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1 month baby cries frantically after feeding seems very uncomfortable even after burp?

2 month old baby keeps panic crying at random times. What could be causing this?

2.5 year old throws up sometimes when he cries. Is this normal?

3 weeks ago i had a baby and sometimes im emotional but i cant cry even if i try i need to cry to feel relief as i feel botled up is this normal ?

3yr old screams and cries every day and seems miserable, shes very stubborn and defiant! I dont know what to do, why is she not a happy normal toddler?

4 month old baby won't stop crying?

5 wk old, not eating. Cries but refuses bottle. Then gives hunger cues, drinks alittle, refuses, cries again. What do i do? He is acting very frantic

9 month baby is really aggressive when doesn't get what she wants? She resist and cry. Is it normal baby behavior

Any ideas why hydrocodone causes me to cry?

Any suggestions to stop my almost 2 yr old being so clingy? I love her dearly but she's waking up 5-8 times night crying for me hysterically

Anyone know about crying during sleeping?

Are there any benefits of crying?

Baby boy is now 20 days old he has good reflexes as to tickling and if his nappy is wet he cries but very less responsive to our voices is it ok?

Baby cries evrynight. What to do? She is 3month old. We are doing everything but she wont stop..

Baby has be crying all day nothing is working?

Baby will not stop crying at night what do I do?

Can a 5 month old baby have nightmares? My baby sometimes suddenly cries as if in pain while sleeping.

Can a heated argument cause a miscarriage...I was screaming and crying... I was stressing out....? I'm so worried

Can any doc tell me what's it called when you cry so hard that you start shaking and screaming uncontrollably out of frustration?

Can crying hurt a babies throat?

Can crying hurt the baby during pregnancy ? Can the baby feel when I'm upset ? Does crying have any effect on the baby at all?

Can me crying cause miscarriage? Can me crying and having these anxiety attacks cause still born or hurt my baby? Can crying affect development?

Can my 7 month old be having temper tantrums?When he wants something he doesn't just get fussy anymore. He just screams loudly and suddenly.

Does crying a lot cause pimples?

Does the "let them cry" method work? On a 4mo old? We r going from swing to crib. Need good tips. Slow transition? Soothe? Let cry?

Dr's what is your opinion on letting babies cry it out? Our baby is six weeks old, my husband says let him cry it out but I think he's too young?

Dr's what is your opinion on letting babies cry it out?Our baby is 6 weeks old, my husband says let him cry it out but i think he's too young?

Every time i hear my neighbor's baby cry my breasts start to hurt, I have no children, answers please?

Help please? What is it called when you cry so hard that you start shaking and screaming uncontrollably out of frustration?

Hi my baby cry a lot and she hurt her ear, what can I do ?

How can I cope better with my child's nonstop crying?

How can I stop crying about everything and giving up on things?

How come i cry so much?

How come i don't cry or get sad when someone passes away? Is there something wrong with me?

How common is it to be having these random crying spells?

How do I manage a baby who is constantly crying?

How do you get a baby to stop crying at night?

How many times a year is it normal to cry?

How to stop a baby crying all the time?

How to stop a crying baby from waking everyone in the house?

I am on HRT but I cry all the time. Not sad just cry alot?

I can't let my baby cry her self to sleep coz she cries so hard she can hardly breath, what shall I do in such a case, shall i still leave her cry hard?

I can't sleep or stop crying from this breakup. Any suggestions?

I cry a lot, is that okay?

I cry every day. How can I get help?

I cry when i think about how happy i was when i was a kid and how miserable I am now..What can I do?

I get emotional and wanna cry only when nursing or even pumping.. Is that normal?

I have 21 month old baby she is very fussy  she always cries loudly if her needs are not met . She cries intensely and persistently even up to 20 minu?

I have a 1 month old child every night he has a continuous farting even he is not crying,only crying the moment he is farting,is it normal?

I have a 6 week old grand bay the cries inconsolable in the evening?

I have a6month old daughter who crys all the time what can I do? She wants to be held all day. Please help!

I have an 11 month old, and every night she constantly is crying and whining she also wakes up more then twice for similac thru out the night normal ?

I keep crying over the littlest things what's wrong with me ?

I know that when kids cry they don't breathe for a while but im 18 years old. Why is this still happening?

I will be perfectly fine then out of nowhere sadness will hit and i will cry then when I stop crying everything is okay again.

I've been crying for three days. About every 10 minutes. I now have the urge to cry but am producing very little tears. Please help.

If a child cries at the time of urination, is it always something bad?

If my 1 year old daughter cries intensively at the same time every day for no apparent reason, is it colic? What can I do?

Inconsolable babies crying nonstop. Do you have any tricks to stop this?

Is crying a lot while pregnant normal?

Is it a good idea to let my baby cry? She has been fed, changed, but cries whenever we lay her down.

Is it bad to breast feed my 20 days old baby boy when I am feeling sad? I ve lost my best friend and can't stop crying.

Is it bad to let my baby cry if he wont stop crying?

Is it normal for males to want to cry?

Is it normal for my breasts to leak every time I hear a baby crying?

Is it normal for newborn to keep crying incessantly at night? My baby is less than 24 hours old

Is it normal that my 9 month old is so whiney and cries all day he dose not want to play or do anything he's not ill he wants to be held all day?

Is it normal that my baby doesn't shed tears when she cries?

Is it normal that my baby doesn't stop crying?

Is it normal to have these random crying spells on my cycle?

Lately, i just burst out crying for things that don't often cry too. Why do I cry for dumb things?

Lost a baby 5 months ago have been on mirtazapine 4 years now in the last month I have been having crying spells every day should I up the dose?

M not depressed but i want to cry so loud.

My 1 year old son is constantly whinning and crying?

My 11 months old baby poops nearly ten times and strains and cries whenever he does is this normal?

My 13 month old son will not go to sleep in his crib. He screams and makes himself so upset that he vomits. Is it okay to let him cry or no?

My 18month old always throw up when she cries, in the middle of her tantrums she cries & scream like crazy if i say no! she cries cough & throw up;why?

My 19 mth baby wakes up crying inconsolably every night why? Was awake crying for 8 hours last night

My 2 month old daughter is crying in her sleep, when i pick her up she doesn't stop, it's not a loud cry but this is the most upset i've seen her, why?

My 2 months old baby is refusing to breastfeed all of a sudden.. She would flip out and go crazy and starts crying hysterically when i try to feed her?

My 2 moths old baby boy is crying a lot does he have something bad?

My 2 year old cries bloody murder every time she wakes up? Why does she does this? She always has a lot of anger. Been like this for a year.

My 21 month old daughter was always a good sleeper at night. The last month she has been getting up crying. Not sure why?

My 3 month old baby won't stop crying until I lift him and he has been spitting up??

My 3 month old has roseola and screams and cries all day. When I try to nurse her she screams stiffens her body and pulls away. What's going on?

My 4 month old cries a lot when he wants to sleep and cries because he wants to sleep in my arms always i need help how can I help him soothe himself?

My 4 yr old son has been crying & yelling saying his tummy hurts for a few hours I think he may be constipated but he won't even stand without crying?

My 5 month old baby gets really frustrated and cries alot is this normal?

My 5 year old daughter has night terrors a couple times a week, and screams in her sleep. Any ideas as to why?

My 6 month is super gassy, always farting and burping. She wakes up crying and screaming sometimes and squirms while nursing. What could be the cause?

My 6 month old cries for hours on end most of the time picking him up stops him, but what could cause him to cry so often if he doesn't need anything?

My 6 week cries a lot at night and has no temperature its stressful?

My 8 mo. Old cries in the a.M as he awakens. I go to him, but why does he freak out? We have been doing cry it out. Please answer my ? W/out judging.

My 9 month old has been really fussy lately, is this normal?

My 9 week old baby 2 times a day this past week has been crying&shes refusing to eat while crying can it be a gas problem? How can i know whats wrong?

My baby always cries before she goes to bed. What causes her to scream and cry herself to sleep?

My baby boy is 16 months old, he still wakes up more than 10 times at night (recently he started to wake up crying). What should I do?

My baby cries but never sheds a tear. How common is this?

My baby cries when he pees?

My baby hardly cry is there a problem?