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For fluorescein angiography, should the Dr. have emergency resuscitation equipment and epinephrine on hand in case of adverse reaction/anaphylaxis?

For what reason can't you just use an epipen, (epinephrine) after having an allergic reaction/anaphylaxis, and then not go to the emergency room?

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I been given a epipen (epinephrine) i was wonrdring why I have to go hosiptal after useing it and what would they do at the hosiptal?

I carry an epipen (epinephrine). How long would it take for anaphylaxis to occur if i ate something containing peanuts?

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I have severe shellfish allergy. I never had Anaphylaxis but I carry an EpiPen (epinephrine). Will an EpiPen (epinephrine) reverse throat swelling? I have Asthma as well.

I'm allergic to shellfish and I carry an EpiPen (epinephrine) just in case of a severe reaction. I never had to use it yet. How much time does it give you before ER?

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If someone has an anaphylactic reaction and no epi pen is readily available, can Benedryl be used while waiting for EMS to arrive?

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Is epinephrine the same thing as pseudoephedrine and if you react to epi with fast hr will you react the same way with pseudoephedrine 30 mg?

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My dad had a shot of epinephrine to treat his allergic reaction. After the shot he couldn't breathe. Is he allergic to epinephrine?

My son is Anaphylactic to egg he has an Epipen (epinephrine). If he ever needs surgery or immunisations what should we be avoiding? and what should we ask for?

Our doctor prescribed epipen (epinephrine) jr for our son who is allergic to peanuts. Our son is now 55 lbs. Do we need the epipen (epinephrine) for adults for them?

Possible bee, wasp allergy. Should I use epipen (epinephrine) if they bite me?

Should i inject someone with an epipen (epinephrine) if that person has no heart beat?

Since epipen (epinephrine) can temporary relax the air way, can epipen (epinephrine) used for asthma attack in emergency situations when no asthma medication available?

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