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4 month baby spitting up a lot.Formula change before one month. Only formula fed. What are the causes and remedies?

6 days old and constipated. He's being breastfed and formula fed. What can I do?

About how much formula should a 9 week old drink at each feeding?

Alimentum formula is what?

Are there prebiotics or probiotics in baby formula?

Are there prebiotics or probiotics in store-bought formula for infants?

Are there probiotics or prebiotics in baby formula?

Are there probiotics or prebiotics in infant formula?

Breast milk too less , baby is 16 days old and entirely formula fed is it safe?

Can 7mo old breastfed babies drink soy milk?

Can 7mo old breastfed baby drink silk soya milk ?

Can formula cause colic?

Can I breast feed at night but formula feed in the day?

Can i change baby formula?

Can i change my 6 month old babys formula feed from nan pro 1 to nan pro 2? much ml will a 6 month old require for a feed

Can i give homo milk to my 9mths old baby?

Can I give my 5 week old infant water or should I just give him his milk?

Can i mix cerelac and formula milk for 9 months baby.

Can i mix cerelac with formula milk ? In crelac it has already skimmed milk which cause i think constipation to my 4month old baby

Can I mix peg with milk for my baby ?

Can i mixed breastfeeding and then milk formula for my baby below 1 month?

Can i switch from s26 formula milk to similac. My baby is 6 weeks old. Its only been 2 weeks I have given him formula 2 feeds/day plus breast feeding.

Can I switch my 10 month old from formula to goats milk? Lately she has been refusing formula and only wants to eat solids.

Can I switch my baby from soy formula to milk based ?

Can infant formula cause eczema?

Can we feed formulated milk like nan pro 1 every 4 hours to a 1 month old there any harm in feeding formulated milk?

Can we use isomil milk formula in infants with milk allergic parents?

Can we use isomil milk formula in infants with msud?

Can withholding formula from an infant cause cow's milk intolerance?

Can you feed a newborn soy milk?

Can you tell me how a mothers milk help a child?

Could my milk be drying up if I am still breastfeeding?

Could you slowly introduce similac isomil (soy formula) from similac alimentum?

Do I have to warm formula?

Do I need to give vitamin d supplements to infants who are fed infant formula?

Do most babies outgrow a milk allergy?

Do you recommend enfamile or best start formula for my 2 month old?

Does an infant develop the same if they were breastfed or bottle fed with breast milk?

Hi aptamil milk is good milk for baby ?

How are breastfed children and formula fed children different?

How can I know if my baby is allergic to formula?

How can I transition from breast milk to formula?

How do breast milk and formula change a baby's poo?

How do I know if I should supplement my breast milk with formula?

How do I switch my lactose intolerant baby off formula and onto lactose-free cow milk?

How do I transfer breast fed infant to formula?

How do you know if your baby is lactose intolarant I have changed formulas and she spits up more than most babies

How does the development of infants that were bottle-fed breast milk compare to infants that were breastfed?

How effective is similac alimentum?

How many ounces of formula should a 2 month old have in one feeding?

How many oz of formula should I feed my 6 month old?

How many oz of solids and how many oz of formula or breastmilk should my 6mth old be having daily?

How much milk does my toddler need a day?

How much milk or formula should my baby get at each feeding?

How much quantity formula milk should be given to 4 month old baby?

How much should I feed my baby when switching to formula?

How to switch babies from formula to milk?

I add formula supplement to breastfeeding my 3 weeks old. Does formula neutralize breastmilk benefits?i have heard so

I am exclusively breastfeeding my 6month old baby, and now i want to switch to formula feeding. But everytime i offer her a bottle she fusse?

I am giving my baby goat's milk formula. Her urine smells of goat's. Is it normal.

I feed my 16 days old baby entirely on NESTLÉ pro1 as breast milk is too less. Is this formula good or shall I use any other formula?

I feed my daughter enfamil with iron. Is that all she needs?

I have a 4 week old baby can I switch his formula from similac sensitive to similac alimentum?

I have never breastfed my son is almost 3 and I still have milk why?

I haven't breastfed my 8 month old baby in about 2 weeks. Do i still have milk? Am i still producing it?

I haven't breastfed my 8 month old in about 2 weeks. Do i still have milk?

I still have milk, and my baby is over a year old now and I didn't breastfeed for more than the first few months. Is it normal to still have milk?

I was just wondering if it is ok to feed my 3 month old both formula.?

I would like to know that for newly born baby, which milk is best, mother's milk or other tinned powder milk?

I'm feeding my baby with breast milk and formula how do I stop giving him formula?

If a baby is preemie, does it need formula or breast milk more?

If I supplement breast milk with formula at 9 mo, does my baby need vitamins?

If i was allergic to milk as a baby and had to drink pre-digested milk will my baby be the same way because i want to breastfeed. ?

In canada we can start cows milk at 9 months.. I started giving my baby cows milk to substitute it gradually with breastmilk. Is cows milk ok?

Is formula as nutritious as breast milk?

Is it a good idea to mix breast milk and formula?

Is it a good idea to supplement breast milk with formula?

Is it better to give mothers milk or formula?

Is it ok to feed my baby cow's milk?

Is it ok to give 2 month old enfamil newborn formula as well as enfamil infant 1 formula? When one can is done switching to another

Is it ok to give 6 week old baby similac soy powder and enfamil soy liquid?

Is it ok to give my baby goat's milk?

Is it ok to give my baby vitamins while formula feed?

Is it ok to mix breast milk and formula?

Is it ok to supplement my breast milk with formula?

Is it ok to switch from ready-to-feed to powdered formula?

Is it ok to switch from simlac baby formula to gurber baby formula?

Is it ok to switch up the formula for my week old newborn

Is it ok to treat infant diarrhea with soy formula?

Is it okay for me to give my newborn breast milk and formula?

Is it okay that i’m not supplementing breastfeeding with bottles?

Is it okay to feed my 2 month old cold formula?

Is it safe for me to give my baby alimentum and nutramigen at the same time?

Is it safe to breastfeed 50% and feed similac the other 50%?

Is it safe to feed my 9 mos old baby yogurt for infants and toddlers labelled 6 mos and up, which contain cow's milk?

Is it safe to give my baby soy-based formula?

Is it safe to mix baby formula? (Similac sensitive with Enfamil infant)

Is lactaid okay if you are breastfeeding?

Is my baby allergic to milk?

Is pastirozed milk ok for babies around 3 years of age?