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I got a large bruise on my breast it was bigger than my hand The dr said if I got a lump to go back to the dr now I think I have one how serious is it?

I got a small really hard lump in my labia m. It's been there a long time but has gotten slightly bigger. No pain . It's just there?

I got rid of hemorrhoids by diet but all the sudden this huge one appeared last night size of a gum ball an hurts worse then the ones I had for years?

I got the hpv vaccine 2 weeks ago and my arm is still super sore and it has a very hard big lump under my skin.. Should i be worried?

I had a baby 5 mo ago I have a little pea size ball inside my vagina only hurts when me and my husband get sexual can it be a cyst or hemmroids?

I had a boil on my waist line the size of an orange so I popped it with a needle and the next day I felt nausious and weak?

I had a lump on the roof of my mouth, i dug it out myself now a week later it has come back and doubled in size i wasnt to concerned before now i am?

I had a lymp as big as small marble come up on my forearm, very tender to touch, no redness, went down in about two hours. you can still feel a small ?

I had a small bump that had a head in my armpit, so my grandma popped it and now it's getting bigger and harder. It hurts when I touch it. What is it?

I had a small lump on my penile shaft 2 weeks ago & then it started getting bigger, I had very little pain, but uncomfortable during sex?

I had a small lump under skin on lower back. Has always been the same. Today it was bigger and bruised and somewhat sensitive which it hasnt been b4.?

I had an injection 4 months ago. About 2 months ago i noticed a lump under the skin. It seems to be growing. Should i be concerned?

I had lump on my head. A 2 or 3 years ago. It grow and got bigger. It bleed and hurt. Had it removed. 3 months ago find 2 lumps on my head.

I had mersa 6 years ago and it went away now i have been getting little penny size boils between my legs and on the top of my but what can i do ?

I had my tonsils removed 5 years ago, but for the past year I have had 2 bumps growing on my left side. They are now getting bigger. What is it?

I had noticed a lump in my forearm a few years ago. Recently it has grown in size. I have swelling around it down to my wrist.should i be concerned?

I had this pimple under my right ass cheek skin for months now. I'm worried . It doesn't hurt nor change in size . Is it dangerous ? What could it be?

I hav a boil on my left testical sack, big. Very painfull. It feels its getting bigger and bigger 2cm big. I use for the past 2 days bindoclav 1000mg ?

I hav a lump on my head about the size of a large spot it feels hard but not painful IV had it 4 about 6 months now, any idea wot it cud be?

I have "ball" growing inside my right armpit. I can also feel it as a bump when my armpit is open. Should I be concerned?

I have 2 places on my face that I thought were just age spots, but they are getting bigger... and I have lost 20 lbs, have lumps in armpit?

I have 3 lumps behind my left ear 1 the size of a pea and the other 2 a little smaller. Had them for weeks. Got bigger and aren't going away. Serious?

I have a tiny lump in my right armpit. Hard, not painful, there for just over a week. I'm 29, have 5 children if that makes any difference?

I have a 6 month old baby and I've noticed she has an hard orange lump on the roof of her mouth about the size of a five pence should I be worried ?

I have a angioma on my vagina that has gotten bigger over the course of a few months. Should I be worried? It's bulging a little.

I have a ball shape lump inside my vagina on my right lip. I've had it for years but now its gotten bigger and harder since my pregnancy.

I have a ball, size of a penny near my vagina area i'm wondering what it may be. Feeling worried.

I have a big lump holding fluids on the shaft of my penis and is starting to get sore and seems to be getting bigger what can this be?

I have a black and blue, quarter sized, lump on my hand that is getting progressively worse over the last four days. Is this something to worry about?

I have a boil like lump on my right groin.At first it was just a little lump that looked like an ingrown hair but now it has got bigger.What could it ?

I have a bruise on left inner life next to a freckle. It's getting bigger , been there for couple weeks. What could this be? Does not hurt. No lump.

I have a bump and it's been there awhile and it doesn't seem to get bigger it's just there what could this be?

I have a bump located on my chest in the center it doesn't seem to have a head on it to bust and it hurts when trying to bust it, what Is this?

I have a bump on my arm and it keeps getting bigger .I need help?

I have a bump on my head that has been there half my life. Dr told me it was something 10 years ago not to worry about it. I think it is getting large?

I have a bump on my leg the size of a lemon what could it be i got it about three weeks ago and it hasn't bothered me till today and it almost brought me to my knees at work and I am very concerned because it has only gotten bigger.

I have a bump on my mons pubis. its about the size of a quarter and half an inch thick. it doesnt hurt at all. what is it and how do i get rid of it?

I have a bump on the tip of my tongue of its the size of a pea and it got bigger from the time to the time I woke up. I is it a problem that I smoke?

I have a couple of lumps on my inner thighs what can it be and it has gotten bigger but not painful?

I have a cyst on face cheek. It has grown bigger in the past 3 months and it hurts. I have no insurance and no money. Where can I get help?

I have a cyst on my left cheek. Swollen red and tender, lil bigger then an inch, but theres no head on it. Should I go to doctor and have it removed?

I have a dime size knot on the top of my head. I've had it since 2000. Should I worry?

I have a dime size knot that just appeared 2 days ago under my chin. I didn't fall or get hurt any idea what it could be?

I have a few masses on the side of my head about the size of a dime and I get dizzy a lot and I wanted to know what it could be?

I have a growing red lump on the crease of my but like at the top and it has gotten bigger and bigger the past few days. What could that be?

I have a gumball sized lump next to where my shaft starts and sack starts... Its hard and hurts if touched. Is it cancerous?

I have a hard bump on my jaw line that's been their for about a month or so now and gets bigger and then goes away and then grows back ?

I have a hard bump on three of my ear piercing they have not seemed to have diminished or to have gotten any bigger. What could this be?

I have a hard bump under the nose inside the skin . Its painful but not always. It will get smaller and grow bigger. What do you think it could be?wha

I have a hard but not so painful lump on my mons pubis. It's been there for a while however i noticed recently that it's grown bigger. What is it?

I have a hard lump about 2-3cm big, its painful when i move and is close to my bikini line, worried cause im pregnant?

I have a hard lump at the base of my spine that i noticed a few days ago and it seems to be getting bigger?

I have a hard lump on mons pubis. Got it after shaved months ago.Thought it was a normal after shaving lump but instead it grew hard and don't go away?

I have a hard lump on my scalp no bigger then a pea it's been there for sometime it hurts when i mess with it a lot it hurts and when i keel my hair up?

I have a hard lump under the skin on my middle finger tip, my doctor has sent me to have an ultra sound but I'm just wondering what it could be, it has grown over the past year, it's now painful, it is the size of half my fingertip. Thanks?

I have a hard pimple like bump on my forehead at the hairline it was small but it got bigger and it hasnt gone away what could it be?

I have a hard redish lump on my forehead and some smaller ones round it going into my hair line it's not a spot as no puss it's getting bigger. ?

I have a hard round mass about th size of a pea on my lower lip? What is it?How can I get rid of it?

I have a huge lump in my armpit, won't get better?

I have a huge lump under my armpit when it came up I thought it was a boil and it has tripled in size in the past 3 days very painful and hurts ?

I have a immovable painless lump under the skin on the top of my back. I thought it was the beginning of a boil but nothing has came of it. ?

I have a knot forming directly above my Adam's apple,noticed it tonight and it is getting hard, about half a penny big.I work in sun all day too.

I have a large bruise on my leg that is getting bigger and its getting darker and it's hard and painful.

I have a large group of itchy lumps on my neck like skin tags. I've noticed it getting bigger is this something I should be worried about?

I have a large hard lump under my armpit very sore and red hurts to lift it has got bigger in couple days now worried what is it?

I have a large knot that keeps growing in my inner vaginal area its gotten to the point that its hard to sit. What to do? It started out small and now is about as big as a golfball it has like finger to it

I have a large lump ("bible bump") on my head. I want removed it seems to be getting larger! it's been there for 25 yrs who should I see!?

I have a large lump on the tip of my cervix that has gotten larger over the last year. the opening to my cervix is getting bigger. What could it be?

I have a large lump under my left breast. Doesn't hurt but it's getting bigger, and a few days ago I noticed another one beside it.

I have a large thick bump under the skin on my upper thigh that has gotten bigger over a few months. Should i be worried?

I have a little lump on my stomach at first i thought it was a cyst but it can't be bust. Doesnt hurt. Football shaped. What could it be?

I have a lump about the size of a nickel on my butt check it's firm to the touch and seems like it would pop but doesn't. Is this an emergency?

I have a lump about the size of a pencil between my testicles and upper left thigh. It has been getting longer and bigger in the last month or so. It is extremely itchy and seems to get a little bigger every day. I did not think much of it at first

I have a lump above my penis but it happened after getting punched what do you think it could be. It's big and hard?

I have a lump behind ear on head, hard but slightly mobile. Been there a month but got a little smaller, should I get it checked with dr for cancer?

I have a lump behind my ear I noticed it a month ago I haven't got an infection it hasn't gotten bigger and is not painful atall could this be cancer?

I have a lump behind my ear thats a pea size. I have not been sick. Should i be worried? Or get it checked out?

I have a lump behind my right ear. I have had it for about 10 years and it has been the same size but it has gotten bigger within the past two days.?

I have a lump bigger then a quarter size still on my pubic area and was wondering what it may be very sore and hard have tried popping it wont go away?

I have a lump in my arm pit. It does not hurt it's a little smaller than a penny oval shaped and when I lanced it only blood came out what is this?

I have a lump in my palate. It started 3m ago as a small bump and started growing. Color is the same as the palate. Shape cilinder. Doesnt hurt.

I have a lump in my tongue... It gets bigger and smaller... When it's big it hurts?

I have a lump in the palm of my hand, not painful but concerned as it recently appeared & seems to be a bit bigger than when I first noticed it.?

I have a lump on my armpit. Been 3 days. On the first day it hurts when touched but on the folowing days it doesn't hurt anymore. Doesnt change in size?

I have a lump on my left shoulder notice it 3 years ago, since then I notice its getting a bit bigger maybe a size of a quarter.please help ?

I have a lump on my mid stomach and it's a little. Bigger than a golf ball its extremely painful i first noticed the lump was February 2014 and here it is a little over a year later and it has only grew in pain and in size its hard as a rock i can see it

I have a lump on my penus under the head about the size of a pea it occured after masterbating twice. No pain. Im worried. What could it be?

I have a lump on my waist, could it be dangerous? I am overweight, and on my waist there is a hard lump poking out and it has a little purple on it.

I have a lump on the inside of my arm near the elbow. It is about an inch in diameter and is not sore. I work regularly with weights and wonder if that could be the problem. It has been there about three weeks and has not gotten any larger.

I have a lump on the inside of the top of the leg and it's really sore and getting bigger. Last night became really itchy. It's the size of a grape?

I have a lump on top of my scalp which has gotten bigger and now it is hurting.

I have a lump or bump outside of my vagina for almost 3 months, It doesnt hurt or grow bigger. How can i get rid of it?

I have a lump the size of a quarter just above my right elbow. came on within three days and getting bigger. what could it be?

I have a lump under it about the size of the bump I am scared that this maybe a bloodclot?

I have a lump under my chin near my throat it hurts when i touch it and its grown bigger in three days should I be worried?

I have a lump/bump on my chest and it has gotten bigger in the last year now it hurts but no pus is coming out what can it be?

I have a me in my right armpit and it hurt it will get bigger then get small and if i pitch it white stuff comes out of it should I be worried?

I have a mole on my head an its getting bigger ?

I have a mole on my tongue, its been there for couple of years & doesnt hurt. do i have to worry about it?

I have a mole thats gotten larger and I was wondering if I should be worried? It's feels full of fluid..