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Can I use claire's ear care antiseptic on my belly button piercing?

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Can you swim in the ocean with a new belly button piercing? I got my belly button pierced today, and i'm going on vacation in 1 month.

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I had an operation 11 days ago, one of the wounds is healing really well but the second, being in my belly button is still very raised and angry sore?

I had my belly button pierced 2 weeks ago i took it out and now to let it heal. Now bleeding from inside my belly button not the piercing how come?

I had my belly button pierced a few years ago but the piercing ripped out and I formed scar tissue. My scar tissue itches, why is that?

I had my belly piercing 5 weeks ago and todY when iwas cleaning it with a qtip there where some blood is that normal?!

I had my navel pierced for 10 years is it normal to have puss and blood come out from my navel below the piercing when I get sick with an infection?

I have a belly button piercing, and I keep having this burning/pain in my belly button area. I've been having the piercing for well over a year so I d?

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I want help with my belly piercing its infected ?

I've had my belly button piercing for five months, and around the top hole of the piercing is a purple color but there's no puss coming out.

If I had a keloid on my ear do you think I would be able to get a belly button piercing ?

Infected bellybutton, what to do?


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