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Antispasmodic vs antispastic. spasmodic is for musculoskeletal +antispastic is for muscle hypertonicity no idea what these mean. Can u dumb it down?

Any hopeful information regarding infantile spasms treatments?

Any hopeful information regarding infantile spasms?

Any ideas why meningism causes nuchal rigidity?

Any new information regarding infantile spasms?

Can acupuncture help for progressive bulbar palsy? Need expert opinions!

Can amphetamine usage cause cervical dystonia?

Can botox treat my spasmodic dysphonia? I have been diagnosed with spasmodic dysphonia. This causes spasms in my vocal cords and I have been told that botox can improve this. Is this true? .

Can cervical dystonia ever just stop affecting you?

Can cupping therapy help with cervical dystonia ?

Can deep brain stimulation surgery treat spasmodic torticollis dystonia?

Can electrical stimulation after facial paralysis produce hemifacial spasms?

Can hemi headaches paralise me ?

Can hypnotherapy help relieve the symptoms of spasmodic dysphonia?

Can i still get treatment for spasmodic dysphonia after or before a neck lift? The treatment i get for my spasmodic dysphonia is injections of botox into my vocal cords. Can i still get this treatment before or after a neck lift? .

Can Ritalin (methylphenidate) cause facial paralysis or stiffness?

Can there be any medications or treaments for paralyzed diaphragm?

Could a relatively minor spine injury cause dystonia (movement disorders)?

Could accupuncture help with cervical dystonia or could it make it worse?

Could Dystonia be mistaken for Scapular Dyskinesis after 3 AC separations?

Dbs also works for secondary dystonia?

Describe constraint induced movement therapy?

Difference between myoclonoc jerks and infantile spasms.which is more serious.any sample.videos for the 2?

Do ultrasound or electronic muscle stimulation have any effect on post-stroke spasticity?

Does anyone have any ideas about controlling functional paroxysmal dystonia?

Does anyone know they symptoms of hemifacial spasms and is it a dangerous situation?

Does anyone know where to find information about infantile spasms causing autism?

Does Baclofen pump work on cervical dystonia? How much it costs to compare with DBS?

Does high dose Piracetam work on muscle rigidity and dystonia?

Does mild cervical reversal curvature due to muscle spasm is curable ?

Does speech therapy help people with muscle tension dysphonia?

Dystonia musculorum deformans symtoms, what to do?

For lower limb spasticity, are there any other injectables available besides Botox? I also do not like the idea of the baclofen pump.

Generalized dystonia can affect neck and face too?

Got facial palsy after surgery. 14 months out have spasm in orbicularis oris. Is their definitive treatment other than botox to stop this ex. Surgery?

Got spasm in depressor labii muscle after facial paralysis 15 months. Is there surgery such as selective myectomy to treat this aside from Botox?

Has anyone experienced muscle spasms while on welbutrin?

Has anyone had myoclonus / tensor tympani surgery?

Has anyone heard about some type of mouth guard that helps with cervical dystonia ?

How dangerous is botox, and can accupuncture help with cervical dystonia , i'm 22 years old , ?

How do we differentiate spasticity and rigidity? What are the differences?

How do you tell difference between infantile spasms and benign myoclonic?

How effective is acupuncture and botox for limb dystonia?

How long will the difficulty swallowing after botox injection last that I received for cervical dystonia? Is this temporary?

How often does frozen shoulder lead to Parkinsons? Have frozen shoulder, idiopathic cervical dystonia. Uncle (age 82), grandmother with Parkinsons.

How to diagnosis Dopamine respond dystonia?

How to differentiate between infantile spams and other types of infantile seizures and normal jerky movements caused by strong reflexes? Scared!

How to differentiate infantile spasms vs myoclonoc spasms.which is more dangerous?

How to treat severe spastic dysphonia accompanying dysarthria?

How to treat vegetative-vascular dystonia?

Hows spasmodic dysphonia treated?

I am looking for a neurologist to inject botox for my cervical dystonia. I will be moving to southern california in october.

I diagnosed cervical dystonia. But muscles not always spasm I can relax it when i am alone, or focus on someth When i with someone it worse it's tics?

I had (Salam) Infantile Spasms in infancy. I'm now 40. I also have Tuberous Sclerosis. Do Infantile Spasms comeback or effects cause problems in adult?

I had a modified barium swallow because I still have dysphagia after I had Botox injections in my neck on October 22, 2014 to treat cervical dystonia.

I have a friend who is experiencing hemifacial muscle spasms. What's the treatment for this? Is there any specialist in Arkansas?

I have generalized dystonia from a birth injury. 3 years ago I had uveitis then cataract surgery. Is dystonia related to this?

I have puborectalis dyssynergia. Can it be treated with dietary changes only without biofeedback or botox?

I have puborectalis dyssynergia. Can it be treated with dietary changes only without biofeedback or botox?

I have spasmodic torticolis and they want to inject botox in my neck I have difficulty swallowing now should I even do this?

I want to know about Baclofen pump and phenol injection for Botox-resisted dystonia. Could they work on cervical dystonia and how much it costs?

I was diagnosed with GAD and neck muscle spasm. I get daily chtonic headaches due to the spasm but I fear Brain tumor. Dr won't send m for mri. Help?

If I have spasmodic dysphonia and i still a candidate for a neck lift? I have spasmodic dysphonia affecting my vocal cords. Could a neck lift be a risky decision for me? .

If spasticity is reduced by botox then what are the chances of improvement in muscle coordination?

If you have functional dysphonia or muscle tension dysphonia and have a unilateral botox injection.What is likely outcome?

Infantile spasms and autism related?

Is biofeedback or myofacial release a treatment for vaginal atrophy?

Is dbs for Parkinson's painful or uncomfortable?

Is dystonia painful?

Is serotonin induced muscular rigidity irreversible?

Is succinylcholine the only muscle relaxer that triggers malignant hyperthermia ?

Is surgery more effective than medications for treating cervical dystonia?

Is there information about infantile spasms causing autism?

Is there a correlation between dystonia and fatigue?

Is there an association between involuntary muscle spasms and topamax (topiramate)?

Is there one medicine for spasticity and muscle spasms? Associated with neuropathy. Which is recommended??

Is torticollis the same as cervical dystonia/spasmodic torticollis? I have pain & spasms in neck and minor involuntary movemnt. Will it become worse?

Kernicterus causes spasticity? Why is it sis basal ganglia considered in pyramidal tract? Why not causing rigidity instead like parkinsons?

My mum has a diagnosed Parkinson's Disease and she's suffering a lot from muscle rigidity. She can't relax her shoulders at all. Can I ask a cosmetic surgeon to inject botox to relieve some pain?

My neighbor has difficulties in writing, perhaps it's writer's cramp/dystonia. What do you suggest for treatment?

My son has axial dystonia, with abdominal syptoms. How common is that?

On October 22, 2014 I had botox in my neck to treat cervical dystonia. A few weeks later I was diagnosed with hyperthyroid and a thyroid cyst. ?

Paralyzis and hyperalgesia in one limb initiated 2 weeks after scoliosis surgery. sphincter incont Clonus. Spasticity. upper motor neuron lesion? why?

Please explain why is it risky to administer physostigmine to all patients presenting with muscle weakness?

Please tell me about myotonia treament.?

Please tell me what infantile myoclonic spasm is and the symptoms. ?

Read(wikipedia) that cremaster muscle can experience spasms/cramps which can b chronic& debilitating in adlt males, treatment may involve botox, true?

Spasms are a symptom of essential tremor? If yes, deep brain stimulation surgery can improve spasms as well as tremor?

Spasms are a symptom of essential tremor? If yes, deep brain stimulation surgery can improve spasms as well as tremor?

Unexplained dysarthria and dystonia. Where can I go or who to talk to for help?

Unexplained dysarthria and dystonia. Why?

What are good tips for someone dealing with cervical dystonia?

What are some examples of neuromuscular conditions?

What are the chances of a child with generalized dystonia affecting mainly the feet and legs developing other types of dystonia, like cervical dystonia?

What exactly is supranuclear palsy swallowing therapy?

What exactly is transient dystonic reaction ? Or is it just kind of a broad term, like fibromyalgia ?

What is a dystonic storm?

What is differences between mioclony and dystonia?

What is the best action for myotonia congentia when muscles are extremely stiff?

What is the difference between dystonia and generalized spasms?