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MIXED FLORA (3 OR MORE COLONY TYPES) what does that mean, urine test

history of sinus infections +dx of UCTD. Recent sinus cultures positive atypical bacteria (Serratia marcescens +Stenotrophomonasmaltophilia - Why?

post op wound culture was positive for- elizabethkingia meningoseptica, and pseudomonas aeruginosa, what kind of bacteria are these and are they bad?

 Scant growth- Beta lactamase positive. What does it mean?

1 year old daughter urine culture shows 80000 e coli bacteria...why this happened?? What to do?? Help please doctor

10000-50000 CFU/ml of e-coli in male urinalysis - how's it to be treated and what does "dubious clinical significance" of this organism (e-coli) mean?

10000-50000 CFU/ml of e-coli in male urinalysis - is it to be treated? Also, what does "dubious clinical significance" of this organism (e-coli) mean?

10yr old burn&itch vaginal/anal, no pain urinating.vaginal swab=mod gram+cocci.many gram+bacilli,few neg grm bacilli,isol flora. high leukocytes urine?

20, 000 -30, 000 cfu/ml mixed gram positive flora multiple organisms isolated, no predominance. What does this mean?

23 weeks pregnant . Urine culture showed gram positive cocci isolated. What does this mean and is it dangerous?

4 week lab culture of pertulent sputum culture came back as Anaerobic Prevotella betalac+ scant growth and HI heavy growth, on his 6th abcess! help!

73/f found to have chronic grp b strep in urine > 1000, 000 cfu/ml . She is asymptomatic. Does she need antibiotic rx?

A friend of mine did a hvs m/c/s test the test result. Culture after 24hrs at 37'c yielded moderate growth of staph spp, what could this be.

A had bug bites and my dermatologist did skin culture which tested positive for enterococcus faecalis. Is that normal?

A throat culture test i had showed staphylococcus aureus. Should i undergo antibiotic treatment or have my tonsils removed? Thank you!

Aerobic semen culture showed enterococcus. Anaerobic culture was clear of bacteria. Does it mean an enterococcus species easier to be treated?

After a urine m/c/s, my result says scanty growth of staph spp after 48 hours. Do I need to see a doctor and how bad is this result?

After c/s of my semen is infected by klebsiella pneumoniae.Is it related with c.trachomatis or different infection?Is it curable?

At the hospital, i had three blood cultures that contained gram-negative rods. What does this mean?

Been prescibed trimethoprim 300mg for e coli in urine. Suspected in vagina, offensive odour. Will antibiotics clear up vaginal e coli?

Between 10, 000 & 50, 000 cfu/ml lactobacillus in urine culture. No other bacteria. Wbc present. Have symptoms of uti. Contaminated or true uti?

Blood reads 200+++ and leu reads 500+++ for 6 months but no bacteria is present in culture ?

Bronchitis how is a sputum culture done?

C diff for 3rd time and now urine culture positive for klebsiella pneumoniae on vancomycin amd macro bid and probiotics anyone know why I am getting t?

Can 16s sequencing of my intestinal bacteria identify any/all of following infections: h. Pylori, c. Jejuni, toxoplasma gondii?

Can a hair sample/culture determine whether or not you have scalp fungus?

Can a stool test reveal what particular type of pseudamonas a child has if stool test shows positive for pseudamonas growth, but child is asymptomatic?

Can drinking cranberry juice before doing a GC/Chlamydia Amplified DNA Probe effect the results?

Can proteus mirabilis be transferred sexually? I'm pregnant with this bacteria. The doctor said my boyfriend doesn't need to be treated? Is this true?

Can skin cultures have false readings?

Can staphylococcus haemolyticus cause prostatitis? All major std negative. Urine culture shows staphylococcus haemolyticus. Prostatitis?

Can viridans streptococci in urine make you feel ill?

Can you have osteomylitis in your spine and still have a negative blood culture?

Can you suggest some home remedies for curing a urinary tract infection with a high colony count of >10 of ecoli bacteria?

Can you tell me how are catheters handle (for culture) in the microbiology laboratory?

Can you tell me in my semen culture test results shows: penicillin, ampicillin, vancomycine, linezolid -- is sensitive.?

Can you tell me what a urine culture reading colony count= 10,000- 25,000 means ? Took culture for suspected prostatitis

Can you test positive for a bacteria (like e coli or mycoplasma) in the vagina and not actually be "infected" or have symptoms from it?

Ciclopirox drug completely eradicates infectious HIV from cell cultures......How true is this?

Cled medium preferred over mcconkey agar in UTI because?

Coagulase negative staph in urine contageous?

Could 50, 000 cfu/ml lactobacillus in urine culture indicate a uti? If so, what antibiotic do you suggest?

Could a urine m/c/s identify a particular infection that two blood cultures may fail to identify in a case of suspected sepsis. Is this very unlikely?

Could streptococcus fecalis cause urinary tract infection in 2 years old girl with pus cell less of 0-2/hpf?

CULT & GRAM ST AEROBE & ANAEROBE What this result mean?1+ Gram Positive Cocci Chains No WBCs.

CULT & GRAM ST AEROBE & ANAEROBE test.Can this kind of test be good to look for mold,actinomyces and fungus?

CULT & GRAM STAIN SPUTUM ,is this type of test is good to look for actinomyces ,mold and fungis?I

CULT FUNGI Result 1 Colony Sterile mold, does not produce conidia necessary for identification. 1 Colony Yeast not Cryptococcus neoformans.Explain ?

CULTFUNGI Result 1 Colony Sterile mold, does not produce conidia necessary for identification.1 Colony Yeast not Cryptococcus neoformans Do I need med?

Culture of absess/ulcer Results: staph aureus, moderate growth, d-test negative. What does this mean? Is santyl w/o antibiotics effective treatment?

Culture, urine final report microbiology results 50, 000-75, 000 col/ml mixed gram positive flora is this normal or a uti?

Diagnosed w/ uti. Urine showed wbc=35000, positive protein, culture= <10 x 10*6 cfu/l skin flora. Does that mean no bacteria? Is it something else?

Diagnosis-Chronic Prostatitis, however semen culture+urine sample shows no pathogens. Should I worry about non-cultarable bacteria? STI screen Negativ

Difference in collecting specimen for fungal cultures and bacterial cultures?

Differentiate between staphylococcus and streptococcus species in terms of Morphology,Biochemical test and Culture?

Dna probe showed i was positive vaginally for e coli, entercoccus faecalis & m. Hominis, which one would cause external vaginitis? (burning, red, etc)

Do i need a positive bacterial culture to have sepsis in the blood?

Doctor said culture was neg. My actual results said >100000 colony forming units/ml of mixed urogenital flora. Still have symptoms-what do I do?

Does alpha hemolytic and strep in a urine culture need treatment?

Does bacteria Pseudomonas Fluorescens found in culture of expressed prostatic fluid require antibiotics for chronic prostatitis?My doctor says no.

Does catheter have to be used in baby w/ third UTI for culture if was used 4 1st uti. 1 bag contaminindicated showed white cells? 2nd bag culture -

During a throat culture I was found to have scant growth of serratia marcescens. After 5 weeks of Augmentin and Bacterim I am still positive for scant growth of serratia. I don't feel bad, or still have symptoms. Do I have an underlying illness?

Found out my mother has suspected UTI and impetigo, what to do?

Generally speaking, do gram positive or gram-negative bacteria cause prostatits/epidymitis infections. Generally speaking based off your experience.

Got typhidot +ve, then gave sample for blood culture. It showed gram -ve e.Coli lactose fermenting rods. Had night fevers & now extreme weakness.

Gram negative rods sepsis?

Gram stain neg for semen.Culture in process,can it still show prostatitis?If culture is also neg then what describes my voiding problems?Im 22,virgin.

Gram-negative bacteria such as escherichia coli or klebsiella pneumoniae on the zone diameter interpretive chart, what does this mean?

Ha stool test done, results endolimax nana trophozoites, entamoeba hartmanni trophozoites. What is that meant? Where could i got that bacteria?

Had my urine culture 2 yrs ago. Says LIGHT GROWTH OF K. PNEUMONIAE. I didn't had any medication. Is it possible to spread the bacteria on my lungs?

Had urine analysis+urine culture both reports r normal no bacteria found in culture. Doctor said still have non-bac prostatitis. How it can be cured?

HAI Klebsiella Pneumonia UTI positive last month. Is it not important to determine strain to treat? 2 positive cultures already. Informing hospital?

Have a friend with constant UTIs and only on a culture it shows up some bacteria called streptococcus gallitycus. She has been to several urologist an?

Hello doctor. A lab result show that I have a heavy growth of Escherichia Coli after 24hrs of incubation at 37degreeC in the culture. Could you please explain this to me and the dangers/risk associated with it. Thank.

Hello Dr, i have not seen my period for a month and 2 weeks, after a PT showed (-ve) and urine culture and swab showed scanty growth bacteria.Help ?

Hi dr. I want to do real sample study for e.Coli o157:h7 detection. Do you think urine sample of infected people will have e.Coli o157:h7?

Hi I had a culture done I have the results I do not understand them could you tell me what the skin flora isolated scant growth is please?

Hi I have blastocytosis hominis which was found in a stool sample. My Dr has recommended I take flagyl. Do you know if this will work on this protozoa?

Hi, My UA results listed leukoesterase 1+ , Nitrate positive, and something about klebsiella pneumoniae. Does this indicate the need for "Cipro" ??

How bad is a urine culture: >100, 000 cfu/ml escherichia coli?

How can a gram-positive coccus appear after gram staining?

How can u tell if H influenzae beta lactamase positive sinus culture & infection symptoms but no white cell is a sinus infect or normal colonization ?

How come throat swabs are screened for beta-haemolytic colonies?

How dangerous is ecoli in the sputum? What to do?

How do biochemical tests help identify an unknown bacterial species?

How do one get viridans streptococcus in urine?

How do u treat urine positive for alpha hemolytic streptococcus and lactobacillus? positive nitrates

How do you get a positive leukocyte esterase result from antibiotic induced tubulointerstitial nephritis?

How does a man contract a coagulase negative staph as an uti? In other words.. How does a man contract this bacteria? Please list possibilities

How does antibiotics alter the results of a stool studies ? What exactly antibiotics cause ?

How does enterococcus reproduce give me a brief explanation of it.

How does green tea effect the growth of the enteropathogenic strain of escherichia coli?

How is a sputum culture obtained when you are being tested?

How much bacteria do you need in a blood culture for it to be positive?

How to get a positive leukocyte esterase result from drug induced (antbiotic) tubulointerstitial nephritis?

How to tell if an isolated bacterial colony is a pure culture?

How would a doctor treat gram positive bacteria and a gram negative bacteria?

How would my urine culture become contaminated with pseudomonas. The midwife thinks is contaminated because it's less then 20,000 colonies.

I am 25 weeks pregnant and my urine culture report shows: Growth of three types of gram negative bacilli. What does it mean?

I am a male 33 years, just got a urine culture done that says minimal bacteria under 10, that ok?