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I have developed a small thing on left of my abdomen. It is bigger than pimple but smaller than lump. Should I be worried?

lump on my bikini line. started to shrink then was big again( size of a chickpea)then shrunk again . It does not hurt just get pulling feeling ?

"nonvisible" bump on my nose getting larger and beginning to hurt. thought it was a underskin pimple but its been more then 6 months?

10 months ago I noticed lump on roof of my my it's come and gone I have even dug it out dentist isn't worried but I'm still anxious about it 2 mm size?

2 days ago I noticed a lump under my chin underneath the skin. I woke up this morning & it got bigger. Could you tell me what it is What should I do?

2 yr old little lumps under skin on both sides of neck, always had them since a baby, never grown or changed, smaller than a pea. What could they be?

24 month son has a big veins o The sides of his neck when he is crying. Bigger on one side. Is this normal and just looks freaky?

25 year old son has painful lump in arm pit that change in size and goes away and comes back?

26 yo/female. Noticed a lump. Urethra seems to come out at top of this lump. It is soft and does not hurt. A little bigger than a pea.

2mo. ago noticed .5cm bump an inch below chin. Seems somewhat soft, little moveable, doesn't hurt. Hasn't changed, constantly touching it.Normal node?

3 weeks ago I fell and hit my forehead, I had a goose egg immediately with a small cut. I still have a quarter size tender lump, should I be concerned?

31 yr old female knot on mastroid bone behind ear for a month has not gotten bigger. Is not sore or moveable no other symptoms should I worry?

4 days ago,a painful small lump appeared on my right armpit,a day after,another one next to it appeared but smaller and less painful.It keeps hurting.

8 year old boy lump in armpit about the size of a large grape. Painful to the touch says it hurts to put his arm down on it. It feels soft and easilly moveable. Should I be worried? Due to the holiday cannot get him into doc until after! He has no other s

A big knot, lump has formed ontop of pubic hairs about size of baseball. It hurts. Seems like it comes before/after period. What is it?What to do?

A couple months ago i hit my self in the throat a lump appeared and is still there what can I do to remove it now its harder and still swollen

A few months ago i noticed a tiny bump at the base of my penis. I thought it would go away. It has gotten a bit bigger and there are now two more.

A mass of large bumps have appeared on my nose and when i squezz them white puss comes out but they don't go away they return and are getting bigger

A month ago on my right shin next to the bone I developed a nickel sized lump it dosnt hurt. it dose however itch now and has gotten bigger any ideas?

A year ago i went down on my motorcycle. It left bruise on my thigh with a big lump. Over a year later, the lump hasnt gone away a is slowly growing

About a week ago, I got a large bruise on my upper inner thigh. I noticed yesterday there is a large lump (a little bigger than golf ball) underneath ?

About three or four weeks ago I had a not start on my upper cartilage in my right ear and it just continues to get bigger than the other day I thought of us get off of it in a start bleeding since then it has grown to about the size of a quarter it's blee

Am i gonna pass away from this? I have a small lump in both breast. When i touch, they move around. Lumps hasn't gotten bigger, no change. I'm 23.

Am i gonna pass away from this? I have a small lump in both breast. When i touch, they move around. Lumps hasn't gotten bigger, no change. I'm 23.

An egg sized lump appeared under the skin above my right ribs. I'm pregnant and it just showed up over night. A little bit sore. Feels like a big musc?

Bf is 45 has a nickel sized raised very round hard bump under the skin in his armpit very painful has apt tomorrow but we are scared what could it be?

Bf sucked breast and left a bruise and a hard lump appeared few wks ago.lump is still there but it has gotten a lot smaller dime size now. Be worried?

Boil looking bumb on upper labia manora. Painfull when touched and when walking. I had it for about 3 days now and it seems to be getting bigger. ?

Bump on back of scalp.not painful to touch it's hard&non movable.Havn't felt sick or taken any meds or hurt the area. Grown slightly larger?

Bump on my nipple. When I try to squeeze it, it hurts and seems to be getting bigger?

Bump on the side of my heel. I think it appeared aftr i got glass in my foot a few yrs ago.Now it hurts/is bigger/looks bruised. Doesnt seem infected?

Can one inner labia suddenly become bigger that the other? And why? I have no pain but I am a bit scared.

Can you see a baby bump a month after sex? I'm really skinny and my belly seems to be a little tighter and bigger

Couple days I have lumps under both arms it hurts one is little bigger than a coin and the other one is like a coin I have been using antiperspirant deodorant .this is not the 1st time I had this I'm scared it might be cancer please help.

Did I broke my nose? -A bit purple -A bit bigger. -It is in the right position. -Nostrils are the same size. -I can move it. -It hurts when i touch it

Dime size lump 10 days now.started out painful,red and still there no pain.feels like a grape..otherwise

Dr iam having a lump on my left breast sometimes it is small sometimes it is getting bigger, there is 10 more days to periods, why like this? Worries?

Exfoliated my lips 15 days straight and now they are bigger and puffier and a little bit swollen ?! what happened? Will they be back to their old size

For months now I have this hard swelling under my right armpit about size of an orange or something like. Should ibe worried?

For quite sometime I have had a larger left tonsil. Ent dr says nothing to worry about. Did it get infected one time before? Will it get bigger?

Got a pea size lump between hip and intestines Seems to get a bit bigger when I bend back. Black, blue, and yellow above where lump is. What is it?

Had a circular dint on butt about and inch around.Doc said it was due to working 1 side more.Now more painful, larger and bruised all through. Any idea?

Hard lump on forehead for 3-4 years doesn't hurt but noticeable some days looks bigger than others ?

Hard lump on my back thought it was a spot but nothing to squeeze out. It's very hard and have had it about a year and it's not got any smaller.?

Hard pink lump on scalp. Does not hurt. Been there for close to a year..maybe a bit bigger. Some hair grows through it. ?

Hard swollen lump on inner groin area? Noticed it the first time a couple days ago. It is getting bigger every day

Hard, grape sized bump on shin, does not hurt. Curious to know what it could be. Never had it before. Not shrinking or growing. Have had ir for 3 week?

Hard, immovable lump on shin since may. Feels like bruise but no mark.Started the size of pea, just noticed itsabout the size of a gumball. Nervous!

Have a bump under my skin at base of middle finger. Started th size of a BB has gotten bigger nd hurts. Any ideas?

Have a hard lump the size of a small marble in my earlobe. painful if you squeeze it n doesn't move. What could it possible be n should I tell my gp?

Have a hard lump under right ear beging jaw that has been there over a year now... Should I see about it? It hasn't changed in size but hasn't changed

Have a lil lump on my knee, was told i probsbly hit it but i know i didn't, now smaller ones are appearing around it, they hurt a bit wat is the cause?

Have a pea size bump on tongue.a bit brown and hurts. Should I be concerned and yes I am a smoker?

Have a pimple on my dick since always. It doesn't hurt or grow it has been the same size always and doc says its nothing but I am still worried.?

Have a small blueish lump or knot in vein on quad its visible n a lil painful when touched...Its gotten a lil smaller... What could that be?

Have been working out recently but i've noticed that my butt has shrunk. Is there any foods to help it get bigger again?

He is 11 years old. My son has got a small hard lump under his arm. What is it?

Hello doctor, 2 days ago I notice a little mass inguinal under my skin on the right leg! It's a little painful on touch should I be worried about it?

Hello I am worried a have a bump/ lump on my forehead I can see it from time to time it doesn't hurt but I'm scared that it will keep growing &cancer?

Hello I found a year ago lumps on both of my testicals. Some days they are flat and other days they get hard especially during near or after ejactualt?

Hello I got the mesigyna shot on the 16 April and I've noticed a hard lump that feels bigger the. The red spot is it normal . Help please.

Hello I've had a pimple on my testi for a couple months and now it's gotten bigger and there is a large lump connect to it under the skin what is it ?

Hello, I'm 19 and last year started getting lumps on my breasts what if squazed puss / white stuff comes out . But the lumps disappear after a while?

Hello, i've a small lump on the back of my skull on the left side. It's never s sore but i'm worried it could get bigger, want do you think it is?

Hello, my husband has a very large lump on his perineum (sp?) Its internal, he feels most of it on the inside. Yesterday it was the size of a pea, today is the size of a half dollar. Redish, extremely painful, he can barely walk or sit. He has had no chan

Hey doctor about 3 weeks ago in my fitness lesson we did some workout then I realised a lump on back right of my head and it hasn't grown maybe shrunk?

Hey I have a a small lump behind my left ear for 4 weeks..But it has got smaller..It doesn't hurt me and it's soft should I be worried?

Hey I have a red lump on my leg that's grown bigger recently ?

Hey i'm worried because I have two lumps on my head i had them for a few years but they've gotten bigger i'm scared what can it be and they don't hurt?

Hi I was wondering if you could help me about a small white lump 2 millimetre in size under my right armpit. I can move it a little. Thanks Rob?

Hi Doctor im 18 almost 19 and in the recent months i have noticed that my left testicle is bigger than my right one also i have noticed little small n?

Hi I have a bump on the side close to the cluterous and it's a size of a lil marble does not hurt or itch how can that be taken care of?

Hi I have a small lump on my perenium which seems to be getting more sore and uncomfortable?

Hi I have i think it is a skin tag on my leg. It started out small then got bigger and now it's the size of a dime. Do you think I should be worried?

Hi I have what I think is a ganglion cyst on the side of my wrist but it has got bigger in last couple of days and is hurting do I need to worry??

Hi I noticed a lump (smaller than a pea) in my armpit 6 days ago, it got very smaller but I can still feel it sometime. Is it bad?

Hi my baby has a small lump near on her forehead but she never bumb her head i just notice it yesterday shes 10 months?

Hi, I had a mole removed a year ago but it still hurts and when I feel the scar there is a lump underneath that is sore, should I get it checked?

Hi, i found a lump in my breast and i'm 16. It's hard but it doesn't hurt and i think it might of gotten smaller from the first time, months ago?

Hi, I have this weird rash on my right breast. I have these spots that are large and getting bigger and spread out. I've been to a clinic and to my fa?

Hi, I'm 16 and have a small hard lump near the bottom of the head of my penis. I'm unsure whether or not it has grown. I noticed it around 7 weeks ago?

Hi, my mother has had a small lump on her head It's been there for a couple of weeks but last week it got bigger and now is hurting. ?

How do you know MRSA is getting better. It's smaller then a dime. It's causes very little pain.

How much bigger should one breast be than the other to be normal? My right is 1 cupsize bigger than my left. It looks really strange. I want them even

I am 24 and I have bump on my right breast since puberty, now the bump become 3 and smaller, originally it was only 1 and bigger what is this?

I am a 20 year old male and I have a brown lump inside my cheek aswell as a pus like smaller lump on top of it I am very worried.

I am a male and my right testical is swollen . What is wrong? I am 49 and it has been swollen for a month and now getting bigger.

I am a teen and I have a bump on my pubic area. It has gotten big but I can't feel it. Help?

I am having a small bump at the back of my head. It has been since a week. I had scractched a bit andit has now grown bigger. Is this something to worry about? What should i do?

I am in 15 and i feel my testicles are small the right 4.2 cm, left 4,3 CM (length) will they get bigger?when they will stop growing?

I bit my girlfriends breast and now she's left with a fairly hard 2x2inches of lump inside over a year ago been no change. What could this be?

I bit the side of my tongue a few times and a white growth appeared. It seems to be slowly getting bigger and not going away. Any ideas?

I fell and hurt my groin. I noticed a small lump that got a little smaller its like a size of a marble. Could it be a strain or pulled muscle ?

I felt change in the size of my left eye only. It became round than before. What should I do to make it just before it was?

I found a bump on back of my head. It gets bigger then small again. feels tender when it is big. Do I have to get removed? Can I put something on It

I found a hard lump in the back of my left testicle, the lump seems to appear then disappear, I'm trying to feel for it now and it's not there, I'm 18?

I found a lump on my private area 2 weeks ago and since then it's been growing bigger and bigger, should I be worried?

I found a lump under my armpit about 6 months ago. It's not painful, but it doesn't seem to be getting any smaller. How concerned should I be?

I found a small dark lump on my labia majora after getting a bikini wax. It's been a couple days and it seems to be getting bigger. What could it be?

I found hard immovable lump in my armpit which has grown quite a bit in last 3 weeks, tired a lot and bad itch all over my body..Any answers please?