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hard lump on my ribs hard like bone on top of my ribs doesn't move at all sometimes kinda hurts to you know if this could be cancer?

Have a hard movable lump right above my left tragus. Any idea what it could possibly be. It is also kind of painful. ?

? Is I have a lump inside my upper left arm size of a softball warm swelling tender bothersome what might be going on

10yr old daughter has lump near her kneecap. It feels soft and mobile. Slightly red , hurts when she bends it and when it's pushed on . Ideas?

11 yr old daughter feels a long painless unmovable lump in her right breast. What could this be?

13 year old has something hard under her left breast that was before painful bit not now, what could it be?

19 yr old daughter has a painful lump inside her earlobe. It feels like a little ball and very painful when touched. Can't be moved, feels hard.

2 very hard lumps/knots at each end of clavicle. One there 3 years and the other 2 months and it's bigger. Alot if pain and they don't move all. Help?

2 weeks ago I bump my shin on food crates and it left a quarter lump,it still have a lump on it and still feel stiff it hurt from 2-4 depending ?

2yrs ago I found symmetrical bruises an painful lumps on both thighs doc could disgnose. They have now come back very painful to touch sore and bruisd?

A few months ago i noticed a marble-sized, hard lump on my tailbone. There's no pain, but i keep worrying about it. Could it be part of my tailbone?

A few months ago my left second toe hurt mildly. Noticed that it's bigger/hard/ painful in the area right under the nail? Scared of cancer, am 18 y/o.

A hard lump on the right side of my neck that is very sore whenever i touch it or turn my head its about the size of a dime?

A hard movable lump at the back of lats dorsi for 2 years now since notice it but lately feel burning sensation & swelling on surroundings of lump?

A lump appeared on groin doesn't hurt and can feel heart beat on it any ideas?

A lump appeared on my forehead out of nowhere. I didn't hit it. It's not red or hot, but it is pretty painful. Hurts and feels fuller when I bend over?

A lump appeared on my left wrist.It seems like a vein which is very swollen and sort of round.It pains when pressed and my arm is a little numb?

A lump on my right forearm that hurts to touch?

A lump popped up 4 days ago in my arm inner forearm hard lump that does not move, could it be a cyst? no injury

A marble size knot popped up suddenly in top of my hand then swole &its blue, i did not hurt or ingure it then later the same hapened iny other arm?

Around 1 month ago I felt a lump under armpit in left hand. Now I am not sure it is there but feel oval shaped and it itches and feels tender. Cause?

Banged my chin hard 12 weeks ago, hard lump on bottom right formed, now bottom right of chin is swollen and hard compared to left.will it go away?

Barely noticeable lump under skin about 4 inches above wrist. Only notice it when I touch the area and only hurts when i press. Pea size. Normal?

Both armpits aching, found very deep, smooth 1cm lump in right armpit that moves slightly. Doesn't hurt to palpate but hurts when i move arms.

Both my breast are rock hard and crusty one hurts i get a burning pain in my armpit?

Both of my breast hurt they r both hard on the inside what can i do?

Bruise on stomach with hard pea sized lump hurts when I touch it?

Bumped into something and had golfball-sized lump under skin on leg. Week later, no pain, no bruise, but still lump (smaller now). What could this be

Can palpations hurt?

Can your rib swell up & feel swollen & tender with a lipoma ? I have felt something squishy & movable under my rib I've had 2 US & nothing showed up

Dime sized lump inside armpit, hard, hurts very badly; mostly while up walking around. What could it be?

Do I have a sebaceous cyst? I have a small hard lump on the back of my ear, only noticeable when touched. No pain. When pressed firmly slight movement

Does smoking cause any painful lump kind of thing underneath left jaw? Its very painful to touch

Earlobe pain, feels like a pimple or lump inside the lobe, hurts when touched?

Evening docter I have a Lump on the right side of my head it's small and painful when to touch feels likes is brushed ?

Feel small bump under left armpit. When i touch it it hurts. What could this be.

Fell hard on tailbone only hurt for cpl wks 6 mo later i had hard bump that hurts if i press up/under it above my bhole its not a cyst so what is it?

Fell hard on tailbone only hurt for cpl wks 6 mo later i had hard bump that hurts if i press up/under it above my bhole its not a cyst so what is it?

Felt lumps under my bottom last ribcage on the left,they r tender to touch and is not on the skin about size of half a pea,wen i flex i cant feel it?

Felt something in my testical. It hurt when touched it and it fells to me like its round. Is it a lump or tumor?

Fluid filled lump on left part of right knee. Hurt to touch. Next day lump is gone but it still hurts to touch. Any ideas of what it could be?

For a week now i've had a lump under my right armpit it was hurting but now it has went down but i still can feel it and its not painful at all.

For about a week now I've had a knot on my cheek around the knot its swollen. My teeth don't hurt, it doesn't hurt to eat, the knot does not hurt. ?

For about a week now right on the "mons pubic" area i feel like its bruised. No lumps or anything. Any suggestions?

Found a lump where in my groin. Hurts when I press on it. Is it canc?

Found hard lump on inner right forearm very close to where elbow bends. It feels sore but not painful. What is it and how can it go away? I'm scared!

Got a small hard squishy bump on index finger that hurt when pressed on?

Got a small lump bump between ear and jaw on left side. Does not hurt but when i touch it feels like rubber and it moves a bit. Any answer?

Had a lump in armpit 3 days ago which is shrinking but i alsofelt two hardened swollen tube like structure which pains wen pressed. what is it?

Had lumps for years top of spine/neck area. Hard, not painful. It has grown huge last two days and hurts. Feels about the size of a lemon. no insuranc?

Hard bump on upper left labia. Hurts when I push on it. What is it, help me?

Hard knots in breast. Feels like a bruise on inside but not visibly bruised outside. 29 yr old.Should i be worried its cancer?

Hard like cord up under breast, hurt when i stretch out or touch it.

Hard lump near groin that hurts a lot. Who do I see?

Hard lump on left knee. I've had it since I was about 9. Tender to touch ,very noticeable, 8 years later Its still there ?

Hard lump on left patella that's painful when i kneel down and come back up?

Hard lump on left pelvis, what could be the reason?

Hard lump on neck, not on skin but underneath at throat. 3 docs checked but can't feel it but you do need to press hard to feel it? Headaches too

Hard lump on right side of penis under the skin.

Hard lump on the inside of my elbow where the arm bends. Only painful when pressed on. Area slightly red. Had it at least a week. What could this be?

Hard lump on top of right foot?

Hard lump on top of right hand veins popping out slightly different colour tender to touch what could it be?

Hard lump where IV was 5 weeks later and swelling on forearm?

Hard marble sized lump under skin right next to and in my belly button. It hurts to the touch but that's it. What could it be?

Hard painful lump on my elbow it does not move?

Hard painful lump on top of tongue in the back about the size of a dime. Can't see it, not red but can feel it. What could this be?

Hard, painless knot inside my tongue, on the right side in the front. Feels pretty big, what could it be?

Hard/immovable lump on left under scalp at the midpoint of my ear and an inch in. Noticed yesterday. Slightly painful bt could be from touching it?

Has a painful lump under his left collarbone a bit bigger than a marble. Presses on it and arms get numb. Also lump on back of head under his hair.

Have a bump in the top middle of my back that feels like a big marble & is visible, has been there for yrs, only hurts when pressed. What could it be?

Have a pea sized lump on my left thigh. Feels hard but not prutruding. Been there over a year. Doesn't hurt. I exercise often. What can it be?

Have a small round lump under my right armpit and hurts regardless if i touch it or not? What is it? Will it heal on its own? Its been there 2 days

Have had swollen area on rib below left breast, semi firm. Only painful if touched. It's getting bigger. What could it be?

Have lump by csection cut that i had 6mnths ago.Half of the lump is underneath the right side of cut.Its sort of hard and when press on it it hurts?

Hello I woke up this morning and was stretching I reached towards my right armpit and felt a little painless lump underneath my skin. ?

Hello, my 8 year old son woke up with a small hard lump on the inside of his right knee, he is complaining of pain to the touch & weight bearing?

Her lateral eyelid has a tiny movable ball/lump and she said it was tender when palpated. It hurts just like a bruise. What is this?

Hey, I woke up this morning and felt a lump on my right middle finger. it is the size of a zit but it is really painful to touch. what is it?

Hi , I have a very hard lump on the lower half of my back and it's purpleish with a whole in the middle but no drainage. It hurts when I touch it.

Hi ,recently i noticed this small lump at the right testicle bottom,it's hard to feel it,but when i push it a little,i can feel lump, is epydidimis?

Hi .. I found hard lumps at the bottom of my back. There painless just briskly touch it and can feel the lumps, I am not sure how many i started with ?

Hi a few weeks ago I felt a large lump behind my belly button.. Now I have a few cluster of little lumps under my skin on my abdomen. Not painful but are growing.

Hi doc, about three days ago my philtrum is swollen, and these day seems growing bigger, touch like a knot, it's pain when I press it, plz help.tks.

Hi i got hit repeatedly in the side of my chest next to my right peck , it bruised up and was swollen now it's a hard lump is it my rib poking out ?

Hi I just discovered a very hard lump above my left armpit what should i do about this? little pain and soreness when i tough it

Hi I've had a dull pain on the top of my right shoulder bone almost feels like a.Bruise and noticed a small mobile bump should I be concerned?

Hi, my clitoris has become hard n swollen. There's like a lump on the left side. On the tip there's a boil, not painful to touch. Can u please advice?

Hi, I have a lump in the inside of my butt cheek. It's hard solid. And hurts when I walk. ?

Hi, i have a painful, swollen lump on my mons pubis. It is painful, hard and dosent seem to move. Any idea what this could be? Thanks

Hi, I have a small lump on my collarbone that is movable and pain on touch?

Hi. I felt a small lump in my breast, but it hurts when i press it. No swelling or discharge. What could this mean?

Hi. I found a raised lump behind my right ear, yesterday, that is slightly tender to the touch. It seems to be on my bone and feels very hard.

Hi. I have 3 hard lumps on my head the biggest one is on the left and when I touch it it hurts. I've had them for years could it be serious?

Hi. Im 20 years old. I have a hard not painful lump ontop of my left foot. Im really worried. What could this be? The lump is hard. Not painful doesnt

Hi...I just want to ask if I should be worried with the small lump I have in the area ofmy anus.I don't feel any pain but its uncomfortable .

Hit side on my wrist really hard on bench now lump there hurts to touch lump but no other pain concerned?

Hiya i have an extremely hard lump on the left side of my second toe... near the bottom on the discolouration..and is not painful..

Huge lump/ knot under my arm very painful! What should I do!?

I Have a pea sized bump on the top of my hand, its hard and it doesnt hurt but i can move it around slightly but i dont know what it is.

I am 28. yesterday i felt slight pain in my right armpit in small area when i touched it i feel spongy lump. area around it is painful what it is??