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Can you get a lipoma in your lower abdomen/pelvic region (right above the labia)? I have a squishy , moveable lump that doesn't hurt

17yo dtr has stomach pain issues. What can cause a hard lump 1.5-2 inches diameter to the right of her belly button?

20yr/old female.Hardened lower right abdomen with lump, causing mild pain, tender when palpated.Not appendix or colon, no injury. What could it be?

22 yr old with 2 inch thin tube like lump in lower left abdomen near hip....Tumor? The lump is slightly moveable. Thanks!

22,f, large firm mass in lower right abdomen. Slightly tender when pressed, have had for little over year. Not sure if urgent to get examined.

3 doctor. No answers. 3ct, swollen abdomen lymph nodes, nausea, severe pain, 12.7 wbc, tender to touch, mostly right side of belly button, no appetite?

8 yr old has a soft lump on lower right side of abdomen not in belly but swells, pain when doing extreme activities and ultrasound found nothing ?

A lump has formed under the skin, upper abdomen, below breast bone, between the lower rib cage. Slightly tender to the touch. Weight lose of 20lbs?

A quarter size bump under my incision to left of belly button. Surgery abdominal 5/15/13. Still having left side pain. What from?

A skin bulge only on left side of stomach, should I be concerned?

A small lump on the left side of stomach for : years now. Have unltsound said not fatty tissue? What can it be

Abdomen has become much more painful. My entire belly seems to be swollen, what is wrong?

Abdomen lump for past 3 months, what to do?

Abdominal discomfort that feel like gas build up/pressure. Still tender to touch the lower right part of abdomen in the pubic region 3rd day now?

Abdominal lump on right side. It above my pelvic area a few inches on top of my c section. It's painful and kinda firm. ?

Abnormal lumps in upper abdomen and center of chest, somewhat tender if pressed in. It started out as just one, now their are several more?

Accidentally pushed down very firm on my lower abdomen and now there is a slight dull tenderness and feels firm, could I have possibly hurt something?

After eating I get a bump in my lower left abdomen, shooting pains up my abdomen to my chest when I press on the bump. I do have celiac disease.

After i had my son in 2008, my upper abdominal area is hard and round. The lower area is soft . Do you think i may have an hernia?

Am I considered bloated when my stomach sticks out but underneath there's a hard lump? (lower abdomen)

Am i pregnant or am i just over exaggerating? I have frequent headaches, slightly tender breasts, lower abdomen movements, a knot-like lump right above my pubic bone that is the size of my fist, my lower back hurts regularly, my appetite has increased, i

Aorta upper abdomen enlargement, should I be concerned?

Are abdominal lymph nodes around belly button palpable, or do they lie too deep in the abdomen to be felt?

Been dx hiatus hernia with inflammation. Every day my upper abdomen is swollen hard and hard to breathe, lost appetite. ,?

Been having pressure pain 2 in. Above belly button, w/palpable lumps growing in upper and lower ab.use to have 4-5 bowel movements a day now only 1-2 ?

Bent over while sitting felt pain round hard feeling in right upper abdomen, tender to touch. Could it be gas? Severe abdominal swelling 2 months

Between my belly button & pelvic bone, i feel a small, hard lump. Not painful & not pregnant....What could this be? I do have pcos if that helps...

Bulge in abdomen between sternum & belly button. It only presents when in act of laying down or sitting . Not present otherwise. And not painful.

Bump in bellybutton that has slowly increased size over 3 weeks. Umbilical hernia? Slightly painful when bending down. Slight abdominal pains too.

C section 3 years ago but scar is protruding on left side now. Not sure if it's cause by my left ovary attached to my bowel. It is tender and burns

Can a mid abdomen ulcer be a lump?

Can anxiety cause a spasm feeling in the abdomen area? It's a small area to the right of my belly button. I keep having a mild spasm inside

Can atarax cause skin rash on lower left abdomen, above waist line and about 3/4 of the way from belly button to left side? Should I be concerned?

Can baby bumps form any where in the lower abdomen?

Can i feel my descending colon if in thin? I feel a lumpy tubular thing a couple inches to left of belly button.

Can one feel pain in the outer part of the colon?

Can the stomach be palpated?

Can there be a mass built up under your left rib cage/upper abdomen from poop? or lack of popping?

Can we touch the ovary outside the abdomen?

Can you feel your ascending colon? I feel a round like tube starting in my pelvic region and extending up. Am I feeling my colon?

Can you feel your colon when you push down on your lower abdomen?

Can you feel your iliac artery by palpating your lower abdomen? Or is it deep behind intestines?

Can you get a cyst on your left abdomen area ? Upper abdomen

Can you tell me what can be the causes of a tender abdomen and noises?

Can your appendix region hurt if your constipated ?

Could pushing on sore spot of abdomen cause diverticular hemorrhage?

Did sit ups yesterday, now my upper central abdomen is tender to touch.?

Diffuse swelling upper left stomach over lower rib. Only noticeable when laying down. Swelling is squishy not hard. Could this be fat ?

Discomfort just above navel inch to the left if i press it it feels bit lumpy n tender bottom left nnear hip.. Also bowels bubbly?

Do hernias cause a hard, palpable lump in the lower abdomen, or a lot of pain after eating?

Do you think I should still go to the doctor for my abdominal lump?

Doctor I have a hard thing in my upper abdomen in the center of my ribcage.Can you please tell me what is it.Pain a bit?

Does a bad gall bladder cause there to be a lump under right breast..And sometimes feel movement..

Does an appendix HAVE to be hard to be appendicitis? My right lower right abdomen has been sore for 3 days. Doc thinks it's gastritis, but I'm worried

Does constipation cause small, tender, very painful spots above and to right of navel?

Feel a swollen vein in lower abdomen, what could this be?

Feel hard small lump in lower left abdomen, tender to touch almost under hip bone. Ct scan normal and have bloating.

Feel pebble like lumps in fatty areas in upper arms, thighs, and stomach. Normal?? Terrified of pancreatic cancer.

Firm lump, long shape. Can move it pretty much around my abdomen. Am I moving an intestine or my aorta?.. Not sore

First part of stool that comes out is dark brown, remaining part normal brown, fatigue, pain in lower left abdomen, lump in lower left left abdomen?

Found a lump in my right side upper abdomen! I only feel it when I stand. Is it a tumor?

Fullness and tenderness under right ribcage with a small movable lump that can only be felt on an empty stomach.

Galbladder surgery a month ago, now feeling bruised on left side. Extremely tender to touch. I do have an enlarged liver and spleen. What could it be?

Golf ball sized lump on my lower abdomen on the left side as well as lower in the vaginal area close to the leg. What can it be? Please help

Had ct today doc said there is a lymph node in right abdomen not large in size and fluid in pelvis in pain right side please advise ?

Hard lump/buldge lower abdomen, no pain, slightly movable to the sides with applied pressure. Noticeable when laying down only. what could it be?

Hard mass lower right abdomen stool. What is this?

Hardness right side of pelvic amd belly swelling?

Have had lump in left pelvic area that moves and gurgles when pushed. When I cough I have sharp pains throughout my entire stomach and and rectal area?

Having lower abdominal pressure and tightness near my pelvic area. It is hard when i push in my stomach. It's not painful. I'm 19.

Having severe pain in abdomen and vagina. Feels almost like contractions. Hurts to sit or stand. Had a large mass about quarter size pass in urine.

Hello, my appendux was relived one week ago. Now i have a swollen/hardened spot on the lower right abdomen. Constant urge to move and little pain?

Hi i'm having swelling at lower belly and have swelling in my uterus too i'm much worried that what to do?

Hi, i feel a small solid lump like structure a little above my belly button. it does not pain normally but when i press against it, it pains.what's it?

Horizontal soft oval lump above belly button. Goes away when laying down but there when standing and sitting.

How can I know if my abdomen is swollen?

How can it be that my abdominal region seems to be a little hard?

How serious is it to have a small part of the bowel in the upper abdomen, protrude and be able to push in back into place?

How would you describe a tender abdomen?

How would you describe tender abdomen?

I am 24 yr Old female. I have a hard pea sized lump under my skin on left side of abdomen. It is near the bottom of my ribs. It has been there for the last 3 months. Some slight discomfort when I push on it or try to move it. ?

I am 40 yrs old not pregnant. I have a large fist size lump in lower right abdomen above pubic bone.

I am a 32 y/o wf with a large pulsating hard movable mass in my abdominal area. It's very painful and uncomfortable. I am chronically fatigued. ?

I am having periodic painless tightening in a small area of my lower left abdomen. What kind of doc should I see about this?

I believe I am having an abdominal pregnancy. I have a large mass in my left side. I have had some abdominal pain. I feel movement.. ?

I can feel a large hard mass on my tummy underneath my ribs?

I can feel a mass in the lower right quadrant in abdomen! I'm very slim the lump appears then disappears then reappears! I can feel it when lying down?

I can feel a small cyst when I touch my lower right side of abdomen. No pain when touching it. Not seen, no bulge. It's under the skin. Size of a nut.

I can feel my fibroid when i press down on my lower abdomen its a rock hard lump, is it common to be able to feel a fibroid?

I feel a hard lump above my belly button right in the middle of my stomache what could it brig I had my golbalder removed due to golbalder stones ?

I feel a large grapefruit size hard mass between my belly button and my pelvis just my mid to lower region that is hard and I have no pain at all?

I feel a lump on the left side of the abdomen and one on the right ultrasound didn't show anything now can this be a mass or its the same thing?

I feel a lump upper left abdomin when I sit or get bloated sometimes it's painful but when I lay down flat it disappears can it be limopa,hernia or ??

I feel oval lump on right lower abdomen, if i press it will move, what do you called for that?

I feel weight inside on the left side in my abdominal pelvis area, what could it be?

I found a lump in my upper right abdomen doctor examined and said it was a prominent aorta but has referred for scan too. What do you think?

I found a small moveable lump parallel to but slightly lower than my clitoris. Non painful. Occasional sharp pains lower abdomen. ?

I get random pain, swelling in my testicles, also in my lower abdomen closer to the pubic line. noticed veins becomeing more visible in my lower abdomen in the past couple weeks more and prominent.

I had moderate stabbing (like painful tickle or poke) pain in a small area of my left upper abdomen, directly in line with my belly button. Any ideas?

I had my gallbladder removed 6 days ago. I now feel a hard lump above my belly button. I have slight pain when a press on the lump. Is this normal?