer?

Are fibrous lumps under the armpit supposed to be sore?

Believe I have an ingrown hair on groin, it's a small pea size lump. The pain has gone away but the spot is still there. Is that good if pain is gone?

Can hidradenitis suppurative in armpit cause upper breast and nipple pain and burning in armpit? Had one lump popped it and now have rope like lump

Can you get a blood clot in your armpit I have a lump in the botome of my pit that hurts?

Can you get breast cancer if your breast get squeeze really hard and the next day it became very painful, swollen, red, warm, and lumps?

Dime sized hard, red, itchy, painful lump on left breast next to nipple. Has drained some pus and bloody/pus. Cancerous, abscess or something else?

Doc told me the lump im my armpit is a sebaceous cyst I have had it for years i took a niddle and popped it well now im having breast pain.?

Every few months I have reoccurring lump in right earlobe.Painful.No piercing.When'dormant'bump still there, no pain .Feels between skins, not visable?

Felt lump in left armpit. Doc says he feels no lump but based on tenderness it is inflamed. he is sending me for ultrasound. What would cause this?

Few weeks ago noticed painful lump under left armpit. Not painful anymore but noticed the left breast is much smaller than the right. Worry or not?

Found a red sore on nipple. Underneath is a msmall hard lump. Redness and pain went away. Still have the lump though. Should I worry?

Found dime sized lump (underarm) no blood or puss no history of acne boils etc. Having pain in breast same side as lump been there 3-4 weeks help?

Found knots in one of my armpits and it not painful but they really itch. What do you think it is?

Found this lump in my groin area. At first it was a red lump and yesterday i discovered a huge change in it. Do you know what it is?

Had a hard, painful swollen lump under the chin, and took antibiotics for infection. Now no pain, just the hard lump. What is this, and what's next?

Hard on the outside red lump in left armpit, 16 yrs old, been there for 4/5 months, sometime painful. Saw 3 doctors none are to sure what it is. Ideas?

Hard painless lump in arm pit had for 2 1/2 weeks is this serious ?

Hard sore lump under armpit,when I touch it it hurts and my armpit is usually sore,noticed it yesterday ?

Have a large, swollen, painful, tender lump in left earlobe which is very hot to touch. Started off as a painless, pinheaded size lump. Help.

Have a lump in my armpit for 4 years about 3 weeks ago I noticed draining puss. It's been the same size. Do I have Lymphoma cancer? Never any symptoms

Have a painful ulcer on my toe. Also been having lumps in armpit and abscesses recently. Any connection ?

Have had a reoccuring hard lump in my right nipple, three times, with discharge, very painful, tingling feeling. Have had a normal mammogram what todo?

Have large lump going from left buttock toward the groin has a red coloring and is painful and it seems to be growing larger extremely swollen around?

Have small bump.Under left armpit that is tender to touch. Not sure if it is mosquito nite or a lump. What could it be?

Hello Doc, within the past couple of days I've had 2 red lumps appear on the back of my neck and now at day 4, I have 4 lumps. No pus, no ingrown hair?

Help-What is this hard red bump (enlarged pea size) on my breast (upper inner area-not near nipples, no discharge, sore to touch)right under skin?

Hey I have a hard tender swollen lump in my left nostril wonder what it may be and do I need to seek an ENT for further examination?

Hi I am 23 yrs old unmarried gal. I feel having a pimple sized thing in my armpit and a lump in my breast .What can this be symptom for?

Hi all, i noticed a lump under my left armpit about a week ago. It was small at first but has now grown to about 2-3cm and realy painful.

Hi can i ask you a question I have a small bump in my right breast I also have a cyst in my right underarm which is swollen now should I worry ?

Hi doctor I have a lump under my armpit it's been there for a years and when i press down on it, it hurts what can I do at home to get rid of it ?

Hi i found a red lump on the surface of my right breast and its so painful. ?

Hi I have a scab on my nipple and I have also found a lump under my arm pit on the same side should I be concerned?

Hi My cat scratched my left nipple a couple weeks ago and lymph nodes underarm left hurt. Nipple has small brown scab. Should I get antibotic?

Hi there, i get reoccurring painful under the skin lumps in my armpits, what could it be?

Hi, I had a lump in my arm pit, took antibiotics and the lump has gone down and brown, is that normal?

Hi, I have a lump on my lower armpit. It's not red and it doesn't pop out much. It's sore to the touch and it's about 2cm wide. What is it? Thanks.

Hi. I've had a lump in my atmpit for last few days not to painful. But this mornin I have to very painful lumps in my mouth in the neck. What are they?

How can I (non-health care professional) distinguish a lump in arm (not forearm or underarm) as a cyst or swollen lymph? I've had it for a year now.

How come I have a lump growing in my armpit?

How do I avoid painful lumps under my armpit before and after my period?

How do I get rid of this painful lump in left side of throat and armpit?

How do you treat painful lump behind the areloa?

How do you treat painfull lump behind nipple ?

How should I treat a sweat bump that is under but on my right breast. It is swollen. Is this serious?

Hubby has two painless lumps one on back other on shoulder.Shoulder lump when pressed had foul smell pus in it.Back lump is large in size.What it is?

Husband has had sore testicles for one month. Not sharp pain just very sore. On self examination one is larger. No lumps. What could this be?

I always get bumps or lumps under armpits when I shave. Sometimes they are painful and sometimes they arent. Wht cld it be?

I am 16 with a hard red/bruised lump under my left armpit its been there for about 4/5 months, seen 3 doctors and none are to sure what it could be. ?

I am 24 weeks pregnant but i have lump at my right side in my armpit it is not painful but i think its getting bigger , is it normal?

I am 24+ male. I have a very painful lump under my arm pit. Please help me. ?

I am 25 weeks pregnant and yesterday i found a painful lump in my groin area, what could this be?

I am 34 years old and have a lump in my armpit that is not painful. My doctor did do a breast exam and said it is nothing. Second opinion?

I am a 21 year old female and have a lump under the skin on my arm pit does not hurt and cannot see it but can feel it can you tell me what it can be?

I am a male that has a lemon sized lump in my arm pit. It's not inflamed nor tender. It's been there for several months. What might it be?

I am a male with a lump in the breast area. The lump is painful to touch. The blue mark just appeared. What type of specialist should I see? What's th

I am a male with a painful lump under my armpit that comes and goes. What is this?

I am pregnant & recently noticed a lump under my left breast that is quite painful. Do u know what it is?

I appear to have a lump in my left armpit not sure if I should be concerned?

I can feel a lump within my areola but it is not painful?

I can see the swelling lump through my cheek. What's wrong?

I constantely have appearant lumps below both ears (not tender.) is this something I should be concerned about?

I developed a lump under my armpit about 6 weeks ago and later they appeared to be two of them. They later disappeared only to resurface a week ago?

I found a lump of sort under my arm its sore i don't know what to do ?

I found a lump on my thigh. It seems to be under the skin and hurts when pressed. It is tender what could it be a cyst?

I found a lump/cyst in my armpit. It hurt the first day I noticed it, but has no pain since then. Now I have many more lumps/cysts. I'm *SLE* 28y/o F?

I found a painless lump under my arm, who should I see about this?

I found a sore and painful lump on my calf, what should I do?

I get a painful pea size bump in armpit whenever I use antiperspirant?

I had 1 lump I squeezed it now i have 4 lumps in my armpit. They are tender and have moderate pain. Should I be concerned?

I had a back pain for a month now and ill notice a blue outside around my areola in my two breast and a very small lump in my armpit is this serious?

I had a fine needle aspiration on left breast and now can feel a tiny lump in armpit, could fna cause swollen glands?

I had a lump in my armpit for one year. it was very small and pain in 2 days it has become enlarged, swollen and very painful. is it cancer?

I had a lump in my armpit that was painful but went away in about a week! a week later I have the same thing only bigger and more painful! is this bad?

I had a lump under my armpit looked at by a doctor and the test said that it was a fibrous lump but lately it has been getting sore is that normal?

I had a painless lump below my breast for 2-3 years. Then it disappeared. Then I developed a similar lump in my labia majora. Now its gone.What is it?

I had a painless lump on my buttcheek for two years no changes until a couple days ago it became painfully and inflamed?

I had my sweat glands removed a week ago. I have staples, i now have a large lump/ knot right above my staples. Its red and tender. Is this normal?

I have 2 big knots in my armpit.they are red,swollen and hurts. And its going to my breast. What is wrong?