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something in a drink w/out my knowledge. symptoms now 2 yrs. insomnia blurred vision muscle loss mri eeg blood all ok drugged /poisoned? what to do

11 weeks ago mild head trauma. Ct & MRI showed bruising of brain. Fatigue, insomnia and hearing loss issues.Anyway to combat fatigue and headaches?

14y.o. daughter blacked out, followed by confusion and lethargy. ER dr. diangosis w/ sinusitis following CT scan, but no symptoms at all. Should I seek 2nd ?

18 year-old female with past pseudotumor cerebri and shunt placement, but now has intractable daily headache, emotional lability, slow cognition.....?

2 years w tbi, symptoms of headaches, fatigue, slow visual working memory, processing. Back to work, feel 100%. But what to watch out for now?

20 y/o, F, born 3 1/2 months premature. I have severe issues with cognition, memory loss and hand-eye coordination. What kind of doctor should I see?

26 month old male w/Apraxia. Is this a dx or a symptom? Minor core weakness, no other issues. What should we do now? Speech 3X a week right now.

28 months! Progressive muscle spasicity, fatigue, always hungry, blank stare on face, loss of feeling above shoulders, speech problems, vision issues!

38 yo male, history epilepsy (med controlled), closed tbi (12/2011). Slurred speech, hand tremor, unsteady gait, confused, lethargic, normal pupils.

49 year-old woman unable to eat, with chronic weakness, fatigue, dysautonomia, tremors, plus intermittent cognitive, motor and balance problems.....?

58 years old, mild twitches started about a year ago, suddun onset of jerking and difficulty walking, also decreased cognitive function. MRI neg .

77 yr old with Parkinson's. No tremors, but bradykinesia /swallowing/speech problems. Given 150 mg/day Carbidopa-levodo. How long to see results?

79 yr lady, several months of general malaise, memory loss, dizzy spells (not vertigo nor syncope). Dilantin for epilepsy. What else causes this.....?

79..dementia..congestive heart failure..extreme at care home giving Lirazipam and Tramodol is this ok? She is having jerking...

82 yo s/p craniotomy 4 mos ago of l frontal gbm grade 4 and imrt 3 weeks ago, sleepiness, lack of appetite due to loss of taste, confusion. Is this nml?

A few days ago, experienced short term memory loss, repeating my words over and over. I am experiencing tingling on the left side of my face and body?

Absences, Feeling detached, déjà vu, wrenching, heart racing, memory loss, confusion, leaves me anxious, depression, stress?

After a stroke how long will light headedness and lack of taste last i?

After sexual intercourse, can there be symptoms of dizzyness, faintness, un coordination, deafness of the body? What causes this Asthma? Circulation?

Age 20. B12 256. Symptoms are weakness, hearing loss, confused, fatigue, thinking problem, numbness, dizziness, tingling right hand. Wht to do now!pls?

Age 78 havin vertigo problem for last few yrs MRI brain normal. hearing problem exists with left ear. problem re occurs when amitone10 stoped in med.

And what about the seizures two times before?is a result of meningitis the dizziness, drowsiness, unsteadiness, loss of memory and othe things?

Any ideas on what could present with a raised hand rash AND neurological symptoms (brain fog, tremor, loss of balance?)

Are brain fog and tremor, nervous breakdowns, difficulty swallowing and difficulty saying some words ALL symptoms of thyroid dysfunction?

Are nausea, sweating, increased heart rate, head tingling, and an occasional visual aura typical of mental illness related dissociation?

Are slurred speech, hyper salivation, and night time cramping signs of ataxia?

Are their mutltiple ways to determine if a person has experienced or "has" hepatic encephalopathy? I have chronic act hep b and cirrhosis of liver and a slew of other health related problems. I have had spells lasting 30 minutes of confusion, disoriented,

Are there any psychological conditions which can cause loss of balance and motor function issues? All physical tests came back negative.

Are there some genetic reasons I get unsteady gait off and on?

Are tiredness, stiffness in my neck, headaches and memory loss part of meniere's disease?

Autonomic&periphal neuropathy dysarthia trouble swallowing trouble urinating wide gait falls memory loss 38 yrs old;mri brain clear blood work clear ?

B12 :145 ng/L Range 130-800ng/L Result Just in Range SymptomsShort term Memory. Pins Neddles hands on waking at night.Tinitus, Migraine. Is it low?

Backtoback concussions within 3days.Now19 months later i still have pcs, symptoms- slow processing, speech diff., etc.When can I return to sports?

Balance issues,dizziness,fatigue,numbness toes & fingers, weakness,diarrhea,low sex drive,depression, mood swings,muscle spasms, speech problem ideas?

Benign fasiculation for 2 years. New problem, diastolic hypotension only when standing. Also shaking when stretching. Confusion. What is my problem?

Can a few seconds of sudden breathlessness because of any reason effect ones brain, particularly insular cortex?

Can a slight brain injury cause a reading difficulty?

Can a very small old infarct in white matter change to cerebellum cause balance problems, dizziness, perception problems, weak legs forgetfulness?

Can a whiplash injury cause mild cognitive attention/eye focusing problems?

Can allergic rynitis affect the ears and balance, cause fatigue and a sense of hunger ?

Can an Ulcer or GERD effect your brain as well? Like lightedness, cloudy, trouble concentrating?

Can anxiety -> cognitive difficulties? S/t brain won't work at all & can only do menial tasks. Other times super sharp. Really hurting me at my job.

Can brain cancer cause these symptoms?depression/poor memory/balance problems/dizzy/severe fatigue/body jerks/weakness/head pressure

Can brain fog, taccycardia, lightheadedness, weight loss, weakness and fatigue point to adrenal or pituitary problems?

Can C7 nerve root compression cause Neurological symptoms like vertigo dizziness gait ataxia visual disturbance & headaches?

Can cognitive impairments and aphasia be symptoms of migraines or is it another issue to look into?

Can health anxiety/depression (severe) cause vision/hearing problems, headaches, muscle weakness at the same time? eyes/ears are constant for weeks.

Can hypothyroidism be diagnosed but some other disease causing muscle fatigue, memory issues, dizziness slurred words etc?

Can low back stiffness ,trouble with balance sweating an vision trouble be due to complicated migraines an who diagnoses this my neuro dont ?

Can low levels of vit d cause fatigue, pain, worsening of slurred speech (pt suffered stroke ~ 10 yrs ago) and general 'spaciness'?

Can multiple system atrophy cause lightheadedness, tachycardia, shortness of breath, apathy, memory issues...? If not what else? 38 year old female

Can nucynta (tapentadol) 100mgs cause hallucinations and uncontrollable rapid eye movement with eye pain w it?

Can one person without being in a coma have abnormal posturing? What are the causes of this symptom? Thanks.

Can somatoform disorder cause balance trouble vision trouble an stiff muscles ect. every day for yrs?

Can sudden Hypernatremia (resulting in seizures, petechiae and trouble walking) cause permanent CNS problems? Even if sodium corrected within 2 hours?

Can typhoid fever cause neurological symptoms such as brain fog, slight memory disturbances, changes in vision, and /or confusion?

Can you feel symptoms of excess Glutamatergic activity in the brain? Headaches? Tinnitus? What are the symptoms beside longterm ie Alzheimer's etc?

Car accident 12+mo ago, 7yr old m, amblyopia, speech, now short sporadic headaches, last night had uncontrollable leg tremors and weird abdominal feeling. Ref to neuro for MRI. What cond if any might cause these symptoms? Trying to be as prepared ap.

Causes for being unsteady on my feet, dizziness when looking up or down or twisting at the waist? 34, no known health problems.

Causes of hyperreflexia all over the body? Also loosing control of body, with twitching, dysphagia, dysarthria, ataxia, bladder and gut dysfunction.

Chronic dizziness, brain fog, muscle rigidity and neuropathy and episodes of confusion. Normal liver, thyroid and b12 tests. Any suggestions? Lost

Concussion a month ago. CT scan was negative. I still have constant headaches. Now experiencing confusion, memory loss, dizziness and irritability. What to do now? Earliest neuro appt is a month away.

Coul UTI cause temporary cognitive problem (i.e brain fog) ?

Could a neck puncture effect your speech?

Could an affected/damaged cerebellum cause uncontrollable fear/panic attacks, seemingly dissociation, vision changes, memory impairment? I have lyme.

Could brain damage begin as weakness in legs and body twitching? Those were my first signs before the memory, cognitive problems, pers change began?

Could gilberts syndrome and seizures...absense and generalized with loss of memory be related?

Could heavy thinking help prevent neurological diseases?

Could I have multiple system atrophy at age 36? Suffer from tachycardia, memory issues, dizziness, fasciculations, brain fog, muscle pain, apathy?,

Could memory loss be a symptom of hypothyroidism? I have Graves Disease and I've noticed my memory has been deteriorating a lot lately.

Could MS located in the spine cause symptoms primarily impairing brain function? Like lightheadedness (brain fog) and bad short term memory?

Could my dad be having a mild stroke if his symptoms are shaking hands, loss of balance?

Could there be a connection between a bad headache and slurred speech?

Could you spell pyroria of the gums?

Current lithium level is 1.66, can this cause symptoms like, exhaustion, sleepiness, off balance, weird visual disturbances, shakiness,jerky muscles?

Dad has brain aneurysm. Last 2 weeks he has been having headaches, memory loss, weakness in legs, and tiredness. Does this mean it has grown?

Daily has for a month w/ smell hallucinations, sensitivity to light, sound, smell, speech probs, confusion. Debilitating. Are these migraines?

Dehydration diagnosis, double vision, walking drunk with slurred speech. Er doc said dehydrated. Came on sudden, effects hours after. Could be more?

Diagnosed with fibro but symptoms include tiring quickly, leg aches w/ trouble climbing stairs, tonic pupil, and memory loss. Something else?

Diagnosed with tonsillitis 2 days ago thinking I had a heat stroke. Confusion was a symptom. Feeling better but still confused. Is this my anxiety?

Difficulty concentrating/zoning out causing clumsiness daily/sometimes injury - should I talk to my GP?

Disorentation appears drunk but no drugs or alchole consumed. Confussed. Slight dlurrrf speach.

Dizziness from any sudden movements for two days what could this be? No new pills or illness

Dizziness, fatigue, heavy sweating, hallucinations (very strong, she clearly sees and hears rats), disorientation. Might be from stress, or reduxcut?

Dizziness, one sided numbness, one sided temp loss of function, uncontrollable body jerks, oligoclonal bands in CSF and serum. Neuro behcets or ms?

Dizziness, poor concentration, major head pressure, anxiety, blurry vision, memory problems, stuffy nose, depersonalized, urgent care told me that it's not sinuses iys a viral cold & anxiety. True?

Do you think my apparent diabetic symptoms could be the reason for my remaining uncontrolled seizures and migraines?

Doctor I have severe spondylosis cervical iam finding difficulty in reading or concentrating on activities suffering from it tell some solution any?

Doctors, do you think you can describe the wobble hypothesis trna?

Does brain fog & feeling less joy and clarity from POTS syndrome ever go away, or is that the effect of damage done?Any1 have major neuro improvement?

Does nipple confusion exist?

Does norm EEG&MRI mean nothing is neurologically wrong w/ u even if you have ataxia,anomia,tremors,chronic low fever,tingling,pain,reflex loss &more?

Does off balance type feeling have anything to do with epilepsy?

Does vit d deficiency cause tingling/numbness,limb weakness,low chronic fever,headaches,pain,severe memory loss,ataxia,etc?Initial vit d level was 5.

Ebv positive caused a immune attack felt that attack weakness loss of emotions feelings empathy no energy muscle twitching decreased sensation limbs ?

EBV positive Weakness decreased sensation from top to toe inc.scalp face,gums, loss of orgasmic sensation loss of emotions feelings empathy cognition?

Elderly pt w/dementia, has been sleeping a lot more lately and may have difficulty opening eyes. Reasons?

Episodes of tremors, numbness, foot drop, vision and balance problems in a 37 year-old woman.....?

Ever since an event of sleep deprevation lasting 9-10 nights a while ago darkness causes hallucinations and sometimes temporary blindness in one eye?

Feeling poor since July. Heavy head can't concentrate poor memory hard to function due to poor feeling. Xanax (alprazolam) helps some. Can Xanax (alprazolam) help brain tumor?