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I've been bloated all day plus I have a cyst right below my vagina right before where you poop lol. It's the size of a nickel are both connected?

Pain lower abdomen , also another strange thing i cant feel my spermatic cord near my right testes area, while my left one feels really big?

16 years old and i feel like I have a mass to the left side of my belly button, about 2 inches away. It hurts mildly when pressed on. Should i worry?

17 male- when i squeeze things like toothpaste with right arm i can feel a small sort of buzz in right breast? no pain/tenderness , no lump or no spot

18 years of age Recently feeling a slight pain whn I squeeze a small lump on the top of my right testicle Is this a sign for anythin major?

26 yr male I have a sore spot on back that only hurts when pushed in it feels like a bruise nothing is visible on skin it's on mid of back left side?

26 yr old, grandson has a nickle size hard, sensetive protrusion on his abdomen, 3"-4" up and to the right of his belly button. He says he's had it for a couple of years, hurts lots when hit or pushed in, ("like a pin in there") has become more sensitive

32 male ok ob my left ball hurts somtimes in the back when i touch it then the next day it ok this happens somtimes but now its the right one hurts ?

36 yr old female. Long-term constipation. Today I noticed pain/weird feeling in perineum area & there's a grape sized sore lump to the left side. Why?

3wks have pain feels like bruise right hip waist side of back into groin and inner thigh feels little better laying down I'm scared it's ovarian tumor?

51yr male soft lump 4 in. Under navel and to right 3 in. Can feel when coughing not painful but uncomfortable seems to go away when lying on back?

A couple days ago I found a small lump on my right testicle, it does not hurt, I tried pulling it away and it did and there was like a vain under it.?

A few days ago I notice a bump on my right of my vagina wall and two more on my left side is this normal I'm freaking oh ?

A hard lump in the left side of my lower abdomen. It makes me look bloated but does not hurt unless I press very hard on it. What could this be?

A lump on my left side (lower) tender to touch on the right. I am afraid if i have hernia or worse pregnant please help :'( i dont want any of these?

A small part, right to my belybutton is noticeably swollen/bigger. No pain whatsoever. What could it be?

About 2 days ago I realized the right lower side (Inside and out) of my nose became inflammed and swollen. It now feels like a hard lump and is swollen extremely bad, all the way up to the bridge of my nose and I cannot breathe on my right side. I put a h

About 3 days before my cycle, my left side hurts really bad. Like my ovary. I cant stand to be pushed or touched on that side. Is that normal?

After a woman sucked My right testicle, I have been having sporadic pain there, it's been 3 days so far, she did suck the right one hard, how long ti?

After IV on left arm, i developed a hard mass in vein. When i push it hurts. I can move it up and down my vein. It feels like a small tube when i pres?

After sex I get this large little more than golf ball size lump on the lower left side of my abdomen that moves a lot from ribs to hips. What is it?

Age 22 left bigger and i feel a bump on the left one, And also the right is not growing anymore but left is increasing?

Almond shaped lump under skin, lower right side abdomen. Can feel while lying down, more promenant while standing, slightly painful to touch ?

Asked another dr about this but didn't specify enough, left side scrotum swells with bowel movement also veins feel thicker and clumpier on that side.

Asking for a friend right side of her neck fells bulged out around her tonsil wall. She was a slightly larged right tonsil. Could that be why. thisok?

Ast night i jad this shape pain on my right sode of my tummy. It felt like a chill burn.what does that mean? Now when i touch that area its felts brui

At 26 almost 27 weeks pregnant would I be able to feel the baby's head under my left rib cage? It's like a hard lump

At night i ocasionally slept with my hand under right breast pushing that breast region hurts so much and its a little bit hard.problem?

Basically my sphincter on the right side seems to be swollen or coming out, like i pushed too hard. Is this fixable?

Beside left hipbone I feel a long sausage shaped lump. What could this be?

Bf said his Right testicle feels hard and swollen and it hurts when ejaculating. Its been 5 days. Whats wrong? Is it dangerous?

Big Lump on right side of pelvic area only. It aches a little after I press on it. What is this?

Both my testicles look fine when they are relaxed both in right positon but when cold the left takes a pointy position and the right looks normal ?

Bump around the anus to the right side, happened shortly after appendicitis surgery. What could it be?

By My Lower Left Rib it Looks Bigger Than The Right One , Could It Be A Roll , And I Keep Getting A Weird Feeling Where My Neck Vein Is , Dialation?

Can a cyst feel like a bruise? I have a 4.5cm ovarian cyst. It feels like a bruise, especially when I press on it and lower back hurts too

Can feel rope like thing on the bottom of my bicep not sure if it's vein,artery,or lymph..I have some dull pain in the arm..seems a bit swollen..norm?

Can gas cause a bulge the size of a golf ball to come and go around the left side of my ribs? My dr said its probably just gas and that's all she said

Can i get HIV if my peins touch a woman legs is not in side just from out side?

Can masterbating alot be the reason my left arm looks slightly bigger/more muscular than my right? It looks like More muscle tension

Can one possibly have left rib stick out a bit more than the right? Mine does and my left abdomen looks shrunk. No pain. Normal?

Can someone please help. my left testicle feels half the size of my right and also half of my left testicle feels squished like its flat.please help ?

Can someone tell me if a have to worry about something like a ball that I found on my side under my arm.?

Can thin people feel their colon? Right side of my abdomen feels firmer than the left side.. Should i be concerned or is this normal?

Can your right or left inset time swell up with IBS ?

Connected ball inside crotch lip on left side, sometimes hurts.Doctor said somthing about lymph nodes.What is it anddo i need surgery to get rid of it?

Could you tell me why my left testicle feels like it's being pulled to my ab?

Daughter had sausage like lump in lower abdomen on left side got bigger and smaller now it's almost unfeelable but makes a click sound when pushed?

Dear sir my left tosil bigger then right one? And some time i feel itching

Dear sir, my right testicle is dead means when I sqeze it or press it, it doesn't feel any sensation.

Doc my left testicle look really weird like it sits up a little bit higher then the other one but i felt my sperm cord and it doesnt feel twistedDX?

Doctor performed a c-section and a tubal now my right side has a lump and it hurts bad. What could this be?

Does there look like there is something wrong with my abdoman. Picture is in my file. I have pain on the left lower side. Hurts to much to wear pants?

Draw a line from left armpit down to across my belly button by left rib and there is a huge mass. Doesn't hurt. Feels like a babies head or butt!

Dull pain in right testicle no bump or Lump , can feel tube like thing on it? Very sensitive also , lifted things past few days? Help!!!

During sex my penis bent back a little and it hurts should I worry? Hurts on left side tilts easier to that side left easy and feels weird when erect

Embarrassing question but it seems my right testicle is hanging very low. It is hanging lower then my left and usually my left is lower. Sould I c doc?

Every once in awhile it feels like theres a muscle or something thats swollen or a little hard to the left side of my sternum above my left boob. ????

Excuse me I have a bulging mass on the right side of my clitoris and it really hurts and I notices a small one is starting to grow on the other side..?

Feel a squishy lump around where my left ovary would be. Uncomfortable at times. Only feel when standing. Not painful though.

Feel like my left testicle is three times bigger than the right one and feels like a vein on the whole side of it and my scrotum is tight on the left?

Feels like a big rock in my belly on my left side. What home remedy can I for it?

Feels like I have fulid in my left abdamen all the way to my left testical. Then duuring sex it risises in my stomic and hurts sometimes hard to push ?

Feels like Squeezed testicle pain means what?

Few weeks my testicles been swollen feel something in my right one in the left it looks like more skin hanging and I have a on/off headache. Whats it?

First off I should mention that I'm currently on my menstrual cycle but I noticed 2 enlarged lymph nodes on my growin(left side) I feel like there might be one on my left breast too. I also have one towards the back of my neck(right side)?

For a while now my right boob hurts when i lay on it to the point where I have to turn over. It has also been shrinking a lot. Please help!

For the first time today my left testicle went up inside my lower body creating a lump, i was able to push it back since then the area feels strange?

Friend drunkenly punched me in the crotch area a week ago. I don't have any pain, but I feel like one of my testicles is slightly enlarged. Visit Dr?

Gallbladder removed 2 months ago. I get swollen on my left side. I cant sit straight and its it normal?

Got mumps on the right side but feeling a little bit of pain on the left. What is wrong?

Greetings, my left testicle has slightly enlarged and is a little painful. I have no insurance. Any ideas?

Had enteritis 2 wks ago. Much better but still getting a tube like lump protrusion on right side of tummy. Painful to push on when pops up. Worried?

Had my first colonoscopy yesterday, last night and today my right side is tender to the touch. Almost feels like I did a major work out soreness. ?

Had sharp pain belly button to groin afew wks ago setting keg from truck to ground.left testicle feels uncomfortable,not swollen or black and blue?

Hard lump inside upper leg. From time to time i feel like i pulled a muscle in my leg. What is the lump! should I be concerned! flying to hawaii soon?

Hard lump on the bottom of the left testicle with a feel of worms as well, is this serious? Sometimes It can be very sensitive.

Hard painless lump on right side of neck right next to the trachea. Been there a few months now, feels as it has got bigger. Something to worry about?

Hard pea size lump in top right area of abdomen(under ribs), doesn't hurt but when i jog, i can feel what seems like a side stich...Chance of cancer?

Hat does it mean when your left ball and stomach hurts is it a hernia?

Have a slight pain in left testicle...Feels like I've been kicked in the balls. Slight feeling like cutting off of circulation down myupper left thigh?

Have a small bump/lump on my left shin that moves when pushed. Seems like it started lower down on the leg maybe a year or so again but is now higher?

Have like a discomfort feel on top of my right hand side of my breast.

Have what feels like a cyst on vaginal opening, right side. Some pain, slight heat, about the size of a pea, feels swollen. Do I need a doc to treat it?

Having a small bump on lower back right side , what does it state when i press it i can fell little pain , any thing to worry

Hello doctor! i recently noticed what feels like a vein running across my right testicle from side to side. Sometimes i feel it more than others.

Hello i feel that the side of my left breast is hot its not the first time this happened I'm scared what is this not very day but sometimes ?

Hello i have pain left side of my belly for three years comes and go but this time still there and i can feel a lump im scared no other symptoms thnx?

Hello im 16 years old and about 2 days ago during one of my track meets before my race. I felt a little pain on my left testicle. Idk what is was.

Hello on my left quadratic side I feel these little lumps on my oblique I assume. And it hurts when I push on it and cough what could it be?

Hello, Is it possible to feel your ovaries? I can feel two almost symmetrical lumps however the one on the right is slightly bigger than the one on the left hand side? Please help, there's no pain but I'm worried Thank you

Hello, a few days ago I noticed a pulsating on both sides of my neck, I can't feel it but it's clearly visible, should I be worried?

Hello, i fell something a bit hard on top my left testicle and it is not attached to my testicle i can feel that i dont have pain unless press it is ?

Hello, I have 28 yo, recently, I have remarked the my left testicle becomes bigger than the right one, & after ejaculation i feel some pain on it?

Hello. When I lay down I feel this lump about 2.5 inches long and 1-1.5 inches wide on the left side of my pelvis. I do not feel it when I'm standing.

Hey im 29 from the uk i have noticed under my right ribcage i can feel a hard ish lump or organ, i push down gentley with 2 hands and rotate and it ?

Hey im a male and my right teslticale hurt when i ejaculate and it has a mild pain right now just enough so i can feel it. I also woke up with testica?

Hi 18 year old feels like I have a weird lump type thing on top of left testicle worried on what it is.

Hi i have a lump on my right side of my nose since a young child but its now sore .never bothered me before .if i press the bridge it really hurts ?

Hi just wanting to ask some questions I just noticed tonight I had a hard lump on the right side of my stomach just below my rib I can move it around ?