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29 year old female with reocurring shingles or staph infection can't tell which they look a lot alike. What would cause them to reocurr for 8 years?

After a clindmycin 6-day treatment for a staphylococcal infection, can I still have staph bacteria on my skin?

After a staphylococcal infection with a clindmycin 6-day treatment, do I still have staph bacteria on my skin?

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Are recurring non-mrsa staph infections common? If so, should they eventually happen less frequently? Used bactroban for nasal colones, but it continues to recur.

Are staph infections and shingles related?

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Are staph infections contagious?

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At home cure for a staph and strep outbreak on skin?

Best antibiotic for infection in wound?

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Can a reaccuring MRSA staph infection kill you? If so what would you most likely die from?

Can a staph infection be deadly?

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Can boils and other bacteri infections be caused by drug use as meth?

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Can duac or benzamycine help with staph infection around the beard area ?

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Can impetigo cause any other, more serious, infections?

Can MRSA spread from one spot on your body to another while being treated with antibiotics? Can you cross contaminate yourself?

Can my cat/kitten catch boils (either normal staph causing boils or serious bacteria like MRSA) from me or vice versa?

Can pylonephritis cause staph aureus infection?

Can someone tell me how people contract staph infection just from a bruise?

Can someone tell me how serious a staph infection in the heart is?

Can staph areus throat infection can cause lymphadenitis? Or fever will surily occur or not?

Can staph aureus cause pus inside tonsils but no abscess ? I have post nasal drip and positive for staph aureus and i have heard its normal flora

Can staph be present under fingernails?

Can staph go to brain if infection in nose?

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Can staph infection cause hives all over body?

Can staph infection cause hives?

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Can staph infections trigger shingles or vice versa?

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Can streptococcus epidermis be bad infection?

Can u get bacterial infections on the skin such as boils from snoking meth?

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Can you get a staph infection from a venous ulcer?

Can you get a staph infection from having a massage?

Can you get a staph infection from someone who is a a healthy person that doesn't have an infection but carries the staph bacteria. (not mrsa).

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Can you tell me about antibiotics for genital infection?

Can you tell me, are big boil type looking sores a form of staph infection and are they contagious?

Can't tell if I have staph infection. What can I do?

Could keflex still be working for my staph infection even if a new boil has popped up?

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Docs can you explain what is a "staph" infection?

Does anyone know about furuncle infection?

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Does impetigo and other bacterial skin infections always crust?

Does MRSA skin infection always have pus?

Does MRSA skin infection spread or could it remain a simple scratch without signs of infection?

Does staph infection itch?

Dr found staph infection in my urine.. Put me on 7 day course antibiotics (alprim) what's a staph infection? Make your skin itch? How did I get it :(

Dr found staph infection in my urine.. Put me on 7 day course antibiotics (alprim) what's a staph infection? My feet swell and I have itchy skin etc??

For what length of time do staph infections usually last?

Getting recurrent staph infection with the hidradenitis suppurativa, can that accumulate any further serious problems with the body?