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38 weeks pregnant first baby, is there a chance that she changes from a breech position? Have been doing several exercises over the past few weeks

40 weeks pregnant with second baby and trying to avoid induction. Doctor says they schedule inductions at 41 weeks. How to avoid I have no complicatio?

After 9 years of marriage i had an abortion in 5 weeks of pregnancy. Is it possible to get milk from me if i adopt a baby.So that i can feed .

After a woman has a baby, is there a hormone that is released that makes her have a strong maternal bond?

After mymiscarriage how do I know my body(utirus) is ready to carry another baby ?

After what length of time from having a baby are you safe from potentially getting postpartum depression? 6 mos? 1yr?

Any good postpartum exercises to do at home after baby is asleep?

Are there any medications that won't harm the baby but allow a pregnant mother to sleep?

At what age does a woman start becoming too old to safely have a baby?

At what age is my baby no longer at risk for sid?

At what age is the body mature to start having babies if you haven't been successful?

Can a comatose pregnant patient carry a baby to term?

Can a pregnant woman (13 weeks) travel in an airplane? I have an unknown cause of severe neutropenia. Can the flight harm the baby?

Can a pregnant woman still have sex without affecting the baby even if she is close to term?

Can a woman have more than one stillbirth? Scared to try again.

Can a woman safely have a second baby 10 months after the first?

Can a woman who has celiac disease deliver a healthy baby?

Can a woman who received kidney transplant get pregnant and have a baby safely?

Can a woman with anxiety have a baby would that harm the child because blood pressure is up for anxiety ?

Can a woman with hep c safely get pregnant, carry the baby to term, and deliver safely without giving hep c to the baby?

Can a woman with hepatitis C have a healthy baby, or is that unpredictable?

Can a woman without a gallbladder still have a health baby?

Can a woman's stress and anxiety cause a miscarriage of a otherwise normal baby?

Can a women die if she has abortion at 5 months, what are affects of women? If the baby want to come out at 5 months, what Down syndrome baby have?

Can a women of 42 bring a baby?

Can amniotic fluid embolisim happen in first time mother all natural no medication birth? I fear this big time when i get pregnant

Can babies experience withdrawal symptoms after birth if mother drinks caffeine every single day during pregnancy?

Can having a tooth cavity when pregnant affect the baby/ cause birth defects? I want to wait until 12 weeks to have it treated.

Can Hypothyroidism cause fertility problems,could it cause you to never have a baby at all?!If you do get pregnant can Hypothyroidism harm your baby?!

Can i bring baby if I am 42. My period is regular. I have no sickness.But can I deliver good baby at this age?

Can I expect to have a safe delivery if I am having a big baby?

Can I have a beer a day while ttc? Is it true the fetus doesn't feed from the mom until she is 6 weeks pregnant?

Can i have unprotected sex while breast feeding? Will sperm not move to breastmilk and consequently affect my baby? Thank you for answering.

Can i travel 24 hours in train with my one month old baby, born by ceaserean section?

Can it be possible for a plus size women to become pregnant and have a normal baby.Im 5'8 and weigh 250lbs.My husband and I are planning to have baby?

Can pregnant woman who have rheumatoid arthritis can deliver the baby safely without dying?

Can side-lying breastfeeding cause ear infection and high temperature to babies. What is the best method of side-lying breastfeeding?

Can someone give me honest experiences with pregnant mothers on citalopram and having healthy babies?

Can the pill cause mutated babies?

Can there be any correlation between being a cesarean section baby and future drug use?

Can there be negative effects to the baby and the mother during teen pregnacy ?

Can women with HSV type 2 deliver a healthy baby vaginally?

Can women with MS have babies while on treatment or do they have to stop ?

Can you get lip fillers and botox when your pregnant? Does it affect the baby i'm in my first trimester

Can you give antioxidants to a baby to prevent hie?

Can you give birth to a baby naturally after you have had a c-section for a previous baby?

Can you have a baby natural with pcos?

Can you tell a difference in transsexual babies at birth?

Can you tell me in pregnancy, when should labor ideally be induced, if both the mother and child are healthy?

Can you tell me some other natural ways to treat/cure anemia (as a result of giving birth to a baby)?

Can you tell me, if I am anemic and i'm pregnant do I have any health risks for when i give birth to my baby?

Could an early delivery (week 37) affect my baby's health in the future?

Could I have a successful pregnancy after 3 losses and 3 c-sections? Dr says too risky and be happy I have 3 living, but i want one last baby.

Could scoliosis effect fertility or ability to carry a baby? I had a miscarriage at the end of september and just wanted to see if that effected it.

Could you tell me if i'm anemic and i'm pregnant do I have any health risks for when i give birth to my baby?

Could you tell me what are normal test procedures for newborn babies immediatley after birth?

Could you tell me what happens to a baby after a mom who is insulin dependent gives birth?

Developed AntiE/c in first pregnancy and 8 weeks pregnant with 2nd child. What can I do to improve outcome for a healthy baby? Will see MFM soon.

Do changes occur in a mother's bones while pregnant or breastfeeding?

Do you doctors know many patients who have been on 20mg citalopram throughout pregnancy and had perfectly healthy babies?

Docs, could a baby use a g-tube from birth to adulthood?

Does anyone know if childbirth is painful for the baby?

Does having a baby ruin a woman's body shape?

Does IVF cause side effects on the mom and the baby ?

Does leukorrhea affect conceiving baby after marriage?

Does my high body weight increase my baby's chances for birth defects?

Does optimizing a woman's health before pregnancy can help to reduce infant mortality?

Does sex damage the development of a baby during 7 weeks of pregnancy?

Does whatever chemical or antibody that causes a woman's alopecia areata also get into the baby during pregnancy?

Dr wanted to induce at 39 weeks b/c baby hasn't dropped yet. Isn't this a reason not to induce? My baby and i are otherwise healthy w/o complications.

Dr. Please for how long weeks or months should a woman who had her baby delivered normally or naturally have sex with her husband?.

Giving induce labor at 39wks to poor weight gain woman what are the risk?

Ha it safe for a woman to have a baby at age 46?

Had a baby 8 months ago and currently pregnant. When this baby is born it will be a total of 14 months between births. Would a vbac be safe?

Had a natural missed miscarriage at 12 weeks 2 days, but baby passed at 9 weeks. I'm 39, but healthy. How soon can I start to have baby again?

Had aboriton 2 years ago when I was 7 weeks preganat now I ll delivery in Feb 2017 is my milk safe for my new born baby ? Or medical aboriton effects

Have you had a healthy baby on epileptic medication ?

Having tsh level at 20 She is pregnant by 10 weeks Is it safe for baby or we should avoid having child This is my second child?

Heart surgery as baby. Stable at 18 years old. Want to get pregnant?

Hi Doc, I had gynefix IUD for about a year and took it out a year ago. Never had a baby and want to. Will it affect my baby bearing later?

Hi, I am 21 week pregnant . The baby's head is up and not down yet.Will he change position? Anything to do to help? I want natural birth.

Hi, I am taking warfarin but we are trying for a baby will this cause any issues to the baby. I am male and 37?

Hi! I have incontinence urinary stress from my first childbirth. I am pregnant again. What risks may I have if i keep my baby? Please help.

How a mother can reduce her belly after baby birth?

How can a woman know whether or not she can have babies ?

How can I conceive and produce a healthy baby without a miscarriage. I had a cerclege though low placenter and still lost the baby. Please help?

How can I share joy about my pregnancy with my partner who decided to not carry a baby?

How can woman with paralysis from waist have a baby?

How come diabetic women give birth to larger babies?

How common is it for a woman to loose the baby they are carrying, through natural miscarriage?

How damaging is one bottle of rosé each night for a 38 year old woman?

How do women know if their body is getting ready for the baby?

How does stress impact a woman's ability to go into labor and give birth?

How is it possible for a woman to carry someone else's baby?

How is it that babies that are fat at birth get diabetic later?

How is stress dangerous to the baby during pregnancy?

How long should I wait before trying to fall pregnant after premature birth? Baby was born @ 28 weeks and died 9 days later

How long will i carry triplets?

How much blood does a woman lose during natural child birth?

How much danger 4 31 yr old, 280 lb woman to have a baby? Hubby thinks it's too dangerous, tells me I have to lose weight b4 we do that. Can't wait.