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what's normal SPo2 in 45 days old infant ?

15 days newborn baby ,water undermines a cord of the baby ?can I wash with plenty of water??? Thanks

3 Weeks newborn takes formula prepared with 2.5-3 oz of nursery water with fluoride. Is my baby at risk of fluorosis in the future with this amount?

5 day old baby girl with respiratory distress, does this pass?

An a newborn baby 1 month old travel on a flight?

Any way to convert a kangaroo gravity feed set into a kangaroo epump feed set?

Any way to convert a kangaroo gravity feed set into a kangaroo epump feed set? Already have the epump but no bags (couldn't edit earlier ?) Thanks

Are a lot of infants adopted the babies of drug users?

Are babies born without kneecaps. I'm reading in my breast feeding book on newborns and this is what they say ?

As a concerned parent i need to knowhow long should a newborn baby sleep?

Baby motrin or baby tylenol (acetaminophen)? From a doctors standpoint, is one more effective than the other and does one have a higher risk? 6mo teething baby.

Can a newborn baby 1 month old travel on a train?

Can babies go off feeds after immunizations?

Can chickenpox be harmful to my newborn baby?

Can I change my baby's nursing schedule?

Can I have a baby at age 43?

Can I take my newborn into public?

Can I take my newborn out in public?

Can incubator cause cataracts in babies?

Can my kids see their baby brother in nicu?

Can newborn babies breathe whilst drinking?

Can THC be transferred through ones pores to an infant/child?

Can you tell me about nursing careers want to work with babies?

Can you tell me how I could cope with newborn and a toddler?

Can you tell me how I could feed my newborn all day long without being rude to guests?

Can you tell me if babies go off feeds after immunizations?

Could babies produce more spit than adults?

Could oxygen be given to baby on a flight?

Could you tell me what happens if a newborn is overheating?

Do all newborns hands & feet peel after delivery, or just overdue babies?

Do any women breastfeed (nurse) their children older than age 3 years, in the u.S.?

Do babies usually cry when they come out of the mother during labor?

Do I need to bathe my newborn every day?

Doctors are worried about me having a premature baby -- I know a lot of moms who have babies early and their kids are fine?

Does searching or texting on cell phone near newborn (I.e. during nursing) harm baby?

Floppy baby. Do they do EEG normally?

Giving my newborn baby nursery water with fluoride for the past 6 weeks. Didn't know about fluorosis risk and I'm scared now. Did I cause harm?

Help docs! i'm trying to find out what causes tracheomalacia in newborns?

Hi, my 4 months baby has a tempreature of 34.9°C, is this normal?

How can a newborn survive on just milk?

How can a woman breasfeed when their baby is stuck in the neonatal intensive care?

How can I ensure my baby won't be given formula in the hospital and cps won't be called?

How can I manage a clingy baby?

How can I manage the baby blues?

How can I mentally prepare for having a baby?

How can I prepare my body for nursing if my baby is premature?

How can I prepare to have a baby?

How can I prevent choking in an infant I babysit?

How can I protect my baby from infant botulism?

How can I teach my baby to self-soothe?

How can you tell if a newborn has hypoglycemia? I have hypoglycemia (it runs in family) & i want to ensure that my baby does not have it.

How can you tell the difference between trush or just milk in a 1 week old newborn baby's tongue?

How do I bond with my newborn?

How do I entertain and stimulate my baby?

How do I handle my mother-in-law's pressure to wean my baby?

How do I know if my baby is latching improperly?

How do I know if my nursery is safe for my baby?

How do I manage two babies?

How do I no if im capable of having a baby?

How do I prepare my body for a baby?

How do I transfer my baby boy's affection to me from his caretaker? He's 9 mos old

How do you do cpr on a baby?

How do you weigh a newborn at home?

How does a fetus handle mom's fever?

How does a mom care for the skin around baby's gastrostomy tube?

How does conversation help babies?

How far away should my newborn be from a humidifier?

How important is breastmilk for a newborn?

How is it determined that babies/toddlers need glasses?

How long can a baby live on ecmo machine?

How long is it normal for a newborn baby be kept away from people with sickness bug?

How long should I swaddle my newborn ? I read the article recommended only the first one month because it needs room for baby to move.

How long will my 35-week newborn baby be on life-support for pneumonia and asthma?

How many days or weeks is a baby considered a newborn?

How many lbs does a baby have to weigh before leaving the hospital?

How many years of gap there should be between two kids? when should I plan to have my 2nd baby?

How much time can I spend with my baby in special care nursery?

How often and how much should my newborn baby be eating?

How often do babies usually stay in the nicu?

How should a three week-old newborn baby act?

How should I deal with baby fussiness?

How should I speak to someone retiring at a young age due to premie baby?

How to apply cpr on a newborn if the baby chokes?

How to care an infant baby?

How to do cardio with an infant?

How to take care of new born baby? While sleeping , bathing, feedinge.T.C

How would baby be if I had her at 32 weeks ?

I am 16 years ol 4'9 and 115 pounds will my baby be ok ?

I am an older mom. Should I invest in a baby nurse? I plan to breastfeed.

I am breastfeeding, and my newborn is now in his 4 month, can i fast during ramdan when my baby begins his 6 month?

I bonded quickly with my firstborn but not my second newborn. Is this normal?

I had a baby, emergency csection. (@ 15 yrs old) Will all my kids be born this way? How many will i be able to have?

I have a 25 seeker in the NICU she was born the 26th. I haven't been able to start my milk and I've been pumping every 2-3 hours. I need help!

I have a 4 day old Newborn I want to know if a midwife for daily baby massage will be good as Doctors say it's not good and I shouldn't.

I have a 4year old and a newborn. How can ensure my toddler doesn't revert back to being a baby and isn't jealous of the new baby ?

I have a one baby.I become gap for my first and second baby.plz tell me protect.

I just had a baby and am nursing. What is the fastest way to drop this last 15 pounds i'm carrying around.?

I was told that most babies sleep through frenotomies. Is this true? Is it less painful for a newborn?

I'd really like to know how often should a newborn feed?

I'm a mother if 4 children i had my last 4.5 months ago why dose my hair become so fine and fall out after I have my babies when they are at 3 months?