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Have been bruising easily on my thighs. no idea why. My right leg has small bruise, size of a quarter with a non-painful lump under it. What is it?

i have a small blister in inner thigh. Not painful even when i press. I could run, play tennis everything. Could this be herpes?

On The Inner Side Of My Thigh I have Something That Could Possibly Be A Boil Or Abscess , It showed Up Out Of Know When I Woke Up This Morning .

Very small lump on my upper, outer thigh. It seems to have a slight discoloring to it, under the lump I have started getting varicose veins.

1-2cm wide lump on mons pubis area right above the clitoris. I was feeling the small ball it leaked tan-ish fluid and it doesn't hurt or itch what is?

15 year old female, lump on left forearm under the skin for around two weeks now. It is painful to push on but not visable. ?

21 weeks preg, newly noticed enlarged hair follicles over inner and lower area of both breasts. Also thickening underneath skin (no redness or pain)?

22 f lump in inner thigh/groin it's sore tender to movement and touch getting red around the size of a chicken egg under the skin and it's hard ?

22, lump smaller than golf ball but bigger than marble in groin area where thigh meets bikini area which is firm and not painful, 8 weeks now noticed?

22. F. I have a hard lump on my inner thigh near my groin. It's underneath the skin. Sometimes it gets smaller and then big again. What's wrong?

25 y/o F. I have a lump in groin area btwn upper thigh and pelvic area. It is unmovable, approx 1 cm, painful even w/o touch, deep under skin.

26 weeks pregnant. Area under old C-section scar (the mound area and part if groin) feel bruised but look normal. Why? And is this ok?

30 year old male. Hard lump under my skin in the groin area. About 1 cm long. Can be moved slightly and slightly sore if I press it. No other lumps.

A few weeks ago, I noticed a pea-sized lump on my inner thigh near my bikini line. Hasn't grown and is painless. What could it be?

A hard lump just started developing on my inner thigh. I can't pop it. Its very painful though. What could it be?

A lump appeared in the skin of my inner upper right thigh, inflamed & filled with pus originally. Now it's inflamed & purple. No hair. What is it?

A lump just below my stomach, not on my vagina but on my waste line where the top of my underwear sits, its very painful and bruising what is it?!?

A painful hard lump on the upper thigh, calves rash following. What should it be?

A pimple like bump or lump in my left cheek vagina where pubic hair is, pain when touch what could it be?Is it alarming?

A point on my elbow's bone was itchy when I've touched it for days. Today, I found a grain-sized lump on that area still itchy, what should I do?

A small lump has developed on my back about an inch below my armpit (right hand side). It isn't painful unless I apply pressure, it is Skin toned...

A week ago I noticed a peasized lump on my pubic area. It's under the skin, not painful.I've had something similar but it went away. what could it be?

After a bicycle accident, my mons pubis has been very painful and i've noticed a big lump, invisible from the outside but painful to the touch. Help!

Almond sized cyst-like bump where inner thigh meets body. What's this sound like?

Along the penis near the anus area, i get pain at random times, when rubbed i can feel a bump there, any ideas? Please help!

Am sexually active and have a hard painful lump at the very top of my pubic area, winding what it could be?

As i was walking i felt lumps rubbing together in my inner thighs, as i rubbed booth inner thighs i felt lumps like maybe lymph nodes. Normal?

Bump on crease where leg meet pubic area. Herpes or cyst? Happened right after i shaved

Bump on mons pubis, been there for at least a week. hurts when i touch it and sometimes when i walk when the skin is pulled towards thigh?

Bumps on right thigh by the groin area and my thigh and bottom is sore. Why? No burning nor itching just sore. F/17

Calcium deposit in thigh area little bups on each thigh area to touch one feels like a bee sting?

Can i exfoliate a sebaceous cyst that has kinda reduced in size? Its on my inner thigh and the only time it gets heat compress is when my thighs touch

Can women get a hernia in their groin.Ive a sore lump where my thigh meets my pelvic near my vaginal area that very tender and swollen_?

Can you give me suggestions for anal fistula with lump in crease where groin and leg meet?

Can you put fucidin cream on abscess? I have one at the crease of where my upper thigh meets my right buttock. Its like a very painful but not white.

Cyst like pimples on hips and buttox.

Doctor, after shaving my bikni area, i got razor bumbs..But the it spread on my left leg, then to right leg,then on abdomen region, under navel.

Feel bump things below waist kinda in groin area where thigh would crease. Maybe lympe noids. Feel like a small ball. These normal?

Feeling interior bumps under armpits and on butt(with no redness or irritation)near my pilinodal cysectomy should i be concerned?

For about 11 years I have gotten painful blister like bumps on my inner thighs and armpits. Multiple drs don't know what the cause is. Any ideas?

Good evening doc collins..i am 13 weeks pregnant and i have this pain in my groin. Upon examining thru palpation it seems like there is this ruberry movable mass or some sort in between my right inner thigh and vagina or right labia majora. When i give i

Got a lump on the upper right inside of my labia, its the size of a bouncy ball, moveable, squidgey and under the skin. Not sexually active. No pain?

Had blisters on back of thighs and buttocks /some large some small / what would cause this?

Had this red lump where on left leg and its the area my testicle would rest on also had it for a while could it be sti?

Hard lump in the middle of a crater in the muscle under skin on inner back thigh. Any idea?

Hard lymph node in right groin. Two small rashes on right buttocks and hamstring. Noticed last Thursday (3 days ago).

Hard pimple like bump where undies meet my groin. not in genital area, more to the side. only one and it hurts sometimes. what could it be?

Hard red cyst on inner thigh. It's as big as a quarter and is very tender. I've had it a few days. Looks like puss is spreading dwn my leg. What do i?

Have small lumps in groin area with a little tenderness.?

Have a bulg in the lower abdomen area. Solid and tender with some pain to the touch with a small red dot above. No zit head or any opening. Hernia?

Have about 10 tiny hard lumps under skin across upper abdomen. Not painful. What might this be?

Have got a largespot like bumpunderneath skin right next to vagina in crease of groin. Can easily be felt and sharp pain when press it? What is it?

Have had a cyst in left outer thigh for. A couple years and now it has become larger and is very sore?

He has a very painful swollen lump between his upper inner thigh and his private area . it's not a boil, it's reoccurring for years. what could it be?

Hello Doctor: I am a 56 year old female and about 6 months ago discovered a lump under my skin on the right side in the pubic area I have no pain ?

Hello there I have an invisible firm small bump in front of my left ear. I had that area waxed 3 days back , I am 18 years old kindly guide me?

Hello, I have a large (what I think is) a pimple). It resembles a whitehead. Yet it is large and is lasting a few weeks. It is on my outer right thigh?

Hello, i have a lump in my inner upper thigh area toward my groin. It is not painful unless i push hard into it. I am 53 years old and a runner. Thx?

Hello, i have a bump on my inner thigh/bikini line and i've had it for years! sometimes it'll get swollen and hurt, usually when i wear tight clothes.

Hello, I have a longish, hard lump where my torso and legs meet (groin area?) on the right side. It's appeared a few days ago and is tender to touch.

Hello, I have a lump on my inner upper thigh near my groin. It is irregular in shape, hard, somewhat movable, deep (under fat), yet not painful Ideas?

Hello. I have this blister on my left pubic area. I have it for almost 2 months i think. It hurts when i touch it. Is it a herpes?

Help please? I've got a large painful blister on right inner butt cheekwhat could it be?

Hi Betsy, I have a quick question for you concerning a lump I found. The lump is on my left side in the perianal region, closer to the vulva than anus. It is red and swollen, very painful to touch. I noticed it two nights ago. I have great hygiene and am

Hi Doc, I have a small lump on my thigh. It is colorless with no pain. It is not visible to the naked eye and can really only be felt through clothing?

Hi I have a small pee size lump in my groin area in between the thigh and sack its right in the crease of my groin on right side?

Hi I'm a 37 yo male,and shaved my whole lower reigion(all pubic hair and buttocks) 4 days ago.Within one day I had a very painful rash with clusters of whiteheads on my right buttock and inside of right thigh close to anus,it is still very painful to walk

Hi i've found a small, hard lump inside my thigh. Its close to my groin area. Its quite tender when i press down on it. Please help x?

Hi there I have a lump that isn't sore or doesn't have a head right near my groin almost on the flap of my vagina. It's inside not on top of the skin?

Hi there im brianna i have a lump under my skin on my private part its on the left side and it is in the opening of my vagina and it has me concerned.

Hi there, I have a tender lump in my groin area but slightly more on my vagina that my inner thigh. It almost looks bruised and red. Smaller on above ?

Hi, Im an 18 year old female and I have a flat hard bump on my pubic area. What could it be? it started out as a sac like but it never formed a head.

Hi, doctor My daughter has swelling on her apper thigh inside ?

Hi, I am a 17 year old female, and for over a year have gotten these hard lumps under my skin in the groin area, they can be moved around?

Hi, I have some red lines on both of my inner thighs right up in the groin area. I meant to ask my doctor about them the other week but forgot. I have had them for some time.

Hi, Just the other day I discovered a small lump on my right side, between my pelvis and my thigh, basically my bikini line area. The lump is smaller?

Husband. 25. 5^9 185pounds. He has tiny pimple type bumps on his UPPER inner thigh -by his testicle area. whats cause it?? Wears boxers by Hanes.

I 54 yo postmenopausal, with painful lump on l side of groin area, just above the crease where thigh meets the groin. Bitter taste in mouth. Hernia?

I am 17 and have a swelled, soft lump, that is painful, and is between my hip and groin area. Should I see a doctor?

I am a 20 year old female and I am not sexually active. A hard, probably quarter sized or larger lump just appeared on my groin area out of nowhere. ?

I am a 29 year old female with a hard ping pong sized lump you can see through my skin located between my pubic area and thigh and it hurts to touch?

I am a male 21 yeas of age there is a small painless lump about 1 cm in my groin area this is at the point where my inner thigh connects with my groin?

I am experiencing bumps in between the crease of my thighs and my testicles ?

I am experiencing pearly bump on my right buttock and groin pain. The bump is soft what could this be?

I been getting small painless bumps in pubic area and at the top of each one there is a hair sticking out of the top of it ??

I can't figure out what this soft, sqishy bump on my inner thigh is. It hurts when my underwear rubs against it.

I currently have an ache that's spreading from my left vagina flap bond to my bone around the top of my inner thigh!!! what's wrong with me!!!?

I discovered a small lump on the upper part of my butt right b4 u get to the waist. My back goes out from time 2 time in that area. What could this be?

I don't know if these lumps are in my veins but I seem to have a few, 1 under my arm and a several around the groin area what should I do?

I feel a pimple in my lower groin area, kind of in between my anus and vagina. It doesn't hurt much; it's just uncomfortable. Is this concerning?

I felt like irritation on my left inner thigh, went to look and saw tiny bumps on both sides of thighs and under crotch what could it be?

I found a hard lump or mass in my inner thigh about 3 inches above my knee. It is tender but not painful to the touch. What could it be?

I found a little lump under my skin around my pelvic area on the top of my thigh crease never noticed it before but its a bit tender should I worry?

I found a lump on my upper outer thigh three days ago. Not painfull to the touch, actually kind of numd, and about an inch wide and 3 to 4 long?

I found a lump where my inner thigh meets my genitalia. It's abt the size of a dime. No pain, but I have never had anything like it before-wot 2 do???

I found a lump, kind of sensitive right by my upper thigh in the crease between leg and vagina, what is this? I'm very worried

I found a small hard but moveable ball like thing on my right uppwr thigh close to my groin area. I need to know if its something serious.

I get these bumps on my inner thigh and they swell and burst and they are sometimes painful so what can they be and how can I treat them?

I get these painful lumps that get filled with puss on my lower outside area of my vagina or in the fold between my upper inner thigh and vagina?

I had 1 lump in the crease between my leg and pelvic area and now its 2. They are hard and dont move, also no red spot or anything its under the skin.