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Can you infect yourself and your own bloodstream with things such as e.Coli?

Can you tell me are epec, ehec, etec, and eaec extra-intestinal pathogenic e coli?

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E coli isnt fatal yet leads to sepsis, why is this?

E. coli: How can I tell if food is contaminated?

E.Coli found in urine culture. Does this means that this bacteria sseeded into my bladder? Does e.Coli in bladder causes prostatits and epididymitis

E.Coli in the bladder and urine - can you catch that from the toilet that person used?

E.Coli in urine culture means it is in your bladder? What UTI or diseases can a person get if e.Coli has been diagnosed in urine culture?

Escherichia coli what i need to take? I jave this bacterium in my urinary system

Explain the condition called an escherichia coli infection.?

For 3rd time in 6 months got urinary tract infection with e coli?

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Got a 3rd urinary tract infection and e coli is cause again. Why?

Had urine culture and e.Coli is found. Doctor prescribed ciprofloxacin 1 tab 500mg for 10 days. Is it enough to treat e.Coli. Having scrotal pain also?

Has anyone had staph or e coli infection while pregnant?

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I am informed that e. Coli is a sybiotic organism in our GI tract but what does it give us (our body) and where is it located?

I had anal 7 days ago how would I know if I got E. coli?

I had E Coli which caused a UTI. I no longer have E Coli, but have stinging/pain in my vagina. I did a culture and the E Coli is gone. Whats going on?

I have a UTI and the doctor mentioned it was the morganella bacteria. Is this common? I am prone to UTI's. But usually E.coli.

I think I have an e. Coli infection. What should I do?

I think I may have e coli infection. Is it ok for me to continue to work in a hospital?

I was just diagnosed as having a vaginal infection caused by e. Coli. I think i've had it for a year and a half. Could I have PID now?

I went to the hospital a week ago and they told me they found e coli in my vagina. They didn't treat me. This is the 2nd time having it. What do I do?

I'm not sure but is h pylori bacteria related at all to e coli bacteria?

I'm sure that I have an e. Coli infection. Would fem dophilus treat this?

I'm worried about salmonella poisoning. What are the symptoms of e. Coli infection?