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Had epley for R. side BPPV this morning. Did twice. 1st time nystagus seen. Second time no nystagmus but horrible spinning sitting up. Normal?

I was diagnosed today with Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo. Can this cause loss of appetite?

10 years ago i easily got vertigo(spinning) almost 1x/month. Maybe 2 years, but after that it's gone totally. Could it be benign ms?

21 y/o Caucasian male with frequent episodes of vertigo. Spinning, loss of balance, ringing in ears.Brain MRI was completely normal. What causes this?

22, Having very mild case of vertigo for a few days now. Vertigo is common in my family. Is this anything serious, how can I alleviate the dizziness ?

3 mos. of vertigo, tinnitus, no nystagmus acc. to doctor, neck pain, scared of never finding an answer. I have no other symptoms, could it be a tumor?

30% balance lost on right ear due to vestibular neuronitis. MRI normal. With panic attacks, dizzy spins happen after bad palpitations.

5 months of Vestibular neuritis, brain MRI ok. I am still getting dizzy and foggy, despite 1 month of therapy is it normal? no hearing loss!

A friend and i both have felt like we've been on a boat for 7 months. Ruled out inner ear and deficiencies. Both bariatric patients. Wine triggers.

A month ago i had a cholesteatoma mastoid surgery,, now I'm getting vertigo, migraines, tremors all over again?

A MRI showed mastoiditis. I am on antibiotics for this . I have none of the symptoms for this condition but have extreme dizziness. Ear crystals?

About once a year, I have one day when i'm dizzy all day. Vertigo, I think. Why could this be? How could I prevent or deal with it?

Are dizziness and vertigo symptoms of cervical myelopathy?

Are there causes for chronic unilateral tinnitus that are more likely and more benign than acoustic neuroma, or is an most likely ?

Are there treatments for vertigo and dizziness for menopausal women?

Assuming labyrinthitis..1 time vertigo, some dizziness, tinnitus. This is my 4th week, when can I expect the tinnitus to go away? Other symptoms gone.

Been deaf for 8 years but vertigo just started recently? Why now? Where was this vertigo for past 7 years? Vertigo is driving me crazy. Please help

Been dealing with this off balance rocking sensation and dizziness for over 3 weeks. took antibiotics for ear infection. could this be a brain tumor?

Being off balance is giving me severe panic attacks. I don't know if it's ear or tumor.

Blurred vision type dizziness and derealzation doc said labyrinthitis but the antibiotics didn't work and I can't take steroids could this is fatal?

Bppv. We read that sleeping, sitting up, could help. Is this true? What other way could help besides the epley maneuver?

Can a tooth infection cause dizziness or vertigo?

Can allergies cause mild rocking sensation vertigo?

Can an ENT diagnose a vestibular migraine?

Can an insect bite exacerbate vertigo, or is my vertigo just really bad today?

Can anal abscess fistula cause dizziness and or vertigo? Thanks in advance

Can antacids cause a build up of calcium in inner ear and cause bppv or vertigo or dizziness?

Can anxiety (specifically anxiety about dizziness) cause dizziness when bending head and neck over or in different directions? Doc says not bppv.

Can anxiety cause a carsick feeling and lightheaded motion type feeling been Ent a lot for this he cleared me of inner ear cause no spinning worried ?

Can bppv be prevented ?

Can cervical kynosis cause vertigo, ringing in ears, and lightheadednessAlso feel off balanced. Been going on for over a year.Experience moving sensat?

Can Chiari cause positional downbeat nystagmus? Vestibular PT it's definitely not BPPV I also have DBN intermittently in all directions of gaze

Can dix hallpike maneuver make vertigo worse? I had one treatment I feel worse. I think its neck related no one believes me I have horrid neck pain

Can dizziness be caused by psychosomatic illness? Been to ENT and balance specialist. Both said they don't think I have ear problem. I do have anxiety

Can eating too much calcium cause dizziness or a buil up of crystals in inner ear and cause vertigo?

Can EMDR therapy cause vertigo and dizziness? I have had nonstop vertigo during my treatment past few months. Worse at night after dreaming.

Can Endolymphatic Hydrops cause 24/7 rocking/jerking dizziness instead of episodic spinning? Bilat Conductive hearing loss ECOG Left .36 Right .39

Can ENT tell if vertigo is from inner ear, hormones? Nuero? Etc...? Any factors/condition/med that will skew results? Scheduled "dizzy" appt next week

Can epley manuever make vertigo go from occasional to chronic? I have a hx of cerebellar stroke.

Can glossopharyngeal neuralgia make bppv worse?

Can inner ear infection only cause short dizzy spells without nausea?

Can labyrinthitis or Vestibular neuritis become life long chronic conditions? most people Ive spoken to with this issue have had it for months!

Can Mucinex (guaifenesin) D or major anxiety cause a feeling of dizziness when laying down with eyes closed? Had MRI and vestibular testing and normal.

Can predisone help Labyrinthits dizziness?

Can pretty much constant lightheadedness verging on Vertigo, be another symptom of my Pseudotumour Cerebri or is this something else?

Can problems with the ears cause vertigo (spinning feeling)? It's highly probable I have oi type 1, which can affect my ears from what i understand.

Can reiki help someone suffering from bouts of vertigo from meniere's disease?

Can the ER test someone for inner ear disorders if they are having vertigo?

Can the eyes cause vertigo/inner ear dysfunction? (i.e. staring at a computer daily)

Can the thyroid be the cause of vertigos?. If so, what is the solution?

Can there be a valid treatment for benign positional vertigo?

Can u have vestibular neuritis & tinnitus? or tinnitus only happens in labyrinthitis? I was diagnosed by ENT as VN but I have tinnitus, is it right?

Can vestibular neuritis/vertigo/labrynthitis be cured by time naturally (putting up with it?)

Can you develop vertigo from being dehydrated?

Can you fly when suffering from tinitus?

Can you get vestibular neuritis with vertigo more than once? Had it 1 time before and have it again after a cold.

Can you give me advice about ENT, vertigo and nystagmus? I've been to 3 doctors, had a perfect MRI and perfect blood work. ENT is sending to Neuro and vestib rhb. What could be wrong?

Can you give me suggestions for working out with vertigo?

Can you still have dislodged crystals in ear if hallpike test is negative? Having spinning with head movement.

Can you tell me about vertigo?What cause it and how to avoid it

Chronic subjective dizziness is my new diagnosis. Ssri make me more lightheaded. What can I do? I do vestibular therapy.

Could find on the web that cause vertigo is labyrinthitis and vestibular neuritis, are there anymore or is it only those two?

Could head spinning when you close your eyes be a possible sign of vertigo?

Could inner ear issues last 7 yrs n only have lightheadedness no spinning vertigo? Idk any advice been to doctors

Could ongoing migraines be the source of dizziness, lighthead, and tinnitus? This has been going on for almost two months?

Could UTI cause tinnitus and dizziness?

Could vertigo be the cause of almost going to pass out?

Could you help me get rid of my benign paroxysmal positional vertigo?

Diagnosed bppv lasting 3 wks Epley exercises makes symptoms much worse: dizziness headache light sensitivity normal? How long until Epley helps

Diagnosed with labrynithis 2 years ago..never really had vertigo just right sided hearing loss and imbalance this possible?

Diagnosed with vestibular neuritis about 2 years ago. For the past 2 months I have been feeling out of balance every single day. Second opinion?

Diagnosed with vestibular neuritis, one month of Vestibular exercises and no improvement, what should i do? is this common? four months of vertigo now

Dizziness and balance problems, could this be a ear disorder, is this possible?

Dizziness and ear ringing they say is labyrinthitis but its been over 3 months. Could I just need glasses? doesn't effect me much close up just far

Dizziness for 6 months. Gets worse with head movements, sometimes vertigo. Plus tinnitus, hyperacusis and vision problems. MRI fine. Any advice?

Do carnival rides cause vertigo or dizziness days later?

Do doctors see a lot of patients with vertigo?

Do short (<5sec), sudden intense spinning vertigo attacks that resolve itself warrant further investigation? Happens once every few months

Do sinus polyps cause positional dizziness?

Do u have to have true vertigo to have inner eAr issues I have weird lightheaded daily 6 yrs constant my drs think anxiety I'm worried it's more ?

Do you have any advice on finding a permanent cure for positional vertigo?

Do you have to have all 3 symptoms, tinnuitis, hearing loose, and vertigo to have meniers diease?

Doctors what to do for balance/unsteadyness 24/7 for years if ENT apointment take months?:( worred :(

Does a person get vertigo attacks after labyrinthitis?

Does an inner ear problem cause more symptoms then just dizziness?

Does any dental work cause you to get dizzy or vertigo ?

Does anyone else suffering with TMJ and associated ear symptoms also get vertigo?

Does benign paroxysmal positional vertigo typically resolve on its own? What can I do to prevent it in the first place? It feels absolutely horrible.

Does inner ear problems give u true vertigo n would u know if you had vertigo?

Does labyrinthitis always come with spinning vertigo or can it come without a spinning sensation?

Does labyrinthitis damage the inner ear for life and will i always feel off balance? I don't have dizzy spinning. Just feel off balance when i walk.

Does peripheral vertigo ever go away?

Does strep cause foggy head, dizzy or vertigo? I've been on cefdiner for two days prescribed by my doc

Does the epley maneuver hurt if you have benign recurrent vertigo without migraine?

Does vertigo always last a long time?

Does vertigo ever go away by itself?

Does vertigo go on its own?

Dr. I would like to know is there a cure for vertigo?

Dr. Said my dizzy spells are from positional vertigo and or internal bleeding from the brain but did no blood work. Could this be true?!

Dx bppv cupulothiasis. Vertigo severe with nausea. Causing anxiety /panic what to do?