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2 1/2 year old MRI results were a large amount of white spots, i was told this is why he has a major speech and motor skill delay. Is this true?

2 yr old with multiple dev. Delays and told she has hypertonia. We suspect CP what do we do?

3 m/o w/unilateral renal agenesis, bilat syndactyly of toes 3-4, seizures, failure to thrive, no muscle tone, low ears, heterotopia. Not SLOS. ideas?

4 month old dx with hypotonia due to missing some motor milestones. No other issues. Dr suggested PT and said won't be long term issue. Is that true?

70 yr female- diagnosed small vessel brain disease, cerebral athropy - stroke 10yrs ago balance and walking bad need cane what is prognosis ?

After a subarachnoid brain hemorrhage, how long does a patiently typically get over motor apraxia? And photophobia? How can I best accelerate recovery

AfterHeart OP the intraventricular septum invariably develops an unuasual pattern of movement giving idea that LV function not as good as before,true?

APS affects balance, "brain fog" twitching muscles. Cardio dr said has affected my heart valves as well. Is this uncommon? Any recommendations?

Are brain operations for Parkinson's usually safe?

Are emotional & neurological signs recoverable after TB meningitis? After 3 months my 21 yrs old female frnd is showing slow but good improvements.

Are focal neurologic deficits always symptomatic?

Are my reduced cognitive & memory function & personality/behavioral changes a result of the brain surgery I had due to cerebral trauma?

Are there any motor (gross/fine) delays related to cystic fibrosis?

Are there any special clinics for treating a cerebral palsy(spastic type quadri) with tooth decay?

Bilateral babinski/hoffman, hyperreflexia , spasticity, voice gravely, progressive +5 yrs, MRI , spinal tap normal, doc denies mnd. Family normal. ?

Can 7th nerve palsy affect speech & cause high frequency hearing loss? Have had problems entire life. No droop, just no ability to do some things

Can a 17 year old male develop brain damage or decreased cognition due to getting anesthesia and being under for 10 minutes (4 times)?

Can a formeralcoholic have permanently slurred speech due to the alcoholism?

Can a person(female, 26) suffering from Hereditary motor and sensory neuropathy be given general anesthesia for the treatment of Diaphragmatic hernia?

Can a person(female, 26) suffering from Hereditary motor and sensory neuropathy(by birth) be given general anesthesia?

Can acute porphyria cause problems with fine motor skills?

Can adult bedwetting be associated with spinal injuries?

Can anyone give me a simple explanation on what part of the brain would be related to hypertonia in a child?

Can cortical venous thrombosis be completely cured without any neurological deficits remaining?

Can deep brain stimulation treatment help Parkinson's patients with more than the shaking?

Can febrile seizures and the early closure of the soft spot affect your intellectual capacity?

Can functional magnetic stimulation (fms) help treat paraplegia?

Can I go on disability if I have an acute DVT that affects my alertness?

Can i still get a breast augmentation if I have a neurological disease? I was diagnosed with spasmodic dysphonia. Although this deals with a nerve affecting the vocal cords, would i still be a candidate for a breast augmentation? .

Can myotonia be confused with other neurilogical/ other much casual disease? Any help appreciated!

Can post polio syndrome affect eye muscles?

Can prenatal screening determine if a baby will eventually have amyotropic lateral sclerosis?

Can preterm IVH have long-tern effects on mental health?Had grade 4 IVH as infant, no apparent neurological damage but severe anxiety.Related?

Can progressive supranuclear palsy be cured if we block the excessive impulses of the brain?

Can serotonin syndrome (3 times) cause long term muscle weakness, tachycardia, twitching and cognitive impairment? Would it be permanent?

Can someone have a focal neurologic deficit without that person having any symptoms?

Can someone run if they have cerebellar ataxia? Or would they fall?

Can someone with spasmodic dysphonia get a rhinoplasty? I have a neurological disease effecting my vocal cords. Am i still a candidate for rhinoplasty even though I have a pre-existing condition? .

Can spinal cord injury (no known trauma) cause twitching through out the body? MRI of brain normal. Take magnesium, calcium, D3, but no help.

Can spinal meningitis affect speech pattern or "give a person an unusual accent?"

Can spinal meningitis affect your speech pattern or give you a different accent?

Can spinal meningitis when i was fifteen cause hypothalamic dysfunction? Have several signs of h.D. But no trauma or guess to what could've caused it.

Can split brain surgery treat parkinson's?

Can spondylitis cause overall general weakness?

Can stroke-related dysarthria be treated?

Can tethered cord syndrome in adults cause migraine headaches?

Can the brain atrophy caused by b-12 deficiency be reversed?

Can the damage done to your brain from multiple sclerosis drive you insane?

Can you get impaired motor ability as a symptom of dupuytren's contracture? What are the other symptoms?

Can you have a motor neurone disease with normal reflexes and a normal neurological exam such as the arm and leg strength the dr performs?

Can you have mild cerebaly palsy without limb.I just have different walk gait than most people?

Can you provide me with common of the affects of a mild stroke?

Can you tell me for cortico-thalamic core, just wondering if it is the exact same thing as thalamocortical core?

Can you tell me what is the most common restrictive pulmonary disorder for an aging adult/ elderly?

Cerebeller atrophy possibility to child walking?

Chronic pain with spastic cerebral palsy swollen ankles after work and lack of energy?

Confused! I have myasthenia Gravis and would LOVE to know when generalized, WHAT muscles are considered Skeletal? Neuro says it ONLY affects those. Ty

Could B12 help horeditory motor and sencory neoropothy?

Could high urinary copper be linked to brain fog and motor skill problems?

Could i develop cortical blindness from holding my breath too long?

Could long term pediatric and adolescent use of Valium (spastic cerebral palsy) cause transient tachycardia as an adult?

Could motor neuron disease cause dragging feet?

Could my sloping forehead have affected my memory development?

Could Parkinson's patients lose their facial expression?

Could strong antipsychotics cause neurons damage and result in demyelinating disease?

Could temporary exposure of the bbb, plus already present Lyme disease, and an affected cerebellum/or not. Cause anti-nmda receptor encephalitis?

Dad(52yrs)diagnosed w/cerebral vermian atrophy. Symptoms:uncoordinated movements, speech, swallowing difficulty(at times). Non-drinker. Is there a cure

Diaphragm atrophy as a result of phrenic neuropathy (demyelination). U/s shows significant atrophy. What is time frame before resp. failure?

Do chemo pills have an apparent visual or physical affect on someone?

Do MRI scans show signs that someone may have an intellectual disability (otherwise known as mental retardation)?

Do people who suffer impaired cognition as a result of a brain tumor recover their faculties?

Do people with demylenating poly neuropothy need to be rehospitalized?

Do psychiatric drugs enlarge the basal ganglia and atrophy the cerebral cortex. do cause brain damage? I have lingering akathisia from invega (paliperidone) shot

Do you see pts who have neurological deficits due to heart failure?

Do you think I should expect such as impairments, pain, and could it eventually turn into spina bifida?

Docs, could a person forget a native language due to some disease/brain injury?

Doctor said that delayed cord clamping could cause a stroke or kidney damage in newborns. Is there any evidence of this? What studies have been done?

Doctors are not using mannitol to cure cerebral edema..Are there other ways too? My friend is semiconscious for last one month..Plz suggest

Doctors suspect my kids have congenital myasthenia. I understand what it is, but i want to know if this affects their life span. They have mild cases.

Doctors, do you think I can develop cortical blindness from holding my breath for too long?

Does any one know about learning problems caused by cortical dysplasia on the left?

Does bacterial vaginosis, if treated, during pregnancy increase the risks of disabilities such as cerebral palsy

Does benign muscle fasciculations mean im at an increased risk of developing ALS in the future? Or another neurological disease like epilepsy?

Does Cialis affect pde6-phosphodiesterase enzyme present in retina and cause electroretinographic abnormalities, pupil-sparing third nerve palsy?

Does having myotonic dystrophy make you prone for having a delirium?

Does lower limb paralysis affect ability to have baby?

Does partial paralysis affect the functions of the cerebrum(thinking, reasoning etc?

Does spinal muscular atrophy (sma) prevent children from speaking?

Does storing your child's cord blood cure multiple sclerosis?

Does waldenstrom's lymphoma (current IgM 2300) cause memory impairment or erectile dysfunction?

Dr Weisman, have you ever treated a patient that had been injured by a vaccine, resulting in transverse myelitis? This is my personal situation.

Effect of childhood meningitis in later part of life. Encephalomalicia in parital region.

Emg: increased insertional and abnormal spontaneous activity present however not accompanied by decreased recruitment motor unit. What does this mean?

Forceps brain injury : grandson had forceps & ventouse delivery. He has palsy & static hydrocephalus. Could this have been the contributing factor ?

Gait freezingafter deep brain stimulation surgery for Parkinson's disease any suggestions?

Geriatric epilepsy unknown etiology patient on TEGRETOL . Short memory loss and signs of poor brain circulation(MRI), drugs advised?Cavinton ?

Had chronic migraines for 23 yrs now. What possible long-term effects could be facing now or in future? Any links with Alzheimer's or tumors?

Had critical illness polymyopathy from status asthmaticus...Now emg normal could I have type 2 muscle fiber damage and thats why normal emg?

Has my sloping forehead affected my memory development?

Have read that people with chiari 1 malformations can have cerebellar fits. What is the difference betw. A cerebellar fit & a tonic clonic seizure?