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10w5d pregnant-do electric blankets cause harm to the fetus or is it just a myth?

20mg adderal exposer to fetus through 2nd trimester - what would would baby's risk be?

23 weeks pregnant and ate a fly by accident. Will this cause any problems with my unborn baby or with my health?

23 weeks pregnant and eat cornstarch baby powder. Will it harm the baby.

36 weeks pregnant. Been eating untoasted english muffins. One of my friends said this is unsafe for baby. Why would this harm my unborn baby? Worried.

9 weeks pregnant with ear infection. I took antipyrine & benzocaine eardrops. My doctor said it was okay but am now worried it could harm unborn baby?

Alcohol can harm a foetus?

Are any of the typical vaccines proven to be harmful to an unborn baby if given to a pregnant woman?

Are baby vaccinations safe? I read about the dangers but are they facts or myths?

Are flea bites harmful to baby in womb??

Are jumping jacks harmful to the baby at 38 weeks pregnant?

Are orgasms safe during pregnancy?. Will they harm my baby?

Are pelvic x-rays safe for unborn baby?

Are popcorns healthy for my unborn baby?

Are steroid injections which are given to mature babies lungs. Harmful to unborn?

At what age is it unsafe to have a healthy baby?

Besides the obvious risks, is there any harm caused to an unborn child by riding a motorcycle (vibrations) while pregnant (first trimester)?

Bronchitis during last month of pregnancy. Is this dangerous for baby?

Can a abdomen lipoma harm my baby ?

Can a abdomen lipoma harm my baby ?

Can a chlamydia infection during pregnancy harm the unborn child?

Can a cold affect my unborn baby?

Can a cyst on the ovaries harm an unborn baby?

Can a doctor tell if there is water on a unborn baby the mother is only 15 weeks preganant?

Can a nail infection harm an unborn baby? I don't want to take antibiotics if I don't have to. I'm 22 weeks pregnant.

Can accidentally electrically shocking onself during 2nd trimester of pregnancy ever cause harm to baby or a miscarriage?

Can adco-namapol harm your unborn child ?

Can an STD cause serious harm to an unborn fetus?

Can anemia during pregnancy harm the fetus? I’m four months pregnant and was just diagnosed with anemia. Could this be harming my unborn child? .

Can antibiotics harm a fetus up to 2 weeks old?

Can antibiotics harm my unborn child?

Can being tipsy harm the egg, zygote, or baby?

Can bladder infections harm my unborn baby during pregnancy?

Can body lice harm my one month old baby?

Can bronchitis harm my baby at 28weeks?

Can caffeine harm an unborn baby?

Can candidiasis in the mouth cause harm to the fetus?

Can castor oil cause my unborn baby to have her first poop in the womb? I'm 2 hours and 15 minutes from being 40 weeks.

Can chemotherapy harm your baby if you're pregnant?

Can coffee or tea harm baby developing or causing miscarriage ? I'm 7 weeks pregnant

Can crying do any harm to my unborn baby?

Can cytomegalovirus infections harm my unborn child?

Can donating plasma hurt unborn baby?

Can drinking vinegar kill an unborn baby?

Can eating baby powder everyday harm my unborn baby?

Can gastroenteritis during pregnancy hurt my unborn child?

Can graves disease effect my unborn baby?

Can having sex from behind harm the baby?

Can heating pads cause harm to a developing fetus?

Can hot pepper harm unborn child?

Can hunger harm my unborn baby?

Can incense smell harm baby?

Can indergistion harm my baby?

Can inhaling gas while pregnant affect your baby?

Can loud movies harm baby at 14 weeks pregnant?

Can maternal staph skin infections harm an unborn child?

Can mint tea can be harmful to an unborn baby or a pregnant mother?

Can my unborn baby be allergic to anything? Thank you x

Can my unborn child be harmed if I have a drug allergy?

Can sepsis harm my unborn child?

Can septasemia harm my unborn baby?

Can sex harm a baby at 29 weeks. Lots of quick up and down - will this shake the baby and cause any harm?

Can shingles during pregnancy be harmful to the baby?

Can sniffing gasoline harm you or your baby while pregnant?

Can suboxin hurt an unborn child?

Can sucking helium harm your baby when you are pregnant?

Can sunburn on my stomach at 35 weeks pregnant harm my baby?

Can take Tylenol extra stenghth and Zofran everyday harm my unborn fetus in the first trimester?

Can taking dayquill, kill or harm an unborn baby?

Can THC itself harm a pregnancy?

Can the amount of ultrasounds harm a baby?

Can the trans vagina ultrasound be harmful to your unborn child?

Can the x-rays penetrate the womb and harm the fetus?

Can too many ultrasounds be harmful to unborn baby?

Can toxoplasmosis harm my unborn child?

Can using a vibrator harm the baby at 35 weeks pregnant?

Can vinegar kill your unborn baby?

Can x-rays harm an unborn fetus?

Can you harm a unborn baby by drinking vingear? If so can you harm yourself as well? What are the things that can happen to you?

Can you still do yoga while pregnant or will it harm the baby and yourself in a way ?

Could being around chemicals such as hair relaxers and perms harm your baby in the 3rd trimester?

Could stress harm unborn children in measurable ways?

Do intestinal noise inside your body scare or harm an unborn fetus ??????

Do migranes affect my unborn baby im 32w pregnant?

Docs, could a tooth xray harm my unborn?

Does any radiation from a xerox machine affect my unborn baby?

Does anyone know what effects lysol has on babies?

Does crying affect unborn babies, if so how?

Does eating or drinking cold things affect my unborn baby?

Does ejaculation with methotrexate harm fetus?

Does herpes under my nose harm my unborn baby?

Does hive affect unborn baby?

Does holding my breath kill my unborn baby?

Does my unborn baby breath the same oxygen i do?

Does not drinking caffeine affect my unborn baby? Please, need some answers?

Does paternal exposure to methotrexate cause any danger to the baby? Please, need some answers?

Does taking 2 to 3 grams of vitiman C Kill your unborn baby?

Does taking a prenatal that's red in color harm your unborn child?

Does using bug sprays right before pregnancy potentially harm sperm & egg and harm the fetus? Heard it may cause brain cancer to unborn baby. Thanks!

Does vitamin E cause heart defects in unborn baby?