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16 yr old son wet the bed about 2weeks ago and again this week. He said the first time he was dreaming he was grinding teeth. Could this be a seizure?

8 years old \impulsive ADHD with daily night terrors & sleep walking for 9 months. 4-5 times non sleep terrors in day time. Normal eeg. Is it nt?

88 yr old mother with dementia is more alert & talkative when she's sleep deprived. Is there a reason?

Are adolescent nightmare convulsions at all normal? My 8 year old son seems to convulse in his sleep and wakes up in a cold sweat. He claims to be having nightmares. Is this an adolescent thing? Could it have long term health implications?

Are night terrors and lip smacking related to epilepsy?

Are nocturnal seizures hereditary? Is it possible that my daughters "night terrors" are actually nocturnal seizures like the ones im having?

Are there any type of seizures that happen shortly after waking up in the morning?

At 16 I was told I had a seizure just my eyes were rolling and I couldnt be woke up EEG was done but I was on phenabar for sleep could that effect eeg?

At 16 my son and was limp in his sleep and breathing shallowly and his eyes were rolling couldnt wake him up was this a seizure.He was on barbituates ?

At 16 my son was priscribed nembutal for sleeping while on it we could not wake him up his eyes were rolling could nembutal cause this.

Benign neonatal sleep myoclonus does it go away?

Can a barbiturate sleeping pill given to a teen cause him to be limp and eyes rolling and hard to wake in the morning? Or is this a seizure

Can a concussion cause insomnia 15 hours after occurrence?

Can a former stroke patient have a brief delirium spell on waking suddenly? Or is it bad dream?

Can a person have a seizure in their sleep and not know it? How does a person feel after a seizure?

Can excessive sleepiness trigger a seizure in eplileptic?

Can frontal lobe seizures be difficult to interpret on awake eeg? Is that a reason to do a sleep eeg study?

Can high does of barbituates for sleep cause a 16 year old to have gran mal seizures or seizure like symtoms upon waking . Eyes rolling limp?

Can I have a mild seizure after waking up after surgery?

Can lamictal cause you to have altered brain waves while sleeping?

Can migraines or seizures cause strange dreams?

Can morning sedation from a sleeping pill with barbiturates given to a teen be mistaken for a seizure ?

Can nocturnal generalized seizures disrupt the sleep cycle and cause erratic sleep and daytime sleepiness? Will anti-seizure meds help?

Can parasomnia be mistaken for a seizure my sons eyes were rolling and couldnt wake him up he was 16 on a barbiuate sleeping pill that was too strong?

Can seizures (epileptic or non-epileptic) be painful? Can they happen 15-20times a day for over a month straight! Non stop! Sleeping and awake?

Can sleep apnea induce seizures in a non epileptic patient?

Can sleep deprivation cause a seizure?

Can someone have 2 seizures in the early am while asleep at age 16 then never have any again.Was 16 then im 30 now, just eyes were rolling couldt wake?

Can spinning a toddler around cause a seizure?

Can stress induce night terrors and seizure-like event in an adult?

Can you foam at the mouth and and have blood in it with pseudo seizure in your sleep?

Can you gave a seizure whole sleeping?

Can you have a seizure and still be awake? Had seizure. Eye movement but was able to talk and walk but very weak. Is this a real seizure?

Can you have pseudo seizure in your sleep do to depression including coughing up blood?

Can you have seizures in your sleep and not know it?

Can you tell me about children experiencing sleep "seizures?

Can you tell me how is a sleep deprived EEG different from regular EEG (other than the obvious sleep deprivation)?

Can you tell me what are the chances of waking up from a coma?

Could a 16yo have 2 seizures in his sleep but never have any after that?

Could a bowel movement in sleep, that does not wake you, be caused by stress or psychiatric problems? Or what is the chance it is nocturnal seizure?

Could an EEG be normal and i still have small seizures ?Would sleep paralysis show up if i had it weeks before EEG ?

Could lack of blinking be epilepsy?

Could sleep deprivation cause an 8 minute long seizure, or is it more likely something medically undiagnosed?

Could somebody thrashing around on the ground be a seizure? How would you know?

Could there be an association between head trauma and narcolepsy w/ cataplexy?

Could you have a concussion, but be awake the whole time?

Couldn't sleep in MSLT- had short dreams/auditory hallucinations before being jolted awake when drifting off. Was the test basically a total waste?

Do people sleep more after having a stroke?

Does not sleeping , or sleeping to much cause a Brain Tumor?

Does Sleep Deprivation cause Seizures ?

Every night he has the most restless sleep where he almost had full body convulsions, constant movement. We have videos .. ?

Experiencing myoclonic jerks 1+ yrs awake & asleep- NO other symptoms of neuro disorders, just the jerks. Anxiety suggests symptom of BFS?? worry?

Facial grimacing in my sleep. Myoclonus? The grimacing only happens a few times while sleeping. Usually it wakes me up. Possibly of being seizures?

Had 2 seizures in my sleep at age16 just had shallow breathing and eyes in back of head only my parents seen could this have been deep sleep 30 now ?

Hello, what is awake craniotomy?

Hi, my baby old:15 weeks;he sometimes startles(while or before sleep) but now did it 3 consecutive times awake.Is it a symptom for seizure or normal?

How can I be sure that i'm having nocturnal seizures. What are symptoms and things I should look for when i awake?

How can I manage my seizures as I wait for a sleep deprived eeg next month?

How can I tell if I am having nocturnal seizures? I had a bowel movement that I slept through. Many symptoms of auras. Fatigue, insomnia, headaches

How can I tell if I had a seizure in my sleep besides keeping a camera on all night?

How can I tell the difference between a daydreaming staring spell and a seizure staring spell?

How can you tell if a child in having seizure in their sleep?

How do I know if I have a concussion or if its too severe to sleep?

How do I know if it's sleep apnea or having mini seizures?

How does electronarcosis induce sleep without the seizures like ect?

How long should you sleep for after you have a seizure?

How to I stop obsessing over a seizure that happened in my teens if it was that my eyes were rolling in my sleep EEG was positive but had meds in me?

How would petite mal seizures lead to poor sleep? What could be the other symptoms?

Hypnotic jerks what do thay do and the symptoms?

I am healthy 22 year old. sometimes drool when doing something or in my sleep. Could this be sign of seizure?

I am scaring myself to death i had 2 seizures in my sleep 14 years ago when i was teen now im having anxiety that when i feel odd its an aura ?

I had 2 seizures when i was 15 I am 30 now both were in my sleep just my eyes rolling what would be a trigger for me to have another?

I had a 10 minute seizure last night when I was sleeping. Is this okay? What should I do?

I had a sleep deprived EEG because I am always tired and want to nap. Came back with abnormal spikes. Take topomax for migraines. Is this a concern?

I have a headache or dizziness. was this a seizure or sleep paralysis, or something else?

I have a seizure disorder and was wondering if sleepy time tea could trigger my seizures?

I have dizziness -microsleep-ing, possible narcolepsy?

I have grand mal seizures at times I wake up feeling like I had a seizure in my sleep ,I often have strong eragular hart beats, is there a correlation?

I have post concussion syndrome and my headache is keeping me awake. Is there anything i can do to help me get to sleep?

I have seizures, they had stopped. Haven't been on any anti-convulsants. Lately, I've been very restless in my sleep, slight auras, with a headache throughout the day, poor concentration & periodic confusion. Could this be a relapse? No Dr. currently

I have sleep myoclonus but i read about sleep myoclonus it says it is not seizure. But my brain EEG is abnormal. How could it be?

I just had a sleep study that revealed bad sleep apnea. Also it said that i had epileptic seizures in my brain. What does that mean?

I suddenly fall asleep. My doctor suspects narcolepsy. In 2014 Eeg basal with some theta and delta waves during awakening. is there a linkage? Thanks.

I think my 5yr old daughter having partial seizures in her sleep and i'm worried to death and scared to sleep myself what should I watch for so safe?

I'm sure my husband is having seizures in his sleep. What should I do? Is it important for him to see a dr?

I'm tired of living with seizures. What can I do?

If i had 2 seizures in my sleep in my teens do I have to worry about flashing lights giving me one?

If I had 2 seizures in my sleep when I was in my teens if I was to have another one now at 30 years old would it most likely be in my sleep?

If I had a seizure 14 years ago in my sleep and been seizure free on 3.1 level of Dilantin if I ever did have one again would it be in sleep again?

If I had a seizure 14 years ago in my sleep with my eyes just rolling no convulsions what kind would that be all my records were lost?

If I was on a barbituat sleeping pill at 16 when I had one seizure would this cause a postive on an eeg?

If when I was 16 I had a seizure in my sleep just my eyes rolling what are the chances now at age 30 of having a gran mal seizure?

If you do have a seizure before waking up from sleep, can you remember that you did have one?

In narcolepsy, does daytime sleepiness happen randomly during the day, or it has a periodical time of onset (for example around 3:00 pm every day)?

Is coherent sleep-talking a sign of nocturnal seizures? Sometimes my speech is vulgar if that changes anything...

Is eyes rolling while you are asleep and can't be woke up and limp body a seizure it was never witnessed by a dr just my parents 1 positive eeg?

Is it common to have a seizure waking up after surgery?

Is it dangerous to interrupt someone sleepwalking?

Is it night terror or seizures when a 17 months old has an episode during day nap, cries shortly, opens eyes, throws up, jerks (trunk)?

Is it possible in 98 after having what was thought to be 2 seizures in my sleep just eyes rolling was misdiagnosed by EEG while taking sleep me at 16?